The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

No Past.. No Future. Not even Present!

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Pisa, July 22nd 2015.
The traditional/conventional, yet liberal, environment in which I was raised, has been the crucible where  the fundamental social and religious values melted together to forge the person I have become. Values like family, love, tolerance, respect, integrity, honesty, mercy, loyalty, solidarity, independence and reason; have outlined, among others, the untouchable boundaries of my mind’s Liberty and Freedom. Accordingly, we (my generation and I) lived by the code: my liberty ends where yours begins.. Simple and practical.
Today instead, things have drastically changed.. Every known value to my aging brain has turned into its precise opposite, and I can’t recognise my stand anymore, because the gap separating Conventional from Modern is dangerously widening.
Every decade new standards are being set and re-set to establish new modifications to the existing measures. Why? To meet the new Demand.. The frequent modifications could be justifiable in the fields of scientific research and discoveries; but not in moral, ethic and ideal Principles and Values.
Example: the Medical Society can modify in + or – the parameters measuring the diagnosis and therapy for a certain pathology, but only as a result of a thorough scientific research, or in light of new discoveries, not based upon a debatable Market Research.
Also the decreasing of an established measure of pollution for political reasons cannot be justifiable or even acceptable, because it affects negatively the health standards of a given population against the positively growing benefits of an industrial lobby.
Things became worse when such modifications began to show on moral, social and political Values and Principles.. A trend which started earlier in the 17th and 18th centuries  as a Populist Demand to conquer and defeat the Absolutistic dominion of Monarchic and Religious Institutions over every aspect of the commons’ daily life; but soon after the Great Revolutions that trend turned upon the essence of existence itself: Family and Gender.
Only in the past seven decades, terms like Freedom and Liberty have suffered the consequences  of many modifications, procuring them the kind of elasticity, and flexibility, that allowed them to include Dissoluteness, Disintegration, and Libertinage! Thus, in today’s New Globalised World Order, sacrosanct Conventional values as Freedom of Expression and Civil Rights became the safe haven for Pornography, Civil Unions, Same Gender Union and Marriage, Free Safe Sex, Abortion.. Etc.
When Modern became synonym to Progress, the Conventional and Regress became one!! Henceforth, everything became appetisingly feasible and acceptable with no limits or barriers of any kind: Moral, Ethical, Social, Traditional, Political, Economic or Religious. Because all of these have been absorbed by the term Modern Civilisation.
Conventional as I am, I refuse that Civilisation.
Pass On The Word.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

It’s time to throw away the crutches.. Forever.

