The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 29 November 2013

From Decadence to Disaster.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 28th 2013.
The Strategy of Tension* that all the players concerned with the Egyptian socio-political situation, in one way or another, reciprocate its origins just because the ‘other’ scribbles on/with/by the media about the “American Card” that will impose reviewing their condemning sentence(s); are calling more often rallies to the ‘Square’, and are doing whatever may seem necessary to delay the inevitable.. All that makes no sense to me.
A little because replaying the tape, at a slow motion mode, of all what everybody foresaw from the day the first of all three governments was born, amidst the turbulent development of the most important “Political Process” the country has ever encountered, till the present day of Decadence of a system that has already proven decade, in a country if defined ‘in decadence’ would be an euthanasia’s euphemism.
But most of all because of the signals sent from within the Egyptian reality.. Signals that I judge much worse and extremely alarming.. Those yes are the true precursors of an era of intense tension, that only God knows when and how it would end.. It has already showed its ugly violent face.
Criminal acts as random abductions, frequent rapes, kidnappings, extortions, homicides, tortures, religious vandalisms, smugglings, arms trade, breaking and violently assaulting private residences, a more flourishing synthetic drugs market, and the unstoppable increase in minors and women abuse almost levelling to slavery; are countered by a more distracted, more frustrated, more paranoid, more surprised, more improvising, more violent and more reactive security forces.
Crime and Violence are gradually taking the initiative over the Egyptian streets, while political gamers are concerned by “Who’s got it bigger”!! Bureaucrats, Technocrats, Autocrats, Muslims, Christians, Laics, Seculars, Salafities or Moderates they may or would be, their time is running out while the country is quickly being swallowed inside the rapids of chaos.
Is there a remedy? Indeed there is, but it would immediately require that massive employment of finances, means, structures, qualified personnel, and willing politicians; that would automatically liquidate the hope of being realisable.. At least in view of the present crisis.. And a society, blinded by the Gold Fever as ours, doesn’t seem capable of putting an end to the phenomena.    
Pass On The Word.
*The strategy of tension describes how world powers divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.  

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Firenze, November 26th 2013.
Nowadays Italy’s official and independent Media are crying Scandal on the unprecedented use of “Public Means to favour Private Interests”.
The story started few months ago when the Italian Ministry of Defence approved the deployment of the aircraft carrier “Cavour” and its group to shuttle the African Continent and the Middle East show-casing the latest products of the armament industry Made In Italy.
The ‘mission’ was fully sponsored (financed) by the seven major producers (from FM to Beretta); and its scope is an aggressive Marketing & Sales Campaign; or as Italy’s Minister of Defence Mr. Mario Mauro proudly declared “we’ve programmed a Le Bourget* in movement”!
The sad part of the story is that the supporters of the scheme are defending its intentions claiming that similar ‘initiatives’ help maintaining the industrial productivity and prevent labourers lay-offs especially in such hard times of international economic crisis.
And this is sad for a several reasons; the first may be considered ‘ethical’ for it shows how a definition of the “Legally Constituted State” becomes problematic when political power become involved in the promotional initiatives of private firms, thus sacrificing the quality of the law to the book-keepings of commercial success: MONEY.
The second is more of a speculative nature, because the producers are using the state owned ‘vehicles’ to bring their products wherever they want to go knocking on the doors of their carefully chosen convenient ‘Clients’! Chosen among countries governed by men who are generous when it comes to such expenses, but reducing the social investments to lesser than small change to widen inequality.
The third however is more devastating, because the Marketing Flotilla, while anchoring before the Italian base in Djibouti, is experimenting every new ‘product’ it has on board on the ground.. And people are dying.. They are experimenting new airplanes with the latest warheads, new stealth drones, and of course their industrial pride the Ecological Tanks and Armoured Vehicles! All these weapons are being experimented in Syria and Afghanistan after approved on the grounds of an endlessly disturbed African Horn.. And people continue to die.
The fourth and last reason represents an absurd ambiguity because art.11 of the Italian Constitution prevents Italians to cross the borders armed; and the law prohibits both the parliament and the government to approve the sales of arms to nations of doubtful Democracy.
However all of that brings me to a Latin term we studied ages ago, when studying was still a serious matter, and the term is Satrăpes”. Originally it referred to the governors of the provinces belonging to the ancient Persian Empire. Then in time it was used in relation to the Oriental Monarchs. Actually it involves any person who, while occupying an office or being assigned a charge, would irritatingly keep showing his own impotence, sometimes even by abusing of his proper authority.
