The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Steeling life isn’t a crime!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 29th 2013.
Looking for a definition to ‘Theft’ as a criminal act, or ‘Thief’ as a criminal person, one would be going through which ever Penal Code in the world to find it defined, more or less, as “..whomever seizes or take possession of the movable things of others”.. Giving it a thought, the ‘good’ we’re talking about, life, could possibly be defined as movable thing? Of course no; the code would add something very important “It is also considered a movable thing the Electric Energy and any other energy of economic value”.
Try and ask your lawyer friend and he, rising up his shoulders, would reply: “Of course no, this kind of theft is not foreseen by any code. Not always there could be a Penal Responsibility.. Maximum it could be social, moral or political.. Supposing that such responsibilities exist anymore in our society”!!
Nowhere in any law this crime is, or will ever be, provided for: The Theft of Life.. Not Homicide to be clear, but the subtraction of energies of ideas, of enthusiasms, and of hopes.. These are being systematically taken away.
If you are over forty five years of age, then you’ll know what I’m talking about; for you have certainly passed one day out of two trying to outlive the controversies and hatred that have humiliated your impulses and ideals; a day consumed in self defence against those who worked their best to shred the country into small insignificant pieces, while you wanted to open up and overlook the whole world.
Then you’d look around and see your mates obliged to migrate.. Or lean down the head to crime, corruption and political patronage.. Even to renounce undertaking any exploit or venture.. Dignity have been stolen, yet even this isn’t an offense punishable by any law!!
You’ve definitely experienced that without a recommendation, a business card, or an affiliation you couldn’t have the chance to become a professor, a director or a manager.. Isn’t that a theft of merit, of commitment, of occasions?
Maybe even you have seen architects friends of friends constructing buildings and high rises out of norms who’ve been convicted, imprisoned or at large, though leaving you without land, air, and horizons!! You have certainly witnessed the flourishing careers of journalists champions of silence and complicity; while others, more skilled, honest and free, are plodding along.. And that is not theft??
They have stolen my life and yours as well, even if you didn’t realised it yet.. Maybe it is not a crime.. But the thieves are still out there.. Unpunished!
Pass On The Word.

NB: This article is adapted from Ferruccio Sansa’s editorial on today’s Il Fatto Quotidiano.


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 27th 2013.
Only 30 months have passed by since the winds of the Arab Spring blew on our region, yet the entire ‘west’ is concerned and sparing no expenses in sponsoring, aiding, training, guiding, assisting, nominating, debating, financing, arming, plotting and encouraging ‘A’ to fight ‘B’ under any political, cultural, ethnic or religious pretext.. Of course the west is concerned only by its vital interests, and that’s understandable though not justifiable.
Why that same ‘west’ have left alone the French Revolution from day 1, allowing the French people all the time needed to mature their own democracy over two long centuries without any interference what-so-ever?
Because even then amidst the chaotic times and bloody events, France had very firm hold over a strong army with highly advanced naval fleet equipped with the most advanced warfare technology of its time, also because its colonies around the world guaranteed its solid economy.
Obviously the equation is not the same with the Arab Spring.. Some would say its globalisation times, and an earthquake in Haiti affects the South African Diamonds trade!! This may be plausible to some extent, except for one small detail: in this globalised world, profits go one way, the way of the Free World, while loss spread around every other way, among the eternally Developing Countries!
Meaning that WE are not allowed to mature, from developing to developed, experiencing by trial and error? Because it is not good for Wall Street and the western Stock Exchange Markets.. We are not allowed to experience our own aches or heal our ills on our own, because it is not good for the IMF or the Federal Reserve.. We are not allowed to live by our rules, because it contradicts the Matrix pattern of governance set by the West only for us.
But is that why we didn’t produce not even a Dynamo? Is that why we say Industry to define assembly lines for third parties? Is that why we don’t have a Real Economy? And above all, is that why We must remain for good only the consumers, the retarded ones, the poor ones, the ill ones, the ignorant ones and the stupid ones; so that They keep enjoying our wealthy resources?
Remember the nobles who forced themselves in the house of Ulysses while he was absent from home, they ate his food, drank his wine, emptied his cellars, ruined his land, extorted his crops, enslaved his household and almost raped his wife.
Why couldn’t we be left alone to solve our own problems among ourselves? Why should we lean on some stranger to assist, help and dominate us?
If you have the answers, then
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

It’s happening..