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Castelfiorentino, July 17th 2015.
The western Judeo-Christian civilisation, have always treasured fear and doubt from a possible re-unification of the Muslim World; therefor it has done everything in its might to keep the Muslims divided and torn apart.. Due credit must be acknowledged to the Muslims themselves.
Ever since the age of the Great Discoveries and the rise of Colonial economies, the Western Empires have spared no effort to further inflame every type of political, social, tribal, religious, cultural, sectarian or ethnic differences, even rivalries.. The examples are numerous and mostly are of public dominion and rather easily traceable.
It must have been Dr. Martin Luther King who said: “No one can ride on your back unless it is bent”!!
Hence, I see fit and coherent to the subject, these coming lines extracted from my book “Requiem For The Dream – A Cry for Indignation calling for Commitment”:
Two years before the bloodiest massacre in recent history, known as “The Great War” (otherwise commonly referred to as WWI) could come to an end; just few months before the secret meeting took place, in which the first draft of the “Sykes & Picot Accords” was presented, for approval, before the British Crown’s Prime Minister and his French counterpart; and perhaps even unaware of the two empires’ plot to define their proposed spheres of influence, and to equally split the Provinces (Welayat) of the Ottoman Empire (the last official Muslim Caliphate); precisely in January 1916, T. E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence Of Arabia) described, in an intelligence memo, the Arab Revolt as “beneficial to us, because it marches with our immediate aims, the break-up of the Islamic ‘bloc’ and the defeat and disruption of the Ottoman Empire, and because the states [Sharif Hussein] would set up to succeed the Turks would be … harmless to ourselves … The Arabs are even less stable than the Turks. If properly handled they would remain in a state of political mosaic, a tissue of small jealous principalities incapable of cohesion.
Michal Korda, Lawrence’s biographer, while analysing the outcome of 1919’s Paris Peace Conference, wrote:
“Indeed, it is typical of Lawrence that he managed to get Prince Feisal, the leader of the Arab Revolt, and Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist leader, to sit down together in January 1919 and sign an extraordinary agreement (largely drafted by Lawrence himself) that would have created a joint Arab-Jewish government in Palestine, with unlimited Jewish immigration. Feisal conceded that Palestine could contain 4 million to 5 million Jewish immigrants without harm to the rights or property of the Arab population, a number not greatly different from the number of Jews living in Israel today”.
I don’t know why the issue have suddenly overtaken my thoughts the very moment I saw the untactful act, yet spontaneous, by which Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, tried to comfort the weeping Palestinian child fearing deportation.
Is it because the hawkish New Conservative Right is winning grounds every moment all over the globe, and crushing along its path every Human & Civil Right; using new tools like Financial and Economic hegemony to break, conquer and colonise the ‘Other’?
Perhaps even the way Germany’s deep sense of guilt, combined with Jewish chronic paranoia, have always seasoned most of Europe’s political and economic decisions?
Or maybe is it that we, the Arab/Muslim populations, were unable, or just reluctant, to question our choices?
One reason equals any other.. The bitter fact is that we have been hanging the tragic consequences of our choices on ignorance and poverty - and using them the way a differently able person stands only bearing upon crutches - though knowing that they are only excuses.. Forgetting that the very few moments of glory which sparked for a short while through our long history, have shone bright when the ultra-majority of us were ignorant and poor.
Pass On The Word.

PS: This morning (July 18th) German media reported a high level governmental official saying that the Palestinian child is speaking perfect German language and seem well integrated within the society, and it is for such individuals that the emigration laws and asylum norms must be reviewed. Some are interpreting this as an official PR spot to clear Angela’s much criticised act.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

EU Nav For Med.

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Montopoli, June 29th 2015.
On May 27th , under “Humanity? A hopeless case”, I wrote: “Parliaments and Governments do not hesitate for a glimpse of an eye while voting for a war; and their financial and logistic contributions are ready at a moment’s notice.. But when it comes to saving lives (others of course) they take all the time in the world, and the topic on top of their agendas’ priority list becomes Domestic Unease and Security Hazards.

Desperate refugees at large.. Circled in red are the floating corps of the dead. 

