The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Modern Man is So Confused!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS (From Marco Travaglio’s editorial of August 21st 2014).
In 1979, when the Soviet armed forces invaded Afghanistan (no one really remembers why); the Americans and their western allies rushed to arm and finance the Mujahedin, whom at the time considered the “Partisans for a just cause, the resistance to the Red Army”
After the Soviet army made its exit  out from the country, the Americans and their western allies attacked Afghanistan, having for excuse to “fight Al Qaeda after the fall of the Twin Towers” (which had nothing to do with Taliban or Al Qaeda, the Saudis did it); so the Afghan Mujahedin used the remains of the western funds and arms to defend themselves against another invasion, thus became “Terrorists”.
Result: instead of bringing democracy to Kabul, the western forced have delivered Afghanistan to the Taliban.
A little further, between 1980 and 1988, a fierce war burst in the Gulf area between Iran of the Shia Ayatollah and Iraq of the dictatorship of the laic but pro-Sunni Saddam Hussein. Of course, and once again the Americans and their western allies financed and armed Iraq to the teeth to stand against the “Iranian Terrorists”; closing both eyes when Saddam exterminated Iraqi Kurds in cahoots with Turkey a western ally in NATO (using the supplied western weapons including chemical and biological WMD).
In 1990, after hustling him into Kuwait, the Americans and their western allies decided that Saddam is a “Terrorist”; thus mounted up a coalition including almost all the Arab League members into a “Just War” against Iraq.
Later on in 2003 they re-attacked (invaded) Iraq, this time to: a) eliminate its arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destructions (initially supplied by the Americans and their western allies; and never found any trace of it); b) to cut Saddam’s ties with Bin Laden (never proven existent, eventually both Saddam and Bin Laden were sentenced to death in turn); c) remove Saddam, d) hang Saddam; and e) even bring democracy to Iraq.
The results materialising from of the “Forced Democratisation” of Iraq are well noted: the Shiites raised their heads unleashing the demons of a fierce long civil war against the Sunnites, and, by effect of a contagious infection, Syria exploded in a systematic exterminations ordered by “Assad the Tyrant”.
A multiple collateral effect: the birth of the “Islamic Caliphate” in Syria and Northern Iraq, commonly baptised ‘ISIS’, a ‘Foreign Legion’ of 30 thousand men recruited amongst the most extremist of extremist Sunnites in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia and Europe; ferocious against all other religious confessions: Christians, Jews, Shiites, Kurds and Yasidis. And what to do to defend those? Here came the brilliant idea “The Americans and their western allies must arm them against those whom the Americans and their western allies have previously armed and never cared to disarm”!
Remember Abdullah Öcalan? The Kurdish leader of the “Turkish Kurds Independence Party”, whom in 1998 got extradited from Russia to land in Italy first welcomed by its Socialist Government to which he officially demanded ‘Political Asylum’ , and later on, under American and Turkish pressures, earned the lable ‘Terrorist’ and once more got expedited to Kenya where he was captured by Turkish agents, imprisoned and sentenced to death, later on switched to life sentence.
Then came another counter-order: Kurds are no longer terrorists, but once again “Freedom Fighters” (at least those Iraqis, for the Turkish Kurds no-body knows yet). They must be armed, financed, trained and supported; but in anyway forget about the “Humanitarian Aids” bit.
In the meantime, the Americans and their western allies have converted the status of Iraq to “non-priority to cooperation for development”! No food, or medicines, or funds, or hospitals, or reconstruction projects.. Only arms.
The policies of the Americans and their western allies in the Middle East recall the Italian rhyme of Branduardi “La fiera dell’Est” (literally The Fair of the East); if translated become like this:
“and came the water that extinguished that fire the burnt the stick that hit the dog that bit the cat that ate the mouse that, at the market, my father bought”!!
Pass On The Word.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Confused values.

