The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Glorifying The Capital*

(The Apotheosis of the Money.)

Modern economy moves Capital, a few centuries ago economy moved slaves. However exchanging in time the order of slaves and that of capital, the process didn’t change much: the concentration of capital increases with the increment of slaves.
“More than nine million slaves were deported cross the Atlantic between 1451 and 1870. Another million, if not more, didn’t survive the crossing, while an uncalculated number died during the transfer trip from the capture zone to shipping docks. The European passion for sugar has been the main incentive of the treat.”
Slaves were engaged in growing sugar canes plantations to be exported to Europe. Today, the economy aims for cheap market price slaves, low-cost manpower, in areas of the world where social guarantees are practically nonexistent and where 626 is just a phone code (not an internationally recognized labor rights law).
Global economy transforms nations through metamorphosis (mutation process): The Citizen Producer  in states like Italy, Spain or Canada becomes Citizen Consumer. Capital goes where profit lies. Industries move wherever they find Citizen Producer With Lesser Rights , if fortunate enough to outlive Citizen Slave Without Rights. Thus citizen consumer becomes unemployed, listed in unemployment charity aid system, part-timer, accused of being unwilling to work at slave salary and with no rights. If he strikes (which is becoming useless) in the era of worldwide globalization, he will be accused of wanting to follow the world football championships. Henceforth, and without noticing, Citizen Consumer mutates and becomes Citizen Slave.
Should he likes to keep a job, no problem: capital laws are clear, he must compete head to head with other slaves. If he renounces to any right, to pension, to end of contract compensation, to security, he is most welcome.
It’s the era of Glorifying The Capital which flattens the world into a Global Slavery. Exploiting it where it already exists and creates it where it doesn’t. Who keeps the capital gets richer all the time, while the globally exploited gets poorer all the time.
While evolving, Capital has freed itself from the states, mostly has become the State, corrupts the State, elects its Politico-Managers. Modern State is founded on Capital thus developing Slavery with a few spoons of Sugar.
* “Apoteosi” of Capital: From John READER’s book “Africa”.

Important quotes to better understand:
1.       Classic Slavery imposed providing the “individual” with housing and food, while Modern Economic Slavery imposes the “individual” to feed and help himself, only by himself. Thus unconsciously would eventually turn into a controllable (flexible) Salary Slave.
2.       When president Lincoln decided to create a banknote independent from European Banks and entirely free of debt called “GREENBACK”, immediately after a document circulated among European and American Private Banks called The Hazard Circular. Here is part of it:“…slavery is nothing but the property of labor which implies taking care of labor force, whereas European Plan persists that Capital should control labor by controlling wages. This can only be done through controlling money supply. It cannot be permitted the introduction of the Greenback, which we cannot control”.
The Hazard Circular 1862.
3.       No one could be enslaved in the most distressing way than he who falsely believes of being FREE.
Johann Wolfgang Von Gœthe
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