Ring any bell? Saudi Arabia.. Kuwait.. Qatar.. Emirates.. Bahrain.. And many more in the misfortunate African Continent.
Which brings me to what T. E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia) wrote in an intelligence memo of January 1916 at the time describing the Arab Revolt as:
“…beneficial to us, because it marches with our immediate aims, the break-up of the Islamic 'bloc' and the defeat and disruption of the Ottoman Empire, and because the states [Sharif Hussein] would set up to succeed the Turks would be … harmless to ourselves … The Arabs are even less stable than the Turks. If properly handled they would remain in a state of political mosaic, a tissue of small jealous principalities incapable of cohesion”. 
Pass On The Word.
*Le Bourget: the Parisian suburb Fair Grounds where the annual air show is held to present the related latest civil and military productions. 

Power or Influence?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 25th 2013.
I think that now, more than ever, we need to have a much better understanding of “Power” in order to clearly identify who is to be qualified as the ‘powerful’, more precisely: The Potent. Because I fear that it has become equivocal the confused use of the term ‘power’ and its true measuring criterion: “Influence”, that is the capacity to weigh over other people’s decisions.
To simplify the scope of my quest, I invite you to answer the following easy questions:
·         Who’s more powerful: the Child or the Parents?
·         Who’s more powerful: the Class Bully or the School Headmaster?
·         Who’s more powerful: the Minister of Education and Scientific Research or the National Assembly Of the Universities’ Deans?
·         Who’s more powerful: the Reader or the Writer?
·         Who’s more powerful: the Voter or the Candidate?
·         Who’s more powerful: the Poet or the Soldier?
·         Who’s more powerful: the People or the President?
Now repeat the same exercise using ‘Influential’ instead of ‘Powerful’.. And once you’ve answered these simple interrogatives, which I’m certain wasn’t quite an easy exercise; you can measure the ratio Power/Influence anywhere and everywhere throughout your daily attendances and seeing, or just by observing and analysing all types of human, and none, relations.
To conclude: you, as I have, will realise how the inter-exchangeability of roles from Powerful/Influential to Submissive/Manipulated is a common factor in Human Relations, especially in Politics and Labour. That’s how we should all be as much vigilant and objective when we go to the Ballot Boxes to place our Vote, as when we chose our daily newspaper.
The moment we define the real relation between our need for a given product, its quality and its price; then we can be certain that our choices will have more than average chance to satisfy our expectations.
Pass On The Word.

The Hair separating Patriots from Hoods.

By Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, November 24th 2013.
A person committed to the discipline of the noble “Patriotism” would be required a highly refined sense of responsibility for safeguarding the “Common Good”; and the clear understanding of his duties and obligations towards the “Nation” (of course after having acquired the necessary cultural basics to comprehend and adequately valorise the term Nation).
Meaning that you and I can be different in the colour of our skin, different in our beliefs, different in our political preferences, different in our economic possibilities, different in our education…etc; however once we have that high sense of responsibility to protect and defend the Common Good, as we have absorbed our obligations and duties to uphold our Nation; then both of us may consider ourselves Patriots.
The ones who can differ and argue but still accept their differences and respect each other to the point of being both able to share the same will to achieve the STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES we would agree upon for the development and progress of our Nation.. Each can see a different path to achieve those objectives, but our differences would never lead us to the use of violence as a mean to overcome and impose the proper ideas, even if it would cost sparing each other’s BLOOD; or induce someone else to do it on our behalf; at which point we would turn into the mere “Possessed Fanatics” obsessed by “Supremacy”.
Just observe to the worshipers inside a Mosque, a Church or a Synagogue.. They are the living monument of Diversity.. People from every art, rank, and cult.. Doctors, Artists, Street Cleaners, Pimps, Politicians, Thieves, Policemen, housewives, students, prostitutes, beggars, Judges, Criminals, Lesbians, Gays, Paedophiles,  Taxi Drivers, Artisans, Musicians, Intellectuals,  Farmers, Professionals,  Bankers.. Rich or poor they may be, you’ll find them side by side listening together, praying together, moving together, repeating together.. All as one yet each is unique.
