The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Exploring the Human Mind.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, May 28th 2013.
History always fascinated me, and my curious reader part, tend sometimes to refresh my feeblish memory by dusting away some of my old history books resting over a good part in my humble home library.. Today, while watching the news coming from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, I found myself forced to reopen some of those valuable books to retrieve what seems relevant to the issue in question. An issue that only you should name and define.
First quote:  
Ø  Kublai Khan massacred 10% of the populations in the Near East.
Ø  Catholic Spain massacred 10% of South American Natives.
Ø  Joseph Stalin massacred 5% of the Russian/Soviet population.
Ø  Hitler massacred 5% of Occupied Europe populations, and 75% of European Jews.
Ø  USA massacred 6.5% of the South Vietnamese population.
Ø  USA massacred 75% of the Native American people.
Here is a second quote:
The U.N. General Assembly adopted this term and defended it in 1946 as “....a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups”. However “….the 1994 U.N. Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide, describes genocide beyond outright murder of people as the destruction and extermination of culture”.
And a third one:
Article II of the convention lists five categories of activity as ‘Genocidal’ when directed against a specific “national, ethnic, racial, or religious group”.
1)       Killing’ members of the group; not only was the method of massacre used, other methods for “Indian Removal” and “clearing” included military slaughter of tribal villages, bounties on native scalps, and biological warfare.
2)       Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of group such as the ‘forced removal’ from homelands.
3)       Deliberately inflicting, on the group, conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; this method is also known as the ‘assimilation’.
4)       Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; ‘sterilisation’.
5)       Forcibly ‘transferring children’ of the group to another group.
“Only a Mad person can think of being able to contrast my power and discuss the wisdom in my ruling”.
A common saying attributed to Dictators and repeated over the centuries, from the ancient Divine Rulers to very recent figures.. In a list as long as human history itself.. But man never learns from history..
And if he does, he’s the MAD one.
Now, according to what you’ve just read and if you are interested, I think that it should be entirely up to you to ‘name and define’ what’s going on not only to the Palestinian population and their lands; but as well in other parts of the world: Northern, Central and Western Africa; South America; and South East Asia; and when you do,
Pass On The Word.

Thoughts.. From Thinking.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 28th 2013.
Thinking is not only a human brain’s functional characteristic, it is the man’s privilege before being his right. Meaning that I have the privilege to think, elaborate and formulate my thought(s) before having the right to speak them up out loud in public freely and by any mean of communication.  
For many years, alas, under the mask of the research for efficiency; to change the ‘sense’ of the constitution has become the objective. To convert its sense from a solid instrument for Democracy into a Guarantor of Oligarchy.. Oligarchy is The Régime of Inequality.
Gustavo Zagrebelsky.
Being an instrument for Democracy obliges the constitution, among many other things, to protect, observe and defend the characteristics of a Democracy, being the Governance as diffused and understood by ‘Many’.. Characteristics like: equality, social justice, protecting the weak and whom the crisis emarginated, transparency of power and responsibility of the ruler.
On the other hand, reducing the constitution into a guarantor of the Oligarchy, means supporting a Régime of inequality, privilege, corruption and irresponsible hidden powers; meaning to protect and defend a government concentrated among the ‘Few’ who will always defend themselves against any form of change. Hence they would do everything to “Rationalise the Institutions”.. In an Oligarchic sense.
When a power system is at risk, it would automatically react according to the instinct of survival. In that context any reform it may be forced to provide would inevitably be the hostile moves of counter-reform.
That is why, and above all, we should ask first whoever is (or has been) assigned to bring changes onto the constitution: Which authority gave you the mandate?
Because the dominant mentality among such ‘pseudo-constituents’ is that before the many difficulties and accumulated discredit, the rulers (and their pseudo-constituents nominees) instead of changing themselves, accuse the constitution. It is the fault of the Constitution!
For they refuse to realise that they were chosen to be under, not above, the Father of The Laws; and they want to educate us that the intended “Institutional and Constitutional reforms” have the objective of “simplifying and rationalising neutral methods for good governance”.
As things have developed, we are rather convinced that they intended to change the constitution to “Normalise” a new form of Oligarchic Governance; in the hope that we’d finally surrender and accept their interpretations of Democratic Change.
Well as I see it, what they’ve proposed so far is, if not worse, the same as what we’ve already had for many years.. That’s why we must grow enough to form a massive critical block which it would be not possible to consider.