Today, while trying to put some order into my study, I stumbled over several pencil written notes dated 23rd of June – apparently left to remind me of topics that I should follow on yet, for a reason or another, they were doomed to sink deep in my fading memory – reporting the headlines of some important news about EU’s debates over its urgent issue of the moment: REFUGEES!
To my astonishment, that day I surprisingly discovered, that 14 nations of the European Union have decided to unsheathe their swords to defend I don’t know what from the “Clear and Present Danger” called: REFUGEES! They are deploying their submarines, battleships, missile launchers, helicopters, and drones; all under the command of Italy (with its Hospital Ship and one thousand infantry soldiers)!
Commenting on that decision, Mr. Furio Colombo said that it’s an operation with scarce fantasy typical of European Vertices; and going through the recent history of that Biblical Exodus, caused by the twelve conflicts roaring about every corner of the region and bleeding its already lamed economies; he examined the steps that, over the past few years, Italy (alone without EU help or support) has taken to face the refugees phenomena:
Ø  First it was operation “Mare Nostrum” aiming to save lives of human beings fleeing danger and crossing the Mediterranean on fishing boats, tenders and fortune vessels.. It saved about 5000 souls!
Ø  Opposed by the Right block in Parliament, the operation was aborted leaving the floor to another plan code named “Triton” that didn’t count at all and saved no one.
Remained the question of what to do regarding those who have already landed and, whom against their own will, were obliged to be locked up surrounded by high fences in the ‘Housing Centres’ (the cool name for concentration camps) waiting for the outcome of useless endless talks and negotiations inside the corridors and counseling rooms in Brussels and Luxemburg; out of which Italy got nothing.
So, there is nothing left but to make war.. Not against the Human Traffic Lords on both sides of the sea.. Not against the corrupt officials here and there in Africa, Asia, and Europe who are lubricating the gears of their new ‘Gold making Business’.. Instead, Europe’s deployed fleets did not cast to plough the Mediterranean waters to save the refugees lives, but to sink the boats that transport them!!!
And the submarines??? Maybe their commission is to verify the collective deaths by drowning!!!
But how to justify a combat naval fleet and why the command to Italy? Colombo answers:
“On one hand, assigning the command to a conceited Italy, who obtained nothing in the first place, leaves the impression that it won everything; even Italy’s Minster of Foreign Affairs declared that the decision is a success.
And on the other, it specifies between the lines of many communiqués that: a) Libya will not be attacked if it doesn’t want to!! b) No war shall be launched if the UN will not give the go!!! c) It is allowed to make the bolds in open sea in order to hit the traffickers!!!!
Indeed, but the traffickers are never at sea.. Only the sailors.. Yes, but they are as well criminals, and we will sink them.. And the refugees? Either will go down with boat along with its sailors (an event verifiable by the submarines); or they will survive and land on Italian soil so that we’re back to square one.
It is a pity that the image of Italy is used for such a macabre game”.
Furio Colombo’s argumentations, though sarcastic, are much convincing and I agree with him. To conclude, I will quote myself repeating what I said two days ago:
As today’s world is swerving towards ‘Right’, and National Parties from every colour are winning grounds all over the globe; dividing and discriminating entire populations has become a cultural vogue rising over many racial, ethnic, sectarian and religious perceptions all commonly blinded by the “US vs. THEM”  spotlights; unable to see the fading “TOGETHER” candlelight.
Therefor, an inevitable “Regression Backward is likely the most logic opposed reaction to cripple our existence. I think that many tangible present facts do support this conclusion of mine.
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

God Wish It!?!

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Firenze, June 20th 2015.
When building a wall – of any type: cultural, social, racial or even physical made of bricks, barbed wire or steel – around yourself thinking it’ll protect you from the ‘Other’, in fact it isolates you from all and from everything; and you’ll end up discovering how vulnerable and defenceless you’ve become.
Last week Right Wing Hungarian authorities have informed the EU commission and parliament of its immediate suspension of the Political Asylum treaty, and of its intention to erect a 180km long and 5m high of double folds barbed wire closing its southern borders with Serbian territory!
Moreover, France has forced tens of desperate African refugees to remain on the rocky shores of Ventimiglia refusing to host them on French soil. The official claim is: “awaiting the new EU regulations in merit”!
Austria, Denmark, Germany and the UK are timidly watching and silently preparing similar procedures; while in Italy and since several years , official police records show frequent cases of aggression on “extra-community subjects” by activists belonging to extreme right movements; headed and driven by the xenophobe political party “Lega Nord”* – The North League –  which calls for the elimination of “Parasites that are infecting the society and the race”, and uplifting its tones declaring that “kicking them out is no longer a solution, the time has come to engage bulldozers to eradicate them and their camps from our cities”.
Lega Nord - same as European Skin-Heads, Neo Nazis, and Neo Fascists - has been dangerously embracing the very same tactics practiced in the US by Nationalist Groups of Supremacists and Secessionists, who follow the “Anglo-Celtic” ideology and preach independence and dominion over other ethnic a/o religious minorities.
Preaching ‘Hate’, to support an ideology of racial supremacy, would consequently imply ‘Violence’.. Which always commence first ‘Moral’ (verbal aggression, racial segregation, offensive critics, insults, songs…), then, and for socio-political motives more than cultural, the violence will rapidly shift from moral towards the ‘Material’ (cloths, cars, houses, shops, camps, churches, synagogues…Etc.).. However, it does not stop here; unfortunately it accelerates into ‘Physical’ attacks on the person with the intention of causing maximum harm, having death as a target.
The Charlestone Church massacre by Dylann Roof proves my point, that preaching hate implies consequently all sorts of violence; that are above all unpredictable as well as uncontrollable.. Roof was raised in an environment where the Confederate flag decorates many residential facades and is proudly waved on the top post of the City Hall; and where the notes of Dixie is the region’s official anthem.. In fact, for many southerners, both the flag and Dixie are the symbols of the Confederate Republic of the South.

