The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Pondering over nonsense.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, March 29th 2013.
Roll, revolve and then reroll, and nevertheless you’ll discover that there is no way out but to get back to the basics.. The ABC of that mysterious subject, still incomprehensive to many, and known to few as Democracy:
“The constituents (electors) vote, who wins governs, and the loser opposes, press together with the Judiciary bench (magistrature) control, citizens oversee and police, and the intellectuals think and help others to think.”
Marco Travaglio -
If we are not capable of realising even such a generic definition to incorporate it into a “Strategic National Project” to unify all of us and guide us finding ways to put it into practice, then we deserve what we’ve got.. The worst of the Fascist Dictatorships history ever invented that a nation could ever obtain.. A dictatorship founded upon the deep pillars of “Mental Enslavement”.
Mr. Noam Chomsky* explains this type of enslavement in his latest writings Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to U.S. Empire.. Here are excerpts from what he said:
When the individuals start claiming more liberty, so as not to be enslaved or killed or suppressed; then new forms of control would spontaneously develop to impose “Mental Slavery” which induces them to accept, without questioning, a system of indoctrination.
If it becomes possible to encage people in a way that they wouldn’t notice the fundamental doctrines beneath, nor even doubt of their existence, then they have become mentally enslaved. They will do nothing other than obey the orders, same as if having a gun pointed at their foreheads.
TV, for instance, implants rigid schemes of thought where the doctrines are never baldly formulated; that no doubt would render the mind duller and blunter. TV insinuates and suggests a system, whereby in the end people would exactly do.
It is much more difficult to outgrow a system of undeclared assumptions or presuppositions, rather than an expressly enounced one.
Pass On The Word.

*Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, historian, political critic, and activist. Is considered the major figure of Analytical Philosophy.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

A cat pursuing its tail.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Firenze, March 26th 2013.
By now it has become almost official.. Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.. Whether we like that or not.. Even if it’s written nowhere, not pronounced or whispered, no problem.. As a matter of fact Jerusalem has become the recognised capital of a Jewish State implanted at the heart of what once used to be known as the Arab Homeland.
My concern is not Jerusalem in itself.. It is just an old city like many other thousands of similar places, filled with people, houses, narrow streets, shops, places of cult, theaters, and of course monuments which evoke certain spiritual emotions for different cults, who’ve never been in peace with each other.. Now Israel claim that city as the ‘Jewel Of The Crown’ in its private collection of ancient relics to be added among its patrimonial properties, by which it can continue blackmailing the world and teasingly seducing the Arabs.
Personally I’d drop an ‘H’ bomb over it and take it out of the equation forever, so that no one would kill for a stone anymore.. Faith is nothing but one’s conviction stored deep in the heart.. We don’t need stones or walls to remind us of our beliefs.. If so, Jerusalem would become another huge statue adored by pagans dancing around it while offering it blood sacrifices.. Bombing it is simpler and even more human than a systematic ethnic cleansing which caused tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of dispersed refugees and keep on claiming more precious human lives every day.
Once Jerusalem would seize to exist, the ‘Raison d’Être’ for radical religious fundamentalist groups, everywhere and from every possible colour, would be completely and neatly eradicated.. Only then all concerned will stop making fortunes speculating over the peace process, the negotiations, the missed occasions, the road maps, the refugees, the olive trees, the tunnels, the humanitarian aids, the arms, the wars, the walls, the killings, the refugees, tent-polis, concentration camps, the borders, the votes, the colonies, the revolutions, the uprisings, the anger, the ignorance, the hate, the human rights, the prisoners exchange…etc. And all conflicting parties may finally start planning serious and applicable measures for a lasting “Peaceful Co-Existence”.
My heartiest congratulations for the whole lot of the few Arab strong mouths falsely called leaders, who spent the past eighty years doing nothing but talking nonsense (and still are, look at all the new faces popping out from nowhere to grasp the Arab Spring by the throat turning it into an Arab Winter); obliging us to fight useless wars (and even kill each other), while they were/are signing humiliating agreements and corrupt contracts, causing too many unnecessary casualties and losses.. All while the other side have kept his project alive and well, through arrogant military build-up, visionary politics, and conspiracies.. All executed by the utmost precision, consistence and persistence.