Pass On The Word.

Homo Sapiens Cannot read.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 27th 2013.
It took Homo Sapiens almost 130000 years to reach the 1 billion head count mark registered in 1804.. And, just 123 years later, it doubled to become roughly 2 billion by the year 1927.. The amazing data is that we succeeded to multiply that count by 350% in less than 100 years, according to the last available data released in 2012.
Today the 26th of May, when spring should be leaving the floor for the summer; yet it’s grey, gloomy, rainy, windy, snowy, stormy and cold.. It’s still heavily snowing on the Alps.. Floods are severely damaging agriculture and commerce almost everywhere in western Europe, while sunny hot summer weather is hitting prematurely all over Russia!
But that is not the reason why earth is moaning under our irresponsible abuse of its grants, or why nature is fiercely revolting to defend itself against a Human Supremacy daughter of man’s own imagination and fantasy, which in fact have proven to be nothing less than the irresponsible Human greed, ignorance, arrogance and stupidity.
Of all God’s creation, only we, the so called Homo Sapiens, were able to develop such characteristics unsuitable for sustaining a constant evolution thrive towards a better and rational use of God’s endless grants, within the limits of a reciprocal equilibrium holding together, in permanent coexistence, the components of ‘Nature’: the elements and the species.
Instead we decided otherwise, and started feverishly racing each other towards our ruin. Ever since the Industrial Revolution back in the early 19th century, man has never stopped destroying his habitat in the name of whatever invention he provides just to convince himself that it is alright.. And in doing so He was willing to sacrifice and give up all the values accumulated throughout history to become the heritage of human experience on earth until now, and we were supposed to pass it on intact to the next generations: God, faith, country, land, property, honour, science, discovery, sport, modernity, development, evolution, equity, loyalty…etc!!
Just to justify the senseless main characteristic of our species, which became a passion, whereas Man colonises a piece of land to make it his habitat, abuse of its resources to the maximum until it becomes obsolescent and deprived of any energy, then he would move on to colonise another piece of land and repeat the same destructive cycle time and time again. Only one species is known to have such survival behaviour; Viruses (Copyright Matrix the movie).
Of course such human aggressive and unproductive intervention, have caused the extinction of hundreds of thousands of species, rendering the primordial natural equilibrium a mere legend. Even though, we still are not able to convey any sign of understanding not to mention a plan for remedy.
Instead, once Man have discovered that the planet Earth cannot take it anymore of his continuous childish abuse of its resources, he came up with plans to colonise other planets. Governments are allocating enormous finances to the programme!
Thousands of years ago, a Wise Shaman of the Maya Civilisation foresaw that ‘we’ will be the cause of nature irrevocable rebellion, due to our miserable understanding of God’s repeated messages, and he predicted that the end count-down will start as of December 21st 2012.
It seems that more than a hundred centuries ago, a savage South American shaman saw it all coming and documented it for us.. He didn’t know that the modern man residing in us Cannot Read!
Pass On The Word.


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 26th 2’13.
Or the Squatter’s Right.. It is the legal term for a mode to acquire, or enjoy, a property by holding and using it for a given period of time pre-established by the law, normally set at 20 years; after which, the property (or function) in question becomes the private personal ownership of the holder whereby he can freely exercise every conceivable right over it.
When we have allowed the mercenaries of a hired media with the servile political profiteers to hammer our brains and dilate our ears with the sacred values of their coarse load of balls about Stability for Security and Development; we ended up with a Military Fascist Dictatorship holding the country, and our destinies, by the horns and the balls as their private ownerships, just using that same Usucaption Rule*.
Yet here we are once more committing the same error to end up the helpless captives, destined to turn into the private property of a new found Religious Fascist Dictatorship.
It seems that we’re suffering from the complications of an advanced case of Psychosomatic Suicidal Behaviour, embedded inside an acute tendency for Sadomasochism, developed from a chronic Syndrome of Stockholm. It is a psychological pathology which is generally characterised by an aggravated Unsociability rigorously nourished by a regular practice of Cultural Intolerance.
Wow!! Sounds seriously dangerous, no?
Anyhow, that’s all fruit of my imagination.. I don’t think that similar pathologic phenomena could be found recorded within a man’s memory!
Or is it?
Pass On The Word.
*Could this be the legal bond by which Israel claims, occupies and holds the Palestinian lands? And use to convince the entire world to endorse its claims?

