The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

EU Nav For Med.

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Montopoli, June 29th 2015.
On May 27th , under “Humanity? A hopeless case”, I wrote: “Parliaments and Governments do not hesitate for a glimpse of an eye while voting for a war; and their financial and logistic contributions are ready at a moment’s notice.. But when it comes to saving lives (others of course) they take all the time in the world, and the topic on top of their agendas’ priority list becomes Domestic Unease and Security Hazards.

Desperate refugees at large.. Circled in red are the floating corps of the dead. 

Today, while trying to put some order into my study, I stumbled over several pencil written notes dated 23rd of June – apparently left to remind me of topics that I should follow on yet, for a reason or another, they were doomed to sink deep in my fading memory – reporting the headlines of some important news about EU’s debates over its urgent issue of the moment: REFUGEES!
To my astonishment, that day I surprisingly discovered, that 14 nations of the European Union have decided to unsheathe their swords to defend I don’t know what from the “Clear and Present Danger” called: REFUGEES! They are deploying their submarines, battleships, missile launchers, helicopters, and drones; all under the command of Italy (with its Hospital Ship and one thousand infantry soldiers)!
Commenting on that decision, Mr. Furio Colombo said that it’s an operation with scarce fantasy typical of European Vertices; and going through the recent history of that Biblical Exodus, caused by the twelve conflicts roaring about every corner of the region and bleeding its already lamed economies; he examined the steps that, over the past few years, Italy (alone without EU help or support) has taken to face the refugees phenomena:
Ø  First it was operation “Mare Nostrum” aiming to save lives of human beings fleeing danger and crossing the Mediterranean on fishing boats, tenders and fortune vessels.. It saved about 5000 souls!
Ø  Opposed by the Right block in Parliament, the operation was aborted leaving the floor to another plan code named “Triton” that didn’t count at all and saved no one.
Remained the question of what to do regarding those who have already landed and, whom against their own will, were obliged to be locked up surrounded by high fences in the ‘Housing Centres’ (the cool name for concentration camps) waiting for the outcome of useless endless talks and negotiations inside the corridors and counseling rooms in Brussels and Luxemburg; out of which Italy got nothing.
So, there is nothing left but to make war.. Not against the Human Traffic Lords on both sides of the sea.. Not against the corrupt officials here and there in Africa, Asia, and Europe who are lubricating the gears of their new ‘Gold making Business’.. Instead, Europe’s deployed fleets did not cast to plough the Mediterranean waters to save the refugees lives, but to sink the boats that transport them!!!
And the submarines??? Maybe their commission is to verify the collective deaths by drowning!!!
But how to justify a combat naval fleet and why the command to Italy? Colombo answers:
“On one hand, assigning the command to a conceited Italy, who obtained nothing in the first place, leaves the impression that it won everything; even Italy’s Minster of Foreign Affairs declared that the decision is a success.
And on the other, it specifies between the lines of many communiqués that: a) Libya will not be attacked if it doesn’t want to!! b) No war shall be launched if the UN will not give the go!!! c) It is allowed to make the bolds in open sea in order to hit the traffickers!!!!
Indeed, but the traffickers are never at sea.. Only the sailors.. Yes, but they are as well criminals, and we will sink them.. And the refugees? Either will go down with boat along with its sailors (an event verifiable by the submarines); or they will survive and land on Italian soil so that we’re back to square one.
It is a pity that the image of Italy is used for such a macabre game”.
Furio Colombo’s argumentations, though sarcastic, are much convincing and I agree with him. To conclude, I will quote myself repeating what I said two days ago:
As today’s world is swerving towards ‘Right’, and National Parties from every colour are winning grounds all over the globe; dividing and discriminating entire populations has become a cultural vogue rising over many racial, ethnic, sectarian and religious perceptions all commonly blinded by the “US vs. THEM”  spotlights; unable to see the fading “TOGETHER” candlelight.
Therefor, an inevitable “Regression Backward is likely the most logic opposed reaction to cripple our existence. I think that many tangible present facts do support this conclusion of mine.
Pass On The Word.

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