The absurd paradox is that THEY built their project upon a misinterpreted idea of FAITH, and we founded our failures also upon a misinterpreted idea of faith! Right or wrong it may be, it is making of us that cat who ridiculously keeps on circling around itself in tireless effort to bite its tail.
I have nothing to offer but my most sincere condolences to the families, children, wives, husbands, friends and parents of the killed, the prisoners, the hostages, the tortured, the millions scrambled together without hope or dignity in improvised detainment facilities called refugee camps (now called Reception Centres), and those forced out from their lands and homes.. May serenity fall upon your broken hearts.. May justice one day be served.
Pass On The Word. 
Post Scriptum: As I wrote the last words of this article, the muted TV screen before me glittered with the final statement presented at this latest Arab Summit presided by Qatar.. I watched carefully listening to every word, and I found out that the statement have just confirmed my views about our leaders speaking nonsense.. Because that statement was, as usual, entirely drowned deep in an ocean of honey; full of good intentions, nice wishes, positive hopes for the future of an Arab World Union (market wise, economic and maybe even political), generous donations and lots of  editorial recommendations!! Nice indeed, but I have my valid reservations which I’ll resume in the following points:
·         It did not provide a precise and detailed “Objectives Priority List” with its related “Plan Of Actions” to determine liabilities, responsibilities, target dates and deadlines, funding, and follow-up calendar…etc. Just think about “creating a Middle East free of nuclear weapons”!! Does that include Israel? Or it is just meant for Iran? The ‘How’  the ‘When’ and the ‘Who’ I’ll leave them to your common sense.
·         It did not mention one word to oppose the unjustifiable injustice of listing HAMAS among the terrorist organisations.
·         It did not even propose a symbolic mobilisation against Israel abusive constructions of settlements over Arab owned properties.   
·         It left the door wide open for a variety of direct foreign interventions (invasions) into the region under different pretexts (humanitarian aids, inspections, technical assistances, rebuilding and modernising contracts for infra structures along with needed services, credit agreements and so forth up till the military assistance).
·         It decreed the subordination of the Arab League to the NATO.
·         It reunited all the efforts to save the faces, and thrones, of Arab Kingdoms, Princedoms and Sheikhdoms before the escalated general frustration, poverty, and social injustice would explode and burst into riots, revolts and revolutions sweeping away thrones and crowns..
This summit did that using strong words and kind wishes, nevertheless, and in brief, it did sell out the last hope for a unified Arab stand to meet head-up the incoming new waves of Colonialism.. Sold for a mere Nestlé Chocolate Bar.
You may think I’m too pessimist or even cynical.. Even though, after calm and serious consideration, you may find yourself in agreement.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Words not Deeds.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, March 22nd 2013.
Yesterday, at the Jerusalem Congress Centre, over a thousand Israeli citizens - in majority young university students of different ethnics including Arabs – welcomed Barak OBAMA and applauded his address with utmost warmth and shared enthusiasm.. Because he ‘seemed’ authentically franc and open while presenting ‘his’ administration’s understanding of the “Palestinian Issue” by far forgotten and by now commonly referred to as the “Arab/Israeli Conflict”.
In doing so, the American President started by a strong statement by clearly confirming that “considering the strong ties between our two nations, we believe that your future is bound to our future”. And to define the areas where both countries could collaborate to ensure such a common future, he outlined three indisputable principles: “Security, Peace, and Prosperity”.
And here the American President started to climb on the mirrors, trying to satisfy both sides by playing the role of an “honest broker”.. What a pathetic performance Mr. President, you do know as much as we are that there is no such thing as an ‘Honest’ broker.. A broker cares only for ‘his’ interests and profits. Therefore don’t come to Jerusalem and preach peace and prosperity born from the womb of security.