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Damned and Doomed.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Firenze, May 25th 2013.

In the wake of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty in 1979. U.S. military aid to Egypt totals over $1.3 billion annually. In addition, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided over $25 billion in economic and development assistance to Egypt between 1975 and 2002. A shift in assistance from infrastructure, health, food supply, and agriculture toward market-based economic development, good governance, and training programs is reflected in the motto, “From Aid to Trade”.
The Commodity Import Program, through which USAID provides hundreds of millions of dollars in financing to enable the Egyptian private sector to import U.S. goods, remains one of the largest and most popular USAID programs. Since 2003, U.S. assistance is also focusing more on economic reform, education, civil society, and other programs supported by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).
From US. Department of State – Democracy In Action
The 2010 Balance sheet (compared to 1980’s)  showed a deficit of US$. 13.5bil; an inflation of 17.9%; an unemployment ratio of 28%; a 6% less cultivated surfaces; a 126% increase in prisons occupancy despite a 14% increase of newly constructed facilities; an increase of 72% of private owned schools and 14% universities enjoying annual state financings of US$.1.2Bil against the slim US$. 15Mil annual provisions to finance the overall state owned Public Education & Scientific Research centres (Including the Ministry’s wages); an increase of 126 privately owned Health Care facilities (only in Cairo and Alexandria) against the closing of 34 Public Hospitals in both cities; an average wage increase of 246% for the middle and high ranks in Security and Armed Forces compared to the lean 12% Public Sector’s cadres average wage increment for the same period; an increase of 347% of railways accidents casualties…And the list is long and discouraging.
The figures could be interpreted in any imaginable way.. But they indicate two very important facts:
        I.            The official incompetence for managing economy and finance. Because the disbursements are showing that the issues placed as priorities reflected only the governing cast’s views. They were never endorsed by a real national acceptance to receive them as the strategic objectives targeting: [a] the consistent growth of a real economy and the general public’s welfare; [b] in support of a better wealth distribution, and [c] to maintain consistent the growth of a middle class financially autonomous.
     II.            The Corrupt and Criminal use of the funds to create Business Monopolies and Power Centres (lobbies) exercising growing control over the administration decision and policy making nerves.
Of course in 20 years; both facts have seriously damaged the root fundaments of the entire nation’s social, cultural, economic and financial structure.
Today, and to make things worse than they are, the new God Fearing Governing Bodies have adopted the same mismanagement traits, and are stubbornly exhibiting their pathetic performance of the “Elegant Snobbish Mendicant”, in every public and international appearance, as the guiding line for ruling 80 million Egyptians.
Are we damned and doomed to remain dancing on the staircases forever between the floors? Or someday somewhere someone would somehow break that spell?
Pass On The Word.

Friday, 24 May 2013

A Story For All Seasons.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 23rd 2013.

Giuseppe ‘Peppino’ Impastato: an honest Italian citizen assassinated by hands of a jackal paid by the Mafia, back in the 70s of last century, just because he refused to be part of that “Conspiracy of Silence” largely diffused among the majority of his fellow-citizens all over the country.
Having for long, ever since the end of WWII, made it its mission to abuse terms like ‘development’, and using all its might to get hold of the largest share from the state funds as a pretext validating its systematic aggression and demolition of the Italian landscape; the Mafia did sacrifice hundreds of thousands of urban and rural terrains along with the historical landmarks over them.
Thus converting it all into cities, streets, schools, bars, theatres and residential areas producing unimaginable amounts of recycled profits, funneled from a well galvanised money laundering machine.
It was all done, consumed and sealed under the nose of a satisfied government(s), the generously bought blessings of the Church and the terrorised silence of the people.
Peppino was a journalist and a poet; whose devotion for his cultural roots, his much ahead-of-his-time sensibility to the environmental fragility before man’s greedy abuse and his refined sense of national pride; were the motivations for his death sentence.
He raised a massive campaign against the institutional blank cheque allowance offered to his time’s criminal organizations (at the time called families) granting them an undisputable control over the nation-wide construction and real estate businesses, to become the families’ monopoly exploited until this very day of this present 21st century, and for many years yet to come.
Here is a passage from one of his editorials:
“If people were taught ‘The Tasteful Sense for Beauty’, it would provide them with a weapon against surrender, fear and silence. We tend to get used so easily to the sudden rise and improvised existence of structures, buildings and palaces.. Curtains are mounted behind the windows and plants are placed on the windowsills, and soon we forget how did these places seem before.
