The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Dream.. The Golden Anniversary.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 28th 2013.

Exactly 50 years have passed by since
Reverent Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the staircases leading to the Lincoln memorial before 250000 Americans to deliver his immortal sermon known to the entire humanity as “I Have A Dream”.. Here are a few excerpts I chose to express how actual his speech seem today.

“We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice”.

“It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering summer of legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality. And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in this nation until equal citizenship rights are granted”.

“This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children”.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’."

Two Luther (s) have carved their posts in history mobilising strong Cultural Protests that soon after triggered overwhelming Social Revolutions, though in different ways..

One German priest who decided to review the Catholic doctrine’s inconsistencies with the early teachings of Jesus, thus establishing a Protestant Movement later on becoming a doctrine thriving towards knowledge and competition..

The other an illuminated Afro-American reverent and devoted human rights activists who worked his way into the doctrine to extract the modern needs and hopes of the mashed masses in order to peacefully restore their civil rights.

Two men did what the Muslim Brotherhood mighty international structure is still unable to do since more than 80 years.. Two men changed the western thought just by following exactly the paths of earlier Muslim philosophers and scientists, whom enlightened and widened human knowledge long before the European tribes reached out from their caverns.

They all knew for certain that the key to power, progress, security and evolution is knowing not fighting.

Pass On The Word.

How greyish Honour has become!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, August 25th 2013.
1.      John Dennis Profumo: On the helm of the British Foreign Office (Secretary Of State), resigned in 1963, for his relation with Christine Keeler at the time the lover of a Russian spy.
2.      Richard Nixon: USA President resigned office in 1974 for the Watergate scandal which revealed his abusive spying on the Democrats.
3.      Willy Brandt: German Chancellor; resigned in 1974 the moment he discovered that his advisor Günther Guillaume had worked for the STASI.   
4.      Arnaldo Forlani: Italian Prime Minister was forced to resign because of his intentional delaying to render public the directories of the members of the P2 Lodge of the Free Masons.
5.      Gary W. Heart: Front figure of USA Democratic Party, pulled out from 1988’s presidential race for the Sex Scandal involving him with the model Donna Rice.
6.      Fernando Collor De Mello: President of Brasil, was discharged in 1992 via impeachment procedure for the accusations of corruption and tax evasion.
7.      Helmut Kohl: German Chancellor, resigned in 2000 from the Honorary Presidency of the CDU for illegal finances scandal.
8.      Moshe Katsav: Israel President, self suspended in 2007 after being accused of sexual violence, illegal interceptions and fraud.
9.      Ehud Omert: Israel Prime Minister in 2006. Abandoned office in 2009 being involved in a series of corruption cases.
10.  Eliot Spitzer: Governor of New York in 2006, resigned following a prostitution scandal.
11.  Michael Martin: Speaker of the English Chamber of Commons. In 2009 resigned for the messy expenses reimbursements to the delegates.
12.  Karl T. Guttenberg: German Defence Minister, resigned in 2011 for accusations of plagiarism (cheating); he would’ve copied part of his graduation thesis.
13.  Dominique Strauss-Kahn: presidential candidate in France. In 2011 ended his race for the accusation of attempted rape in a New York hotel. Sacrificed his office at the IMF top floor.
14.  Michèle Alliot Marie: French Foreign Minister resigned in 2011 after a holiday in Tunisia paid by a businessman tied to Ex President Ben Ali.
15.  Christian Wülff: German President, resigned in 2012 for the scandal of a facilitated loan obtained through a businessman friend.
These are only my random choice from a much longer list of politicians and public figures who stepped aside leaving the glamour of power and the lights of fame, to hide in the shadows of oblivion for a variety of reasons, on top of which reigns ‘Shame’.
However another major motivator, though fallen down the rankings compared to previous centuries, is still there appearing among the first ten reasons for abdication or resignation: ‘Honour!
If we recall well our history, we shall discover that most of our leaders, politicians, public figures and public servants have always maintained a tight grip over the post at any cost (even dishonourably), considering the position the sole provider of their wellbeing and the most solid assurance of their private interests; while loosening their grasp on the Public Interests in terms of office priorities.
Acting right or wrong, being successful or not, productive or not, honest or not, they always kept their post to the very last instant. They were always either forced to step aside, or given an alternative task, even promoted, or killed.. Yet never got tried before justice even when caught in flagrant guilt.. And they never resigned their mission by their own free will.. Lest very few exceptions proving the rule: Honour as a moral value, same as many values in the verge of extinction,  has become so flexible that it shares a vast grey area together with Dishonour!!
Can you figure out why is that? If and when you find out…
Pass On The Word.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A matter of definition?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 24th 2013.
Following the latest events, and in the course of dusting my memory, I went through the Political Science dictionaries to remember the precise definitions of what has been going on since the elected President was sworn in until the Minister of Defence made his much disputed maneuver to pull the carpet(s) from beneath the unfit president’s feet and put him under arrest for whatever accusations, and suggest a new interim president candidate to nominate another interim prime minister to nominate an interim government of which he remains serenely filling his post as Minister of Defence.
Here I have to open a bracket.. Before going any further I have to remind you that my stand, being a laic liberal citizen, remains firm as it was since day one (see my article Last Call Dr. MORSI!! My open letter to the President, posted on October 26th 2012); unfavourable to a Presidential Republic (especially under the laws in force at the time and still unchanged by the way) yet very much in favour of a Constitutional Parliamentary Republic as defined in the aforementioned article.
Anyhow, I’ll close the brackets here and move back to where I left.. Let me just write the definitions of the terms used these days by everyone all the time, and on all TV channels, domestic and foreign.. So here are the cold abstract definitions:
        I.            Coup d’Étât:  A rapid and violent change of the established order, imposed by the few and endured by the majority.
     II.            White Coup: A coup d’étât, developed without violence, undergone by a government exercising its powers unconstitutionally.
Now I invite you to draw your own conclusions and opinions accordingly, even better to force yourself into your most possible abstract objectivity, and when you connect which to whom…
Pass On The Word.

