The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Crisis X 3 = zt!!

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Castelfiorentino, March 27th 2012.
The Military Institution: has mutated over the years into a gigantic business enterprise owning a domineering private industrial complex. An institution that holds on tight to its ‘Political Powers’ with all its might, as if they were the indisputable or incontestable “Divine Rights” that the ‘commons’ do not dare to oppose or even debate the nature or the origin. A military that openly has abdicated its main constitutional tasks to be “..strong arm and protective shield always ready to defend the nation against all enemies”.. Israel on top I should say!!
The Executive Authority: over long years of complete submission to an asphyxiating “Dictatorship Rule”, have been tamed, trained and educated to obey and never take autonomous initiatives or decisions; just wait for instructions, directives or suggestions; all of which are simply “Obliging Orders” as per the “Universal Dictator’s Manual Lexicon”.  
The Legislative Authority: also known as the “Parliament”.. Being only an image designed to galvanise the international presidential public relations campaigns through well choreographed theatrical media coverage. And as it has always been partly nominated and partly elected through fake and fixed elections, where even the dead is compelled to vote; under the supervision of a helpless juridical cast totally deprived from any true controlling liability since hundreds of tailor-made laws have even vacuum cleaned the “Constitution” out of its role through a haze of 250 vague articles.. A Parliament as such will never stand to draw a bill of law, or vote for anything, against the will of its “Employer”.. Who is definitely not the people.
The Press: supposedly being the fourth authority, has never did what it should have done: to inform truthfully and educate impartially..  Over the years we witnessed hundreds of mercenaries, dispatched for journalists, poets, analysts and trusted consultants; echoing the whims of the Master as the only way or the absolute cure for any grievance; making their mission to educate the people for obedience and submission. Instead of spreading true information and projecting transparency, that ill press preached lies and empowered corruption.. All at a price!   
The Religious Institution: as always, throughout our history, remained standing aside cheering for the strongest, converting the illegal into a doctrinal necessity and conspiring with the various ‘Palaces’ of power to convert “Ignorance” into a banner under which the people would move and a doctrine by which they live.
The Social Parts: Political Parties, Labour Unions, Syndicates, Artisans, Farmers, Students Movements, NGOs, Bloggers and Human Rights Activists; have long subdued to oppression and torture; and were always subject to the lowest levels of manipulation that made them helpless and void of the needed pressing edge over the decision making circles.. Unless they unite together to form an invincible lobby that can mobilise the ‘Mass’ and guide the “Collective Opinion” wherever it wishes, change will not be foreseeable.
All those have been cultivated and educated by the Tyrannical Iron Fist of a Dictatorial Presidential Institution born out from the womb of the Military Institution; which trimmed and abbreviated the infinity of ideas that can form a healthy “Collective Conscience” into just one, its own; and that is “Obedience, Loyalty, Stability and Order”.  Making sure that all the above mentioned institutions and authorities would constantly adhere and repeat the daily preaching of the clamorous falsity that “Stability, not change, is the only way to ensure security and growth”.
Of course the security of an Élite cast, loyal daughter of that “System”, and the  growth of its private wealth and fortunes. And since the system normally engages in its services the loyal parasites and profiteers; who in their turn will do the same in order to secure their future and that of their families; hence “Corruption” becomes the main pillar around which revolves the entire economic and social mechanisms.. Corruption becomes the “System” itself.. And say goodbye to welfare and progress right after the fleeing of transparency, solidarity and freedom.
All the way through the Egyptian Republic’s history, from day one since the ‘first’ military coup of 1952; we saw that pattern repeating itself as if to refine and sharpen its edges: from the shy and carefully disguised side business in arms dealing of the late ‘Son In Law of Nasser’, to the murmured drug trade monopoly of the ‘Brother of Sadat’, and until the blunt and  open-faced overpowering economic, industrial and financial control of the ‘Sons of Mubarak’.
A pattern which have produced entire armies of ministers, consultants, lawyers, business advisers, followers, supporters, servile courtesans, lobbyers, buffoons, business meddlers and hired pens; all tuned together in cheering the unrivaled “Wisdom of the Father of the nation”, to veil their true nature of coward hypocrite parasites selling the blood of their own people for the misery of “30 pieces of silver”. Thus allowing that “Father” to grow into a divinity, having taken all the necessary precautionary measures to keep things as they are for their own “Security and Growth”, and those of their families, courtesans and servants.
Such process eventually creates a giant mountain of “Immorality” and “Indifference”, leading to an inevitable overflow of “Individualism”; and the civil sense of responsible and active participation fades away till its complete disappearance, especially that the Religious Institution kept educating for long time the mass on the ‘benefits’ of obedience, acceptance, satisfaction, modesty and submission; and by constantly dispensing such teachings, all the time and everywhere, it has systematically killed the spark of the individual ambition and crushed his hunger for knowledge and evolution. Then once the society become convinced that “Enough is as good as a feast”; everything turns out the way the ruling Élite desires and no one would dare question their ill governance or the suspicious origins of their wealth and fortunes.
That is in brief the absurd dark scenery that is somehow still imprisoning inside its dense obscurity the vast majority of our society. A scenery that has regressed our culture back into a much more darker age than the first “Jaheleyah” of more than fourteen centuries ago, despite the improvised blows of a controversial new Spring Storm called “Revolution”. A revolution that, I dare say, have been cunningly used to camouflage our history’s Second Military Coup!!
Now, putting together the current “Global Economic Crisis” to what I’ve just highlighted, we will remain with the inevitable result of ‘3’!?! Meaning not one crisis, but a perfect bouquet of 3: Economic, Social and Political. As if it was a marketing promotion of “Buy 1 and get 3”, that who knows what could be the true identity of its sponsors.
The outcome of such complex crisis will not only be recession and more debts with more interests, but it would also be something like the equation in the title of this article: “Pure Undefined Nonsense”.
However the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen through the demolition of the very foundations of that system, by always remembering and acting according to the fact that it took a “Hijrah” to overtake and defeat a “Jaheleyah”.
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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Missing Plug.