Arrogance.. Envy.. Murder.. Treason.. Theft.. Usury.. Adultery.. Gluttony.. Greed.. Avarice.. Vanity.. Lust.. Gossip.. Slander.. Extortion.. Rape.. Cheat.. Lie.. And many other characteristics that are normally presented by the principle pedagogic institutions (family, school, religion) to show us exactly the “Wrong” or “Evil” to be placed  under the headings ‘Not To Do’ or the ‘Not To Be’. They are all considered “Villainies” by which we can classify people, in order to distinguish ‘Good’ from ‘Bad’ and decide accordingly how or where to place them in our lives.
However, and for some mysterious incomprehensive reason, we have accepted these very same wrong and evil villainies and have somehow allowed their legitimate practicing to States.. To Governments.. To Politicians.. To Artists.. Or whomever may please us. Only to justify our moral fragility. Or maybe even to convince ourselves ‘Bad’ isn’t that bad; so that doing a little evil for a greater good is OK! Forgetting that what seem so little today is destined to grow bigger tomorrow; and shall swallow the Greater Good we thought it had procured in the first place.
That is the point at which, if some moral vigilance still reside, we may realise how our fundamental moral values have completely mutated into their precise opposite. Whereas wrong became right, evil overturned into good and villainy welcomed as politeness or even kindness.
The moment we’ve accepted and allowed these, by such indifference as exhibited today and without reservations or resentments, is the moment to declare the glorious victory of Barbarism and the clamorous defeat of Humanity.
Let us then align altogether patiently in a fine long queue to sign in turn the golden book of our unconditional surrender. And don’t dare to complaint because you’ve traded your fundamental Human Values for a Tablet and a 3D Dolby Surround Home Theatre.

Forgive me for I have exaggerated.. You’ve traded them for a miserable 2nd hand 10 pounds cell phone.
Pass On The Word.

Balance Sheet of an exercise of governance.

The nature and the programme of the July 1952 Revolution (Coup) were expressed in the famous “Six Principles” set forth by Nasser:
1.      Liberation of the country from colonialism and its network of agents; 
2.      liquidation of feudalism;
3.      elimination of the rule of capital over state power; 
4.      establishment of social justice;
5.      creation of a national army; and
6.      democratisation of Egypt’s internal life.
After 60 years of Military rule, who can tell which of these principles has really and fully went to port? Let us review them one by one.
       I.            Nasser may have succeeded to free Egypt from foreign occupation by signing the evacuation agreement with the British; but he contrasted his own principles by handing over the country first to Soviets (the High Dam), then lost Sinai to Israel. And his followers delivered Egypt as an easy prey to the jaws of international Financial Institutions ( loans + SAPs), to the USA (Technical Assistance + Military aids…Etc) and to Israel (uneven commercial and industrial treaties).
    II.            The 1960s revolutionary laws to limit the land-ownerships and to redistribute properties, overlooked the negative aspects presented in the fact that it created one major Feudal Patron (the state), delegating his responsibilities to too many bailiffs; thus forming an army of parasites working on behalf of the state owned Agriculture Credit Banks. And the farmers (turned into owners of very small lands) became more indebted than before which lead most of them to migrate (Remember the forced emigration to Iraq in the late 60s?). Adding official corruption and wrong politics with mismanaging water resources, Egypt reached the phase where it couldn’t decide on its own which crops to cultivate ( deterioration of the cotton business, the wheat, the rice…etc). Even today there are many (Egyptians and none) who became land-owners of more than 10000 acres, recruiting under aged boys and girls to work part time in inhuman environments, exposed to cancer provoking chemicals with no health care whatsoever! Worse than before 1952.
 III.            Right after Nasser’s death, Egypt opened completely to the Free Market while on paper (constitution) it was still considered a Social State. That created a chaotic management of the Public Sector which has lead to substantial losses and gave room to the debtors to present their conditions of Privatisation to protect their “Interests”. (Khedive Tewfik was criticised by the Revolutionary Hierarchies of doing exactly the same).
  IV.            The long history marked by Police abuse of force and power over citizens (subjects) from Shaarawy Gomaa to Nabil Badr passing by Mamdouh Salem and many others, are testimonials of an era signed by the total absence of Social Justice.. On the other hand, there are still 80% of the population out from the Social Security Umbrella (No Welfare at all). Needless to say any word on Education, Health, Information, Culture  or Justice.
     V.            As a matter of fact, only the fifth principle did partially materialise, yet not totally in full because our armed forces, though have proved skilful and modern, were never logistically allowed to stand head to head with other regional powers like Israel, Iran, Iraq or Turkey. Until today, our weaponry is still at least one step behind, is defensive, is controlled by foreign inspections to determine its developing.(Pentagon and NATO Liaison Officers) under the pretext of monitoring the right appliance of the Military growth to the Aids objectives and time tables.
As for the last principle, I believe that the latest events of the past two years are sufficient enough to mark the degree of our Democratic achievements.. After 60  long Years, full of sacrifices.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Il Primo Sangue.