NB: If you wish to know my conclusions,  overturn your screen to read them.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Chronicles of a certain death ‘II’: Egypt!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Firenze, August 22nd 2013.
The predictions and warnings I desperately launched since April 2011* have all promptly materialised. As a liberal laic Egyptian citizen, I hereby declare the January 2011 revolution officially dead. The cause of death?.. Asphyxia.
It died suffocated inside the airtight cell constructed meticulously by massive blocks made of the hesitations of SCAF, the intolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood, the unfit presidency of Morsi, the obsessive haste of the Military, the insignificant presence of Al Azhar, the abdication of the intellectuals, the politicisation of Justice, the inefficient Opposition, the submissive Media, the centrifugal vortex of Foreign Interests, the lack of any effective Political Vision, the vagrancy of Governance, and our Sovereign Ignorance.
My heartiest condolences to the Egyptian population, family of the dear departed!
Pass On The Word.
*reference is made to the articles on my blog

Chronicles of a certain death ‘I’: Syria!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Firenze, August 22nd 2013.
Mr. Gwyn Winfield is the man most heard these days; he’s the helm of the Falcon Communications, a respectable British firm internationally recognised in the field of the defence against unconventional weapons.
“Yesterday’s attack by toxic agents in Syria seem featuring all the known characteristics of a War Game created majestically on purpose to justify the military escalation of Foreign Powers, same as the one authorising the USA’s intervention in Vietnam”, that’s the opening statement of Mr. Winfield in an international press conference in Brussels.
He continues “ is possible that we’re witnessing the use of very powerful anti-riots agents contained in special ammunitions launched either from aircrafts or ground artillery, such were used by the Americans in Vietnam and by the Israelis in Gaza; they serve to force the enemy out from his hideouts into open grounds to finish him up by conventional ammunitions”.
However, Mr. Winfield gets cautious enough explaining the difficulties to identify the substance used in the attack saying that “whomever used it, made sure to chose on purpose a highly volatile agent to cancel his proper signature.. Of course some traces would remain in the blood, lungs and hair of the victims but only for 48 to 72 hours.. A classifiable Sarin is not in question here, because the rescue workers intervened unprotected, which suggests that the toxicity levels were low. More likely the relevant issue is a Phosphate Organ maybe mixed with other chemical substances.. However if the casualties count reaches the 5000 units level, then the engagement of a chemical weapon is more than probable”.
Mr. Winfield also expressed his scepticism by questioning the timing of the attack, which will certainly attract the international attention, coinciding perfectly with the presence of the UN investigators; he also doubts the real origin of the attack, according to him neither the Assad administration nor the Free Army would gain anything tangible from such a massacre!!
And I wonder whether or not it could be another one of those False Flag Operations!
Pass On The Word.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stairway To H…!!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August19th 2013.
Every now and then I tend to review my writings to reorganise my thoughts, monitor my findings and adjust, if necessary, my conclusions; because I am certain that for us, the common mortals, truth is never abstract or absolute.. So bear with me and relive these moments..
I] On August 3rd 2011, in my article “Where is our Nuremberg”, I wrote:
“I have the right to be angry, and to express my anger as I see appropriate for the given circumstance which initially triggered my anger. As long as my manifestation does not breach God or man laws”.
“Being angry for no reason or, even worse, for the wrong reason, as to substitute anger for frustration, for helplessness, or for despair; is the joy of even the inexperienced amateur manipulator, not to mention the skillful professional reactionary politicians and their lobbies who can and are using our youth’s anger to demolish the entire revolution”.
“Unless we would have our Nuremberg, the worse may yet be waiting round the corner on the next turn”.
II] On December 31st 2011, in my article “Skepticism or Realism, the outcome is the same”, I wrote:
“I fear that it may take, in the best case scenario, a generation to understand and educate the right teachings for a better socio-political know-how in order to be able to make reliable choices. Pending the rest of the world remains static and petrified awaiting our recovery. Until then will we continue being these separated islands casted adrift among the swelled waves of uncertainty?
Once again Einstein proved to have had a point when saying: “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them in the first place”.
III] On February 16th 2012, in my article “A Country called Anarchy and a Government named Chaos”, I wrote:
“They” have already seeded fear, insecurity and mistrust among the various ethnic/religious sects of the population. 
“They” would let Egypt slide into Anarchy in a way to trigger a long term exhausting conflict and drown the entire country in the moving sands of “Chaos”. The result would be to drain out Egypt’s remaining crumbs of resources, making of her an easy prey for economic speculators and financial adventurers.