What’s to be considered carefully here is that, on both sides of the Northern Atlantic, racial supremacy and its sisters nationalism and secessionism are Constitutionally protected: in the US by their worshiped  sacred ‘Totem’ known as the “2nd Amendment”; while in Europe the “Freedom of Expression” articles are the shield.
Also, despite the obvious similarity of the methodologies that are meticulously practiced here and there,  to mobilise the masses and ensure their loyalty, through: manifesting, creating of proper identification symbols (flags, logos, anthems, books, slogans, mottos, oaths, cloths, colours, hair-styles, songs…etc.), rallying, preaching, recruiting, training, educating, misinforming and assaulting; no one sees or admits the identical characteristics that join together all types of extreme ideological, political, racial or religious  Fanatic Behaviour!!
It’s clear that nothing is new under the sun..  Yet it is clearer that history repeats itself regularly in cycles of approximate precision.. So, I can safely conclude that it is much too much clear the ‘Imbecility’ exhibited by many of us.. Those who absolutely refuse to learn the lessons of History.. Or even worse: to categorically deny History itself.
Pass On The Word.

        I.            Allow me to suggest the vision of two films considered as part of Hollywood’s Cult features:
1)       “American History X” with Edward Norton, and
2)       “Mississippi Burning” with Gene Hackman and William Dafoe.
    II.            La storia:
a)       Offer us the possibility to examine all the choices of the past in relation to their economic, political and cultural pretexts of their times;
b)       allow us as well to analyse the consequences revealed from such choices, so that, if wit enough, we would learn how to face the challenges of the present without having to sort out for uncertain improvisations or be limited to only react or just follow the initiatives of others;

c)       give us for last the certainty of being able to reduce into its possible minimum any unseen risk, and to best organize efficient plans optimizing the future

Dio Lo Vuole!!??!!

Quando si costruisce un muro - di qualsiasi tipo: culturale, sociale, raziale e anche fisico che sia di mattone, di filo spinato o d’acciaio - in torno a se pensando di proteggersi dall’atro, di fatto si isola da tutto e da tutti, e infine si scopre vulnerabile e indifendibile.
Dalla scopa di Maroni siamo arrivati alla ruspa di Salvini! E dopo?? La Bomba Atomica??? La Lega Nord sta pericolosamente seguendo gli schemi adottati da tanti gruppi nazionalisti Americani; e anche quelli degli Skinheads,  Neo-Nazzisti e Neo-Fascisti Europei. Gruppi di suprematisti secessionisti e nazionalisti che si rifanno ad un ideologia “Anglo-Celtica” e predicano l’indipendenza e la dominazione su altre minoranze etniche e/o religiose.
Predicare l’odio, in sostegno dell’ideologia suprematista raziale, comporta di conseguenza la violenza. Che comincia sempre prima ‘Morale’ (aggressione verbale: segregazione razziale, critiche, insulti, canzoni…) e poi, per motivi politico-sociali più che culturali, si precipita velocemente verso il ‘Materiale’ (abiti, macchine, case, negozi, campi, chiese, sinagoghe o moschee…ecc.). Però non si ferma qui, purtroppo finisce con l’aggredire fisicamente le persone con l’intenzione di fare più danni possibili; con la morte come traguardo.
L’ennesimo esempio di Dylann Roof ne è la prova: primo, che la Lega di Salvini sta seguendo le soliti schemi suprematisti; secondo, prova che predicare l’odio genera ogni tipo di violenze, che perlopiù sono incontrollabile e imprevedibile. Roof è cresciuto, come spiega Giampiero Gramaglia sul Fatto Quotidiano, in un ambiente che “sventola la bandiera Confederata che evoca la Guerra di Secessione, quella di abolizionisti contro schiavisti, del Nord contro il Sud, la guerra di Lincoln contro Lee”. Dove la bandiera come simbolo è sempre “abbinata con le note di Dixie, l’inno non ufficiale della Confederazione Sudista”.
Tutto tutelato costituzionalmente: in America con il loro ormai sacro adorato ‘Totem’ cioè il “Second Amendment”; mentre l’Europa si nasconde dietro l’elastica stoffa della “Libertà d’Espressione”!
Malgrado l’assoluta similitudine delle loro metodologie meticolosamente praticate nel: manifestare, creare i propri simboli (bandiere, inni, libri, logo, motto, giuramenti, colori, abiti, conciature… ecc.) predicare, reclutare, formare, educare, disinformare ed aggredire; nessuno vede, o ammette, l’identicità accomunando tutti i tipi di fanatismo: ideologico, politico, raziale o religioso.
Chiaro che niente è nuovo sotto il sole.. Ed è più chiaro che la storia si ripeta manifestandosi in cicli quasi precisi.. Di conseguenza, posso concludere che sia molto, ma molto chiara l’imbecillità esibita da gran parte di noi.. Quelli(e) che rifiutano di imparare dalla storia.. O peggio ancora: di negarla.
Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Montopoli, 20 Giugno 2015.

