The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Vampires do live in sunlight.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS - Montopoli, January 12th 2013.

The politically manipulated and frequently postponed ‘Civil Courts’ procedures against Mubarak and his hand-picked élite clan, do not mean that this particular cast represents a rare specie of poisonous mushrooms sprouting out from nothing. Nevertheless they did constitute the sharp tip of a system to which sticking the label ‘Corruption’ would be pure and piteous euphemism.

It was not a system made of and by few corrupt individuals, it was the system of sub-human, vampiristic and genetically modified organisms, which continuously mutate their nature into the ugliest beasthoodness thanks to the conspiracy of silence, and inactivity of those who should have controlled, stopped and dismissed them in the first place. And I’m not talking here about “Crimes”, for somehow certain ‘Justice’ exists, but of a beasty patented anthropology that no one could pretend not having noticed over the years.
I’m talking about a country that still insist on self deceiving about the closure of the “Mubarakism” chapter as if it was a ‘Bracket’ not a ‘Mirror’; the ‘Biography’ of a certain Egypt that Mubarak did only stamp his initials over its clearance vouchers, rendering it much prouder of its monstrosity which pre-existed him (still, maybe even will survive him, his clan and all of us) within the ruling classes of the Right, Centre and Left; but as well among large sectors of the “Civil Society”.. Altogether those who were educated over more than sixty years in the schools, institutions and universities of Obedient Submission Preaching, Police Terror, Political Manipulation, Religious Fascist Dictatorship and Institutional Deception.

Every shark making money and accumulating fortunes speculating on the flesh of people, each pirate that steels on the bids, and all the vampires who sucks the blood of the dead people’s victims of natural or human caused disasters; they all are holding on and surviving by the accomplice silence of tens, hundreds of persons. That adding up their sum together would result in millions.

Too much to hope for an eminent change.. But not that much to decline from preparing for it.. NOW.

Pass On The Word.

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