Talking about ‘Security’ you justified the USA’s largely generous investments in the build-up of ‘Iron Dome’ defence systems, so that the Israeli children “.. merit to sleep soundly, not fearing a bomb hitting their bedrooms”; and so “Israel cannot accept missile attacks from Gaza, and that is why WE fought for Israel’s right to defend itself”. You know Mr. President that the Iron Dome System was conceived to defend Israel against the Iranian Ballistic threat, and not to stop the home-made plaster flares.
Addressing the ‘Peace’ issue, you rightfully confirmed it as “Necessary, Just and Possible”, bringing out for the first time words like “Occupation – colonies violence – Palestinian people right for self-determination”.. But as well you couldn’t not to confirm that “…same as Israelis have built a state over their Homeland…”!! Homeland Mr. President? What n unlucky statement.. After describing their existence as ‘occupation’ you back off to say Homeland!!??!!
You cannot hope for peace until the Hamas organisation be considered as it really is: “a resistance movement acting against foreign occupation”.. Clear and simple.. But having to live with the enormous interests involved the USA must recognise and qualify Hamas as a bunch of savage Terrorists and eventually must only be treated as such. So that all the relevant consequences will be acceptable and legitimately classified under the “right of Israel to defend itself”.. Including the ongoing systematic Ethnic Cleansing exercised by the Israeli Armed Forces against the Gaza population.
When the turn came for defining ‘Prosperity’, being designed as the third area of mutual collaboration between Israel and the USA, Mr. Obama’s words praised Israel’s “Talent and Hard work” to bring “this small country at the vanguard of global economy”; thus inviting the audience to “reclaim the future and write the next chapter in the story of this Grand Nation” and that he trusts that they “will help ‘us’ realise this promise” and that he “nourishes the hope that ‘we’ will succeed to draw out the best in ‘us’ to win, after so many wars, the battle for peace, and protect the world”.
Having listened carefully to his speech, I recalled what Mr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote on December 1st 2009 on his blog “Information Clearing House”, out of which I’ll quote the following passages:
·         It didn’t take the Israel Lobby very long to bring President Obama to heel regarding his prohibition against further illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Obama discovered that a mere American president is powerless when confronted by the Israel Lobby and that the United States simply is not allowed a Middle East policy separate from Israel’s.
·         President Obama can promise that he is going to bring the troops home, and the military lobby says, “No, you are going to send them to Afghanistan, and in the meantime start a war in Pakistan and maneuver Iran into a position that will provide an excuse for a war there, too. Wars are too profitable for us to let you stop them.” And the mere president has to say, “Yes, Sir!”
·         Obama can promise health care to 50 million uninsured Americans, but he can’t override the veto of the war lobby and the insurance lobby. The war lobby says its war profits are more important than health care and that the country can’t afford both the “war on terror” and “socialized medicine.”
·         The US invasion of Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with American national interests. It had to do with armaments profits and with eliminating an obstacle to Israeli territorial expansion. The cost of the war, aside from the $3 trillion, was over 4,000 dead Americans, over 30,000 wounded and maimed Americans, tens of thousands of broken American marriages and lost careers, one million dead Iraqis, four million displaced Iraqis, and a destroyed country.
·         All of this was done for the profits of the military/security complex and to make a paranoid Israel, armed with 200 nuclear weapons, feel “secure.”
·         The same “protectors” of “free speech” had no objection to the Israel Lobby’s passage of the “hate speech” bill, which has criminalized criticism of Israel’s genocidal treatment of the Palestinians and continuing theft of their lands.
The logical outcome of all the above is very simple: Israel being on one hand endorsed, armed and financed by the USA, and on the other hand enjoys the world closed eyes/ears/mouths; will continue to do all what it have to do – unpunished – to fulfill its project, not only on the stolen lands of Palestine, but all over the entire territories of a New Middle East, borders of which were designed through a thorough long mutual collaboration between the two, and its final maps were published back in 2006 at a NATO Joint Chiefs meeting in Europe.
