The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Stop Talking.. ‘II’

Option 3: How to end a blood sucking FEUD.
By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 20th 2012.
Few days ago, I had a discussion with my wife regarding what’s going on in the Middle East and in particular the Israeli bombardment over the whole of Gaza strip.
Before coming to the merit of our discussion, I will review some important figures with you regarding that bloody operation (figures updated on the 19th evening):
Ø  Israel launched 1350 air raids over Gaza Strip in 6 days, including 80 yesterday, in all causing 100 officially confirmed civilian casualties, and several thousand wounded.
Ø  Hamas launched some 1000 various types of missiles over the major Israeli cities, causing 3 officially confirmed casualties.
Ø  Israeli air defence system Iron Dom have successfully intercepted only 307 of these missiles.
Every time we gaze the endless fields of that subject (the Palestinian Question), especially among friends, my wife and I converse around historical facts, reasons, treasons, wars, finance, weapons, lands, victims, human rights, crimes, indifference, cost of life, UN failures, Arab nation mishandlings, stupidity, Modern Colonialism, religion… And so on we go forth until we’re tired of not reaching a solution to end a similar complexity.
This morning (Monday 19th), while watching TV news, we found out that Nathanyahu’s ratings are soaring over a reach of 80% approval (meaning he secured the voting consensus for the coming elections.. In the end isn’t that the focal objective of the Gaza campaign?)!!
But the overwhelming shock suddenly came while hearing Sharon Jr. (Gilad Sharon, son of Ariel Sharon, on an interview to the Jerusalem Post) calling to: “…raze off Gaza like America did in Hiroshima; at this point our morning conversation took a 180° radical abstract mathematical twist, defying our conventional mode of thinking and leading it to another opposite pragmatic extremity.
That twist started by a question: “What has always been the core of the conflict ever since the crusades?” The plain answer was: Jerusalem.. And anything else has always come second”.. So:
·         if the Three Monotheistic Religious references can’t reach a meeting point to start a constructive dialogue and establish a comprehensive peaceful coexistence,
·         if the International community can’t reach an applicable decision to guarantee a “just and lasting peace” in the region,
·         if both populations (families) aren’t able to sit together and draw a line, agreeing on practical and applicable measures/conditions to end this absurd medieval Feudal Conflict, which lasted too long and consumed much too many lives, and
·         if Jerusalem is the initial symbolic Totem standing as the common denominator in the heart of the equation (since Israel wants it a Capital, so are the Palestinians.. And the Christian community also wants part of it);
Then.. Jerusalem must be totally eliminated out from that equation!!
As the General Assembly’s resolution 181 of 1947 (regarding the Partition Of Palestine into an Arab State sovereign on specific territory, a Jewish State sovereign on other parts, and keeping Jerusalem under international governance) didn’t work out at all, same as all the negotiations, resolutions and peace talks of the past 60 years have gone in vain; therefore the only way to solve the Palestinian Question, by taking Jerusalem out of that equation, is to “raze it to the ground and wipe it out from the face of the earth”; if this would result as the only remaining solution for saving lives and living in peace. So that no one will have anything more to say, and there will be nothing left for Jews, Christians and Muslims to kill each other for!
At this point we were so enthusiast and content for reaching the solution that will finally oblige the contenders to rationally sit and talk to end their grievances.. Just like two or more families who suffered too long from the consequences a Feudal War that is consuming their lives and resources, causing losses of enormous reach and cannot be sustained any longer.. A war that their younger generations can’t even define when or why it started in the first place.
Nevertheless, we have concluded our discussion agreeing upon the certainty that human avidity and stupidity managed by the mutant Capital Rapacity would definitely find more than one valid reason to continue the absurd blood bath.
So if that is really the will of Allah, not the fruit of modern man’s irresponsibility; so let’s try to outlive it and leave those who may come after us to do the right thing!