The Objective is the same, yet each can figure out the best way to reach that objective according to his personal interpretation; and the prevailing path would be accepted by a Majority agreement, not by the muscles, manipulations or violent terror of the few.. And that’s the principal exercise of Democracy. Setting the rules of co-existence without hurting people, damaging public and private properties or spreading terror.
On the other hand if you follow the sports (or even in certain cases the music) and observe each discipline’s supporters, you may find a complete different tune.. The exact perfect opposite of what we’ve just explained few paragraphs above.. People become divided into small groups, or clans, each shouting and cheering without even understanding what they’re echoing, and without listening; and each group/clan is aiming and asking for Supremacy at any cost.
How many times we’ve seen or heard matches and concerts that ended in tragedies, where people get hurt and properties severely damaged??!!
These two examples (the worshipers and the fans) are the practical example to feature the political difference between Patriot and Nationalist. Because the first believes in Equality while the latter thrives for Supremacy.
Such is the reason for what’s been manifested in our streets throughout the past 2½ years.. A chaotic mixture of misinterpretations and manipulations that were (and still are) randomly disbursed among the largest portion of a poor, sick, grudged and ignorant population. Those who aren’t able to differentiate between rebellion and revolution.. Between a ‘Bribe’ and a charity.. Those who were driven to accept Evil as the Best Possible.. Those who can’t grasp the idea of being all united to achieve a common good, though individually unique to advance and progress in life in the best possible honest way for their family and country.   
We were ordered to debate the ‘Infidels’ by using the “Best Manners” not by the bullets.. We were ordered to accept each other’s differences so as to evolve together, not to claim superiority using those differences for excuse.. We were ordered not to brag over the less fortunate ones, but to understand their difficulties and modestly be thankful to our Creator for providing the means for us to use in our quest for success and wealth.
It’s strange that all the Mono-Theistic Doctrines have precisely incited their followers to honour human life and save human blood in every way.. Yet we, the eternally distracted followers, are still using the primitive tribal traditions to solve our conflicts.. By the Sword not by the Best Manners: The Word.

Pass On The Word.

NB: Here are the abstract definitions of certain terms used in the article to avoid any misleading:
·         Patriot: a person dedicated to the exaltation and the defence of a national and political idea.
·         Patriotism: ardent sentiment of devotion to the native homeland.
·         Nationalist: devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others; "nationalist aspirations"; "minor nationalistic differences".. "isolationism is a strictly national policy".

·         Hood: A rowdy or violent young person.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The finger that squeezed the trigger.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 21st 2013.
Dallas, Texas.
At 12,30 on November 22nd 1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.
Cautious observers and passionate intellectuals, like Kevin Costner, would say that he was the “victim of his fame and wealth”.. His belonging to an aristocratic and powerful family he acquired so much notoriety and popularity as to procure him too much envious enemies everywhere from the CIA and the FBI till the inner circles of the powerful head of the Teamsters (Jimmy Hoffa, leader of the Truckers Union closely tied to the Mafia and the Casinos Cartel of Las Vegas).
Those observers, intellectuals, journalists, analysts and common citizens were, and are still, selling and buying the same parcel: “He was killed because he was envied by all”; overlooking the fact that the parcel was prepared, packaged and carefully wrapped by ‘others’.
I’d like to believe that they, as much as most of us, were all cleverly mislead by the official media channels so as not to see the obvious causes and clear reasons.. Let us think for a while.. In the 10 months preceding his assassination, JFK did what his opponents considered as the last 3 nails in his coffin:
        I.            He sealed the Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty with Khrushchev after the failure of the Cuba Invasion and the diplomatic victory he got by closing the Missiles Crisis, with the consequences of laying off thousands of CIA and FBI Operatives and restructuring both agencies;
     II.            He announced his intentions for initiating a sequential partial withdrawal of US troops from South East Asia (Vietnam), thus nourishing the grudge of the Military Industrial Complex’s ferocious lobbies; and
   III.            He promoted the Equal Rights Bill for the Afro-American population, thus embracing reverent Martin Luther King’s fight against the segregation and sponsoring his demands for equal civil rights.
Now by taking a closer look into these ‘nails’, we could easily realise how necessary it was for his equally powerful and wealthy ‘enemies’ to plan and activate a swift ‘Executive Action’ before next year’s elections, since all surveys confirmed Kennedy’s crushing reelection.