Nevertheless, if the aim is truly “Security, Peace and Prosperity” in Palestine; than the actual sterile negotiations and their “Deaf Partners Talks” tactics should be forced to come to a firm halt, and a new “International Peace Conference” should be held under the United Nations tutorship and inside the Glass Towers in New York. But to achieve such a stage the entire ‘World’  - represented by the state members of the General Assembly - needs to:
        I.            Re-establish the UN powers by revising its Charter, re-organising its Security Council structure and re-define its functions; in order to regain its initial role as the ‘International Legitimate Peace Keeping Reference'  and the only recognised ‘Keeper and Caretaker of Security’; so as to never again abdicate such a grave responsibilities to the whims of its Permanent Seated Members’ interests.
     II.            Recognise the Palestinian population’s right for their historical dominance over their lands and haves; the right of the Palestinian refugees (from 1948 onwards) to return to their homes, and their right for the free sovereign state they once had some seventy years ago.. At least inside the borders of 1967.
   III.            Understand that the ‘True, Just and Lasting peace’ motto is not a poet’s dream but a fundamental necessity to establish the needed stability to review the new Globalisation ideology’s parameters in order to guarantee the world’s economic recovery and maybe, I repeat maybe, its prosperity.
However these aspirations could never be implemented.. Why? Because they are not PROFITABLE!
Pass On The Word. 

PS: I can hear the drums of a new war slowly getting nearer all the time..
a)      Russia, by ordering its Mediterranean fleet to refuel in Lebanon not in Syria, signalled the readiness to evacuate over 30000 Russian citizens out from Syrian territories through the Damascus/Beirut corridor.
b)      Israel PM, as an immediate outcome of Obama’s visit, finally concedes and issues a public and official apologise to Turkey, which promptly accepts, with a promise to honour the adequate reconciliatory compensations to the families of the victims of Israel’s attack on the “ALHORREYA” fleet.
c)      Obama’s pressures calmed the Palestinian Authority with promises of quick disbursements.
d)      Jordan throne agrees to receive more refugees against the American administration financial support.
All this announces the preparation of the regional terrain for the coming conflict destined to “Liberate the Syrian population from their grievances”!! We’ve heard similar statements before the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Malì, South Sudan... and so on!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Momentary Lapse of Reason!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, March 21st 2013.
In 1969 a football (soccer) match ignited a bloody war, between Honduras and El Salvador, causing too many lives and wasting tons of uselessly spent money, marking an historical act of collective madness, that will remain archived in history’s forgotten stores as “the monumental case study of a perfect manipulative use of ‘Mass Psychology’ to determinate the ‘Techniques of Mass Behaviour Control’ for political ends”.
Having introduced my argument as such, I bid your forgiveness for borrowing the title of a banner concept album chosen out from the discography of the immortal rock band ‘The Pink Floyd’; as I couldn’t find a more appropriate title for this article! A title that could colourfully paint a perfect impressionist portrait of the political and cultural ‘débâcle’ which our society is experiencing right now.
Back to us.. At first, when the people decided that it cannot go on any longer living under the corrupt rule of a “Military Élite Dictatorship” associated with “Business Élite Oligarchy”, in a world where ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’ are air and water by which to outlive any pains; it rose up and disbursed a generous blood tax trying to achieve what it brilliantly synthesised in a thundering popular roar: “Bread, Freedom and Social Justice”.
However, in the absence of any kind of sincere intellectual guidance, that improvised popular emotional thrust didn’t foresee to pragmatically organise itself under a unanimously identified and accepted Leadership; hence the political void and consequently the giant leap of the “inadequate to rule¹” Brotherhood to grasp the vacant throne and proclaim itself the one and only “Ruler of the Lands and Master of the Hands”!!
Then came the time for the official declaration of the social divisions when the President, while addressing his supporting mass, stated publicly “US OR THEM”.. At this point he deliberately used the religious flag to distinguish and select, leaning upon the epidemic illiteracy infecting the population in order to create the needed disorder to buy his administration enough time to carefully implant his trusted followers at every corner of the country’s public services and institutions, but also to figure out what should be done next.