Because we believe that “the things one does for himself go with him to the grave, but the things he does for others and for the world remain forever”; so until our hour is due, we’ll keep explaining to our friends, talking to our neighbours, posting on our blogs, sending e-mails, texting, twitting, sharing, chatting and conversing.. Because that is the least contribution we can offer to those who have no more voice to call for anyone’s help anywhere.. Simply because they ceased to live crushed under the rubbles of their homes and shelters demolished by an Israeli Dirty Cluster Bombs, released from the wings of a remodeled F18 Israeli fighter plane, intelligently guided and surgically delivered by a 22 year old Israeli pilot wearing his Classic Ray Ban, while listening to Metallica and chewing American Bubble Gum!   
Pass On The Word.   
PS: Just a reminder to those who didn't know the enormity of the loss we are all suffering its terrible consequences since 65 years.. Here is the map of the UN GAR 181 defining the partition of Palestine into TWO SOVEREIGN STATES! Note the land distrution regarding size, type, fertility, and water resources.

Stop talking.. ‘I’

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 19th 2012.
If a dog steels a piece of meat from you and you let it be, it will not only eat it calmly; it will mark its territory around the place where it first took the meat, then it will get acquainted with the zone and extend its grasp over larger areas every day.. At that point your options are limited:
1.      You either, from the very first moment, give it a painful blow to force it to let go your meat and leave your property and never come back, or
2.      You would accept it as your pet , in your house and by your rules.
And of course there is a third and more pragmatic option to follow.. But of that one I’ll elaborate further in my next article “Stop Talking..” ‘II’.
Now allow me a small turn out of the course and circle around the perimeter of my thoughts in order to control my anger from that bully dog.. I‘ll return to deal with it further ahead.
As they have already succeeded, through hundreds of thousands of true and invented documents and media material (films, documentaries, TV fiction series, songs, poems, seminars, conferences, museums, blogs, think tanks, organizations… etc); to educate and convince the international public opinion, yet most important almost all the Governments of the world, that:
·         Only they are the chosen people.
·         Only they have suffered a history long injustice.
·         Only they are the custodian of the knowledge.
·         Only they posses the key to world peace.
·         Only they are innocent and the rest of the world is guilty.. Of what? nobody knows for sure.
·         Only they are the SEMITES.
·         Only they can insult, critique, object, cancel and refuse other cultures and faiths.
·         Only they have the right to defend their lives, their homes, their beliefs and their possessions.
·         Only they were the victims of the two known World Wars (In the first we find the Dreyfus complex, and in the second the Six Million of a holocaust), as if no other tens of millions were the documented victims of those two events.. And,
·          Only they possess the truth, and so are the ones to talk it out.. Anyone else is a liar or simply an ignorant.. Specially if that one is an Arab and/or Muslim.
Now they have decided that the time is due to push the level of “education” further on, in a way to mark all what belongs to terms like ‘Arab’ or ‘Islam’ must be considered an element for “Terror Alarm”, and as such must be firmly and swiftly dealt with in a preventive way by pre-emptive means, so that the alarm doesn’t evolve into a threat, thus eliminating any chance that a ‘Virtual’ threat may turn into an eminent ‘attack’ .
The paradox comes from the fact that committing acts of “War Crimes” or “Crimes Against Humanity” and even “Ethnic Cleansing” are forgiven and gone unpunished! On the contrary, in many cases throughout the past 60 years, in our complete mute astonishment, we have witnessed such acts become rewarded.. In terms of Vetos, Arms, Contracts, Finances, Treaties, Intelligence exchange, and here we reached the phase where a military aggression founded on a lie becomes simply “the right for self defence” !
We know that Gaza is in majority a Muslim territory, where lots of mosques were built for the purpose of practicing religious rituals by individuals who follow that doctrine.. Same as how Churches receives Christians or Synagogues receiving Jews.. All are considered houses of cult.. So why a Mosques is a Terrorists reunion and recruiting centres that must be destroyed or controlled?
Going along by such logic (if there is any logic in all this), then what would be the next step? Mecca or  Medina?
 Moreover, under the pretext that borders and frontiers are changeable and constantly modified, then it is legitimate interfering at will and according to their best interests.. Destroying historical land marks, camps, cemeteries, old buildings, ancient families estates, crops, schools, water facilities small enterprises, artisan shops and so on; then overtaking the ruined area to build upon new colonies creating new realities on the ground defended by heavily equipped army.. Delocalising native populations through organised attacks causing terror, embargos, and wars; to void the land from its habitants.