Di: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli,  14 Agosto 2014.
Il Razzismo è profondamente insito nella cultura post coloniale. La schiavitù dei popoli Africani, la pulizia etnica dei Nativi Americani e l’imperialismo colonialista sono i semi intrecciati per creare un Razzismo i cui impatti infliggono dolori fino ad oggi.
Un esempio quasi dimenticato, dalla triste storia ‘umana’ del razzismo dei colonizzatori che si vedono superiori agli altri, è certamente la lunga storia degli “Zoo Umani” dove gli Africani ed altri indigeni di popoli conquistati diventano “Esemplari” da esibire nelle gabbie esattamente come animali. Uomini, donne e bambini rapiti ed esibiti nei parchi chiamati “Human ZOO”!

Questa storia era cominciata dal XV° secolo e fino agli anni cinquanta del XX°. Ecco qualche foto d’archivio che ho scelto dal sito:

Why indifference has turned out to be ‘The’ solution?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 18th 2014.
A century ago, WWI was defined as “the war to terminate all wars”. Through the 50s and 60s the supporters of nuclear deterrence theorised an equilibrium, made from the atomic terror, that would always maintain conflicts between nations less frequent. And 25 years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall celebrated “the end of story”, the arrival of a dominant unique politico-economical model (the Capitalistic Democracy); meaning also the exhaustion of all structural causes for conflicts.
They were all wrong, those definitions, theories and celebrations.. The slaughters in Verdun and Sedan didn’t stop two decades later Dansk, Dresden or Hiroshima.. The Cold war coexisted with many Regional conflicts.. And 1989 was followed by September 11th 2001 dragging the entire world into its shocking repercussions.
According to the 2013 report of the “Institute for Economics and Peace” (IEP), out 0f 162 countries only 11 enjoy peace. In an interview to “The Independent , the English daily newspaper; Ms. Camilla Schippa (director of the IEP) said: “the classifications measure also direct and indirect involvement in wars or conflicts far from proper national borders. The criterion which defines true peace then is the ‘Non Participation’ in whichever controversy between governments and territories, by resort to arms, and that would cause at least 25 deaths in a year”.

The World’s Peace Map: as per the IEP this was the world at the closure of 2013. Classifying the countries from most peaceful in dark green to those mostly in conflicts coloured in red. We distinguish the most peaceful countries: Switzerland, Japan, Qatar, Mauritius, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Panama, and Brazil.
However, if the IEP also consider the selling of weapons to parties in conflict, or training either party, is an indirect involvement in war; then there is no peaceful land to be found on our planet.
Maybe that explains your apparent dullness, or indifference, before the grievances and pains which are infecting our world. Perhaps because they are too many to follow or too much to bear? There was a time when for every sinking ship, every bomb used in each war you’d succeed to see men, one by one.. A time when you were able to imagine their dismay, their terror and their desperation.. As if they were your dear ones.. Yourself.
Today, not anymore. The butcheries of ISIS, the massacres of the children in Gaza, or the women’s laceration by Boko Haram: you don’t want to know or read.. You just carefully fold and put away the newspaper or press the remote control in search for a funnier channel.. You just change the subject when the discussion seem to get near the issue. Why? No, not only pain.
·         It’s a “sense of guilt”, because, without noticing, you have already abandoned the dreams to fight for a better world or to change it.
·         It’s “resignation”, because you have decided that your time is passing away and neither you or your generation have managed to stop war.
·         It’s “remorse”, because you have discovered becoming used to your own ‘peace’ and can’t distinguish anymore how many wars are still roaring around.
There were days when you would have proven disgust before the slaughters in the Middle East and elsewhere, and experience nausea from the European Banks complicity in the victories of the bloody narcos. Today, no. Even you have found yourself adequate justifications. Using words like “Realism”, “Impotence” and “Crisis”; which permit you to concentrate every your preoccupation upon this tiny little world of yours.
Make your escapes to the desert, to the beach and under the waves.. Expose your laziness to the sun for a better tan.. Do whatever it would take to put away these thoughts and to enjoy your small tiny little corner made of an imaginary small peace.. In vain.. Because the victims, the dead, the mutilated, the tortured and the lacerated were all your equal, and you can still hear their screaming cries just as you were much younger. And finally you’ll discover that it wasn’t quit sufficient escaping into the desert, or to the beach and under the waves to evade that thought.
Pass On The Word.
Ø  Federico Rampini – La Repubblica.
Ø  Ferruccio Sansa – Il Fatto Quotidiano.
Ø  The Peace Mapi s courtesy of La Repubblica for the IEP.

