The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Confused values.

Arrogance.. Envy.. Murder.. Treason.. Theft.. Usury.. Adultery.. Gluttony.. Greed.. Avarice.. Vanity.. Lust.. Gossip.. Slander.. Extortion.. Rape.. Cheat.. Lie.. And many other characteristics that are normally presented by the principle pedagogic institutions (family, school, religion) to show us exactly the “Wrong” or “Evil” to be placed  under the headings ‘Not To Do’ or the ‘Not To Be’. They are all considered “Villainies” by which we can classify people, in order to distinguish ‘Good’ from ‘Bad’ and decide accordingly how or where to place them in our lives.
However, and for some mysterious incomprehensive reason, we have accepted these very same wrong and evil villainies and have somehow allowed their legitimate practicing to States.. To Governments.. To Politicians.. To Artists.. Or whomever may please us. Only to justify our moral fragility. Or maybe even to convince ourselves ‘Bad’ isn’t that bad; so that doing a little evil for a greater good is OK! Forgetting that what seem so little today is destined to grow bigger tomorrow; and shall swallow the Greater Good we thought it had procured in the first place.
That is the point at which, if some moral vigilance still reside, we may realise how our fundamental moral values have completely mutated into their precise opposite. Whereas wrong became right, evil overturned into good and villainy welcomed as politeness or even kindness.
The moment we’ve accepted and allowed these, by such indifference as exhibited today and without reservations or resentments, is the moment to declare the glorious victory of Barbarism and the clamorous defeat of Humanity.
Let us then align altogether patiently in a fine long queue to sign in turn the golden book of our unconditional surrender. And don’t dare to complaint because you’ve traded your fundamental Human Values for a Tablet and a 3D Dolby Surround Home Theatre.

Forgive me for I have exaggerated.. You’ve traded them for a miserable 2nd hand 10 pounds cell phone.
Pass On The Word.

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