They once were talking about a “Promised Land”, and they got Palestine out of the British Crown’s mouth by the Balfour Declaration. Now they speak no longer of the Star of David but of the Land of David.
Now, remember that dog bit I mentioned here above? After over a century we have discovered that we didn’t do any of those two simple options.. Because we were not coherent enough with our culture, or what we convinced ourselves that we are the sincere followers of that culture.. On the contrary, we kept allowing others to divide us into small insignificant pawns in the hands of our enemies.. And that is the result.
We have to find a way to remember and regain our identity and be proud of it. Just then we may be able to stand up together as one nation (Muslims, Christians or Atheists) to face the challenge and defend our rights.. Same as anyone else.
Pass On The Word.

PS: Put the following words into an essay of at least 1500 words, and at most in 2500 words then post your article on your page or blog or e-mail it to someone who would twit it.. Maybe some good could come out of it:
6 million.. Balfour.. Land.. War.. Zion.. Semite.. Refugees.. Ethnic cleansing.. Preventive/Pre-emptive.. Human rights.. Religion/Sect/Cult.. Mosque.. Crimes.. Treason.. 181.. 242.. Resistance.. Empire.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rusty Rails and Stubborn Minds are not Destiny.

By: Ahmed M. ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, November 18th 2012.
You probably know that Mohammad Ali Pacha back in 1833 wanted to build a railway to connect Cairo and Suez to improve the trade and better connect Europe with India, but the project slept because the French wanted to push ahead for the Suez Canal project.
However after his death, Khedive Abbas contracted Robert Stevenson to build Egypt’s first standard gauge railway. The first section, between Alexandria and Kafr Ezzayat was opened in 1854. This was the first railway in the Ottoman Empire, Africa and the Middle East.
Now, let me spare you a long history that is available on the web, and have a look at this reminder From BikyaMASR website:
Following Saturday’s devastating train incident in Assiut, which left at least 50 people dead, mainly young schoolchildren, the state of Egyptian trains are again coming under review. Below is a short timeline of major train crashes in the country (recent listed first):
1.      November 17, 2012: At least 50 people, mainly schoolchildren are killed when a train near Assiut slams into a school bus.
2.      November 10, 2012: Three people killed in incident near Fayoum, an hour south of Cairo.
3.      July 2012: A train crash took place in Egypt’s Badrasheen area of Giza when the first train arriving from Upper Egypt’s city of Assuit went off the tracks and hit a parked train at the Badrasheen railway station on its way to Cairo. An unkown number killed
4.      October 25, 2009: Collision at Al-Ayyat in Giza, 50 kilometers (31 mi) south of Cairo. According to security officials, an initial report stated that 30 people were suspected killed and 50 injured.
5.      September 4, 2006: A passenger train collides with a freight train north of Cairo, killing five and injuring 30.
6.      August 21, 2006 Qalyoub rail crash: Two trains collide in the town of Qalyoub, 20 kilometers (12 mi) north of Cairo, killing 57 people and injuring 128.
7.      February 20, 2002 Al Ayatt train disaster: A train packed to double capacity catches fire, at least 373 are killed, although most observers say this figure is most likely much higher due to over packing into the carriages.
8.      1998: Kafr Al-Dawar accident: “dozens” killed. Numbers unknown.
9.      1992: head-on collision at Al-Badrashin: 43 killed.
While this list is not inclusive of all accidents, these are the major incidents in the past 20 years. According to a 2010 report published by the Safe Transportation Unit of the Egyptian National Railways, only “18 percent” of trains were safe for travel.
Having said that, I think that the speed by which the General Prosecutor is bringing the Minister of Transportation or the President of Egypt National Railways Authority to trial for “Negligence and Manslaughter” is just a political demagogic tact, destined to absorb some of the boiling civil volatile emotions, and not to find some radical solutions for that chronic problem of unsafe public transportation.
Where was he, as all those who are carrying the revolutionary flag today, when all the avalanches of funds, coming from USAID, IMF, EUC and other “benefactors”, were used to accommodate very few selected private interests instead of guaranteeing some ‘PUBLIC’ good???!!!!