Later on came the “flash of genius!!  Why not use the mass to terrorise the mass.. Simple.. By pressing over the Magistrate to pronounce what should seem to be a “Political Verdict” for one of the most sensitive ‘Public Opinion’ trials (the infamous institutionally motivated killings of 72 citizens in a football match), and obviously the ULTRAS, supported by the infiltrations of well trained and equipped hired thugs, will do the job.
Laterally the anti-revolutionary forces (not only the ex-régime’s official sponsors/supporters and sympathisers, but as well foreign and domestic lobbies of various interests), were permitted ample time to survive the initial shock wave of the January 2011 quake and adequately organise, recall, equip and mobilise their tens of thousands of followers, supporters, parasite beneficiaries (turncoat politicians, hired media, bias intellectuals, sports fans/ultras and street thugs); started their counter attack on private TV screens through various talk-shows, in sporting clubs to collect and conceal the consensus of an anxiously worried ‘Upper Middle Class’, after having safely pocketed the unconditional approval of a crushing majority of the country’s Bureaucratic Machine’s working forces; to massively hit the streets as to establish a state of chaos and insecurity.
My problem is that the actual revolutionary forces, those who really have embraced the bullets and spat blood, in the end of the day have found themselves obliged to unite inside the same trenches with their original opponents, the anti-revolutionaries, to defy a new common danger, the Brotherhood’s apparent Fascist arbitrary rule; and defend a common objective: a Civil Secular² State.
Let me try to figure out the ‘Why’.. In doing so I’d kindly ask you first to sum-up together the following facts:
·         Awareness: The Brotherhood and its allies, for a very long time (over 3 generations), have been managing schools and health care clinics within the medium, poor and poorest socio-economic demographic segments all over the territory, consequently they were able to educate, recruit and prepare a wide platform of constituencies. While the Liberal, Neo-Liberal and Socialist parties, throughout the past 45 years, were mainly geared towards their own political survival apparently regardless of whatever popular reactions may be.
·         Unemployment: While all political arrays, whether in the ruling majority or at its all times collusive and servile opposition groups, were engaged in what they imagined to be a restless war against the “Dark Specter of Unemployment”; they did exactly nothing but aggravate it to the extent that those who are currently not working but are willing and able to work for pay, currently available to work, and have actively searched for work reached a new record of 51% unemployed citizens (a percentage out of which about 47% are women) mostly young belonging to a vanishing middle class and a large poor/poorest crushed classes.
·         Illiteracy: The latest available statistic goes back to 2010 and indicates that little under 40% of the population are illiterate, living mainly in rural and sub-urban mostly abusive localities of extremely high density and deprived of basic infrastructure. Like all Dictatorships and ever since 1952, the official strategic policies for public education was conceived to create the largest possible “Ignorant Mass” with the sole objective of establishing a major demagogic support for the system. Such policies found also support in an escalation of an unofficially declared “Religious Segregation” inviting and encouraging quicker population growth. We couldn’t detect the minimal trace for any effort whatsoever exercised by any political party to elaborate an idea of a long term plan to fight illiteracy.
·         Poverty: The 2010 statistics show that the rural and urban middle classes have both dangerously dropped down into the line of poverty bringing the national poverty ratio up to 54%, consequently the ex-poor became poorer inflating this segment’s ratio to another 31%.. The Brotherhood, who have for long decades worked closely among the poor and poorest segments of the population in rural and urban territories, knew that by ensuring the loyalty of such a huge mass the result would one day guarantee them a “Legitimate Authority” over the sorts of the country.
·         Women: I was stunned by the fact that over 50% of female population within the age bracket 15 – 19 are convinced that a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife under certain circumstances!!  
Max Weber taught us to distinguish between ‘Power’ and ‘Authority’. He affirms that “…while power flows from the barrel of a gun, authority is the likelihood that a command will be obeyed”, explaining that  “leaders who have authority do not have to shoot people”. Webber continues “Authority is rooted in legitimacy”, whereby “leaders are acknowledged because the people agree that there is some ‘legitimate basis’ for their authority and power”.       