        I.            Permettete mi di proporvi la visione di due film ormai cult del cinema Hollywoodiano:
1)       “American History X” di Edward Norton, e
2)       “Mississippi Burning” di Gene Hackman.
    II.            La storia:
a)       ci offre la possibilità di esaminare tutte le scelte passate in relazione con i pretesti economico-politico-culturali dei loro tempi;
b)       ci permette peraltro di analizzare le conseguenze che si sono rivelate da tale scelte; e, se siamo abbastanza svegli, impareremo ad affrontare le sfide del presente, senza dover ricorrere ad incerte improvvisazioni o limitarci al solo reagire o a seguire le iniziative degli altri;
c)       ci da infine la certezza di poter ridurre al minimo i rischi imprevisti, e organizzare al meglio i piani più efficaci ad ottimizzare il futuro.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Between a Charta and a Letter.

By: Ahmed M. El Nahhas – Montopoli, June 16th 2015.
- A -
June 15th 1215, in the locality known as Runnymede along the river Thames and in the presence of the kingdom’s Nobles and Landlords; John ‘No-Land’ the English Sovereign finally conceded and laid his signature on the right bottom of a document since then and till now known as the “Magna Charta”.
Eight centuries have passed since that moment, yet the feverish debate over its significance kept its heat continuing to reverberate by the walls and halls of every Palace, Professorship, Parliament, Throne, Presidency, and Jurisprudence Assembly.. Its supporters fanatically affirm and sustain that “The Magna Charta is the first known document establishing the foundations and principles of Modern Democracy”; furthermore they confirm that the document has forged the idea of Human and Civil Rights, basing their claim on its article 39 which textually reads: “We shall not lay our hands over you”. !!
Instead, the opposing side debate that the document is nothing but an instrument by which the Monarch have restrained his powers and shrunk his authority, thus submitting to the will of his Élite Noble class and Feudal landlords, as not to order any their contribution through taxations without consulting with them first. (We shouldn’t forget the date; we’re in the climax of the economic disasters caused by the Crusades and the consequent campaigns to conquer and govern the Levant).
The symbolist influence of the document is undeniable, I admit that; if we consider the Cromwell republican reforms regulating the Parliamentary practices. Yet, the Magna Charta cannot be the only acknowledgeable foundation of what most scholars call “Modern Democracy”.. Because I believe that the modernising factors of the Classic Greek Democracy have risen clear from the sources of the French Revolution and the Universal Declaration Of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen; according to both the power belongs to the people.. All the people.
Antic Penal Code Historian, Adriano Prosperi, explains that “…the document gave life to our present Parliamentary ideas through giving birth to the first Barons’ Assemblies, and where lies the decisive matter of Protecting the rights of the person.. The problem however is another: it is how we have already forgotten the principles that the Charta inspired in the first place.. In the name of terrorism as a unique and absolute enemy, the principle of Efficiency has prevailed, by now we are living a permanent status of Exceptions that is corroding every right”.
I agree with the last part of this statement.
- B –
200 pages including many citations and notes; with its introduction, six chapters and two final prayers; are all the contents of the Pope Francis 1st “Encyclical Letter”.. Francis 1st, originally Francesco Primo, dedicated his work to Man and Nature.. We can deduct his passion out of the text of this prayer:
“ A prayer for our Earth..
O Lord in thy heights, who is present in all the Universe and in the smallest of your creatures, You who hold with your tenderness all and every existence; pour in us the force of your love so as we take care of life and of beauty.
Inundate us with peace to live as brothers and sisters without harming no one”.

