The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 30 September 2011

It was not an accidental casualty.. It’s murder by ‘Hostile Fire’.

Just a reminder so we keep in mind how trivial our lives are considered worth close to nothing, and how our children's blood is being constantly poured on the altar of injustice of the temple of colonial occupation built by the Empire.
It is cold blooded murder which took place in the Gaza Strip on September 30th, 2000 on the second day of the Second Intifadah.
Just a reminder for those seeking comfortable refuge in  forgetting the FACTS: Jamal al-Durrah and his 12-year-old son, Muhammad, were filmed by Talal Abu Rahma, a Palestinian cameraman freelancing for France 2, as they sought cover behind a concrete cylinder after being caught in crossfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian security forces. The footage, which lasts just over a minute, shows the pair holding onto each other, the boy crying and the father waving, then a burst of gunfire and dust, after which the boy is seen slumped across his father's legs.
Fifty-nine seconds of the scene were broadcast in France with a voiceover from Charles Enderlin, France 2's bureau chief in Israel, telling viewers that the al-Durrahs had been the "target of fire from the Israeli positions," and that the boy had died. After an emotional public funeral, Muhammad was hailed throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds as a martyr. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) accepted responsibility at first, a position they formally withdrew in September 2007.

Palestine case history.

1920  Palestine riots,
1921 Jaffa riots,   
1929 Palestine riots, 
1933 Palestine riots, 
1936 - 1939 Arab revolt.

1947 - 1949
1947 Jerusalem riots 1947- Civil War in Mandatory Palestine 1948 Arab-Israeli War
1950s terrorism against Israel Retribution operations,
1953 Qibya massacre, 1954 Operation Susannah, 1956 
Suez Crisis
1964-1967 War over Water, 1966 Samu incident, 1967 Six-Day War, 1968 Battle of Karameh, 1968-1970 War of Attrition, 1968 Israeli raid on Lebanon, 1969 Cherbourg Project.
1970 Black September in Jordan, 1972 Sabena Flight 571 (Operation Isotope), 1972 Operation Crate 3, 1972 Munich Olympics incident, 1972-1979 Operation Wrath of God, 1972 Israeli aerial raid on Lebanon, 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon, 1973 Yom Kippur War (aka 10th of Ramadan War), 1974 Ma'alot massacre, 1975 Savoy Operation, 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War (engineered by Israel), 1976 Operation Entebbe, 1978 Coastal Road massacre, 1978 South Lebanon conflict.
1981 Operation Opera, 1982 Lebanon War, 1982-2000 South Lebanon conflict, 1984 Kav 300 affair, 1985 PLO ships bombing, 1985 Operation Wooden Leg, 1987-1990 First Intifada, 1988 Tunis raid, 1989 Sheik Abdul-Karim Obeid  kidnapping

1991 Gulf War, 1992 Operation Bramble Bush, 1994 Mustafa Dirani kidnapping, 1994 Waxman rescue attempt, 1993-present Palestinian suicide attacks, 1993 Lebanon war, 1996 Lebanon war.