In democratic countries, it is obvious that legitimacy comes from the ballot box. However it seems that the Brotherhood didn’t grasp the real value of the people’s vote, because their ‘arbitrary rule’ (so far apparently identical to that of their predecessor’s régime), is showing their failure, or even worse their refusal, to connect with the growing anger caused by the rapid drowning of rural and urban middle class into the giant whirlpool of poverty and need. And for certain this will lead to more instability and will definitely widen the gap of the by now openly manifested common mistrust separating the ruled from the ruler.
I can hear the sermons of the Imams preaching the mass out of gigantic loud speakers in every mosque:
“Let us altogether observe a serene moment of silence in honour of our so young dear departed ‘Reason’ with its partner ‘Will Of The People’ both fallen in their battle for Democracy.. May they rest in everlasting peace in Heaven’s paradise”.
Pass On The Word.
¹>The logical inadequacy of the Brotherhood for rule is relevant to their long history of a somewhat justifiable  “Persecution Complex” which forced them into the Underground Activities. A complex that restrained their performance into the molds of: secrecy, paranoia, doubt and mistrust. As such the Brotherhood camouflaged these characteristics by continuously proclaiming throughout the years their interest in social activities as: education, health care, solidarity, and religious preaching.. So that by seeking refuge in such public good deeds, they can easily conceal their meticulous and ongoing underground activities of recruitment, brainwashing, behaviour control and training (especially among the very young) in order to create loyal groups and cells of radical fanatics ready to obey and execute any order issued by the Brotherhood.. Notwithstanding their huge finances were never transparently published, and no one ever seriously investigated their sources!      
²>Secularism require the separation between ‘State’ and ‘Religion’, and not to completely abolish religion from public life as Laicism; therefore its main objective is to “Limit the influence of religion over education, government and politics”.     

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mancano(*) al ‘Come’ ma spiegano il ‘Perché’!

Sette anni al Quirinale, e una vita in politica attiva; però mi sembra che Napolitano non ha ancora afferrato il principe concetto della sua carica da Presidente Della Repubblica! Mantenersi il sommo commando della Magistratura, oltreché essere il “Garante della Costituzione”.. Cioè il CSM fa capo a lui, come lo fa la stessa Corte Suprema. Semplice NO?!
Perciò non riesco a capire la ragione per cui il Presidente, titolare di tali cariche, concede udienza ad un individuo che (a) premeditatamente ha palesemente infranto le leggi dello stato, (b) disturbato l’ordine e (c) pubblicamente negato la subordinazione alla costituzione; e poi condivide con un simile individuo le sue fantasiose motivazioni per le quali, un giorno prima, ha mobilitato tutti i parlamentari e senatori del suo partito per assalire il Tribunale di Milano con un unico scopo che ormai conosciamo tutti.
Così, siamo arrivati al punto in cui il Presidente definisce“comprensibile”  l’assalto alle istituzioni dello stato, più che altro alla Sua; e lascia scivolare una tale pericolosa precedente con la scusa di evitare “tensioni destabilizzanti per il sistema democratico”!  
Per di più, il Presidente ha subito convocato, dopo questo colloquio, le alte gerarchie del CSM per ‘ordinarli’ di essere più “responsabili” per propiziare un “immediato cambiamento di clima”!!
Intendiamoci.. Va bene dunque per il Presidente della Repubblica, capo supremo della Magistratura sommo garante della costituzione, che una persona possa:
·         radunare una manifestazione non autorizzata come stipula la legge,
·         minacciare la Magistratura assalendo il tribunale di Milano, con centinaia di individui consapevoli di infrangere la legge, nello sforzo di
·         intimidire i Magistrati mentre esercitano le loro funzioni, esaminando uno dei tanti casi contro un plurimo condannato imputato; e
·         apparentemente va anche assai bene per il Presidente della Repubblica la mancata interferenza delle stordite e confuse forze dell’ordine per fermare, e magari arrestare, gli assalitori sulla sede di giustizia; nell’ambito di compiere il loro sacro dovere di proteggere le istituzioni dello stato, gli ufficiali istituzionali, in questo caso i Magistrati, e dunque, di logica ed  imperativa conseguenza, il Presidente della Repubblica in persona.