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Montopoli, March 24th 2012.
Little over a year ago, when the winds of change twisted over Egypt in what seemed to be an overpowering “Tornado” coming to sweep clean to the ground everything it faces; what really materialised was nothing more than a mild “Tropical Storm” which quickly passed on leaving behind almost everything completely intact.
Today it seems that the storm has even galvanised some old structures rendering them smoother, brighter, shiner and more solid than before; but mostly it made them more attractive than ever!?!
Over a year ago we thought that finally a radical change has come to last producing a new Republic founded upon a solid constitution guaranteeing and protecting the fundamental values of Freedom, Democracy, Labour, Transparency and Welfare.
We, naïve as we were, thought that the Military Institution came forward to embrace and protect the change. To allow a “Coalition Transitional Cabinet” the necessary autonomy to accomplish a precise assignment made of several urgent tasks:
1.      Total cleaning and clearing from the pre-revolution “Old Order” icons and traces, by all necessary means and on all levels of the public services, administrative functions and executive authority’s hierarchies; preferably under the terms of the long adored “Emergency Code” and to be celebrated before the “Revolutionary Martial Courts”.
2.      Assign a “Constituent Commission” the priority task of writing a new constitution for public debate to be subject to the people’s referendum for approval in order to come into force.
3.      Start and accelerate the process to hunt down, and get hold of, the smuggled treasures that were systematically stolen from the people over decades, and confiscate all local and foreign bank accounts related to the ex administrations figures along with the profiteers and parasites hatched and educated inside the National Democratic Party nurseries.
4.      Establish new “Election Laws” and elaborate their executive regulations to guarantee the rightful proceedings for every vote to obtain the actual interpretation of the voters choices in the Legislative, Administrative and Presidential Elections.
5.      Create a special “Wise Men Committee” that will immediately engage in proposing a sever “Anti Corruption” laws and the necessary investigative measures to firmly uphold these laws and effectively confront the phenomena.
Only then matters would return to the electorate to select and chose freely its governing bodies and its representatives, to start the new era.. The long dreamed era of social justice, free expression and human rights.
Nevertheless things turned out completely different. For what really happened is that old faces changed their wardrobes and cosmetics, coming forward in brand new glowing disguises, gloving their “Iron Fist” in velvet and redecorating the torture rooms with slogans already voided of their contents before being nailed to the walls.
The Military Institution along with its puppet cabinet and the unleashed Police Forces joined efforts to squeeze the revolution out of its last bit of thrusting energy, and to press down the rising political forms of opposition into a mild image same as “Before”. And those who respectfully stood tall by their principles, having understood clearly what’s lying in between the lines of that script, were forced somehow to quit the scene.. El Baradei is a flagrant example in this case.
At first we were continuously faced by the respectable and humble figures of many exponents from the “Muslim Brotherhood” and the “Salafist” movements, all swearing to God that they have no intention, wish or ambition in politics and that they want to remain among the ranks of the people to serve and observe! In fact, due to free undemocratic elections following the old tailored laws, they became the crushing majority in Parliament and many of them changed views after several closed meetings with the “Field-Marshal”! Remember “Dr. El AWWA”?
Actually the agenda that we dreamed of, and the ‘Priority Tasks’ that we hoped to see accomplished were all just smoke on the water and ash in the eyes.. The “Order” is still alive and well.. And the recapitulation after fourteen months results in hundreds dead civilians, other thousands tortured behind bars, arbitrary arrests, corruption, agonising economy, a helpless nominated cabinet and a crippled parliament!!
I’m afraid that we will remain wandering for a long time searching for the plug that we missed and wondering what is it that we didn’t know?
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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Published on the SUN Issue of today.