Conventional Education is the solution.

Prof. Benedetto Vertecchi, of Rome University and founder of the International Laboratory for Experimental Pedagogy, sustains that computers in schools are of no valid evolutionary impact upon the education process. In support of his thesis he said:
“ know that I still remember when there were the 78’ slate discs? Then we passed onto the 33’ vinyl, the flexible plastic 45’, the magnetic tapes, the CDs, till the hard-disks and lately the Cloud. Imagine in a thirteen years scholar journey, from the first year in elementary until the conclusion of high school years, how many technological revolutions the students will witness and go through? I believe that if we concentrate education on the use of digital resources, we will commit the time and intelligence of our children in apprenticeships that serve at nothing and destine them, along with our civilization, to a rapid decadence”.
Following the same thread, Dr. Manfred Spitzer (German psychiatrist author of “Digital Madness. How new technology made us Stupid”); while demonstrating that ‘New’ do not mean ‘Good’ explains that: “…computer to education is like a bicycle to swimming.. By dragging a word with a finger from point A to point B over a touch screen, I am computing the most superficial action one could do with a word. Just reading and copying it is a much more complex operation, that help capturing it mentally”.
The most significant paradox is that in the Wardorf School in the Silicon Valley, mainly frequented by children whose parents are managers working for the world’s most reputed icons of the digital ware producers and web servers as Apple, Microsoft and Google; all digital means were completely banned!
This is for your information, so you can decide what is it that you wish for your children, your family and your country..
Pass On The Word.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

L’argent fait la guerre!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 8th 2014.
To those who believe that what’s happening in that boiling and tumultuous region, known as the Middle East, is nothing but the repercussions of an old unsettled business.. One that ‘History’ baptised “The Crusades”; to them I say that the appearances may seem perfectly symmetric, but only in one single aspect: the use of religion as an accelerating factor to ignite larger fires, more difficult to tame and much longer to last. So let us agree to what we know in that regard, before jumping to some quick conclusions which could lead us to the wrong decisions. Five successive generations have already had their share of that.. Hasty wrong decisions I mean.
The Colonial campaigns – known as Crusades - were fought mainly by Roman Catholic forces against Muslims for a mixture of religious, economic, and political reasons; and they have produced far-reaching political, economic, and social impacts, some of which have lasted into contemporary times.
The immediate cause of the First Crusade was the appeal of the Byzantine emperor ‘Alexios I’ to Pope ‘Urban II’* calling for mercenaries to help him resist Muslim advances into territory of the Byzantine Empire. In 1071, at the Battle of Manzikert, the Byzantine Empire was defeated, which led to the loss of all of Asia Minor.
And that is what History keeps telling us. But today, I fear that the drums of another “Holy War against the Infidel” are once again beating loudly in either sides, the Christian as well as the Muslim.
Now that the Roman Catholic Church, having temporarily shelved the “Cultural Dialogue for Consolidation”; to thrive harder and unite with the Eastern Orthodox and other Christian churches to contain the tidal wave of conservative extremism, presented by a more radical right all over the Christian world, before resuming its intended Dialogue with Jewish and Muslim world; we observe that Western Geo-political aspirations dictate another agenda where dialogue was never a topic on its priority list. The agenda, as always, is set to: a) aggravate religious differences and use that to; b) stimulate cultural and sectarian adversities in order to; c) destabilise areas of strategic interest so that, d) armed conflicts become inevitable, and e) the immediate intervention would be a must. Under whichever name: Humanitarian Aids, Technical Assistance, Intelligence Gathering, Training, or simply “Protect our Nationals working and living there”. Anything except the truth.. That it’s all about “Possession and Control of RESOURCES”.