Ma non lo va bene che la Magistratura compie correttamente i suoi doveri nella ricerca di stabilire ‘La’ Giustizia.. E non accontentarsi di ‘una’ giustizia.
Se questi Parlamentari hanno manifestato legalmente davanti al Parlamento, sarebbero stati rispettati in quanto “Onorevoli Rappresentanti del Popolo Sovrano”; e che in questo caso specifico non lo sono.. Ansi secondo il famoso Porcellum, non lo erano mai.. Ma siccome hanno manifestato da “comuni cittadini decisi insieme a minacciare i Magistrati e negare la Costituzione”, allora sì che un intervento deciso e risoluto da parte delle forze dell’ordine sarebbe stato legittimo.. Oltreché gradito.     
Nel suo editoriale oggi sul Fatto Quotidiano, Marco Travaglio ha profondamente spiegato il ‘Come’ Napolitano ha reagito al reato.. Nonostante ciò, il fantomatico spettro del ‘Perché’ continua a sfuggirmi.
Ø  Perché durante tutto il percorso del suo mandato da Presidente della Repubblica, Napolitano ha sempre esercitato suo potere istituzionale per mantenere le pentole della politica, e più specificamente quelle bollente di Berlusconi, tappate?!
Ø  Perché non ha mai puntato piedi quando si trattava, e tratta ancora, di Berlusconi o della ‘sua’ spudorata politica (semmai si può definirla politica) orientata e destinata a garantirlo l’impunità assoluta??!!
Ø  Perché ha sempre insistito a perdere le occasioni, una dopo l’altra, nel difendere sia la Magistratura che la Costituzione???!!! 
Sarà per caso un nuovo episodio d’una vecchia storia? Quella che sacrificò uomini come Moro, Falcone, Borsellino e tanti altri?  
Se è così spero che sia l’epilogo.. Un vecchietto come me vorrebbe assistere ad una nuova storia, magari anche una storiella ma con un lieto fine.. Basta con questa infinita e anche ridicola farsa/melodramma.. O melodramma/farsa?? Non saprei.
(*) Non mancavano a Sandro PERTINI! Ansi..

A. M. ELNAHAS -  PI130313     

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Peanuts for breakfast.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, March 7th 2013.
It took us only few hours since the newly nominated American Secretary Of State, Mr. John Kerry, boarded his plane leaving Egypt after a short visit; to realise the true nature of that visit.. To imposing the re-elected American administration’s new Middle East Agenda and force our ‘Freely Elected’ ruler and his nominated  government to abide by it.. Or else!?!
Only few hours have passed, since Mr. Kerry ended his short meeting with our President reassuring him of “the most sincere support of the US” which will ‘TRY’ to “accelerate things in the Congress to approve the first disbursement” of less than a fifth of America’s ‘annual allowance’ to Egypt, and that the US will ‘TRY’ its utmost to “influence and set some pressure upon the Int’l Monetary Fund to rush a bit matters” to settle the ‘Loan Deal’.. So immediately afterwards we saw our Prime Minister hastily taking off towards Baghdad to deliver I don’t know what to Iraq’s American appointee Al Maleky!
By playing this hand, our rulers have already agreed to abort any effort to regain Egypt’s space among the Arab Leading Élite, and decided to deafen the ears from hearing the roars of the Iraqi crowds announcing their will to change the system. Obviously when the decision is made to let our Prime Minister fulfill such a task, the message is that “Egyptian Official stand is overlooking the Iraqi people demands for democracy and change and instead it fully supports their much discussed and unwanted ruler”!
No matter what the real scope of the visit may be, but having an Egyptian high ranking official publicly giving his back to the Iraqi masses and shake hands with whom they wish to overthrow; it only delivers one explanation: “Egypt will remain a small tactical tool by which the United States can still rely on using whenever and wherever it may need, in securing of its vital interests (and of course those of Israel) in the region”.
And that is another indisputable proof that nothing has changed, and our Revolution Martyrs blood was sacrificed for peanuts.
Pass On The Word.