2000-present Al-Aqsa Intifada (Second Intifada), 2001-present Rocket and mortar attacks on southern Israel (2001-2006-2007-2008  Gaza Wars, 2009 - 2010)  2001 Santorini, 2002 Operation Noah's Ark, 2002 Operation Defensive Shield, 2002 Operation Determined Path, 2003 Abu Hassan , 2003 Ain es Saheb airstrike, 2004 Operation Rainbow, 2004 Operation Days of Penitence, 2005 Shevet Ahim, 2006 Operation Bringing Home the Goods,  2006 Israel-Gaza conflict, 2006 Lebanon War, 2007-2008 Israel-Gaza conflict, 2007 Operation Orchard , 2008 Operation Hot Winter, 2008-2009 Gaza War, 2009 Sudan airstrikes, 2009 Francop affair (Operation Four Species), 2010 Gaza flotilla raid (ships participants reactions legal assessments), 2010 Adaisseh incident, 2010 weekly air raids and bombings over the Gaza strip (in preparation for the full assault to crack down the resistance and shut down any voice calling for stopping the colonies in the West Bank and in Al Quds)…. And counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now try and guess how many other AL DURRAH similar “incidents” occurred throughout those past 114 years.
And while you do, remember that some Arab intellectuals are still preaching for empty and meaningless terms as “peace”, “stability”, “naturalization” and “Co-Existence” even though knowing that they are promoting what is known as “UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER”; innocent “casualties” like AL DURRAH are doomed to be sacrificed day after day on the altar of ZION.. How many more do you think should be slaughtered before YOU WAKE-UP and realize that it’s nothing else but “Systematic Genocide” aiming at breaking down the free-will of the entire Nation of Islam, by creating an irreversible factual situation on the ground.
Same happened hundreds of years ago to the glorious native tribes of the Americas.. Do you want the same destiny for your Palestinian Brothers??
It took the USA two nuclear bombs to break down the Japanese will.. Now I realize that it was just one savage blow that took too many lives, but yet it was not as cruel as that systematic and continuous daily mass torturing of defenseless civilian native population with seemingly no end.
What would be your excuse on the Final Day? The Judgment Day!! What would you tell “HIM” when you’re standing alone helpless and naked when “HE” asks you what have you done in aid to your fellow human brothers as “I” ordered you throughout many verses of the Cor’an? You’d better start working out an answer if not an action, as the clock is ticking, and that day is getting closer all the time!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dictatorship & Totalitarianism vs. Democracy & Pluralism.

The following is an article I wrote in June 29th of last year. I think it is wise to read it again with fresh eyes and open minds to realise the alarming signs we detect from the general performance in the Arab world.

---------------------------------------------------------- Quote ---------------------------------------------------------------

While observing Egypt from the distant land I chose for an exile and a refuge, I see nothing else but the alarming conflicting encounters between rivals seeking power in their course of preparing the grounds for the “After Mubarak” era. On one front we have Mubarak’s Old Guard headed by Azmy & Co followed by Nazif & Co; while on the other front we see Mubarak Junior and his disciples presided by Ezz & Co.

For such a troubling scenery, I’m quoting hereafter from the Encyclopedia Britannica a definition apt and adapt to the situation, and in relation to which I will try to rhyme along my own thoughts.

A dictatorship is defined as an autocratic form of government, in which the government is ruled by an individual, the dictator. It has three possible meanings:

1.    A Roman dictator was the incumbent of a political office of the Roman Republic. Roman dictators were allocated absolute power during times of emergency. Their power was originally neither arbitrary nor unaccountable, being subject to law and requiring retrospective justification. There were no such dictatorships after the beginning of the 2nd century BC, and later dictators such as Sulla and the Roman Emperors exercised power much more personally and arbitrarily.

2.    A government controlled by one person or a small group of people. In this form of government the power rests with one person. Such power is often obtained forcibly. A dictator usually takes away much of people's freedom.

3.    In contemporary usage, dictatorship refers to an autocratic form of absolute rule by leadership unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social and political factors within the state.

In the twentieth century and early twenty-first century, hereditary dictatorship remained a relatively
common phenomenon.

For some scholars, dictatorship is a form of government that has the power to govern without consent of those being governed (similar to authoritarianism), while totalitarianism describes a state that regulates nearly every aspect of public and private behavior of the people. In other words, dictatorship concerns the source of the governing power (where the power comes from) and totalitarianism concerns the scope of the governing power (what is the government). In this sense, dictatorship (government without people's consent) is a contrast to democracy (government whose power comes from people) and totalitarianism (government controls every aspect of people's life) opposes pluralism (government allows multiple lifestyles and opinions). Though the definitions of the terms differ, they are related in reality as most of the dictatorship states tend to show totalitarian characteristics. When governments' power does not come from the people, their power is not limited and tend to expand their scope of power to control every aspect of people's life.

