The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

That Endless Parallel Controversy.

By: A.M.EL NAHAS, Montopoli July 17h 2012.
An accurate analysis for the reactions of so-called Ethnic and Religious Minorities*, together with the industrial and economic lobbies which are reuniting to form what the revolutionary forces baptized “Al Foloul (a term defining the interest groups supporting the previous order and who are reorganising their ranks and are militating for the Military Dictatorship resurrection); show a denial and rage behaviour patterns towards the “Revolution” and its social, political, economic and cultural repercussions, manifesting a clear case of “Stockholm Syndrome”!
*Sinai Bedouin tribes, eastern and western deserts Bedouin tribes, the Nubian population, the Copts, the Shiites, the Jews and other Egyptian citizens from different origins like Greek, French, Italian, and Armenian.
Technically that syndrome can be defined as “the psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness”.
Stockholm Syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, tortures or intimidates the other”.
That’s the only accommodating explanation I’m able to introduce for clarifying the factual paradox that a good portion of these minorities - though being the ones who mostly suffered the painful bruises caused by the iron hand of the Military Order Dictatorship and its continuing abusive practices and unjust/unjustifiable squashing of them outside the margins of citizenship and human rights – are blindly, and without the slightest hesitation, following and supporting the economic and industrial lobbies, who in their turn proved to be the cause for these Minorities’ aches while accumulating fortunes from the widely spread grey area of corruption which qualified the Military Dictatorship rule over the past six decades.
These minorities were the ones weeping and crying before the court the day the verdict was pronounced..
The ones who were committed to vote for an icon of the Military Dictatorship in the presidential race..
The ones rallying all over the country in order to echo like parrots sermons about the glorious future awaiting the nation under the Military Dictatorship..
The ones who filled the TV screens with unfounded arguments about the lost values after the fall of the “Régime”!!??!!   
That mix in values and qualities, uniting the poor to his hustler, the sick to his virus, the ignorant to his manipulator, the robbed to his robber, the tormented to his tormentor, and the tortured to his torturer; is what makes my Stockholm Syndrome Theory not only plausible, but very true.
Now applying the same view over the wider scope of the Arab Nation’s States westward from the Atlantic Ocean and spreading eastward till the shores of the Persian Gulf; we will realise how that Syndrome have infected these populations’ collective intellect and common sense.
What’s next??
Constant and persistent hard work of self teaching and educating our children, friends and neighbours so that hopefully we can heal the Syndrome and overcome the ordeal through a one generation time frame!!
And never surrender to despair thinking that Stockholm Syndrome can inverse into “Lima Syndrome”, where the abductors develop sympathy for their hostages. It will never happen for the simple reason that the abductors in question suffer from a chronic Narcissism alimenting continuously their hunger for power and wealth at any cost.
If each and every one of us would be able to recollect his or her inner will and unite together our efforts to make of this plan the only imperative long term priority and patiently adopt it as our “Strategic National Project”; then we may have more than average chance to make that giant leap needed to take us out from our present Mediaeval Age’s darkness into the bright lights of the actual 21st century today representing an unreachable far ahead future even while we’re living it day after day in what looks to be our damnation to live such an  endless parallel controversy.
Pass On The Word.  

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Game Of Thrones or A Play Of Buffoons?