That’s why it is necessary to educate ‘Beauty’: because never any more it could be insinuated to men and women ‘habit’ and ‘surrender’, but would remain forever alive ‘curiosity’ and ‘astonishment’.”
Pass On The Word.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

The 3 steps Waltz: Lies, Ignorance and Hypocrisy.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, May 21st 2013.
I’m almost certain of the existence of a ‘sub-comma’, embedded inside a ‘comma’ residing in an ‘article’ hidden within some law roaming into the confusion of our Code(s); dedicated to describe, set and ascertain the criterion for “Eligibility.. The set of rules, regulations, norms and mechanisms by which a person can or cannot be elected or appointed for Any public or private exercise.
I said ‘almost’ because the doubt rises while observing certain recurrences ‘committed’ before our eyes and still we regard them ‘normal’ and even ‘acceptable’; like when
a)      a citizen applies for an opening as a ‘street cleaner’, he or she must present a series of authentically confirmed and updated documents, among which a state released ‘Clean Criminal Record’; whereby the state is officially certifying that the applicant (as well as his kin relatives till the third degree) did not commit, been accused or sentenced for any kind of law offending act(s) at any grade of trial procedures.. While
b)      other individuals, though confirmed bearers of definite convictions for committing various types of ‘offenses’, are happily enjoying the ‘impunity’ guaranteed  by the law just because they applied, rallied and got elected, or selected; to occupy a political functions (or to cover any other sensitive public office jobs or executive duties) and so they would keep holding tight to their ‘immune’ privilege as long as they can remain glued to their institutional seats.
The “Eligibility/Ineligibility” issue is much wider and a lot deeper than we, the simple and innocent mortals, could imagine. It involves a long history of “Systematic Repetition of Political Lies added to the “Institutional Approval for Educating Ignorance both blended with the overwhelming “Intellectual Hypocrisies to serve us a chalice full, up to its brim, of a bitter potion inducing a graceful state of anaesthetic surrender.
Once we are completely addicted and fully dependant to the lethal blend (given in regular doses at schools, mosques, TV/radio fiction series and talk-shows, in newspapers and through the media); tailored to fit laws would pass without opposition or even discussion; doubtful treaties would be approved and signed to come in force without presentation or debate to/in Parliamentary Commissions; Constitution would be vandalised; and our food would be poisoned.. All while we are peacefully smiling happily watching a mediocre soap opera or a useless football match broadcasted on a TV owned by a Parliament Delegate or a Minister of a governing Cabinet.
We drank it all in the name of “Stability for Security”.. That’s why no one ever since 1952 (and as it seems till today and perhaps even for a long time yet to come) have ever raised the question of “Conflict Of Interests”.. For it is the focal issue.. It is “The Mother Of All Ills”.. Since it eventually implies “Corruption” and procures for it every ‘legal’ measure(s) considered necessary to protect the lucky corruptors and corrupted.
Measures developed and matured through the years by the long trail of tailor made laws or decrees, the specially ordered and manufactured Election laws with their regulations, and the frequent constitutional vandalism establishing the subordination of the ‘Juridical’ under the ‘Executive’.. All together did eventually serve to cement into our brains a special ability to convert the abnormal into a banal normality, and the irrational into the synthesis of rationality; so that the illegal becomes the indisputable definition for legality!
Back to the “eligibility/ineligibility” issue.. Given the example of a ‘Parliament Delegate’, or a ‘Minister’ in the Cabinet, owner (or share-holder) of a TV net, a newspaper or even a publishing firm; we could agree on its clamorous representation as the essence of the “Conflict Of Interests” disturbing matter. Even though it has been repeatedly defended, for a very long time and still is, by the kind of ‘intellectuals’ (regular hosts of the TV net or journalists on the payroll of the newspaper and philosophers writing through the publishing firm) whose defence argument have always been something like:
“We remain convinced that the ‘Law’ excludes the eligibility of the owner of a firm officially licensed by the state. However it is evident that a political majority cannot today overturn the judgement of many previous terms of legislatures, without exercising certain violence harming and punishing many voters”.
Which is exactly like saying: “as a serial killer already have murdered many persons and got away with it, should he kill once more we cannot arrest and put him on trial; otherwise it would be an obvious act of violence against his accomplices”!!??!!
Pass On The Word.
