The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

World @ War!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 27th 2014.

Figure I
Figure II

Even if you’re not an expert of the Italian language, and if you’re more curious than tired; it will cost you only an attentive look across the map shown in ‘figure I’ to obtain an accurate guidance to comprehend how those new border lines of ‘Figure II’ will be realised. And both will tell you what’s really going on in a world where:
1.      The United States seem to be tired and unable to handle or solve the global problems it has created in the first place.
2.      The Russian Federation seem weaker all the time having two major problems: a) its population, now 145 million, by mid century will be about 110 million maximum, and b) it has engaged a large chunk of its wealth on energy exports (54% petrol and 17% gas. Should the barrel tag price gets lower than $.80.-, the Federation will go in bankruptcy).
3.      China is concentrating all efforts in securing its Global Economic Superiority. Having almost half of its billion and three hundred million devoted citizens living in the 21st century, and launched into the national project of Economic Growth at all costs; while the rest of the population is sitting alongside the river watching the others brawling about.
4.      Europe and the Un are completely absent, not to say void of power, influence or authority; being completely drowning in its economic crisis and socio-political debacle.
That is why the specters of new global conflict are gathering around slowly, and we can barely distinguish their distorted silhouettes dancing far on our horizons. But they are steadily approaching. A war where all contenders will spare no possible mean to prevail.
The main players in the “Globalisation game have raced their ways to possess most of the world’s Natural Resources, so the game has almost come to an end. Now we can tell who are the winners. The next phase, steady on the way, is re-creating new economic and political alliances. Just watch how America, Russia and China have each invested enormous efforts and resources to weave economic bonds and tie political knots around the world: the first across the Pacific, the second with the ex-soviet satellite states, and the third bridged economically (also financially, industrially and belligerently) South East Asia into Africa.
The return of a western “New Colonial” era is remarkably visible in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Piloted by using the most silly and naïf excuses to cover its real objectives. The kind of excuses as “ we’re going there to free an oppressed population and destroy a satanic arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction”, or “ let us join our efforts in this sacred War On Terrorism, and together we shall defeat Evil”; even “It’s not an invasion, we’re engaged in a fierce fight against the Drug Cartels”. And so on!*
Now that we know, only one question will remain “So what?”!! And the only logic answer will always be “it’s always good to know. No?”!!!
Pass On The Word.

Another truth is always there!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS from Marco Dolcetta’s article “Hiiden Reasons” – Montopoli, July 27th 2014.

Looking back into the 2007 accords regulating the use of the so-called “Marine I” and “Marine II” oil deposits, those accords mediated by Tony Blair (representing the famous quartet: UN, EU, Russia and the USA) when he started intense negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, with the scope of carving an agreement for a regulated use of those sea-bed deposits.
The Palestinian Authority Premier accorded Blair that British Gas would anticipate the payment for the rights acquired from the authority into an English account, so that capital could be used for the development of the Gaza Strip. General Moshe Ya’alon, then Israel’s Chief of Staff, reacted by accusing Hamas of being the end consignee of this “Western Financing”. Thus, the actual Israeli offensive may reflect various objectives.
The new Egyptian administration did engage Tony Blair as its ‘Consultant’. He is also engaged by the “Quartet” to seek ways into renegotiating the 2007 accords in order to remove every right from the Palestinians.. Obviously under Israeli pressures. And this new script incentivised the offensive to eliminate Hamas completely out from the strip.
The deportation of the entire Palestinian population out of the strip and into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has always been an Israeli declared objective. Such formula was repeatedly contrasted and obstructed by the Mubarak administration; contrary to his actual substitute’s administration which seem to have different views regarding the issue.
That explains the extreme rage exhibited by Israel as it invaded Gaza. An invasion that punctually respects Moshe Feiglin project (Knesset vice president and member of the Likoud). A project that has been articulated to proceed in phases beginning with: a) an ultimatum to the population, intimidating them to leave Gaza and transfer to Sinai; that once expired would give way to b) unleash the armed forces to attack all of the Gaza territories with the utmost possible force; leading to c) the conquest and possess of the entire Gaza Strip forcing its civil population into a massif exodus towards Sinai; thus ending by d) Israel sovereignty over Gaza Strip entirely, permanently and indisputably.
An eventual success of such an operation would ensure more security and peace among the Israeli population living along the Mediterranean coast up to Tel Aviv, hence TOURISTS, who will never have to suffer or fear any kind of menace.
But most important of all declared excuses vs. hidden objectives, the success of such a project would provide Israel with a lifetime guarantee for a total and free utilisation of the vast and huge gas/oil deposits, most of which are already called “Leviatano”; that are located amid the disputed waters half way between Cyprus and the Asian coast before Gaza, and are just waiting to be explored.
Precisely as stipulated by Blair in his recent contractual retouches over the 2007 accords.. While computing his double role as the multi-national forces ‘Mediator’, even though salaried by the Persian Gulf’s Emirates for being Cairo’s Consultant!
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By: Ahmed ELNAHAS  - Firenze, July 30th 2014.