Instead of bleeding valuable substantial sums of money to put some supersonic trains on the actual rusty rails, it would have been more productive investing such amounts in serious training programs, in installing modern technology signalisations and automatic barring for crossings and crossroads, security and mid-term renewal of the national railways net, and also the continuous maintenance and updating of all that.. In brief, what should have been done ages ago.
Compensating the victimised families with any fortunes won’t wipe their tears or calm their anger.. Guaranteeing their security would.
Pass On The Word.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Now it’s Goliath turn!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, November 16th 2012.
What if Goliath turned back to get even with David? Plausible.. Except that this time the roles are inverted.. Today's Goliath is Jew and David is the small helpless Arab.. Over and above, the new Goliath came well prepared this time, and is committed to ruin David for good.
I have been thinking intensely, all through the past few days, trying to figure out a shred of reason to explain the Israeli attacks on the citizens of Gaza!!
What could be the motivation by which a super strong, well trained and heavily equipped army would launch all kinds of air raiding bombardment, intelligent or surgical, and call upon its reserves to prepare for a massive ground assault?
The White House official statement says: “Israel have every right to ‘Defend’ its interests and population”.. (remember Jenin Massacres? They said exactly the same).. And the absurd fact is that all news agencies of the world are echoing such falsity, so it becomes the only truthful logical acceptable reason to ‘Justify’ this latest chapter of a shameful sad story written over a century ago to legalise an ongoing text book case of “Crimes Against Humanity”.
The generic view over such a scenery suggests that a combination of interlaced elements - reasons, excuses, circumstances, treaties, negotiations, accuses, raids, killings, assassinations, eliminations, land destruction, treason, infiltration, black operations, useless UN sanctions and unrealized resolutions…etc – are deliberately weaved in order to render the entire “Palestine Question” too difficult to explain.. And if explained, too difficult to comprehend.. And if understood, too difficult to solve.
Now the timing.. Why now while the world is holding its breath awaiting the outcome of the Syrian disaster? A human disaster boiling in the same pot, with a supposed Iranian nuclear threat, a Turkish regional ambitions, a Lebanese division, an Afghan bleeding wound and a Taliban garrisoned Pakistan; over very low fire under the attentive control of the US, Europe, China and Russia?
Is a third world war that much needed to make a ‘new start’ through new “Peace Conferences” carving new lands into new borders and splitting the old cake named WORLD among the victor(s)?
Or is it is just a simple act of extortion, by which Israel is blackmailing the ‘Free World’ and twisting the arms of its aspiring ‘Arab Moderates’ to concede all what’s left (just like threatening to reveal the truth about high Palestinian leaders involvement in the Arafat assassination conspiracy)? To concede dignity, land, history, heritage, culture and even religion? Concede to whom? Israel or America?
Killings, assassinations, preventive wars, lies and extortion are merely the symptoms of a strange Israeli-Zionist pathology that I can’t diagnose..
The shred of reason is still escaping my grasp..
Could you check it out for me?
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 12th 2012.
On February 11th 2011, I wrote this article as the introduction to my first book entitled “Lies & Illusions – Reasons or Excuses” and with the sub-title “Global Control Mechanisms”.
Today, and while watching the awesome atrocities committed in Syria by the Syrians among themselves,  I felt the need to remind myself, and as well whomever may read the article, of the real nature of our temporary passage through this short life on that planet which God have designed for us.
Fatalism is  fundamental in my faith. Ignorant and Irresponsible NO. For example, he who knows for certain that using airplanes for travel is fairly safe; and although he knows for sure that the factors for improvised and unexpected  dangers in air travel are many, yet he frequently travels by air all the same; is considered a fatalist person for having decided to entrust his sorts to complete strangers by willingly laying them into the hands of a pilot, and his crew, though not knowing them in person, or their professional skills, nor how many service hours they have performed on that type of crafts.
On the other hand, let’s take a person, who have never driven a car in his life, in the eventuality of travelling on a bus where its driver contracted a sudden heart attack; well if that person takes the immediate spontaneous initiative and start driving the bus himself, putting in jeopardy the lives of the passengers as well as his own; then such a person is definitely both ‘Ignorant’ and ‘Irresponsible’, and no one can place him/her among the fatalist category.