Man sentenced to 6,060 years in prison
Published: 13th March 2012

A FORMER soldier has been sentenced to 6,060 years in prison.

Pedro Pimentel Rios was extradited from the US to Guatemala last year to be held to account over his role in the 1982 slaughter of 201 people in the Central American country.
Ex special forces soldier Rios, 55, was involved in what became known as the "Dos Erres" massacre after the northern Guatemala hamlet where the killings took place.
The violence was one of the bloodiest atrocities of the country's 1960-1996 civil war.
Dozens of soldiers ransacked the village, searching homes for weapons and systematically slaughtering men, women and children.
Soldiers bludgeoned villagers with a sledgehammer, threw them down a well and raped women and girls before killing them, according to court papers.
The sentence is largely symbolic as the maximum time a convict can serve under Guatemalan law is 50 years.
The country's civil war claimed at least 200,000 lives and the US-backed army was responsible for most of them, said a subsequent truth commission.

Dissociate to Reconcile.

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Montopoli, March 15th 2012.
Let’s stop for a minute to meditate over the outcome of a “People’s Revolution” after a year from its actual outburst; following decades of an agonising process of moral fermentation under the overheated pressure of constant economic need, social injustice, political incompetence, institutionalised terror and an overall reign of corruption.
Today, we have an ‘Unelected Government’ abiding by the ‘directives and suggestions’ of its employer, a Military Council. And a ‘Crippled Parliament’ lacking the tools to legislate, other than those to monitor, control and punish the Executive Authority; yet equipped with all the mechanisms to extort and blackmail the government as well as the people. And both are the hostages of the rigidly conservative “Totem” called the “Military Institution”, behind the high walls of a maximum security lock-up “Taboo” called the “Religious Institution”.
It is obvious that such a blend is inherently dangerous. Especially in the absence of transparency and coherence. So we shouldn’t lose more time finding excuses or giving reason to one side rather than another. We must address the core of the issue.. We must question the responsibilities of the Totem, and revaluate the role of the Taboo.
Such pragmatic vision of the whole matter is needed now, otherwise we will be committing the same classic mistakes which led Europe straight into the Dark Ages. An era dominated by the Religious Institution’s political and economic dictatorship, and which required more than a “Lutheran Cultural Revolution” to free itself out from the grip of darkness to beam into a new era of “Renaissance Libérale which made the ‘Old Continent’, along with ‘New World’, what they became today; in terms of  being the “Leaders” in every Scientific Research field, the “Initiators” of modernising revolutions, the “Masters” of new technology and “Dominant Patrons” of the Financial and Economic thrones. And not in terms of “Greedy Imperial Forces” deployed to overdo the entire world regardless of every ethical or moral value that could be drawn off the generous heritage of human civilisations.
“Logic” and “Belief”, or if you wish science and religion; are and will remain parallel one to the other and would only intercept theoretically. They may complement each other, sometimes and in precise given circumstances just for a short period; then each will always have its own vision, comprehension and tools to achieve an objective or reach a destination.. And that is the reason for which they will remain parallel if not in conflict.. Unless they both could find the courageous will to compromise their rigid stands in support of the collective good within the frame of a long term strategic ideology.
Having said that, we can distinguish that the most objective approach to the issue would be to apply the “Totem-Taboo / Logic-Belief” equation on the panoramic scenery of the Egyptian Revolution’s repercussions.
