The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My J’Accuse!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, January 16th 2014.
Political protests used to be seen by many – even politicians – as a legitimate form of popular expression and a way for citizens to shape the direction of their nation. Not anymore!
I have done my part.. And contrary to many decades ago, I do not consider it anymore that compliments or whatever confirmations to my writings or to my civil interventions, are Ego-Satisfactory.. The country is what it is.. I am not.. So I’ll keep writing to say what I have to say; and here is my own personal J’ACCUSE!
I don’t know why ONLY Mubarak and his clan’s top figures must respond (rightfully) to the accusations of corruption, crimes against humanity, office abuse, and whatever other mishaps they have or have not committed?
As if before them all officials, ministers, secretaries, representatives, industrials, businessmen, journalists, civil administration employees, security attendants, police forces, secret service agents, state security officers, government directors and public sector managers were all saints and men of honour.
As if there were no Atef Essadat, Youssef Wali, Zaki Badr, Tewfick Abdel Hay, Atef Ebeid, Fouad Sultan, El Kafrawy…etc.. And an army of similar big small politicians and public officials cumulated by the thousands, who bribed, got bribed, embezzled, faked bids, stole properties, trafficked drugs, bought votes, liquidated opponents, tortured, granted monopolised licenses for exporting out-dated food supplies or pesticides and fertilisers as well as medicines causing our  cancers, hepatitis of all the alphabet, kidney failures and our children chronic ill. They are still out there free and enjoying, along with their families, the fortunes they LOOTED while in office.
As if no one before them has smuggled arms, favoured friends and relatives, recommended lovers for vital positions, used prostitution for political gains, granted national contracts by direct order, used the arbitrary dismissal weapon to lay-off or discipline his personnel, evaded tax, bought degrees, used public utilities for private purposes, extorted citizens… They are still laughing on foreign sunny beaches while sipping a cool Gin Fizz to our health.
Will there be a day where each of these CRIMINALS would ever be brought to justice and pay his debt to society?
Pass On The Word.

Meritocracy vs. Trustocracy.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, January 15th 2013.

Mohamed Ali Pasha is the last known (un) Egyptian ruler governing his small empire through ministers, counselors, officials and agents chosen by the criteria of their Personal Merits and Professional Competences. This explains in full his devoted engagement to encourage education and to finance tens of scholarships to European Universities and specialised Technical Schools for those proven brilliant in their studies; so that they would return with modern knowledge and apply new technologies to develop Egypt. His plans succeeded well and in full: Egypt flourished during his era.

Nevertheless, the high hopes he treasured for Egypt, left to his dynasty, were never destined to materialise. As sons usually can rarely and hardly keep their fathers’ tracks, to maintain – not to develop – their deeds, his offspring chain did exactly that and drove Egypt to the climax of its ruin translated by the 1952 coup. All because gradually and constantly each one of his successors, lacking the vision great leaders usually have, surrendered to the glow of wealth and fame; and satisfied their ego by the flattering hypocrisies composed by profiteering courtesans. That is how they allowed the wrong advises and misleading opinions of their ‘trusted’ entourage season their judgements.

Ever since then, and I must say also sad to observe until today, Egypt kept the tradition of placing the trusted, never the deserving, on the helm of governance.. Thus, the imperative of Merit for good governance, rule and management vanished from our institutions leaving the floor to the demerits of Trust. A trust measured only through the expressive parameters of loyalty.

Consequently, as Trustocracy has conquered the realm of Meritocracy, it was inevitable that a corroding silent virus could promptly find its fertile habitat in which to live, feed and grow. That virus hits ferociously in the first place the nervous system and vital centres in the brain of his target prey, before feeding his way all through the entire body taking one organ at the time. Finally, the entire body of the prey would become helplessly contaminated and hopelessly condemned.

The virus’ name, according to scientific vernacular, is Corruption. Yet high-ranking officials and politicians employ modern interpretations to place it as a shade under the umbrella of Business Enhancement Incentives, while lower grade beneficiaries would arrogantly name it Social Solidarity.

So I will not ask how a person, of much dubious international connections like Manlio Cerroni, was able to monopolise the waste collection, disposal and dumping businesses of a largely populated area as the Great Cairo District with its four major metropolis. Where every day, each ton of urban waste that he handles pours 50€ in his pockets, and each ton of special waste adds to his profits 150€*; obviously the answer is Corruption. Same as he did in 96 countries around our globalised planet, building his empire upon the 144 official dumping grounds that only God knows on which fertile terrains they were offered, and what lethal poisons lies underneath each of them.

It does not matter much if he is actually under arrest in Italy, for various financial delinquencies involving his activities in the waste business, accused of bribing government officials and tax evasion. What matter is that Italian and European authorities are thoroughly investigating his involvement in Toxic Waste dumping in his grounds at Southern Italy and ELSEWHERE!

I am very much worried about the elsewhere bit.. Are you not?

Pass On The Word.

*Great Cairo District produces daily little over 12500 tons of Urban Domestic/Organic Waste, 15860 tons of industrial waste, 7680 tons of Medical/Clinical waste. There is no available data concerning Special/Toxic Waste (i.e. Radioactive, Military, Petro-Chemical, Pharmaceutical..etc). 

Vampires do live in sunlight.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS - Montopoli, January 12th 2013.

The politically manipulated and frequently postponed ‘Civil Courts’ procedures against Mubarak and his hand-picked élite clan, do not mean that this particular cast represents a rare specie of poisonous mushrooms sprouting out from nothing. Nevertheless they did constitute the sharp tip of a system to which sticking the label ‘Corruption’ would be pure and piteous euphemism.

It was not a system made of and by few corrupt individuals, it was the system of sub-human, vampiristic and genetically modified organisms, which continuously mutate their nature into the ugliest beasthoodness thanks to the conspiracy of silence, and inactivity of those who should have controlled, stopped and dismissed them in the first place. And I’m not talking here about “Crimes”, for somehow certain ‘Justice’ exists, but of a beasty patented anthropology that no one could pretend not having noticed over the years.
I’m talking about a country that still insist on self deceiving about the closure of the “Mubarakism” chapter as if it was a ‘Bracket’ not a ‘Mirror’; the ‘Biography’ of a certain Egypt that Mubarak did only stamp his initials over its clearance vouchers, rendering it much prouder of its monstrosity which pre-existed him (still, maybe even will survive him, his clan and all of us) within the ruling classes of the Right, Centre and Left; but as well among large sectors of the “Civil Society”.. Altogether those who were educated over more than sixty years in the schools, institutions and universities of Obedient Submission Preaching, Police Terror, Political Manipulation, Religious Fascist Dictatorship and Institutional Deception.

Every shark making money and accumulating fortunes speculating on the flesh of people, each pirate that steels on the bids, and all the vampires who sucks the blood of the dead people’s victims of natural or human caused disasters; they all are holding on and surviving by the accomplice silence of tens, hundreds of persons. That adding up their sum together would result in millions.

Too much to hope for an eminent change.. But not that much to decline from preparing for it.. NOW.

Pass On The Word.

Ideals and Ideas

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, January 5th 2014.

As I have finally understood, I give up.. The hard-headed I was.. At last I did realise that one MUST unscrupulously do anything in his power to obtain as much wealth or power as he can, preferably both, should he wishes to live serenely above the law.. Any law!

For all the recurrences in this modern life are clearly indicating the fact that rules, norms, regulations and laws are applicable ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY upon the Poor and Helpless. And why?

Because since Ideals are long dead and buried; Ideas - same as elephants - once left alone hopeless and useless, will limp their way towards the burying grounds.. Our burying grounds of course.

Pass On The Word.