Same applies to communities, societies, governments and nations. And I sincerely believe that the wisdom embracing the eternal and continuous act of creating life, lies within the boundaries of that concept. We were created different, in many aspects, one from the other; so that the friction, caused by the inevitable contact between our different experiences, propels our common existence towards a continuous process of renewed evolution.. Together..
Should we stop for a moment and observe carefully that infinitely wise variety of GOD’s creations, we would realise that the more we ‘discover’ and the more it seems that we ‘know’, the more we get shockingly ascertained that we ‘don’t know’. Also in the same instant at which we proudly conclude that ‘we are in control’, the astounding truthful fact that we’re in control of nothing returns to shake us, yet never awaken us from our everlasting hypnotising illusion: that ‘We’ are Superior.. But only ‘Some’ are ‘MORE’ superior!
Only “Human” specie is “Unscrupulously Vicious, Devious and Cruel”.. And definitely it’s not God’s fault, that We “chose” to be as such, because He granted us the most wonderful and miraculous brain by which we should be able to wisely “Think, Decide and Chose”.. No other creature was given such a perfect machine as precious free gift.
A well known genius like Albert Einstein once confirmed that:  “… man only stupidly consumes his God given resources, and produces nothing but fæces.
That’s why being, not only arrogant, but as well proudly ignorant and irresponsible, ‘Man’ stubbornly defied and conquered logic to the extent of worshiping his own insignificance, then he celebrated the coronation of his own minuscule self as a divinity, thus triggering the irrevocable chain of reactions for the unstoppable process of his own destruction.
Totally blinded by his Narcissism, modern man isn’t able to realise that such process has already begun several centuries ago, and is rapidly moving towards its only logical conclusion: “The End”!..
Only His Own..
I Hope.
Humans are not superior.. Not even to a drop of water.. And the faster we can understand that fact, the more probable that there could be the glimpse of a chance for a better existence.
Pass On The Word.

Did they knew?

Looking inside the big game, reading Joe TRENTO.
By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 12th 2012.
The Iran/Iraq war in which both CIA-installed dictators (Hussein and Khomeini) were able to kill off each other's insurgents and maintain stability of their dictatorial regimes under the watchful eye of U.S. AWAC squadrons. The Bush (Sr) regime decided to kill two birds with one stone - Iraq was instructed to squash Kuwait and in turn the U.S. would destroy the Iraqi insurgents inducted into the Republican Guard. For 130 consecutive months after the Gulf War, U.S. and/or British bombs continued to fall monthly on the heads of Iraqi insurgents to the benefit of Saddam Hussein's regime.
Although it does not discuss the October Surprise engineered by the Reagan-Bush-Casey campaign and CIA elements to force President Jimmy Carter from office over the U.S. hostages in Iran, Joseph Trento's book, "Prelude to Terror: The Rogue CIA and the Legacy of America's Private Intelligence Network," published in 2005, does provide more details of the operation that engineered the secret arms shipments to Iran by George H. W. Bush, William Casey, and their loyalists inside the CIA and Carter's National Security Council.
According to Trento, the private CIA weapons smuggling operation, which had been centered at a number of Washington locations, was factionalized between Arabists like Wilson, and pro-Israelis like his erstwhile colleagues Ted Shackley and Thomas Clines.
There were some reports that Wilson was aligned with the more pro-Arab factions of the CIA. However, according to Trento, Wilson shared many secrets about the Arab nations, particularly Libya, with the Mossad. The Israelis also received a cut on aircraft sales Wilson made to Libya. The planes, which flew Libyan leaders, including Muammar Qaddafi, around the Middle East, came complete with Israeli bugging devices. Israeli agents were also present at explosives training facilities in Libya. Wilson apparently knew that if he ever tried to conduct any operations in the Arab Middle East without the knowledge of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency would have him killed immediately.
Israel maintained two lines of communications to Saudi Arabia. One was through Kamal Adham, the head of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and the former chief of Saudi intelligence, one of the benefactors of the Adham-Israeli alliance was the intensely secular President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.
