The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Who’s fooling who? Between Max WEBBER and Ahmad EZZ!

For decades they(*)  have been trying to convince us that “Efficiency” is “Market” and “Private”, while “Waste” meant all what is aligned with “State” and “Public”. Consequently any needed “Recovery” to heal an agonising economy, must necessarily pass through the only viable safe way: “Privatisations!
I say that is pure semantics! Not to say stupidity or idiocy. It is just a blundering false rumor dispatched for evident truth on purpose to slip our wallets out from the trouser’s back pocket with the most serene dexterity.
I doubt that the “Protestant Ethics” has truly produced the “Ascetic Capitalism” and “Virtuous Market” that the good old Max Webber explained and sustained; because, in today’s world, the “Spirit Of Capitalism” is made of another paste: it is depraved, corrupt, profiteer, and waster (of other’s money of course). So in that context, privatisations turn out to be the “Selling-Off the public thing” (giving away at very reduced or unrealistic prices), and with “Villainous Squandering of public money”. Certainly not “Recovery”, “Reforms”, or “Healing The Economy”.
The Selling-off the public thing? Like “Fixed Assets”, for instance the public real estate belongings, which would call for the order to “sell all and immediately”. That’s so, to the advantage of this or that lobbyist who happens to be on watch. And if he wishes to double the asset’s cubature for better future speculative ends? Peace and patience.. A reasonable “Incentive” in the hands of the administration’s “front man”, the man with the red pen, would ease the matter and move things ahead; anyway the rules governing urban design have long been blown away, for the poor man of the sad administration needs to secure re-election/nomination and to possibly enjoy a peaceful yet luxurious retirement. By now this is common news.
Squandering of Public Wealth? Well, did you think that handing over the fundamental services (education, health, energy, water supply, sewage, trash and garbage…etc) into the hands of private operators really produces savings and boost economy? You bet! Running rivers of cash have ended up into the extra-large pockets of friends and relatives, companies of convenience, consultants paid their weight in gold. And also that has become a daily common news.
Having embraced, since my prime, the liberal democratic ideas, I never believed of any opposition separating “Public or Private” from “State and Market”. In my opinion they collude! In spite of those poor simpletons who still believe, and follow, the neo-liberalist deceptive and misleading prescriptions.
Yes, they collude at the highest levels, as in the “Oil Wars”, same as in the medium/low levels, also extremely costly, like the scandals tarnishing our societies in fervent frequency - from trivial embezzlements, bribery, or unfit food imports; passing by tax evasion and up to the building trade mafias or the fortunate grants for public resources and services monopolies entailing corrupt contracting manipulations (water, gas, energy, health, education, agriculture…etc) to finally reach the buy & sell of electorate, or even worse those of the Parliament’s Delegates and Senators - thus steadily turning the immoral into morally acceptable practices with their own gurus, followers and defenders, to the extent of becoming the system itself, and as such become the normal daily life common news!
Always at our own expenses, we the simple innocent honest ordinary citizens; whom our clan is shrinking day after day and are condemned to turn into the helpless and hopeless minority! Who else will absorb the devastating outcome of continuous inflations and currency devaluations? Those resulting from accumulated overdue loans topped by interests that someone, because there is always this someone, with confident deep serene voice kept explaining, day and night, how urgent the loans were needed. To feed the poor or cover the naked? Not at all, they were urgently needed to finance “Privatisations!!?
Isn’t the actual resident economic crisis, overwhelming the entire globe, the logic outcome of this new breed of genetically manipulated Capitalism? A Capitalism that doesn’t have anything to do with the one Webber extracted from the womb of the protestant doctrine, to lead the world towards progress and prosperity via sound moral values of equal opportunity, hard work, scientific research, devotion, tolerance, cultural exchange, civil discipline, honesty, and individual competence for fair competitiveness.
The above is the view of the scholar part in me; the other part: the Muslim practicing believer (as thus I hope to be), would add one more thought:
“To save our ‘Nation’, and the rest of the world, from those dangers jeopardising humanity, we should practically demonstrate the virtues and benefits of the ‘Resources Based Economy’ as detailed in the Holy Quran and as proven throughout history by the just and prosperous governance over a widely spread Unified Nation.. The time when it really was a Nation”.

(*) The GATT, Globalisation and Free Market prophets, apostles and preachers; guided by influential large Financial Institutions recycled as the “Devoted Defenders and Curators of Capitalism” after the  fall of  Socialism.

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