Hence: as most of the American Presidents were assassinated by disturbed individuals, thus the choice of Lee Harvey Oswald would fit in perfectly; also if Kennedy has chosen to thrive afar from the Establishment’s Conservative White Culture, then his death would be more plausible in a southern state where not only changing the course of his parade would be a gimmick, but as well where his consensus were slim and his security was already alarmingly feeblish; and last but not least, such a scheme would easily find many sponsors, willing to disburse the necessary heavy finances, in the offices and vaults of the Arms Industries’ strong lobbies and their allies in the Steel Industries.
One last consideration: apart from the dramatic deaths of Oswald or the pimp his killer; in the following 2½ years about four hundred (400) individuals were reported dead in doubtful circumstances and mysterious ‘accidents’ although their physical health and medical bulletins clearly discarded such inexplicable precocious deaths.. Those 400 victims were testimonies, amateur photographers, police and public officials, federal coroners, journalists, TV reporters, security agencies operatives, lawyers, general prosecutors, judges, senators, body guards, pilots, taxi drivers, secretaries and personal assistants to house representatives, Mexican officials…etc. And they were all directly or indirectly involved in the course of the investigations!
Kennedy was assassinated without even being granted the benefit of a doubt that the 3 nails were just a tactical part in his reelection race campaign, as he decided to anticipate the race using his international success in handling the Missiles Crisis against the Soviet bear and the Cuban Dictator.  
Pass On The Word.
Man does what’s meant to be his duty.. No matter the consequences on his person.. No matter how many obstacles, dangers or pressures. That is the base of all Human Morality.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Crippled by the 2Ts.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 20th, 2013.
The uncontrollable Violence (or left on purpose to grow) that is sweeping away both security and tolerance from our society now-a-days is nothing else but the ugly mask of Racism.. Pure religious, ethnic, sectarian, cultural and political Racism.. Sponsored by the Tyranny of ignorance and manifested through the arrogance of Terror.
The UN General Assembly has recognized that “Races do not exist”.  As Professor Albert Jaccard have always taught us: “exists only one Human Race consisted of 7 billion individuals, all equal yet in the same time all unique”. Obviously such statement by itself could not be sufficient to free us from the grasp of Racism. In any way at least it is capable of shaking off a few certainties.
Racism is peculiar to man. It is a fact: just as well it is worthy to consider the prevention from its progression and the fight against it by law. But that’s not enough. It is necessary to educate in order to demonstrate the absurdity of its fundamentals and to demolish its mechanisms and never to lower the guard.
A society where Education and Scientific Research are forecasted as ‘expenses’ instead of being valorised as ‘investments’, is destined to moral, social and economic deterioration; condemned to insignificance, and enslaved by all types of Tyranny (the main sponsor of Racism) and Terror (the iron fist of Racism).
The fight against Racism must become our daily commitment and in every domain within the society; because Racism is not a temporary trend or a season’s fashion; it is a mental state which sustains man’s weaknesses, errors and give-ins!
That’s why I took the liberty to recall the definitions of what we got used to consider as certainties, yet most of us are in difficulty to be coherent with their disciplinary teachings: 
ü  Repentance: the recognition of one’s proper guilt; linked, on moral or religious grounds, to the firm intention of never again to fall back.
ü  Redemption: liberation from a state of grave inferiority above all moral. Freeing man from sin. The restitution, via an intervention held as providential or divine, into a state of moral, social or political liberty.
In the absence of shame and sense of responsibility, there will be no salvation. A society where Criminality gets the upper hand over Legality, and where Racism overwhelms Equity; shame and the sense of responsibility are destined to succumb.
The ‘Economic Crisis’ cannot stand as a justification for Racism; however it may play a significant role as an accelerator.. It is a pretext for men to home inside ignorance and bask in the comfortable refuge of prejudice.
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Écrasez l’infame.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 14th 2013.
Massimo Fini is an esteemed popular exponent of the Italian independent media and a reputed signature for many local and regional reviews and dailies; he is also a trusted analyst on International Affairs, other than a reliable source of information making of him the excellent invitee at local and regional think tanks.
In the course of stating his opinion regarding the Morsi trial, in a recent article on the Italian Il Fatto Quotidiano, he qualified that trial as “Absurd”.. To know better his reasons, allow me to bring some passages from that article.