Pietà is an Italian word literally meaning “Piety”. It is also used in many classical literature as “To cry out for help demanding or invoking Mercy”. Today, it exclusively refers to the most famous master piece of all marble sculptures, from the Renaissance era now exhibited in the Vatican Museum in Rome; the one by which Michelangelo have majestically personified a desperate Virgin Mary mourning a dead Jesus lying on her lap.

And this is precisely how the famous Italian caricaturist Vauro chose to interpret the Gaza massacres. Drawing a mourning mother holding in her lap a dead son killed by his enemies.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

And Ben Gurion said:They will destroy us!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 26th 2014.
During Israel siege of Beirut in 1982, shattered houses were crumbling in silence while Washington recited Humanitarian Appeals and Human Aids hypocrisy. Three months later, following a summit with Netanyahu, American strategists announced the complete wiping out of all Israeli debts for “their excellent testing of new American weapons in the Lebanese war”.
Today the Americans, along with their European (and non) ‘allies’, have joined Israel’s choir harmoniously in tuning the exact words pronounced some70 years ago by Hans Frank, Hitler’s Governor to Warsaw, while unleashed to destroy the ghetto he used to repeatedly say that: “the bandits are making for themselves a shield by the civilians, they are the ones responsible for the massacre”!
If both parties, by whichever heavenly miracle, would reach an agreement; the next morning Netanyahu will come out proudly announcing to the world Israel’s decision to build new colonies over the confiscated Palestinian properties. So that more fierce fires will blast and roar for longe.
In a book published in 1956 by Stock editors entitled “Le Paradox Juif”, we find the testimony of Nahun Goldmann, then president of the Zionist Movement and representing the Jewish Agency to the United Nations, by which he assured hearing from Ben Gurion during a private dinner the following:
“Why would the Arabs accept and make peace with us? In their shoes, I wouldn’t sign. We’ve taken their land.. God promised it to us, but what do they care? They don’t pray our God. We had Hitler and his Nazis, but how that would concern them? Why would they give up and resign? Maybe in 2 or 3 generations that could happen meanwhile we must be strong, with a powerful army otherwise they will destroy us”.
Our politicians, diplomacy makers and patriotic leaders surely did have studied a bit of history!!
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