In both sides, the matter was never, and will never be, Faith or Religion.. Not even to ensure Justice.. It’s only about power. And Religion alas is only a perfect cover-up.. A pretext.. An incentive.. A motivation.. Nothing more. Just look at this figure (representing the “Nations where Christians are menaced or persecuted and haunted”) to realise how media use misinformation techniques to mobilise the lazy and unaware public opinion to doubt and fear the “Muslim Next Door” who’d soon be turned into the “Terrorist Next Door”.

But then, I have to admit that the root cause of such a permanent incurable “Chronic Hang-Over” is the only expected result of man’s persistence on getting drunk of an ancient heavy blend made from emotional judgement seasoned with ignorance mixed with poverty all shaken well then aged in old tribal cult casks by a shrewd Bartender who’d carefully pour it inside the Indifference Cup. Cheer up and raise your glasses, you’re most welcome at the Globalisation Bar open 24 hours 365 days.
Right or wrong, sacred or profane, the conflict is decided and is on.. Just take a look at the head-lines of the press in any camp: Christian, Muslim or Jewish; in West or in the East, North or South.. You’ll find an aggravated exchange of the exact same words here and there.. Terms like: Infidels, Holy War, Devil Worshipers, Apostles of Satan, Criminals, Assassins, Terrorists, Good vs. Evil, Hell, Paradise…etc. Both demanding “Plenary Indulgence”  and promising an eternal infinite life in Paradise.
I say that those who believe and follow such ‘Propaganda’ (whether Jews, Muslims or Christians) may have read their “Holy Book” or even recite them in full blindly; but haven’t understood a single syllable of their teachings. And because only the “Merchants of the Temple” are the ones collecting gains out of war, better a Holy one; as long as they keep blowing strong gusts of hate over its fires. But your son and my nephew will aliment these fires burning under the crucible of that boiling hate.
Can’t we all have some time to take a closer and wiser look into our BOOKS, and try to really understand what Allah actually expects from us; instead of cancelling our brains and lending emotionally our ears to a handful of unscrupulous ‘Pastors’ preaching prejudice, hate, intolerance and exclusion of the ‘Other’!! And for what? Not for the Eternal Paradise, but for Oil, Gas, Water, Diamond, Uranium, Food, Power, Territory…Etc.
Believe me, your son and my nephew will not have a share in any of those.
Pass On The Word.
·         When two forces grow strong, their conflict is inevitable..
·         When a Catholic Hitler, preaching his “Aryan Supremacy” above every other race or belief, forced his Reich over Europe, and aimed at the rest of the world to become his Empire, he called it sacred to pursue Evil; but no one called his mad slaughter “Conflict of Cultures”.
·         When the Soviet American 40 years power race was named “Cold War”; though apparently it seemed a confrontation of the Western Roman Catholic before the Eastern Byzantine Orthodox doctrines; not a single historian, scholar or analyst referred to it as an ideological or a religious struggle.
·         But whenever, throughout many human civilisation’s life cycles, the Arabs (or any population in Africa or Asia) got strong enough to reach higher helms than Western expectations (in arms, in science, philosophy, resources, culture, politics…etc.) or possessed larger fortunes; the war drums beats got stronger, and the blood spelled filled wide green valleys creating large crimson lakes breeding pain and cultivating hate, thus corroding the banks of faith and drowning reason. And of course religion, belief and faith will remain the centre-stage protagonists smartly exhibited under blinding bright spot lights, just to keep anything else hidden in the shadow.
Name it as you wish, but be certain that all of that is, and will always remain, nothing else but the old Western Empires’ Geo-Political Hegemony race, triggering an emotionally volatile Oriental reactions.
Otherwise why Hate Crimes are punishable in every Penal Code, and Hate Wars aren’t?? 
*In November of 1095, Pope Urban II initiated the first European attempt at colonising the Muslim world - known in the West as the Crusades - by drawing this fateful picture:
“For you must hasten to carry aid to your brethren dwelling in the East, who need your help, which they have often asked. For the Turks, a Persian people, have attacked them I exhort you with earnest prayer - not I, but God - that, as heralds of Christ, you urge men by frequent exhortation, men of all ranks, knights as well as foot soldiers, rich as well as poor, to hasten to exterminate this vile race from the lands of your brethren Christ commands it. And if those who set out thither should lose their lives on the way by land, or in crossing the sea, or in fighting the pagans, their sins shall be remitted. Oh what a disgrace, if a race so despised, base, and the instrument of demons, should so overcome a people endowed with faith in the all-powerful God, and resplendent with the name of Christ. Let those who have been accustomed to make private war against the faithful carry on to a successful issue a war against the infidels. Let those who for a long time have been robbers now become soldiers of Christ. Let those who fought against brothers and relatives now fight against these barbarians. Let them zealously undertake the journey under the guidance of the Lord”.
               Extracted From: The Utility of Islamic Imagery in the West (Part 2 of 4) Author: J.A. Progler

Friday, 8 August 2014

A Bloody Awakening.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August the 3rd 2014.