Trento also reveals how Wilson continued to establish his network of secret CIA weapons smuggling entities. One was set up under the name of the former CIA station chief in Tripoli, Brigadier General J. J. Cappucci. Cappucci was able to smuggle out to Egypt Idris' top financial adviser, Egyptian General Kamal Hassan Ali. General Ali would soon end up as President Anwar Sadat's Defense Minister.
The 1978 Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel provided a potential windfall for the CIA's private weapons smuggling network. Wilson planned on having his Houston-based Around the World Shipping Company act as the main supplier of weapons to Egypt. To launder the proceeds from the weapons sales, Wilson established a network of entities.
However, Shackley, Clines, and another Wilson colleague, Douglas Schlachter, had other ideas. In addition to taking over Cappucci and Associates, Clines and Shackley knew that Schlachter has his own good connections in Libya and could easily replace Wilson. A new company, Delex International was set up by the three to handle the weapons business with Egypt.
Anticipating the arms business with Egypt, Shackley and Clines established under Clines, the Egyptian American Transport and Services Company (EATSCO). Trento also writes: "Through Israeli intelligence sources in Libya, the CIA had the memo Ed Wilson had written to Qaddafi's military security on May 12, 1981, detailing his activities in Egypt through EATSCO."
With Cappucci and Associates firmly under the control of Shackley and Clines, the firm managed to get the contract to train President Sadat's personal bodyguard. It would be a fateful decision. The Israeli circumvention of the CIA's private network would soon put the Middle East in flames.
Trento also reveals that at NSA, Inman had all the transactions between EATSCO that proved that Wilson remained on the CIA's payroll. NSA also had intercepts showing that EATSCO's chief, Hussein Salem, had gone directly from Egyptian intelligence to the EATSCO/TERSAM operation. TERSAM, a Panamanian company, was designated in 1987 as the sole shipping agent for Egypt in a sweetheart deal.
After Reagan's election, Casey took over as CIA director. One of Casey's first acts was to make Israel's influence within Langley official. Casey named Max Hugel, described by Trento as a "short, smart, foul-mouthed Brooklyn-born Jew," a racetrack owner who dressed like one, his director of operation (DO).
Hugel helped hammer out a deal whereby the CIA would help Israel destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak. Casey sold the store to the Israelis, delivering to Israeli Major General Yitzhak "Haka" Hoffi, highly-classified SR-71 reconnaissance imagery of Osirak. WMR has previously reported how Casey also hammered out deals whereby Israel would receive highly-classified U.S. signals intelligence (SIGINT) and space-based imagery intelligence (IMINT) technology from the United States.
EATSCO was, meanwhile, shipping arms to the Afghan mujahidin through the cover of its Egyptian business deals. One of the expediters was R. G. Hobelman Shipping Company of Baltimore. With enough baksheesh to go around in Egypt, old Soviet-supplied Egyptian military equipment was being sent to the Afghan mujahidin via Saudi Arabia and Iraq and being replaced with new American military hardware. All of this ultimately implicated, according to Trento, Egyptian Vice President Hosni Mubarak, whose cronies were very involved in the weapons smuggling operation. Mubarak and other top Sadat ministers were CIA assets. The man who managed the CIA's assets in Cairo was William Buckley.
Sadat was growing suspicious of the weapons deals between his vice president and top ministers, and the CIA front companies. Sadat may also have had knowledge of the deal between the Reagan campaign and the Iranians. Sadat's people had conducted an audit of the EATSCO/TERSAM contracts and found serious problems with overcharging and unaccounted-for sums of money. Sadat's investigation became worrying to Mubarak, Casey, and the entire covert aid network to the Afghans.
On October 6, 1981, while at a military parade, Sadat's CIA-trained security force seemed to step aside as armed military members shot Sadat in his reviewing stand. Mubarak never complained about the CIA-trained security force taking no action to prevent Sadat's assassination!!!..
Trento quotes old General Cappucci as saying that he feared that the Israelis had bugged Wilson's Washington offices for Cappucci and Associates:
"It is true. Look . . . Wilson's friends at the CIA were up to their necks with the Israelis -- especially Shackley . . . I had the lace swept repeatedly, and repeatedly bugs would turn up . . My fear was that the Israelis would get someone in the personal body guard and recruit them to spy on Sadat . . . I never thought they would want to kill him."