PS: This is only the tip of a giant iceberg.. The submerged body of such a hazard, which is still drifting in our waters and jeopardising the navigation course for a  Democracy trying to reach its safe harbour; cannot be addressed in one article.. I’ll try to further elaborate in future ones Insha’Allah.

PsyOps*: The Hollywood Miracle.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 20th 2013.
Sometime in the 80s of last century, and while delivering the traditional “thank you mom” speech, for receiving his second golden statuette named Oscar; he said: “…holding this doesn’t mean that I am the best, it means I am one of the best.. There are over 250000 individuals working in the wonderful American Movie Industry.. I know all the sufferings and sacrifices each and every one of them is giving and will continue to give.. This distinguished recognition I’m holding in my hand before you now, I’m receiving it on behalf of all the magnificent men and women sharing our glorious career, and contributing in the perfection of our noble art …..”.
As the globalization process matured, competition got more fierce with Europe and Asia in every thinkable human activity, no less comes that ‘noble’ art of illusions.. So in order to stand up high and maintain a better share of the international entertainment pie, Hollywood came up with the most brilliant, even genius, idea of all its history: Exploit and master the TV fiction production.
Hollywood decided to use the utmost potentials of its army of first, second and third raw artists, technicians, directors, producers, script writers, drivers, light directors, composers, stunt specialists, costume designers, set decorators, cameramen, make-up experts, sound and visual effects studios, extras and background figures, digital/HD/3D laboratories, animation experts…Etc;  to invade the small flat screen by a “Shock & Awe” type bombardment of TV series, having as objective to:
a)      produce an avalanche of relatively low cost series, of every genre on the basis of consequential production by seasons each of 10 to 20 episodes of 40 to 45 minutes each, to be perfectly worked out on the same technical basis of modern movies production, and cleverly marketed worldwide in a way to monopolise prime time airing and to generate endless cascades of revenues and profits;
b)      reinvest the continuous flow of profits in training new entries, creating more series, in order to expand the dominion over thousands of networks worldwide;
c)      Allocate the bulk of the revenues to conventional movie productions, whether for summer holidays or for the Oscars; and
d)      use such dominance to convey whatever ‘cultural’ message(s) America wants to divulge and spread around the entire world.. Specially the third world aka Developing Countries.  
Well prepared.. Excellently produced.. Perfectly written.. Professionally executed and played.. Wrapped and sealed to cover all political, cultural and social domains; and to serve every conceivable objective.. NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Touch, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town, Lie To Me, Lost, Mad Men, Criminal Minds.. And many many more. Each serving its own patron for a specially designed objective.
Let us have NCIS to demonstrate what I mean.. At first when G. W. Bush was President, the production was completely oriented to convince the world how important it is to conduct a merciless war against ‘Terrorism’ (today referred to as terror).. To do so Hollywood’s producing studios received generous contributions from the Pentagon and the CIA in terms of sponsoring funds as well as technical and logistical assistance; to enhance its capabilities to build-up these characters designed to seem at the same time heroically patriotic as cult, intellect and sensitively observant to the ‘other’.
Later on when the democrats came to office, NCIS found a way to introduce the contradicting figure of the Israeli Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva Davìd, the daughter of the Director of Israel’s main intelligence agency, the Mossad, whom is a ruthless assassin with a golden heart; a person who is young, intelligent, ambitious, cruel, tender, seductive yet decent, extremely well trained and highly motivated as to become almost the perfect female icon of Israel’s supremacy. Mostly convenient to represent Israel’ s modern image and to fluidly convince the audience that Israel ties with the US agencies are indispensable, well knitted and growing to last.
Another example are the CSI tribe.. They all are targeting mainly one objective: to convince and educate the world that it is alright and even necessarily vital that whatever personal liberties be sacrificed and privacies become subject to constant easy and tolerated institutional profanation; all is well as long as it serves the endless war on terror.. The people of the entire world must accept that their mail, phone, e-mail, bank account, travel, jokes, sport, marriage, divorce, love, belief, work, blog, car, purchases and even trash are monitored, controlled and analysed!!
Other series of an apparent ‘social’ aspect vested tragic-comic.. Actually I can’t define, or comment, what is the end message or cultural values to draw out of something like “Desperate Housewives”, or the one dispensed generously by another series with similar  ‘social’ characteristics delivered as “Cougar Town”.. Such genre can result funny and somehow entertaining, but its ‘too liberal, too blunt and too vulgar’ aspect can be a matter of serious discussions.. Knowing that the religiously observant and family values promoter United States is the origin of that globalised cultural exports.