“They” have a lot to lose if Egypt could stand up to acquire its post once again within the international community..
We know from past human experiences that every major political, social or economical change; is accompanied by, or immediately followed by, a phase of “chaotic disorder”. And it is always the length of such a phase that will determine the type of the following “Stabilising Order”.
IV] On March 24th 2012, in my article “The missing plug”, I wrote:
“The Military Institution along with its puppet cabinet and the unleashed Police Forces joined efforts to squeeze the revolution out of its last bit of thrusting energy, and to press down the rising political forms of opposition into a mild image same as “Before”. And those who respectfully stood tall by their principles, having understood clearly what’s lying in between the lines of that script, were forced somehow to quit the scene.. El Baradei is a flagrant example in this case.
At first we were continuously faced by the respectable and humble figures of many exponents from the “Muslim Brotherhood” and the “Salafist” movements, all swearing to God that they have no intention, wish or ambition in politics and that they want to remain among the ranks of the people to serve and observe! In fact, due to free undemocratic elections following the old tailored laws, they became the crushing majority in Parliament and many of them changed views after several closed meetings with the “Field-Marshal”! Remember “Dr. El AWWA”?
Actually the agenda that we dreamed of, and the ‘Priority Tasks’ that we hoped to see accomplished were all just smoke on the water and ash in the eyes.. The “Order” is still alive and well.. And the recapitulation after fourteen months results in hundreds dead civilians, other thousands tortured behind bars, arbitrary arrests, corruption, agonising economy, a helpless nominated cabinet and a crippled parliament!!
I’m afraid that we will remain wandering for a long time searching for the plug that we missed and wondering what is it that we didn’t know?”
V] On October 26th 2012, in my article “Last call Dr. Morsi!! My open letter to the President, I wrote:
You know better than anyone else, Sir, that the Egyptians, all of them and not only the Muslim Brotherhood, rose on January 25th 2011 calling for “Bread, Liberty, Social Justice and Integrity”.. They were longing for a civil governance to clean and clear, but they didn’t want to relive the experiences of any kind or shape of ‘Authoritarian Dictatorship’.
That’s why I call on you to review your priorities and make front to that ‘Clear and Eminent Danger’ which is threatening Egypt.. The danger of a “Sectarian, Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Struggle” which will dismember the nation into fragments through violent confrontations and uncontrollable growing hatred that only God knows for how long such a plague may last. A conflict that will entail not only chaos, but as well it will produce more unemployment, more poverty, more need, much more lack of services, and of course much more paralysing debts.
Address these six topics (overhaul of the Labour Law(s), scaled ‘Tax Grids’, Anti-Corruption Bill, Citizenship Criterion Chart, Progressive Education and Scientific Research Plan , new legislation supporting and protecting the Freedom of Expression) all the way through, Dr. Morsi,  and only then you will defeat the enemies of the Revolution, you will meet the expectations of the Egyptians, you will wave away the doubt of your administration’s secret deals and you will regain the respect expected for a PRESIDENT.. And of course you know, Sir, that all are to be earned.
Yours Truly,
VI] On November 4th 2012, in my article In the name of the Sovereign People rise a Federal Republic”, I wrote:
…let me draw your attention to a statement I dug out from the minutes of NATO’s Defence Ministers extraordinary meeting in Brussels regarding the Libyan Revolution, following two weeks of its outburst; a statement which I believe is the key to unlock the closed door (signed Free World) behind which the ‘Colonial Powers’ hid for long; whereas the French Defence Secretary invited the participants to endorse “…urgent Humanitarian Aids, large financing and generous logistic supplies in support of a population in need of freedom, self determination and longing for a ‘Democratic Federation’.”!
The term ‘Democratic Federation’ means nothing else then the plan to divide Libya was already there!! Same way as they did to the Balkans some two decades ago, or Sudan and Iraq.. Equal fate awaits other nations like Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and maybe even Egypt.
The unconditional submissive obedience to the tribe/clan/cult leader that still controls our dominant agro-nomad culture (the father, the older brother, the mayor, the omda, the imam, the priest, the teacher, the guru, the employer, the Supervisor or in many cases the Emir of the so called Jamaa meaning Jihadist Cell) explains that superficial and emotional approach to all issues of our lives is the one and only reason for all our failures.
I wonder when we will regain our critical sense and start reasoning..
I didn’t forget that the first word the Archangel Gabriel taught The Prophet was ‘IQRA’..
And you?
I invite your input to further our search for the common grounds upon which to build our National Unity.. Away from any institution, lobby, organisation or master.
Pass On The Word.