It’s getting worse.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, July 21st 2014.
This “New World Order” having failed to deliver and secure a global “Just and Lasting Peace”, seem to have driven us all to a state of indifference by which our world has erected a huge mast upon which flies a gigantic white flag marking a monumental admission of its incompetence. The same incompetence which gave birth to a disgustful sickening sense of “Overload” that we have come to experience, and got accustomed with, though we didn’t realise living it and submitting to its consequences daily and constantly.
Stills, reports and films showing blood, mutilated bodies, massacres, rape, conflicts and wars are occupying all the front pages and editorials of every newspaper and TV news. Even the web is full of it all.. Uncensored. Causing a sort of “Crisis Fatigue”, a depressive exhausting humour striving towards desperation and hopelessness.
From Bagdad, the “Liberated” capital handed over to a Shia ruler to be governed as per the American brand of “Democracy” ready made exclusively for export, is exploding daily with Shia attacks against Sunni population, counting hundreds of victims; to Mosul that has plunged back into the barbaric fundamentalism of its new demented Caliph; and passing by the Ukrainian skies where a jumbo jet, with almost 300 innocent people on board, exploded in in the air by a G/A missile much easier than a routine range polygon target shooting practice, we can conclude that the world’s heart does not bleed anymore.
In the world’s Chancelleries, as in the European and American public opinion; is constantly growing the conviction that any sort of intermediation, exhortation or initiative are just a waste of time, energy, resources and most of all money.   
All of that made a close range clash in Gaza inevitable. Neither Hamas nor Israel could’ve escaped the show down. I say inevitable not for the mutually exchanged hatred between the contenders, but because of the situation that was created which leaves no room for any other solution.
Inevitable and absurd.. Absurd as the Tsahal (Israeli army) of 60 thousand units deployed to clean sweep the Strip. But also irrational. Ever since 2005, when Israel first have evacuated Gaza; revolt was punctually present, as in an untamable penitentiary so that repression would come equally punctual. Israel have always acted according to its talismanic doctrine: to squeeze its enemies against a Steel Wall; and Hamas reacts angrily and hysterically reaffirming its ‘refusal’!
Once we agree that the abduction and killing of the three Israeli adolescents countered by the young Palestinian burnt alive, have worked only as the detonator for a highly volatile situation (does the bus attack triggering Lebanon’ 10 years Civil War back in the seventies ring any bell?) ; let us consider for a moment some of the reasons why this new tragic war episode was inevitable:
·         Hamas, lacking resources and with empty vaults, found itself obliged to accept a subordinate role in Coalition Government with Fatah.
·         Hamas relations with its allies, Syria and Iran, were reduced to a historic minimum.
·         Field-Marshal Al Sissi’s seizure of power over Egypt provoked  the closing of almost all the Rafah tunnels, considered the major source of food, energy and medical supplies coming into the strip.. Among other ‘necessities’.
·         The Egyptian initiative for truce, promptly welcomed in Tel Aviv and rejected in Gaza, did not give the Palestinians any gain whatsoever to convince them quit their “resistance”.
·         The Egyptian Military hostilities towards the Muslim Brotherhood (of which Hamas is a loyal derivative), and the difficult rapports with Syria and Iran; caused the loss of 60thousand jobs to increase the unemployment rate to 40%.
·         Qatar offer to finance the unpaid wages of the 40 thousand administrative employees was blocked by the USA, considering that “Financing a Terrorist Organisation”. When the United Nations offered its agencies as intermediary, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman prevented it.
·         Hamas had to choose between dying rapidly as martyrs in the offensive or slow in hardships as miserable?
The Israeli version, according to its falcons Lieberman and Naftali whom have exercised enormous pressure locally and internationally to force the country into an open war and escalate progressively its course; can be synthesized as follows: Israel in principle defends itself against any type of danger jeopardising the peace and security of its citizens and the stability of its democratic way of life. Since the Gaza strip is an overpopulated area, with a plain flat landscape; the mobile rocket launch paddocks are by necessity moving within a highly dense zones, so air bombing cannot avoid civilian casualties (that Israel can claim them Human Shields, so moving them away from their homes by the excuse of avoiding civilian casualties fit perfectly within the “Deportation” tactics); so a ground offensive must be on.
The sad part is that no one cares to examine the fact that the Palestinian primitive and poor artisanship is producing card-board grenades (that Israel call rockets), sort of insignificant explosive devices which, along with the Iranian and Syrian middle and long range versions, should any succeed to escape the anti-missile Iron Dome Shield cannot inflict any serious harm whatsoever on Israel’s well-guarded infra-structure, administration buildings, reactors..etc. While Israel’s sophisticated war arsenal coupled with its advanced intelligence technologies can, and do, inflict severe damage to a fragile and costly Palestinian sub-structures. Not to mention how disproportionate is the monstrous civilian death toll.
