The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Icons, Money and Swords.

By: A. M. ELNAHAS – Pisa, March ‘4th 2013.
The eternal yet unsolved conflict between ‘Science’ and ‘Religion’ have provoked too many disturbing unrests over centuries, even giving ample space for blood floods (Ibn Rushd and Galileo are but two entries in a long list of scientists sacrificed in the name of Religion). While Science embraces the physical fact that “absolute and abstract truth does not exist, since our knowledge is limited to our latest discoveries and cannot enclose the entire complexity of the Universe’s mechanisms”; Religion metaphysically preaches and directly imposes “One Doctrine, One Reality and One absolute Truth”!  
Though I regard with respect their tenacity in performing a deep belief, I feel a kind of a pity towards those “Bearded Police Officers”! Other than by sympathy, but rather for their persistence in manifesting their perception of ‘Duty’ which has become overwhelmed by the misleading extra large interpretations of ‘Devotion’ and ‘Loyalty’; and also for their stubbornness in expressing exactly the opposite of the very basic job requirements as established by their own institutional Law & Order Codes.. The Codes set to rule the overall performance (including dress codes and grooming) of every active unit from a simple soldier graded ‘Private’ upwards till the highest police rank of ‘Major General’.
Those Officers are not only denying the very essence of their establishment’s regulations and contradicting its set of norms, but as well they are showing an alarming illiteracy relevant to the mission of their function defined as the “Impartial Servant of the People and Objective Protector of Justice”.
Similar to the medieval “Order of the Temple Knights”, commonly known as the Templars; and blinded by their conviction of bearing the one and only true proof of faith; those officers are demonstrating their incapacity to distinguish the thin line separating “Faith” from “Duty” (the very core of the idea: Secularism*), since the first is by definition indisputably ‘Bias’ while the latter must imperiously be ‘Neutral’.
Those officers incarnate the institutional failure to uphold the major objective of the Revolution aiming at a “…modern democracy in a civil state which embrace diversity and honour the freedom of cult and expression, where all citizens are equal without distinction of any kind….”..
Those Officers are the living proof confirming that our governing bodies haven’t realised that, in today’s world: the beard, the veil, the rosary, the Book, the Cross, the Crescent or the Star of David, are all equally regarded as religious symbols for personal identification, and are only considered as ‘Icons’.. Objects of exclusion and of differentiation.. And ultimately tagged as objects of “Segregation”!! Meaning that, in a free democracy, they are considered ‘Unconstitutional’. Therefore such objects must be abolished and not allowed to be exhibited in public offices, in schools and other institutions; and permitted only in Mosques, Churches and Synagogues; and of course within the inner spaces of private properties.  
Now how could a simple citizen, from any cultural or ethnic origin, be willing to trust the intentions of an ‘Armed’ institutional official, whose appearance and behaviour are loudly pronouncing his devotion for and loyalty to that old ‘Fascist’ ideology of segregation? How would that same simple citizen disregard the bitter fact that such ‘Public’ servant, who apparently may be serving only a ‘Private’ interest, is performing as his Impartial Servant and Objective Protector?
I see only two options for those officers to pull them out of such a ‘Constitutional’ stalemate:
1.      Shave and Serve, or
2.      Quit and defend your ideas practicing through private Law Firms as Lawyers.. Since you are holders of a Law Degree over your Police Discipline Diploma.
One word to the Executive Institution’s Apparatus (who is consisted of Public Servants, paid by our money) and also to that absent, fragmented, incoherent and incompetent opposition bloc (most members of which are aiming at a place in parliament and in government that are also paid by our money): the doubt and hesitation you have all shown from Day One, allowed the “Islamic Orthodox Extra-Conservative Radical Groups” (aka Salafists) to uphold a constantly growing stand for their imported ideas, and to practice a continuous imposition of their regressive demands, which are becoming very close to an apparent and almost obvious ‘Blackmailing’!
If so, you are driving us all into a giant maze of smartly camouflaged traps, made of ‘Money’ and ‘Swords’, set to serve only the New Colonial Powers ambitious project aiming at “…provoking Ethnic, Cultural and Sectarian blood conflicts that, by generating a long stream of violent Ideological and Social divisions among the populations all over the entire region, will allow the Free World Alliance the opportunity to intervene and redesign new borders and new maps for a New Middle East**.
Pass On The Word.

*Secularism does not necessarily mean being against Islam, it refers to Islam as the most rational and progressive religion; and what it wants to accomplish is to “limit the influence of religion over education, government and politics”. In doing so it includes two basic elements:
a)      separation between state and religion (separation of political authority from religious authority) and
b)      freedom of religion.
**Reference is made to my article entitled “What’s the plan?” published the 21st of September 2012 on my blog:

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