Throughout the Encyclical text, the Pope urged man as not to harm the environment, nature or earth:
Ø  “The destruction of Human Environment is a very serious matter”..
Ø  “…a crime against Nature is a crime against our own selves and a sin against God”..
Ø  “The urgent challenge of protecting our common home includes the unification of the entire Human Family in the search for a sustainable and integral development, as to know that things could change”.
This Pope is a man committed to the change as much as he is coherent with the idea.
Pass On The Word.

Redistribute Wealth not Slaves.

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Pisa, June 15th 2014.
Commenting on the Brussels meetings where the European Union members are discussing the Emigration Energency phenomena, Prof. Marek Halter said:
“Coming out of a church, how many persons would stop to offer alms (charity) to the poor? Very few, though all religions have prescribed it.. In the same way governments retire from their moral responsibilities.. In 1938 the Evian Conference was held to figure out which nation would receive and accommodate the Jews; only the Dominican Republic came forward offering its welcome.. Now, the same is happening again, and Europe is refusing to host and shelter frightened and horrified refugees desperately escaping from ethnic cleansing and civil wars.. Human beings looking for safety and serenity through a dignifying working life.. The urgent need today is being able to figure out a global solution for Africa.. We have for long allowed misery to devastate that continent, and now we have to face the consequences and pay the price”.
What Prof. Halter have just said, drove me to think.. What is the the core of the problem? How and where to look for its original cause? The one before Colonialism, Racism, Corruption or Apartheid.. The true one causing all of them.. And,  like an Archeologist digging out history from underneath the ground and clearing it from dirt; I think I may have found it.. Buried under heavy layers of human lies and intentional distortion of facts.
So, bear with me for a moment.. Allow me to explain:
Sociological, Anthropological, Ethological and Psychoanalytical scientific vernaculars have all clearly drawn the line separating “Aggressiveness from “Violence”.. Yet, the modern use of the two terms is so confused; and even mixes them up to the point of rendering them synonyms.
While Aggressiveness means the instinct to identify and defend our own physical, psychic or social territory in its many diverse forms, in short our identity; Violence instead is the thriving instinct to entre others territories and to violate them, by words or facts, in personal or collective lives.
In poor words: if I’m hungry and succeed to procure myself a chunk of bread, then my aggressive instinct would drive me to eat it all and alone.. Only the intervention of a cultural code could induce me towards a mediation as to share it with another person equally famished. But violence become verifiable when I rip off the chunk of bread from someone else’s hands to keep it to myself and eat all and alone.
Similarly, if searching for energy resources would drive a population into the initiative of looking for new lands that are well provisioned by such resources, then we are talking about Aggressive Instinct; that would quickly mutate into Aggression/Violence if those lands were inhabited by antique populations whom are opposed and/or in disagreement to such initiative.
Since humanity, for long unmemorable time, used to mediate instinct by Moral Conscience; then the use of aggressiveness or the sorting to violence have always depended upon: a) the quality of the subject, b) its conscience, c) its sub-conscience and d) the social status in which it lives.
So, why then to mix up such two different terms?
Because today Human Aggressiveness is very much ill and clumsily swings between two poles completely opposed and as much destructive:
1)      either we feel unable to identify and defend our own territory; or
2)      we are incapable of identifying and respecting the territory(ies) of the others.
As a result, and for various reasons, we have come to simplify the complexity of the two instincts, to the point of ignoring – or even denying - the difference between Violence and Self-Defence.
The consequences, whether on personal or collective levels, are a juicy matter of daily chronicle on newspapers and TV talk shows.
Pass On The Word.
·         Le Idee of Anais Ginori.
·         Inégalité: Notre création by Marek Halter.