Well, I suppose there’s nothing else to be said while trying to classify the Egyptian Government(s) rule. However, here is one more act to be added to a very long list of precedents to qualify, without any further forcefully imposed doubts, the true character of that government (excuse me I mean criminal organization, as obviously we have no government) as a blunt Totalitarian Dictatorship.

The act was consumed publically through the physical attack of two hired thugs (in this case: lawyers on the payroll of the ruling NDP) on a respectable judge and for no reason, except to arrogantly intimidate the entire Juridical Authority, using humiliation and disrespect towards a representative of the most honorable class of “Curators of Justice and Guardians of the constitution”. The class which provided Egypt with patriots like Saad Pacha ZAGHLOOL, Moustafa Pacha EL NAHAS among thousands of other Egyptian valiant men and women of various political, social, and religious colours, who devoted their entire existence to defend the law, justice, and freedom of the Egyptian People.

It is obvious that the contemporary Ruling Élite is systematically expanding its generous grant of such a refined special treat (public humiliation, terror, intimidation, slander, imprisonment, false accusation…etc.) to the remaining fraction of dignity left to the Egyptian population. After intellectuals, syndicates, unions, journalists, political parties, politicians in and out of parliament, students, bloggers, human rights activists, industrial and agricultural workers; now, and once again, came the turn of the last fortress protecting our rights: The Juridical Institute.

No more values.. No more ethics.. no more rules.. They are “leading” us to become millions of separated “SUBJECTS” completely isolated from one another in horrifying doubt, poverty and ignorance.

Are we still going to let them enjoy raping and prostituting our lives?

---------------------------------------------------------- Unquote ----------------------------------------------------------

Let me know your observations in that regard, if you see any. But don't forget to Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Politically Correct. (*)

A small inspection on words used within contemporary political vocabulary is simply “Imperatively Due”, because it is aiming at recalling our attention on how important is the language in use, given its powerful influence in shaping “Common Sense”; a process that is functioning even without us noticing it. The non criticising acceptance of language exercises something like a symbolic dictatorship. Who is not adapt is, etymologically, a “devil”, a “diavolo”, a “dia-bolon”, one who breaks unity, a seeder of discord and conflict through a language labelled “Politically Incorrect”.
In recent years, a victorious semantic battle was conducted against the dictatorship of the “Politically Correct”, accused of “Conservatism and Hypocrite Respectability”. All lexical taboos have fallen. Even blasphemy, curse and nonsense are being cleared out of the customs of decency, because any word should be “Contextualised. As contexts are infinite, therefore every word is infinitely “Justifiable”. Deterioration is pervasive, and has also infected those who did not inaugurated it yet on the contrary, in the beginning, have deplored it. Thus we have become accustomed, and the result has not been a “Liberation”, but a new “Conformism”, upside down.
Today “Mockery, Verbal Aggression, Vulgarity and Scurrility”  are all accepted as politically correct. Even simplification of common problems, up to triviality, is politically correct. Reassurance at any cost, concealment of difficulties, promises of the impossible, blandishment of public and private vices proposed as virtues are all politically correct. All are attitudes which apparently seem friendly while being truly offensive abuses  and insults. Ordinary citizens, inexpert in political matter, are hence treated not as conscious persons but as “Subjects”, even as plebs. Therefore positions by now have become almost completely turned upside down.
The “Plebeian Talk” is precisely that “politically correct” from which we should be liberated, regaining the pride in communicating between us otherwise, non conformist, seriously, respectably, reasonably, rationalistically, adequately coherent to facts.

(*) From the book “On Language Of Present Time”, written by H.E. Hon. Gustavo ZAGREBELSKY.
Translated by: Ahmed M. EL NAHAS

History is not a TV Show!

