The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 30 September 2011

It was not an accidental casualty.. It’s murder by ‘Hostile Fire’.

Just a reminder so we keep in mind how trivial our lives are considered worth close to nothing, and how our children's blood is being constantly poured on the altar of injustice of the temple of colonial occupation built by the Empire.
It is cold blooded murder which took place in the Gaza Strip on September 30th, 2000 on the second day of the Second Intifadah.
Just a reminder for those seeking comfortable refuge in  forgetting the FACTS: Jamal al-Durrah and his 12-year-old son, Muhammad, were filmed by Talal Abu Rahma, a Palestinian cameraman freelancing for France 2, as they sought cover behind a concrete cylinder after being caught in crossfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian security forces. The footage, which lasts just over a minute, shows the pair holding onto each other, the boy crying and the father waving, then a burst of gunfire and dust, after which the boy is seen slumped across his father's legs.
Fifty-nine seconds of the scene were broadcast in France with a voiceover from Charles Enderlin, France 2's bureau chief in Israel, telling viewers that the al-Durrahs had been the "target of fire from the Israeli positions," and that the boy had died. After an emotional public funeral, Muhammad was hailed throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds as a martyr. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) accepted responsibility at first, a position they formally withdrew in September 2007.

Palestine case history.

1920  Palestine riots,
1921 Jaffa riots,   
1929 Palestine riots, 
1933 Palestine riots, 
1936 - 1939 Arab revolt.

1947 - 1949
1947 Jerusalem riots 1947- Civil War in Mandatory Palestine 1948 Arab-Israeli War
1950s terrorism against Israel Retribution operations,
1953 Qibya massacre, 1954 Operation Susannah, 1956 
Suez Crisis
1964-1967 War over Water, 1966 Samu incident, 1967 Six-Day War, 1968 Battle of Karameh, 1968-1970 War of Attrition, 1968 Israeli raid on Lebanon, 1969 Cherbourg Project.
1970 Black September in Jordan, 1972 Sabena Flight 571 (Operation Isotope), 1972 Operation Crate 3, 1972 Munich Olympics incident, 1972-1979 Operation Wrath of God, 1972 Israeli aerial raid on Lebanon, 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon, 1973 Yom Kippur War (aka 10th of Ramadan War), 1974 Ma'alot massacre, 1975 Savoy Operation, 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War (engineered by Israel), 1976 Operation Entebbe, 1978 Coastal Road massacre, 1978 South Lebanon conflict.
1981 Operation Opera, 1982 Lebanon War, 1982-2000 South Lebanon conflict, 1984 Kav 300 affair, 1985 PLO ships bombing, 1985 Operation Wooden Leg, 1987-1990 First Intifada, 1988 Tunis raid, 1989 Sheik Abdul-Karim Obeid  kidnapping

1991 Gulf War, 1992 Operation Bramble Bush, 1994 Mustafa Dirani kidnapping, 1994 Waxman rescue attempt, 1993-present Palestinian suicide attacks, 1993 Lebanon war, 1996 Lebanon war.

2000-present Al-Aqsa Intifada (Second Intifada), 2001-present Rocket and mortar attacks on southern Israel (2001-2006-2007-2008  Gaza Wars, 2009 - 2010)  2001 Santorini, 2002 Operation Noah's Ark, 2002 Operation Defensive Shield, 2002 Operation Determined Path, 2003 Abu Hassan , 2003 Ain es Saheb airstrike, 2004 Operation Rainbow, 2004 Operation Days of Penitence, 2005 Shevet Ahim, 2006 Operation Bringing Home the Goods,  2006 Israel-Gaza conflict, 2006 Lebanon War, 2007-2008 Israel-Gaza conflict, 2007 Operation Orchard , 2008 Operation Hot Winter, 2008-2009 Gaza War, 2009 Sudan airstrikes, 2009 Francop affair (Operation Four Species), 2010 Gaza flotilla raid (ships participants reactions legal assessments), 2010 Adaisseh incident, 2010 weekly air raids and bombings over the Gaza strip (in preparation for the full assault to crack down the resistance and shut down any voice calling for stopping the colonies in the West Bank and in Al Quds)…. And counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now try and guess how many other AL DURRAH similar “incidents” occurred throughout those past 114 years.
And while you do, remember that some Arab intellectuals are still preaching for empty and meaningless terms as “peace”, “stability”, “naturalization” and “Co-Existence” even though knowing that they are promoting what is known as “UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER”; innocent “casualties” like AL DURRAH are doomed to be sacrificed day after day on the altar of ZION.. How many more do you think should be slaughtered before YOU WAKE-UP and realize that it’s nothing else but “Systematic Genocide” aiming at breaking down the free-will of the entire Nation of Islam, by creating an irreversible factual situation on the ground.
Same happened hundreds of years ago to the glorious native tribes of the Americas.. Do you want the same destiny for your Palestinian Brothers??
It took the USA two nuclear bombs to break down the Japanese will.. Now I realize that it was just one savage blow that took too many lives, but yet it was not as cruel as that systematic and continuous daily mass torturing of defenseless civilian native population with seemingly no end.
What would be your excuse on the Final Day? The Judgment Day!! What would you tell “HIM” when you’re standing alone helpless and naked when “HE” asks you what have you done in aid to your fellow human brothers as “I” ordered you throughout many verses of the Cor’an? You’d better start working out an answer if not an action, as the clock is ticking, and that day is getting closer all the time!

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