>>Since when, in these parts, Democracy is measured by street manifestations rather than by the end count of the ballot papers? On June 24th, Morsi was elected democratically holding 51% of the preferences in the first free elections after 30years of Mubarak’s dictatorship; only after little over one year he got overthrown by the Commander General of the Armed Forces supported by some popular manifestations which were described by the western media as ‘large consensus binder’. Salafities to Laics and Communists.<<
>>Morsi is accused of having incited the Security forces to kill 8 protesters during one of those manifestations. An accusation that is very difficult to prove. Yet on the other hand and in 2 successive pro-Morsi manifestations, according to some estimations, the casualties were ranging between 600 and 2000 protesters.<<
>>He was overthrown, accused and incarcerated by order of the Military Institution, the long time Egyptian authority enjoying generous American financing.. The Institution that supported Mubarak (being one of its own) for over 30 years.<<
>>The true guilt of the Brotherhood is that they are Muslims (even if Morsi during his short term had never enacted any law that can be tagged Sharìa). And that’s the reason why (being Muslim) western countries, always ready to stick their noses in others houses whenever it suits their interests, but in the Egyptian case are adopting the attitude of the apologue chimpanzees: no see, no hear, no say.. Everything goes well for them, the Coup-d’État or the Military re-dictatorship.. (The only communiqué, in perfect liberal style, denouncing these anti-constitutional anti-democratic illegalities, was that of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan of the Mullah Omar).<<
>>Then it is a repetition of the 1981 situation of Algeria* when, after decades of bloody military dictatorship, the first free elections brought the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) to power. The Algerian Generals, having the full support of the entire WEST, cancelled the elections with the motivation that FIS would have established a Dictatorship! Meaning that in the name of an all in all presumed Dictatorship, the precedent one is reaffirmed.<<
>>But for Morsi who have governed only for a year and without violating the constitution, it cannot be the case to submit him to a trial on intentions; his only guilt is being inefficient for lack of ruling experience. But Morsi is not a friend to the Americans, he is a Muslim, perhaps a radical or a fundamentalist. So “Écrasez l’infame” (crush the infamous).. But the infamous, in Egypt and elsewhere, are others.<<      
That is an example of the Western Alliance perception of the Egyptian case..  Many others have handled the subject from different angles, though the clue is the very same.. Nevertheless, they are all alert, like the participants in a musical chair game where no one wants to stand without a chair when the music stops, to the slightest shift in the American tunes.
Whether we would agree or not, like it or not; we wouldn’t make a difference simply because, as Mr. Fini puts it: western countries, always ready to stick their noses in others houses whenever it suits their interests, but in the Egyptian case are adopting the attitude of the apologue chimpanzees: no see, no hear, no say”!
Yet a question remain strongly valid: Do we really want, or need, them to change their perception and attitude?
Pass On The Word.

*The surprising first round of success for the fundamentalist FIS (Front Islamic de Sauvetage) party in the December 1991 balloting caused the army to intervene, crack down on the FIS, and postpone subsequent elections. The fundamentalist response has resulted in a continuous low-grade civil conflict with the secular state apparatus, which nonetheless has allowed elections featuring pro-government and moderate religious-based parties.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Immunity cannot mean IMPUNITY.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 7th 2013.
International news agencies, concerned with the Egyptian and Arab Spring updates, have just broke out the news of an accelerated discussion in the policy making rooms to elaborate a new law tailored to protect the High Ranking Officials from responding to civil or penal code, pulling in the elasticity of a term like “Good Intentions”.
Supporters of the Good Intentions Bill are claiming that it shall offer public officials the needed security to perform their functions and the required serenity for decision making! Something much higher than Immunity! Of course.. When you’re certain of being licensed a law guaranteed “Impunity”, you can do whatever you may want to do.. Even breaching the law itself wouldn’t cause any problem or even embarrassment.
I see such hazard as the most dangerous maneuver in the course of Egypt’s struggling navigation in search for “Bread, Liberty and Social Justice”. Because pursuing democracy, welfare and freedom require the absolute and undividable “Legality”, the one establishing and ensuring the Principal Cardinal for Justice that no one is above the law; without which we can easily affirm that we’ve wasted all that time in vain.
Remember? We’ve been there alright.. For long decades we have witnessed a procession of outspoken ‘experts’ presenting many attractive models while parading the most innovative patterns for made-to-order laws at will, size and measure of whomever sits on the throne.. For the sake of protecting special interests of special citizens.