Why have we let our fate become dictated by means of Media, especially TV, and unanimously nominating it the sole devoted tutor and the only trusted teacher?
Why have we abandoned, for good, the God granted gift: the perfect engine called “Brain”?
Why are we allowing TV half measures and trivial notions to run our daily life and decide for us who is a friend and who’s the enemy?
I have always sustained that history should be a reliable source supplying us with clear and clean education, be a beacon signals leading us to safe shores and the everlasting inspiration for our creativity to design new patterns for growth and evolution.
We keep saying that history continues to repeat itself, but we don’t go any farther to know that though apparently every repeated event seem different, its fundamental facts remain identical. Facts that keep recurring to show us how ignorant and arrogant we are, for not being able to entrust them the reins for our secure guidance.
Fundamental facts like: the several bright occasions, when the “Arab Nation” was at the helm of its globally respected power, shone whenever Egypt and Syria were successfully joint together by common goals and moved alongside each other under the same banner. (Except for the 1958 political fiasco).
Fundamental facts like: The “Islamic Nation” was strong, to confront all the menacing dangers, from the Barbaric Mongol Empire ferocious attacks coming from the east to those of the Crusades from the west, only when Turkey and Iran were an undisputed integral component of the Nation.
Fundamental facts like: Egypt was never completely independent and prosperous except for the few moments when it maintained strong ties with its River Nile Basin partners. Just consider the Ancient Egyptian civilised state, Egypt of the Pharaohs, with its glamorous commercial trade expeditions that most kings and queens were keen to weave and maintain strongly binding together the entire area of the basin by common interests. They were wiser at the time, and more vigilant, even to go farther south and west, all for a single reason: “The Safeguarding of its National Security Strategic Frontiers solely on the basis of respectfully negotiated common interests”.
If you want I can mention hundreds of “Fundamental Facts” that history is freely offering only to those who are modestly wise enough to see, listen, learn and understand. But not us! For we are too busy dividing our unities and weakening our strengths. And mostly not our self-appointed rulers, well trained only to obey the calling voices of their masters: “Wealth and Power”.
Even though I will not despair or abandon my calling on the “Wise Intellectuals” from all corners of our Nation to: “teach your people those fundamental facts of history, to demolish the imposed unsafe and shaky political structure that produced nothing but a long trail of failures and defeats; then we shall be able to lay the solid cultural foundations upon which to finally start structuring the ‘Unified Sovereign Nation’ celebrating diversity, accepting the differences, and embracing democracy.”
Let us welcome the Turkish “Rapprochements” with open minds and arms, because today’s Turkey is not the “Reincarnation” of a long gone Ottoman Empire coming back claiming a “Caliphate.
Today’s Turkey is an economic, political, industrial and military modern power that needs our support, and markets, to further strengthen its potentials for adequately confronting the rejection of an alarmingly “Conservative”, not to say Xenophobic”, European Christian extreme right; as much as we, all, need Turkey’s alliance and support to build together “THE” alternative strategic “Common Front”. As such today’s Turkey should be looked at as our northern “Shield” protecting our joint economies, and defending our equal strategic needs like water, for example, from the international speculative manoeuvres, and not consider it a broker’s “Yield” offering us as a bribe to the West for a back raw seat in a feeble Europe’s theatre.
Let us also sincerely welcome the positive, and peaceful, signs flagged high from the eastern shores of the “Arabian Gulf”. Because today’s Iran is definitely not the “Renaissance” of that pagan “Persian Empire” coming back to manipulate and enslave the Arabian desert tribes.
Today’s Iran is an economic asset to the entire Nation, for as much as it needs our alliance and support to face an enemy that now is residing next door, (a hostile Israel’s MOSSAD and its ‘paravent’ companies are now based to its west in a divided Iraq under the ‘Stars & Stripes’ banner, and another hostile armed forces are permanently implanted to its east in an occupied Afghanistan); hence we are in desperate need for Iran’s natural resources and military muscles as another strong “Shield” protecting our “Strategic National Security” to farther on our safe eastern borders.
Since we have already tried and experienced rulers, weak in character as in culture, who have been bribed, by some hollow guarantees for protection generously disbursed  along with some fat cheques, to grant our destinies and resources to the satisfaction of an ever unsatisfied greedy “West”; then our reasonable preventive and defensive tactics should be the immediate lining together with today’s Turkey and today’s Iran, to have a say in very urgent matters that require quick reactions.
Matters like the Palestinian state, the 1967 borders, the Golan Heights, the refugees, Jerusalem, the support and sustain of Arab Revolutions, the ongoing systematic dismantling into small pieces of sovereign states in the region (a look at the ‘Condoleezza Rice Map’ for the “New Middle East” will tell the whole story), and of course the accelerating speed of the war machine towards an eminent open conflict over “Water Control”, that I see its signals flashing along the horizon as a prelude to an inevitable long and fierce struggle overwhelming the entire region.
 I am calling on our “Wise Intellectuals” to raise the alarm and preach for uniting the aims and efforts “NOW”. Further delays are lethal, and would cause tremendous negative repercussions echoes of which will keep hollering for a very long time.
Delay will obviously cause the loss of Yemen and its strategic position, and resources, as we already have lost the rich Gulf States. Even though for some other paltry excuses.  
Delays will definitely cause the ripping off of another part of the Nation: “Sudan”, after its South now comes the turn of its Western regions, all just because we didn’t reach out in time to assist its population to loosen themselves, and their country, free from the strong hold of a bloody tyranny, thus allowing the West to butcher it into pieces.
I am afraid that same fate might await Libya just around the next corner. The Iraq experience suggests that the western allies, in their greedy assault on the Libyan Oil, being their only guarantee to settle the bill; will ignite the tribal rivalry which may result in dividing a vast country into three divisions: the eastern, the western and the southern. Hope I am wrong. Because if such a plan materialises, Egypt will suffocate for a period.
As I was saying, delays caused earlier the loss and dismantling of Iraq’s strength and unity, once we did not react as one to defy the greed of a dictator, preferring the surrender to the greed of an invader.
 It is time to realise that we are strong together, and we should act accordingly.
That is why I welcome Turkey’s “Rapprochements” and Iran’s “Peaceful Sign Flags”.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What comes next?