I don’t consider myself a moralist, but I know that TV and Art are the most impressive education mediums man have ever developed since the ancient Greek ones: ‘Agora’ and ‘Theatre’.   
My point is that we must educate ourselves to regain our initial primordial critical mind if we want to develop our thoughts, convictions, ideas and beliefs; in order to better form and tutor our youngest generations on how to meet the complicated challenges of modern times.. Times where we all are living hypnotised inside an HD/Led flat screen.
Throw away the remote control to free yourself from an addiction worse than synthetic drugs, because it leaves you vulnerable, full stop. Vulnerable not only to a specific virus or decease; but to anything and everything.. Because you allowed your brain to concede your mind to someone who doesn’t want anything more in the world but your money on top of your soul.
Pass On The Word.
*PsyOps stands for “Psychological Operations”..  An integral part of America’s Psychological Warfare Program.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Review to Destroy?!?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 17th 2013.
“Let us altogether observe a serene moment of silence in honour of our so dear departed Reason’ with its partner Will Of The People’ both fallen in their battle defending ‘Legality’ in search for ‘Democracy’.. May they rest in everlasting peace”.
An expression like “The Moral Issue” is by now completely void.. Empty.. Hollow.. Useless.. It is not anymore quite sufficient in any way to describe the cultural, political, ethical, or even semantic devastation of a Political Party that have nothing of his own to say about anything, so it borrows the exact same words of its presumed adversaries or opponents.
Like “It has become obvious that there is an urgent need to reform our ‘politicised Juridical System”; today they, that Political Party joining his presumed opponents’ theorem, are all shouting out loud calling for the urgent priority and the absolute necessity to “Review The Juridical Bar’s overall performance in order to set the required structural and functional reforms”.
And they will agree to promote, through their well paid servile media, the French system as ‘The’ example to follow.. Whereas the entire nationwide organisational structure of the General Prosecutor’s Department depend totally and report solely to the Government.. Well, how strange! Wasn’t that the exact example adopted ever since the 1923 constitution?  
Meaning that the entire national investigative organ, while being an integral functional part of the Juridical Authority whose main task is to control the Executive (Presidency & Government) Authority’s performance and adherence to the law; is at the same time the loyal subordinate to the very subject (Presidency & Government) of its main task.. Is the ‘do/don’t’ dependant of the Executive Authority.. And as if that is not enough, moreover the Appeal Magistrates are on their turn judged by a Special Disciplinary Court consisted in two thirds by politicians.
If that could be applied in a country like France, which provided us with the first complete manual for how to organise and lead a people’s revolution, and bring it in time to fulfill and achieve its objectives. It took the French Revolution’s legislators almost a century to mature, in the fertile grounds of Secularism, the exemplary French Code. A century to develop a nation’s education and to evolve its civil culture. That’s why the Juridical System is well founded upon the solid understanding of right and wrong; the sound observation to duties/rights equation; and the undistorted comprehension of the responsibilities anchoring the Public Service.
It is a must here to honestly and objectively observe that our political life at the time (from the late 19th century till the second world war of the 20th) sprang up by strong parties competing among each other in competitive rivalry. It is equally just and as well imperative that we’d admit the fact that those days’ politicians were another breed of intellectual Élite Politique, elevated and educated according to a sound and well rooted civil and moral traditions guided their ways; whether in Parliament, in Government, or in the Administration.. And the press made its way of sufferance and sacrifices to inform and educate.     
‘Review’ in order to ‘Reform’ of the juridical system, in my opinion, is a bluntly organised act of demolition targeting a main fundament of a democracy: The Separation between the institutional powers and the Autonomy of the Authorities. This should be the issue put in discussion.. Will our ‘intellectuals’ move this time?? Somewhere surely there is an Egyptian Jean Jacques Rousseau.. and I call on him, wherever he (or she) might be, to come forward and do his/her part.
Otherwise we will be celebrating the requiem sermon (highlighted here on top) of our dead means for a better end: a future embraced and protected by Legality.
 Pass On The Word.
You want Justice Reforms? Take this:
…then it will be said that “they have only put him in the cage, and there is always the ‘Presumption of Innocence’, let us wait trustfully the Supreme Court’s judgement pronounced at the third grade of the procedures within 12 or 15 years”!!!!!!!!!!