Muslim vs. Egyptian!!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 18th 2013.
The high hopes for justice and freedom along with the ambitions for democracy and prosperity, set forth by the January 25th 2011 rebellion (turned later into the February revolution); have all vanished like smoke in the air and shrunk into this absurd useless and consuming conflict between those convinced of being “More Egyptians” and those convinced of being “More Muslims”! Both blindly believing to be the custodians of the absolute and indisputable truth..
Pass On The Word. 

Egypt and Syria

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 18th 2013.
TV networks ratings fly high and newspapers sales reduplicate ten folds when the opening reportage details a bloody photo or a sex scandal.
In both the Egyptian and Syrian cases, the media aired and printed their best close-ups of bloody wounds, dead corps, crying infants and wet eyes of heart burnt mothers, wives and daughters. News full of tears.. None brought a single picture whatsoever of the sweat on the front of a soldier or his wounds.
Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, France 24h, TVE, RAI, Sky, Fox, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The New York Times, El Pais, La Repubblica, Le Point, Le Figaro. Al Hayat, Al Chorouq, Al Quds…Etc.. And many more networks and ‘respectable’ newspapers, in Africa, Asia and Latin America; have raced to win the prize of ratings; they rushed to give the ongoing conflict a name: Civil War, Military Coup, Assault on Democracy, Abortion of the Arab Spring…Etc.
None respected the real sense of the impartial mission of informing.. None gave space to cover all angles of this tragedy, and report the true reasons of such an ignorant absurdity.
However, this is not my quest here.. My primary engagement is looking for an intelligent definition for the issue.. And after considering for long most of the relevant available literature, I can synthesise the entire matter in one single phrase:
Only when Egypt and Syria (North Africa and the Fertile Crescent) were united the barbarous invasions of the Tatar and the colonial hunger of the Crusades were defeated and driven back.
Religion had nothing to do then.. The UNITY wasn’t political.. The people were united.. Muslim, Christian, Kurd, Druze, Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Alawy, Arab, Persian, Turk, Omawy or Abbassi.. They were aligned together as one before a common danger and they prevailed.
Today the same people are shattered into small insignificant tribes and gangs fighting among each other, killing each other, exterminating each other, and crying for the help of the Barbarian and begging money from the Colonial.
Bravi.. Félicitations.. Well done.
Pass On The Word. 