All the signs flashing onto the horizon are strongly representing the prelude to an eminent “Implosion of the system”. The repeated world economic failures and financial crisis trailed by the new winds which are now blowing over the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin area, and that soon will reach other parts of the third world; all strongly suggest that most probably the system now holding the reins of the entire planet earth (and most probably even beyond), and which is falsely named “New World Order”, the American version of “Novus Ordo Seclorum”(*), is destined to implode, though not before inflicting sever damage and spreading cruel agony.
Can we do anything about it?
Should we save the system from imploding?
Shall we stand by and watch the scene sneering in satisfied contentment?   
Or will each seek his own solutions according to his own set of priorities?
Frankly, there is no “good answer” for any of these rightfully asked questions. There can be only a “Good Will” of each part of this complicated equation to come together truly united, by their human common roots, hopes and fears;  seeking a way out with the least possible damage, to share a common future. But history and experience tell another story: the egoism and arrogance of the human race forbids the strong to share and tolerate the weak, and denies the poorer the same equal rights celebrated by the rich.
As you may know, all “Think Tanks” counselling every serious government, have already started elaborating arguments endorsed by endless spread sheets of statistics and polls in order to review all possible options and re-design the probable solutions to prevent the total collapse of the system, or at least to save the savable.
I will not pretend that I know or that I have a solution, because I don’t know and I don’t have one nicely wrapped on the shelf ready for use. I can only jump into the mix and think out loud, and my concern here would be focusing on my country’s future:
Ø  When the system implodes, what should Egypt do?
Ø  What can, and must, the Egyptians do? 
That is going to be the defiant challenge which I invite you all to think about, to study and to come up with new practical solutions. To facilitate the task, I sincerely suggest that you consult the “ZEITGEIST” and “The Venus Project” web-sites.
But meanwhile, continue to read my blog and Pass On The Word.
(*): This Latin motto at first was used by the Roman poet Virgil in honor of Caesar Augustus. The coming of the Son of God meant a new age in which there would be no guilt, terror, or injustice. The slogan was used then by the Free Masons to indicate the goal of their ‘fraternity’: One World Government! Same target designed in “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion”. Ever since the US.$ Dollar bill has been designed that symbolic motto always logoed its print.