The situation risk getting out of hands.. Hamas hands.. If Hamas fighters would succeed in making numerous casualties and capture prisoners, they will enforce Israeli stands and weaken Hamas’s. That’s why Israel counts on the impulsive reactions of Fanatic Extremist Groups.. Arab or Israeli.
So, the worse is coming.
Pass On The Word.
PS: on its web-site Israeli NGO Gisha remind us how Israel control Palestinian life:
·         territorial water, air space, registrar office and the only commercial terminal.
·         Gaza fishermen repeated requests to extend their sea borders to 6 nautical miles instead of the actual 3 are systematically rejected.
·         Gaza farmers wish to work the fields now inside the so called “Buffer Zone” (along what Israel decided as its borders with the strip) where 35% of cultivable fertile land. They cannot reach these fields because Israeli soldiers shoot at sight.
All despite the 2012 accords where Israel allowed Palestinian fishermen larger fishing waters further at sea, and permitted farmers to work their farms. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 14th 2014.
All along the past 22 months I have been following closely, and with utmost attention, the Egyptian Legislative and juridical show-down where everyone defies everybody for duel. The trials, the debates, the argumentations, the suggestions, and most of all the Constitutional issues.
I have to admit that the scenery was not pleasant at all. Apart from being superficial and bluntly driven by political concerns, in every single aspect of the term; it brought to the light before me the clearest of all conclusions: the divisions distancing us further away from identifying our urging common priorities, or agreeing on any decisive solution; are only the fruit of our ‘THINKING PATTERNS’. Let me try to explain.
The substantial difference between a Lawyer and a Judge rest in their ‘Thinking Pattern’. While a lawyer develops a ‘Linear’ thought following a plan: to display facts and argumentations in function of a precise pre-established thesis; his thinking pattern is oriented to make that thesis prevail. By contrast, a judge thinks according to a Spherical pattern: he follows the different directions suggested by facts and presented by argumentations; his thinking pattern is oriented to make him see where such material would lead.
Both, the linear and spherical thinking patterns, do not exclusively characterise the Juridical Sector; in fact, they are the two systems by which all persons face the world. Far from any ethical, ideological or religious classifications, it remains a fact that the Linear Pattern incites individuals to favour their own beliefs, while the Spherical Pattern induce others towards the doubt.
It is obvious that the linear pattern enjoys an interior force which the spherical one lacks: it is aggressive, simplifier, and categorises persons as allies and adversaries. It needs an enemy. Thus the spherical pattern becomes ontologically incompatible, because it is not necessary to share in agreement the ‘Object Thought’ as the linear pattern; it is sufficient to analyse it without any sort of preventive enthusiast approval. Today, the Linear Pattern dominates the worlds of Politics and Information.
Ø  “It is imperative to prevent Communists from seizing the country”! That explains why the votes went back to the Conservative Institution (The Military Institution’s candidate). Did anyone questioned whether communists do exist for real and – if so – how much an evil it is their participation in political life could turn into an evident demonstration of Communism?
Ø  “Ezz and Talaat, have both destroyed the Steel industry and the Construction Sector by their monopoly games, thus favouring private interests; their own and those of their companies’ share-holders”! Has anybody debated such an aspect as the primary concern of any Private business Enterprise, and that the country’s politics and policies, by guaranteeing similar conditions for its industrial and economic development, have laid down an evident demonstration of Wild Capitalism?
Both these examples highlight well enough the dominance of the Linear Pattern of thinking over the Information World, where no one cares to debate the merit(s) of an issue and instead settles for its presentation. It is a lot easier justifying, enforcing and cheering; rather than the exhaustive mental process to analyse, debate, argue, chose and decide.
Newspapers and TV do not falsify facts (almost never); they only present them in accordance with their chosen thesis: for political, economic, even for Ideological reasons. Articles, comments, interviews, photographs, all become functional to prove the validity of the thesis they decide to sustain.
No matter right or wrong it might be, the thesis should never be subject to debate, discussion or doubt. There shouldn’t be voices of ‘Critic’.. The maximum allowed would be some ‘Contrary’ noises.. Linear Thought vs. Linear Thought. That’s why whomever buys a given newspaper, would anticipate its contents and share them prioress.. Who watches a televised Talk-Show, can foresee – according to chosen channel or network – what to expect.
It is called “The Editorial Line”! The one dictating an audience share or a paper circulation and a book print run! And I don’t believe that to be a good thing.
Pass On The Word.

Thank you Bruni TINTI for your valuable study “I am right and that’s enough.”