·         TamTam of Marina Valcarenghi.

Hunting for a Capital.

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Montopoli, June 14th 2015.
It seem more than ever plausible the theory that the US strategy - elaborated by the Pentagon, the CIA and approved at the Oval Office - to confront the growing ISIL threat; is much similar to the one implemented at the eighties of last century through the bloody 8 year Iraq/Iran war. In this case to allow ISIL carry out the mission to eliminate Assad and drain Syria’s official army strength.. Because, same as Iraq, without a strong army the country will fall into chaos and disintegrate into sectarian fragments coq fighting each other for decades to come. (same scenario applied in Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya and later in Yemen).
“The Independent”  published lately a report signed by its envoy Robert Fisk, in which he described his 2000 miles trip across Syria to document his personal views and observations on both sides of the ongoing bloody conflict.. Reading the article and what’s between its lines, the idea I have synthesised here on top will got clearer. Here is the essence of what Robert Fisk reported.
Actual physical evidence on battle fields (in Syria as in Iraq) show that ISIL warriors and Al Nusra Front combatants are using sophisticated high tech weaponry and equipment, most of which are US made:
a)The insurgents possess hundreds of “Anti-Tank Remote Controlled Missiles” and medium range anti-tank Rocket Propelled Grenades, enabling them to engage a Syrian army tank and launch simultaneously 3 or 4 shells disabling its anti-fire circuits; thus causing the explosion of the ammunition and burning the soldiers transported inside the vehicle; b) the militias have in their disposition “Tactical Uniforms” of the last generation; c) they often use “Thermal Missiles”; d) thousands of Quran books in Russian language (for the Chechen fighters) are available and in circulation; and e) tens of thousands of Chocolate Energy Bars demonstrate how ISIL care for the fitness of its warriors!
From another perspective: while Washington’s think tanks “Experts” believe that Syrian army is performing a “Tactical Retreat” towards the high grounds habitat of Assad’s Alawi sect’s, to keep open the way between Damascus and the Mediterranean passing by Homs; Syrian “Experts” affirm that what Assad must do is to defend at all costs the principal cities along the way from Aleppo driving south through Hama, Homs and Damascus; in order to remove away from Al Nusra or ISIL any possibility to control a potential Syrian Capital. Their control over Raqqa , a small village in the desert or even holding Palmira is of no strategic value. But getting hold of Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, means that ISIL do have an authentic Capital for their presumed state.
Iranian, Afghan Shia, Hezb’Allah are fighting in support of Assad because the official army have already lost 50000 men. And the moment the armed forces should suffer a defeat, there will not be a power to maintain the National Unity.
Now, let us hear what Dr. Faisal Mekdad – the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister – had to say interviewed by Robert Fisk the War Reporter for the Independent:
“Several months ago – before the intervention of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to sustain Al Nusra and ISIL, we were about to mark a historical advance. The occupation of a city like Edlib would have never took place without a substantial Turkish intervention.. Attacking Edlib and Jisr Al Shugour were Turkish and Checen fighters.. By now it is clear that without reorganizing and reinforcing the army allowing it to activate the command’s decisions; reaching the prefixed objectives will not be possible”.
Commenting of that statement, Robert Fisk said: “Dr. Mekdad is talking about new armaments that must substitute the obsolete Warsaw Pact tanks; obviously it is more about words and promises rather than contracts already signed and paid for.. However, Aleppo keep buzzing into the conversation like a mosquito; if every city is important, the fall of Aleppo will be a disaster.. It will trigger a chain reaction driving smaller cities to follow”.
Having summarised the article, I can safely conclude: the American scenario has been improved and refined to meet new American and Western strategic exigencies in the area.. Don’t forget that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey all possess and have access to US made weaponry.. Just consult the Purchase Orders made and deliveries received by each of them in the past couple of years.

Pass On The Word.