The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Hair separating Patriots from Hoods.

By Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, November 24th 2013.
A person committed to the discipline of the noble “Patriotism” would be required a highly refined sense of responsibility for safeguarding the “Common Good”; and the clear understanding of his duties and obligations towards the “Nation” (of course after having acquired the necessary cultural basics to comprehend and adequately valorise the term Nation).
Meaning that you and I can be different in the colour of our skin, different in our beliefs, different in our political preferences, different in our economic possibilities, different in our education…etc; however once we have that high sense of responsibility to protect and defend the Common Good, as we have absorbed our obligations and duties to uphold our Nation; then both of us may consider ourselves Patriots.
The ones who can differ and argue but still accept their differences and respect each other to the point of being both able to share the same will to achieve the STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES we would agree upon for the development and progress of our Nation.. Each can see a different path to achieve those objectives, but our differences would never lead us to the use of violence as a mean to overcome and impose the proper ideas, even if it would cost sparing each other’s BLOOD; or induce someone else to do it on our behalf; at which point we would turn into the mere “Possessed Fanatics” obsessed by “Supremacy”.
Just observe to the worshipers inside a Mosque, a Church or a Synagogue.. They are the living monument of Diversity.. People from every art, rank, and cult.. Doctors, Artists, Street Cleaners, Pimps, Politicians, Thieves, Policemen, housewives, students, prostitutes, beggars, Judges, Criminals, Lesbians, Gays, Paedophiles,  Taxi Drivers, Artisans, Musicians, Intellectuals,  Farmers, Professionals,  Bankers.. Rich or poor they may be, you’ll find them side by side listening together, praying together, moving together, repeating together.. All as one yet each is unique.
The Objective is the same, yet each can figure out the best way to reach that objective according to his personal interpretation; and the prevailing path would be accepted by a Majority agreement, not by the muscles, manipulations or violent terror of the few.. And that’s the principal exercise of Democracy. Setting the rules of co-existence without hurting people, damaging public and private properties or spreading terror.
On the other hand if you follow the sports (or even in certain cases the music) and observe each discipline’s supporters, you may find a complete different tune.. The exact perfect opposite of what we’ve just explained few paragraphs above.. People become divided into small groups, or clans, each shouting and cheering without even understanding what they’re echoing, and without listening; and each group/clan is aiming and asking for Supremacy at any cost.
How many times we’ve seen or heard matches and concerts that ended in tragedies, where people get hurt and properties severely damaged??!!
These two examples (the worshipers and the fans) are the practical example to feature the political difference between Patriot and Nationalist. Because the first believes in Equality while the latter thrives for Supremacy.
Such is the reason for what’s been manifested in our streets throughout the past 2½ years.. A chaotic mixture of misinterpretations and manipulations that were (and still are) randomly disbursed among the largest portion of a poor, sick, grudged and ignorant population. Those who aren’t able to differentiate between rebellion and revolution.. Between a ‘Bribe’ and a charity.. Those who were driven to accept Evil as the Best Possible.. Those who can’t grasp the idea of being all united to achieve a common good, though individually unique to advance and progress in life in the best possible honest way for their family and country.   
We were ordered to debate the ‘Infidels’ by using the “Best Manners” not by the bullets.. We were ordered to accept each other’s differences so as to evolve together, not to claim superiority using those differences for excuse.. We were ordered not to brag over the less fortunate ones, but to understand their difficulties and modestly be thankful to our Creator for providing the means for us to use in our quest for success and wealth.
It’s strange that all the Mono-Theistic Doctrines have precisely incited their followers to honour human life and save human blood in every way.. Yet we, the eternally distracted followers, are still using the primitive tribal traditions to solve our conflicts.. By the Sword not by the Best Manners: The Word.

Pass On The Word.

NB: Here are the abstract definitions of certain terms used in the article to avoid any misleading:
·         Patriot: a person dedicated to the exaltation and the defence of a national and political idea.
·         Patriotism: ardent sentiment of devotion to the native homeland.
·         Nationalist: devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others; "nationalist aspirations"; "minor nationalistic differences".. "isolationism is a strictly national policy".

·         Hood: A rowdy or violent young person.

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