We know that the rise of the “Technocrats” throughout the past few decades and their firm hold over the mainstream politics, in Government as in Parliament; have caused and produced the Economic, Financial and Social disaster of Egypt. Due to the direct consequences of their ‘political ventures’ the impact was devastating on the Egyptian citizen’s daily life. And the remedies they were ‘appointed’ to prescribe to heal the aches of the nation turned out to be lethal venoms.
You can’t expect a Tax Evader to allow the passing of an Anti Evasion Bill; or a Businessman who uses bribery as a guaranteeing agent to monopolise vital products like steel, iron, wood, cement, wheat and so on; to vote for the Anti Corruption laws or the Anti Monopoly Ticket… etc. Technocrats, being private businessmen who were educated to look only for their proper good, can’t make serious reforms in support for the collective good.
Also the Religious Institution have long lost its financial independence and its Freedom of judgement, the moment it became a state owned public apparatus, reporting to the Executive Authority and supervised by the State Security. It was no secret that any appointment or promotion at any organisational level within Al Azhar establishment, and its ‘Affiliates’, must first acquire a state security green light to pass on.
As a result, Al Azhar and its entire religious hierarchy became nothing more than common public sector employees; at all levels whether a Mosque Cleaning Attendant, a Muathen, an Imam or the Grand Mufty. Even the highest reference in the world representing Islam’s moderate Sunni Cult: “Sheikh Al Azhar”; is nothing but a Public Official paid a monthly salary from the state.
That’s how the Religious Institution bartered its “Mission” against “Gold”.. In my personal opinion it lost credibility long time ago throughout history, and since numerous honourable representatives of the institution holders of highly respectable titles like Grand Imam, Mufti, Muezzin, Archbishop, Cardinal, Priest or Rabbi; were rushing to line-up one after the other in long queues before the “Palace” to furnish the “Monarch” with all the rulings he may want, even against the authentic teachings of Sacred Books, Prophets, Messengers or the Doctrines itself.
That’s why Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad fought fiercely against that particular aspect to seek profit misusing the “Message”.. Making fortunes of “Gold” and “Power” through the continuous manipulation of the “Word”. Because this is the essence of “Corruption”.
Since such anomalies have become normal doings largely acceptable in the day to day social practices, consequently ‘Corruption’ has become the norm for a well established system of “Live and Let live”; and as it is obvious that without healthy political life there will be no democracy; so, few things are urgently needed to straighten up an ill situation still in force and risking of paralysing the entire apparatus of the Egyptian establishment:
a)      Political Parties must immediately start a “Self Decontamination Process” to restore their credibility.
b)      If corruption is transversally wide-spread, people’s “Indignation” must also be transversally spread. To defeat Corruption is the introduction to any credible reforms.
c)      A new “Electoral Law” must be introduced to guarantee for the electorate its power and right to freely select and chose their representatives in Parliament, their Government and in the Presidential Institution.
A discredited Parliament together with an unelected Government cannot bring forward important reforms or establish order, on the contrary it invites disorder and call upon Anarchy. It is thus imperative that WE “Dissociate” ourselves from that conventional “Conservative Totem” to liberate our choices from the inevitable impositions of its modular “Traditional Taboo”; so as to “Reconcile”,  within our collective culture, values like Dignity, Independence, Freedom, Sovereignty, Tolerance, Solidarity, Transparency, Participation and Justice as the only sure “Binding Code” to the standards of an established solid understanding for “Good Governance”.
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Being an Indian.