By: Ahmed M. El Nahas – Castelfiorentino July 12th 2012.
A classic case study for a perfect No-Win Situation.. Where everybody is a loser and everything is lost.. From dignity to wealth, passing by sovereignty and freedom!!¿¿!!
The ongoing conflict raging between the two most conservative institutions: the “Military” represented by SCAF, and the “Brotherhood” tagged on the face of the Elected President, over the reigns of power shows without the faintest shred of a doubt that neither part is truly seeking “Democracy” or “Freedom”.. They both are seeking POWER.. One to keep it and the other to taste it.
Let’s never forget that SCAF was assigned by MUBARAK himself shortly before his fall.. As such it is following a specific agenda now very clear to who wants to see, yet very much denied by the profiteer who wants to draw in substantial quick war gains out of it regardless of where the nation’s real interests are.
SCAF actually, and in flagrant conflict of interest, have exercised pressure over the extreme juridical authority in the country to earn a series of verdicts consolidating its political grip on power.. Before that it has done everything to influence the outcome of the various committees assigned to draw the New Constitution’s outlines.. It ensured itself the Four Sovereign Ministries portfolios, and extorted a text denying the President the title and functions of the “Supreme Commander of The Armed Forces”.. In poor words the Military Institution declared itself the sole custodian of the nation’s SOVEREIGNTY thus reports only to itself.. Not to the person for whom the Egyptians voted, or would vote in future, to become “their” President.. Not SCAF’s!
SCAF didn’t “return to the barracks” and didn’t fulfil any of its void promises for “Freedom” and “Democracy” in a “SOVEREIGN CIVIL STATE”.
On the other hand we have the “Brotherhood”, with its long history of political failures and demagogic wins.. As a religiously founded association, it is structured upon two pillars:
1.      a severely observed patriarchal hierarchy, and
2.      an absolute obedience to the Supreme Guide.  
As such the Brotherhood was always the victim of its own delays in monitoring social, cultural and political signs; and consequently deducting the wrong conclusions having analysed those signs only according to its cultural perspective. That’s why they were always few steps behind, because the Brotherhood’s organisation does not foresee any kind of “Democratic” practice.. Islam’s principle of “Shoura” is a social Utopia that cannot be exercised in our present day, and if so would result in a political chaos.. Same as the “Islamic Banking” practice squeezed between its ideal values of honest profits as designed by the doctrine and the usurer Global Financial and Monetary systems founded on profits by interests and control by debt.
The danger is that both, SCAF and the Brotherhood, while engaged in the struggle over who’s got it longer; may not only divide the nation into opposing red-necks weak fractions, but as well could eventually drag it into an irresponsible and uncontrollable bloody confrontation which will entail the international intervention through “Humanitarian Aids” which by now we should know they have nothing human in their missions, but rather they represent the spear-head for a more blunt Economic colonialism if not a Military one.. Have we forgot Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, and now Syria and before all Somalia, Vietnam, and Korea?? They were all preys of the (in)famous political slogan: “Divide and Rule”. Wasn’t that the script for every “Humanitarian Aids” intervention?
Are SCAF and the Brotherhood aware of the trap they both are falling into? Are they knowledgeable of the fact that they are not going down alone, but they are taking the entire nation along to God knows where?
Only History will provide the answer..
Yet remain two interrogatives worth of a very concise reflection: “Why and What for such a short-sighted conflict is being kept alive?” I will synthesise my opinion and try to outline the answer through the following lines.
Could the answer to both questions be ‘ guarantee a constant Egyptian “Moderate” and “Friendly” political stand, and consequently to ensure the continuity of its status as a “Strategic Ally of the USA outside NATO” translated into an endless dependency to the Dollar cash flow support injected into an ever agonising Egyptian economy weakened precisely and on purpose as a result of that Moderation and a price for that Friendship?’?
And who would benefit more from the politically Moderate stand of Egypt? Definitely not the eighty and some million Egyptians struggling every day to make ends meet with no guarantee whatsoever for a better tomorrow; but rather the USA, Israel, SCAF and few hundreds of profiteering parasites just the same as it always have been throughout sixty years of Military Dictatorship Rule preceded by hundreds of years of Foreign Colonial Rule.. Could it have become another type of dependency in our collective conscious??? I wonder!
The question is no longer “Who will win that conflict over power in Egypt to become its next adored Dictator?”..
But rather “What will be the political, economical, social and cultural situation when the dust settles and when all parties involved in that conflict will be weakened, overwhelmed and fragmented into defenceless and meaningless realities?”..
The bitter fact is that “Dictatorship” have always been an integral part of our social, cultural, economic and political education.. We passed from the hands of one dictator into the other without remorse and by the most appalling submissive acceptance. The sequence of those educating dictators starts in early stages by the “Father”, the “Tribe Leader”, the “Teacher”, the “Employer”, the “Imam” and the “Priest”, the “Journalist”, the “Doctor” and so on.. All forming an uninterrupted solid chain of individuals who are constantly giving orders by which we must abide.. Or else...!! All are Dictators denying us every margin of freedom or autonomy, and revoking every aspect of democracy from free expression to decision making passing by debating opinions and tollerating the other.
Having clarified that, my question is: “How and When will we, the Egyptian people, realise that only we can earn our package of Freedom, Sovereignty and Democracy?”..
If ever we will!!
Pass On The Word.