Two Standards.. One Vicious Circle.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 16th 2013.
The White House’s statements have officially green-lighted the blood thirsty awesome machine of the international media to begin the fierce campaign geared to systematically attack Egypt’s interim government’s security measures!!
The very same White House that few years ago blessed Mubarak’s continuous violations of human and civil rights of the Brotherhood’s hierarchies!!
The very same White House that for generations have constantly, and generously, financed and armed the Arab Dictatorships in order to suppress human and civil rights!!
The very same White House that bribed ignorant, and conspiring, Arab Dictators to escalate and ignite the unstoppable and irrevocable Sectarian, Ethnic, Religious and cultural conflicts!!
The very same White House that, in the name of the War On Terrorism, have ordered too many black operations and false flag missions causing hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties in the world (mainly Arabic and Islamic)!!
The very same White House that have never moved a finger to warn any Egyptian administration to stop oppressing, torturing or eliminating its political opponents!!
The very same White House that have always encouraged Sadat and Mubarak to alienate the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas!!
The very same White House that approved Kissinger’s NSM200 back in the 70s!!
The very same White House that have prepared, wrapped and sealed more than one definition for every political, military, economic, juridical and social value (Democracy, Freedom, Welfare, Prosperity, Security, Growth, Defence, Sovereignty, Independence, Aid, Assistance…Etc.); to be used locally and internationally in compliance with the USA administration’s ultimate needs and goals!!
They are paying us to kill each other and animate their “Way Of Life” and maintain alive their “Dream” before a globalised world which by now is considered their Coliseum!
Can you answer intelligently this simple question: who will break this vicious circle?
Pass On The Word.

A little evil for a greater good!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, August 14th 2013.
The Brotherhood, Al Azhar, The Military, the Police, the Media and the Government are all chanting their sermons having that statement as a key note!
I wonder..
Is this a valid exchange?
Who are they, no who are we, to determine the proper amount of evil necessary to produce any given amount of good?
This is not a drug, experimented and produced in pharmaceutical laboratories, intended to heal specific deceases using controlled quantities of venoms; we’re talking about armed conflict chosen to impose a solution for an absurd political stalemate.
The problem is that such a conflict is uncontrollable because it is bound to escalate.. None of the confronting parties seem to have a preset mark point at which to start negotiating terms and conditions.. Both parties are seeking the adversary’s unconditional surrender.
None is calculating the post trauma status.. None have the faintest vision for the next Egypt.. None seem to care anymore about the endless dark tunnel of hatred that we all allowed ourselves to drive in at full speed blind(mind)folded.
Only foreign interests and western powers are placing their bets and cooling the Champagne.
Congratulations my fellow Egyptians: Muslims or Copts, religious or atheists, liberals or conservatives, rich or poor.. This time we blew it REAL BIG!
Pass On The Word.

A deep ocean with no shores.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 13th 2013.
·         They are all right, and they are all wrong!
·         They are all patriots, and they are all traitors!
·         They are all innocent, and they are all guilty!
·         They are all sane, and they are all mad!
·         They are all pro something, and they are all anti the same thing!
·         They are all hawks, and they are all doves!
Ideas, beliefs, opinions, colours, ranks, class, wealth, traditions, cultures, and health are no longer considered as the parameters necessary to regulate “Diversity” and measure “Evolution” within a given population.
Even the classical values of Good, Beauty and Justice have shrunk to fill the space of a poster pinned on a forgotten billboard somewhere in the vast desert of our bewildered Human conscience.
That’s why I fear that the Egyptian ship, along with the Arab fleet, will remain adrift in that endless deep ocean with no shores.
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Persols for the Realm.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 4th 2013.
They all went public more than once exhibiting the very same look, by the very same criterion, and with the very same arrogant attitude.. Waltzing around in a carefully designed powerful and mysterious appearance, molded in a full ceremonial military attire, offering a well groomed face show-cased into the Cap and the big dark expensive sunglasses, in a useless effort to hide exactly what I don’t know..
Pinochet, Espinosa, Ortega, Chavez, Saddam, Nasser, Aref, Assallal, Al Bashir, Saleh, Sadat, Assad (Hafez), Mubarak, Tantawy and many others; all were inspired by the Greek Generals immortalised in the famous black & white photo, back in the seventies, while assuming power and celebrating the successfully undertaken bloody Coup d’Étât which overthrew for few decades one of the well established European democracies and economies of the post WWII era.
That’s why I felt seriously alarmed watching Egyptian Minister of Defence, Colonel General Al Sissy, exhibiting an imposing look in full ceremonial outfit, while addressing the crowd, sheltered behind his Persol dark sunglasses, along with his shrewd smile, though standing in the shade and obviously he’s not a sensitive albino!!
And just same as the others before him, he grabs every possible opportunity, public or private, to assure the presents of being uninterested in a candidacy for the presidential office!! And this makes me very itchy, because they all said so, and in a given moment we listened to all of them declaring their duty to “accept the people’s persistent demand to assume the responsibility of guiding the nation into a better future”!
They all failed.. They all came short from fulfilling their vows for security, independence, democracy, prosperity, welfare and freedom.. And they all (even Morsi) turned into dictators serving other than their people.
What will he do?
Pass On The Word.