Trento's book goes a long way in filling in the various holes in the complete picture of how the Reagan- Bush-Casey team conspired with Egypt. Israel, and Iran in an operation that resulted in the sinking of the SS Poet and the deaths of 34 U.S. merchant mariners. For many of the families of those crewmen, time is, quite literally, running out for justice.
Now to what extent could we trust the veracity of Trento’s accounts? I wouldn’t worry about that, since we can serenely define his documentations reliable, knowing that Joseph Trento has worked for CNN's Special Assignment Unit, the Wilmington News Journal for many years and was closely connected to CIA and National Security circles.
My worry in a first place is our Intelligence Agencies.. Were they infiltrated by MOSSAD?  
In a second place, my worry embraces a Juridical System crippled inside a dense spider web of contradicting laws, presidential laws, decrees, regulations; also a Legislative Authority in constant conflict with an Executive Authority’s doubtful power and will to clear the past to clean for the future.. And to those I demand answers to these questions:
Will Mubarak ever be held responsible for trafficking and laundering? Shouldn’t he, Hussein Salem and their partners in such businesses, be tried for crimes like Office Abuse, Self Recycling, Inside Trading, Money Laundering, Arms Smuggling, and Communicating Secretly with foreign Secret Services?
Yet remains a question that according to my own personal understanding is the most important:
Having served as an Air Force Commander, then as a Vice President and later on became the President; and while assuming the responsibilities of all these jobs have been willingly involved in ongoing illegal actions, defined as such according to the law, but most of all illegal by the definition of our constitution; the very one HE swore (more than once) to obey, abide by and protect every time he took office; couldn’t such deliberate breach of trust be qualified TREASON?
A Capital Crime, punishable by a Capital Sentence.. DEATH.
Pass On The Word.

How bad will Egypt bleed in that Dog Fight*?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 14th 2012.
Some fifty centuries ago Herodotus, after living for two decades in Egypt trying to understand and learn from its Priests the wisdom and secrets which gave the Ancient Egyptian civilisation its fascinating glow; knew for certain and thus pronounced his famous statement: “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”. The mere notion that every Pharaoh, King or Queen, while crossing the twelve doors of judgment towards the ‘Other Eternal Life’, he or she must first of all swear before all the Divinities, and prove to them, that he did not in any way spoiled or disrespected the Nile Waters; is the Chrystal clear evidence that They knew and appreciated that generous divine gift, and thus all have made it a strategic interest to weave interlaced ties with other populations living along the River.
Most of them even conquered these tribes to control the water flow, others made commercial relations; but all aimed to secure the stability of the region, and their heritage show us that they succeeded in accomplishing that aim.
Today news agencies reveal that Ethiopian government confirms its financial capabilities to build Three Dams for Hydro-Energy production! It needs no genius mind to realise that such official announcement consists a serious threat to the National Security of all the Nile Basin governments, especially Egypt.
For almost seven years, I have been trying to bring the Water Problem issue to the Egyptian public in vain.. Because my tens of e-mails, to several official as well as  opposition newspapers, to liberal journalists, and to the Ministers of Public Works, Agriculture and Water Resources; found their way to either ministerial waste bins or to the hidden shelves of underground archives.
Now Let me remind you that I referred to Mr. WILLIAM ONYANGO’s report entitled “The Agony of Lake Victoria” and to Mr. LETA SIASA’s article both published back in January 2005 on The Sunday Standard Kenyan daily newspaper, and also posted by “Kenya Democracy Project”.
Both  have addressed the issue that Lake Victoria suffocates “…under a dense mat of tangled water hyacinth, experts are still desperately seeking an answer. But no easy solution is in sight as further scandals have surfaced over the award of contracts for clearance of the noxious weed and the use of chemicals to kill the fish in the lake”. And in that regard Mr. Onyango while pointing out the corruption in awarding the bid says: “Though it was said that preference would be given to a local firm, the contract was finally awarded to Oceania Int’l, an Israeli firm. This immediately brought a storm of protest”.