What would you call that?  
In my article Justice #7 of August 27th 2013, referring to the Chinese Communist Party’s “Document No. 9 : the dangers that must disappear from the Chinese language”. I wrote:
“.. And the most intriguing article of that document is number 7. It literally states: “It shall not anymore be mentioned the term Independence of the Juridical System”!
“…In poor words the documents is saying: make your own ‘Reform’ at the first occasion (once in power) without debates or discussions; talking about it is a danger, because you will not obtain any support from the mass for a Justice that is not equal for all”.
“Does that seem familiar to you?”
That is the essence of being ruled by a Monopolitocracy!*
Pass On The Word.
*Mono-Politocracy: a newly crafted lexicon in political terminology referring to a monopole created by lobbyists beneficiating from political careers and as such creating a closed clan of political élite similar to the medieval feudal aristocracy. 
PS: I invite you to read my article “Laesa Maestas” published on June 29th 2013.. It’s very much relevant. You’ll find it on my blog

Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Swinging Mandate.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 6th 2013.
In my desperate effort to find a clear and rational meaning for the political, social and cultural confusion that continue to suffocate reason all over the Egyptian scenery, same as in other members of the so-called Arab Spring; I couldn’t find a better way than to accurately define the terms that no one seem to consider anymore.
Words that, if and when not objectively understood hence properly used, would inevitably become the source spring of the frustration, hatred and violence that generously estuarine into our streets these days.
1.      Atheist: a person who radically denies the existence of God.
2.      Lay: a believer (that may also be attentively practicing) who supports the independence or the autonomy of the State from Religion on political, civil and cultural platforms.
3.      Secular: mundane.. A person, or an institution, freeing (him/itself) from the Religious power and choosing to live under the civilian power.
4.      Justice: as the subject of Legality, in all the constitutions and in all dictionaries is always a synonym to Impartiality, Egalitarianism and Equal Opportunities.
The intentional obfuscation of the real meaning, and the accurate use, of such important cardinals did manifest the signals by which a vigilant observer would have easily diagnosed the root cause for the failed experiments of the Islamists to rule over the once known Arab Spring State.
Nonetheless, and apart from those principal fundamentals that we have just discussed; we shouldn’t as well overlook the fatal political errors that have marked the path of the Islamists throughout their short, yet devastating, experience. For we can deduct from a simple analysis brought by Mr. Renzo Guolo, perfectly portraying the Laic part in that regard.
The Islamists did not quit understand the true nature of the overwhelming consensus which brought them to govern; because not all their voters were in search for an Islamic Society.. They wanted to change an oppressive régime in order to finally have “Bread, Liberty and Social Justice” (nfa).
And once these régimes had fallen, the consensus should have been regained in the action(s) of government(s). Instead that consensus was wrongly interpreted as a mandate to realise a long term project, mortgaged by the never dissolved ambiguity between a Religious State and an Islamic State.
Having thus paid in full the pawn for their International Systemic Reliability, the affiliated parties to the Muslim Brotherhood did stiffen their muscles on the issue of Islamising of the customs and traditions. A choice that, added to the very poor handling of a heavy economic crisis, did trigger the reactions leading to the defeat: the collapse of the consensus that permitted the Military intervention in Egypt, and the arranged resignations in Tunisia.
Another fatal error lies in the dubious relations with the Salafity Forces in the name of “no enemy in the field of Political Islam”. The Muslim Brotherhood political parties wanted to avoid that opposition positioned Islamist Movements would gain politically while they wear out in the governing process; an option that resulted in a badly remunerated alliance with the Salafity seeing the role of Al Nour, the major Salafity Party, in the deposition of the Brotherhood’s President.
While in Tinisia, the institutional tolerance for an aggressive Salafism (targeting women, intellectuals and University Professors) have lead to the assassinations of two leaders from the Laic Opposition. Once the consensus evaporated; military, political and social powers joint forces and presented the cheque.
If we consider carefully what Mr. Guolo have reported, we will find out that collapse of the consensus, along with its grave consequences, can be attributed mainly to the intentional obfuscation of the real meaning, and the accurate use, of the four important cardinals which I here above previously defined.
The flagrant failed experiments of the Neo-Traditionalist Political Islam should impose a complete full twist, and not an artful compromise for a third way.
Pass On The Word.