We should know by now that Israel’s offensive over the Strip was nothing but smoke in the eyes of innocent curious observers, and that the real objectives were the underwater oil and gas reserves (see fig. A). Having almost settled its struggle with Cyprus over extraction rights and territorial waters, now came the turn to put its hands over the tiny little stretch of sea accorded to the Gaza Strip as territorial waters; in which British Gas took obtained from the Palestinian administration the licence to explore.
Figure A
Hence, the apparent ‘neutrality’ of Egypt exhibited in a slow cold approach regarding the question of Gaza; considering a possible “Entente over Marine I & II sharing deal(s) added to the American full endorsement (political, diplomatic, financial and logistic.. But not Economic) to the New Egyptian Administration (viewing the confessions of Hillary Rodham Clinton in her published mémoires, regarding the promises/accords with Morsi’s administration regarding Gaza/Sinai).
It is fair to mention that while completely engaged in a fierce internal struggle to secure a firm grip on power, Cairo’s new man engineered a massive PR campaign to mobilise the Egyptian public opinion for the full endorsement to the latest Pharaonic finding: “The New Suez Canal”! A gigantic project around which the hopes for social unification are knotted; same as what the Aswan High Dam did back in the sixties.
Now, let us use a wide angle lens, better a panoramic one, to see a broader view of a puzzle where Gaza and its aches are only a single piece. Have an attentive look at the “New Middle East” map to understand the horrifying shape of a new growing danger of various apparently radical Islamic groups self-proclaimed as “Caliphate” or “Islamic Emirate” (see fig. B).
Figure B
·         Malì’s Ansar Eddin and the Mujwa fighters declared the “Timbuktu Islamic Emirate”;
·         Nigeria’s Boko Haram plans to establish an Islamic Emirate;
·         Libya’s Ansar AsSharìaa fighters declared their “Benghazi Islamic Emirate”;
·         Somalia’s AsShabab radical group modified its label in “Islamic Emirate of Somalia”;
·         Yemen’s Aqap oretends south and east of the already shattered country;
·         Syria and Iraq are slowly burning in the new flames of the fire ignited by a fierce rivalry putting ISIS (the Islamic State in Syria & Iraq, intended to expand its influence over the entire Middle East and North Africa) face to face with Jabhat Al Nusra (already established its proper ‘Emirate’ over the northern parts of Syria);
·         Afghanistan’s Taliban have always preserved within their profile the definition of “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”;
·         The “Caucasian Islamic Emirate” is projected by the region’s Jihad fighters to include Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Karacaj-Circatia, Krasnodarskij Karaj, and Azerbaijan.
As you may have noticed, figure B components suggest a near to close circle of Radical Islamism over the Middle East territories, coming directly in collision with the “New Great Middle East Project” already declared and in phase of frenetic active execution.
Adding the Ukraine crisis and the crumbling of Europe’s political tradition surprised by the uprising of a strong and unscrupulous Extreme Right movements defying a helplessly feeble and unidentifiable Left; the full size of the danger will immediately materialise. The very clear and eminent danger that is promising to shape geo-politically the entire world.. Or what’s left of it..
Maybe when we’ll get tired of living the daily threat of this “Tribal Bloody Awakening”, we would realise that we were narcotised by sport shows, reality shows, talk shows and late night shows, all designed on purpose to convince and educate us that we’re living an endless and secure ‘PEACE’!
We may even know for sure that we have never lived in peace during the past seventy years.. Maybe we will understand then that it was always nothing else but an endless gigantic Charade.
Personally I fear the consequences of a dawning mysterious conflict involving Egypt directly: Libya!
Pass On The Word.
NB: Is there a relation of any kind between the sudden Ebola outbreak (all over the Boko Haram Areas) and the French and NATO forces intervention in these parts?