For over five decades Egypt abdicated its leading role over the African continent (due to the arrogant absence of a strategic national security vision, and because our intelligence agencies were more occupied to build up their private fortunes rather than do what they were supposed to do: supplying information and building solid bridges of commercial and cultural relations), we must now abide by, and submit to, the notably huge volume of Israeli commercial, industrial, and belligerent ties with most of the African nations; giving very privileged considerations to the “Nile Basin” governments (much earlier than the Camp David Peace treaties with Egypt).
Having Israel in control of Lake Victoria is one thing, but its technical assistance offered to successive Ethiopian Governments in the Energy field since ages now have led to the THREE DAMS threat, is definitely a different matter.. A matter of escalating tensions in the region over water supplies that could become a prelude to serious conflicts to devastate the entire Nile Basin area. And moreover now with Sudan divided, Israel along with American and European financial institutes, all hungry for the South Sudan petrol, will convince the new born state to sign some generous low interest long term loans to realise some “urgent infra-structure giant projects to modernise the country and guarantee the welfare and self sufficiency of its population”!!
Gigantic optimistic futuristic projects in the fields of Transportation (airports and super highways), Education (private owned universities and schools), Agriculture (use of GMO seeds and chemical fertilisers and pesticides), and of course ENERGY.. Meaning Nuclear Reactors and DAMS!
So, if the Ethiopian declaration would be considered a threat to the Egyptian National Security, the South Sudan projects are indisputably a “Clear and Eminent Danger” not only to the National Security of the country, but more to the vital needs of the Egyptian population.
From Lake Victoria down to the Mediterranean shores, we have ten nations with a population over 230million human being, embracing hundreds of millions of square kilometres of fertile land, and breeding hundreds of millions of heads of wild and domestic fauna.. And all need water. But all are poor enough and ignorant enough to easily start several chaotic bloody wars over it.. Wars armed and financed by the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.
That what Egypt should deal with on the Regional Level while on the national level, we find in 2009 MENA news agency citing a recent report from the cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center, which argued the country would need 86.2 billion cubic meters of water in 2017, but resources are expected to be at only 71.4 billion cubic meters. In that regard Mr. Joseph Mayton argues on the Guardian that “…with a burgeoning population, Egypt’s water crisis does not have the time to wait until 2017 before these issues hit hard, experts say. Already, water shortages have been hitting a number of areas across the nation, especially in the underprivileged neighborhoods that line the well-developed super-complexes of housing for the wealthy”.
In that same article the author says that “..much of the concerns of experts is climate change, which will affect the water levels of both the Nile and the Mediterranean. In 2008 Mr. George Maged, then Minister of Environment, told a parliamentary committee: Many of the towns and urban areas in the north of the Delta will suffer from the rise in the level of the Mediterranean with effect from 2020 and about 15 percent of Delta land is under threat from the rising sea level and the seepage into the ground water”. And he highlighted that “joint studies by his ministry and the United Nations have assessed the situation to be urgent.
Water analysts tend to disagree with Maged’s argument that, saying that more in depth research is needed before claims of pending doom can be made. The Nile Delta region is home to approximately half of Egypt’s 80 million people. The UN’s Environment Program says that a rise in only 0.5 meters (20 inches) would displace at least 4 million people and damage 1,800 square kilometers (700 square miles). It gets worse still with a one-meter (39 inches) rise, which would displace at least 6 million people and damage more than double the farmland.
Mr. Mayton ends his report saying: “With water shortages and Biblical climate change on the horizon, Egypt must act soon in order to create new water policy that will help solve these growing problems. The question is, will the government move?”!!
The question is still unanswered.. Not a single official announcement has been released in that regard from the Prime Minister, from any Minister, or a Spokesman, nor a reporter, neither any politician or deputy.. I fear that Egypt may soon find itself drawn into that blood sucking ‘Dog Fight’ if Innovative Diplomacy and swift measures of Political Governance doesn’t make a move.. In the right direction this time I would say.
Pass On The Word.    
* The term dogfight has been used for centuries to describe a melee; a fierce battle between two or more opponents. However dog fight, is a form of aerial combat between fighter aircraft; in particular, combat of maneuver at short range, where each side is aware of the others presence. Modern terminology for air-to-air combat is Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM), which refers to tactical situations requiring the use of individual basic fighter maneuvering (BFM) to attack or evade one or more opponents.