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Montopoli, March 7th 2012.
Being an “Indian” remained a folkloric collective vision of not being a lively and shrewd person, or simply of being dull. Till relatively recent times, you could hear it everywhere: in the street, in the cafeteria, in the market, at school, at the club, in public offices, in theater plays, in films and even sometimes among the upper social class; you could hear one of many variations of the same theme like: “do I look like an Indian?”, or “is it written on my front ‘here is an Indian’?”!!
Actually I don’t know for certain the origin of such a popular saying, and to what context it has been vastly circulated. But for sure it goes back to the early days when Egypt and India were two colonies under the British Crown. However investigating its origins is not my aim of this article.
Today I want to discuss “Sovereignty” by measuring the ethical distance separating two recent “Juridical Debates”, which are being transformed into “Political Issues” and escalated to the verge of becoming “Diplomatic Crisis; thus demonstrating a practical test to the term “Sovereign State”.
Few weeks ago a couple of Italian marines deployed on an Italian commercial oil tanker, as per the “Anti-Pirating NATO Protocol”, were arrested by the Indian authorities for having ‘shot to kill two Indian fishermen’ the marines doubted them of being pirates. Immediately the Italian diplomacy used all its resources to dialogue with their Indian counterparts saying that the “Incident” occurred in international waters and as such should be treated according to international maritime laws, therefore the marines should be released and handed to the Italian competent authorities.
The Indian Executive and Juridical Institutions viewed the matter from another perspective completely opposed to the Italian argumentations. For them the “Crime” was consumed within the Indian territory inside the Indian waters, as such the defendants should be investigated according to Indian Law and tried before Indian Courts.
The matter is now turning into a fierce political confrontation between both nations, and is very close of becoming a very serious diplomatic crisis finding thrust and energy every day by an accelerated increment of an overwhelming “Demagogic Sense of Nationalism” here and there, nourished by an increasingly frenetic media.
In the meantime the Italian marines are in Indian custody inside an Indian Jail awaiting trial according to the Indian Code.
Well.. In Egypt almost in the same time, yet surely still in a much far backward different era; and while following the case of the alleged “Doubtful Foreign Financings” to some NGOs operating on the Egyptian Soil, we have witnessed the humiliating act arrogantly performed by the “Egyptian Government” in kneeling before, and conceding to, ‘foreign wishes’ in total violation of the “Egyptian law” and in an undisputable breach of the “Egyptian Constitution” which this very same government publically pledged an oath to uphold.
The only apparent decent act throughout the entire farce was the public announcement of the Court’s Honourable Judges, whom were assigned to preside and view the proceedings; their blushing shy appearances couldn’t mean less than a desperate try for saving faces out from an indelible stain over the “Egyptian Laws, Constitution, and Institutions”. The same institutions who willingly denounced their sworn function: “…to defend and protect Egypt’s Sovereignty”.
Thus voiding from their meanings, as the indispensable foundations of  any ‘Free Independent State’, terms like sovereign, sovereignty, the law is sovereign, and of course “State Sovereignty”.
Before such clamorous paradoxes illustrated by the official Indian vs. Egyptian interpretation, manifestation and practice of “Sovereignty”; I can’t help but recalling the spirits of Indian and Egyptian giant beacons like Taghor, El Tahtawy, Saad Pacha Zaghlool, El Nahas Pacha, Talaat Pacha Harb, El Sanhoury Pacha, Ghandy, and Nehro; among hundreds of thousands of other scientists, philosophers, poets, politicians, industrials and very wise juridical idealists.. Beacons who marked the growth of civilisation, the respect of the law, the enrichment of the liberal ideals and the safeguarding of a fundamental pillar for freedom: “Sovereignty”.
Pass On The Word.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Just a Reminder.

The following is an article  I published some two years ago on my previous blog “ECHOES” that was promptly censored by the then governing bodies.

A.      M.  EL NAHAS

Practicing Active Opposition” .. A Gift or a Right?
By Ahmed El Nahas, Tuesday June 29th 2010.

I watched with admiration Mr. Ibrahim ISSA’s interview to H.E. Dr. EL Baradei, which brought me to write down the next few lines hoping to draw attention to a well known yet unobserved and totally neglected political concept.
Knowing that true democratic practices, though protected by constitutional mechanisms, are founded on
transparency, free information, obedient submission of ALL” citizens to the law, and most of all are based
on an irrevocable and confirmed set of norms and regulations enabling a mature and responsible opposition to actively participate in the nation’s institutional functions, as a tool of the salutary regeneration of the nation’s political class, and transitional rotation of ruling among different political and social currents, whose choices of “MEANS” may differ, but their strategic “ENDS” remain the same.

The caricaturist “free speech” granted by the “Land Lord” to a well tamed and chained opposition, is nothing but a joke that only HE is loudly laughing about, while the rest of us, all of us at all levels, are paying the consequences of such laughs; in terms of  hereditary rotation of power, rape of the constitution, installment of corruption as a system, weakening the economy through continuous and unjustified debts dictated by the IMF to break our bones and control our resources…etc..!!

History taught us that free opposition, being an undisputed constituent of pluralism in a democracy, is not a gift (carrot). It is a “Right” to be won by “Any” necessary mean, and then safely treasured by “All” means.
In a country like ours, opposition would be valid and effective only when:
“A person, or a group of persons, is/are charismatic, able and resilient enough to embrace together under the same banner all opposition fractions and currents (from the grass root and upwards), in a unique and united main stream, in total harmony  and respect of each others thoughts, beliefs, and political orientations. Thus forming a single solid block to safely represent that ‘Alternative Majority’, capable of providing a new agenda acceptable nationally and internationally”.
(I’m not talking about political groups only, but the free opposition should also include civilian movements, syndicates, unions, students, bloggers, NGOs… and so on).
Only then the weigh of such opposition would gain a cutting edge to impose change through a predetermined transitional period, which could and may well be violent, but will lead to the supreme and
ultimate goal for:
“The lawful and dynamic practice of Participatory Democracy, in a Free Sovereign Nation where the Constitution is the one and only Guarantor for good governance, being the Vigilant Custodian over Rights, the Firm Tutor of Duties and the Impartial Guardian on Justice”.
Hope to live and witness the day.
Pass On The Word.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Burning the BOOK.

By: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – Montopoli, February 27th 2012.
Of course I am angry and offended.. But I also know that the “Qur’àn”, either being the Text (Book) or the Context (Doctrine), was attacked hundreds of times in many different ways throughout the past 14 centuries. And yet it remained intact without the addition or the omission of a single comma or an accent. So if we, the Muslims, really believe in the text and the doctrine it brought, we should be more than confident that Allah always keeps his promises.. For He promised, even better, HE Swore to protect it.
Moreover, it was not a casual choice that the very first Word which the Archangel Gabriel transmitted to Mohammad (mppbh) was Allah’s order for all Humanity, that word textually is “IQRA”, meaning “Read”.. A word which containing all the analytical talents of a human mind: logic, reason, intelligence, before its expressive oral gifts.
At this point it should be easy to reason and analyse the fact as it is not as “They” want it to look like. In the first place, one should legitimately ask himself: “Is it plausible that the United States’ mighty intelligence machine and its ‘Think Tanks’ do not know the difference between the Islam’s holy book, sacred and treasured by every Muslim on earth, and a common ‘Terrorist Manual’?”. At least that is how the latest “US Official Excuse”, which bluntly insulted our intelligence before slapping our faces, came public through the news agencies exactly as dispatched by a “US High Ranking Source” simply saying that “…the  American prison guards didn’t know that what they were burning was what it was”!! After centuries of meticulously anatomising every letter of the “Qur’àn, and scanning every copy in every corner of the globe by their scholars and experts, do they expect us to swallow such a mediocre excuse?
Anyhow the careful consideration exercised by the “Beneficiaries”: CIA, NSA, the other tens of civil and military agencies, the Military Industrial Lobbies and the Banks; led the Pentagon spokesperson straight into his bashful entry to the press conference room to throw-up such nauseating excuse.
The question is WHY? I am convinced that the timing and the way that issue was made public suggest one answer: “Political and Economical Interests”! I will synthesise my opinion as follows:
The Pentagon, using its own intelligence analysts together with the suggestions of a friendly Intelligence agency operating in the region; planned and obtained a green light to stage such “Psychological Offensive”, aired only few weeks after the desecrations of dead Muslims, in order to: 
Ø  Ignite the emotional spark of hatred in the vastest possible area of the Muslim world, in a way to suppress reason and cloud the minds of Muslims from evaluating serenely and deploy the correct reactions to the merits of the situation in hand.
Ø  Aggravate the issue through massive media coverage of what apparently seem to be the US official apologies, supported by invalid excuses offending more than amending;  all of which are only aiming to accelerate the heat in the streets of Afghanistan, and hopefully elsewhere, to reach an uncontrollable vast riots situation possibly resulting in western casualties.
Ø  Create new difficulties for the Obama Democratic Administration which is struggling to find a safe and dignifying way out from the quick sands of Afghanistan.
Ø  Impose a temporary, if not a definitive, stop to the ongoing negotiations with the Taliban leaders.
Ø  Maintain the strategic hold over the fortunes of the Afghan Opium trade worth of $65bil/year, enabling the US to finance an infinity of tactical operations necessary for creating the “New Middle East”. (in that regard I refer you to my post of January 22nd 2012 entitled ‘NATO’s Drug For Food Program’).
Ø  Provide a legal excuse for extending the Allies permanence in Afghanistan, with all what that would entail in terms of unlimited range of advantages for the US and its Allies in containing Iran and controlling the ex Soviet Republics Oil and Gas production zones, as well as the priceless Caspian Pipeline.
Ø  Deviate the international attention from the daily criminal acts committed against unarmed Palestinian civilians in Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and the West Bank.  
That is in brief how I view the entire matter. And I am convinced that as such our political and social institutions may have a better than average chance for handling the matter and dealing with the situation more united and could come out with better results, rather than simply expressing symptoms of  primitive rage by organizing some street manifestations to burn some flags and shout some empty harmless slogans in the air before some TV cameras, that no matter how high they will cry them out from their burnt throats, they will soon vanish between the smoke of “NATO’s Dirty Bombs” and the tinkling of the “American Gold” fruit of the “Afghan Poppy Trade”.
Pass On The Word.