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 24th 2013.
The international reluctance in finding ways to stop the Syrian bloodshed, and the limitation of its support for the population within the diplomatic brackets, are clearly the result of awaiting the outcome of the Big Guys (Usa and Russia) prolonged tactical game of twisting arms. Because the long time rivals stands, in this new phase of the resurrected Cold War, are not quit openly defined.
The United States options are:
1.      A full scale military intervention to occupy the entire Syrian territory and install a favourable administration, same as Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.. Obviously it would be too costly logistically and humanly.
2.      A limited indirect intervention (aka the Libyan scenario) to arm and train fractions of the self proclaimed Free Army in order to fortify its territorial positions and create buffer zones along the northern and southern borders to ease the flow of arms and other technical assistance efforts.
Obviously the US Congress favours the second option being very cost effective, and already run-in with optimal results in the Libyan theatre. Moreover, such option will buy the time needed to: a) ware-out the Iranian economy (since Iran is committed to sustain a continuous flow of finance and armaments, Russian and Chinese, for Syrian armed forces and Hezb’Allah militias to maintain Assad in power), and b) to allow the rebellion forces the best possible chances for seizing better territorial gains before going to Geneva II; thus to have a better negotiation edge.
On their side also Russia and Iran are aiming for the same objective: to allow Assad’s army the time necessary to make significant territorial gains as to strengthen his negotiating position when the time comes for the Geneva II conference.
But the undeclared US end goal, and most important target achievable through this tactical game, is to aggravate the Syrian and regional sectarian, cultural, ethnic and religious conflicts in order to provide the legal excuse for creating a kind of a Federation consisted of small territorial divisions.. Same as Iraq and Libya; and which they are still trying to implement in Afghanistan.
For such an objective the US Congress will never be avaricious; especially that in the meantime Israel will continue its expansive occupation all over the rest of the once called Palestine.
Yet a lot in the region still doubt the veracity of a United States plan to dismember the Arab, and Muslim, states in the making of the New Middle East*.
Pass On The Word.

*reference is made to my article “What’s the Plan?” of September 2012.. If interested check it out on my blog

Friday, 19 July 2013

Fighting Evil with Evil is Evil.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 19th 2013.
It is illogic and most absurd that we accept to protest against injustice by being unjust; to resist oppression by terrorising; ask for security by aggression; demand democracy by denying the other’s rights; practicing opposition by killing the opponent; or controlling order by bullets not by the law!
The more we fight Evil with Evil, the more we become vulnerable to anything and everything.. And that in itself is Evil
Disroot, eradicate, exterminate, extirpate, pluck, grub, stub or even just deracinate; are few of a lot more alternative synonyms destined to become the action needed NOW for the Egyptian institutions and social parties combined to review their extreme fanatic ideological belongings by which they are shredding our social tissue and demolishing every hope for our UNITY as the only valid defence against vulnerability.
If Politic is the art of compromise and Governance is the adequate application of the possible.. Thus to have effective politics and good governance, we must reset our ideas to make front to the dangers acquired so far by the primitive, stubborn and short sighted approach of the whole lot previous cast: the unfit, and sometimes corrupt, politicians who forcefully ran the country (on behalf of others) ever since 1947 until now.. Not excluding the Brotherhood with its Islamic Project, the Foloul with their corruption producing politics of the “Stability/Security Pact”, the Military as the major shareholder of the country’s assets, the Technocrats with their limited vision, or the Bureaucrats with their book-keepers type hesitant performance.
We’ve tried in vain the sterile Presidential rule for too long, and look where it drove us.. We need the rigorous clear-sightedness and the lawful impartiality by which the institutions would solve our problems and save the country from the eminent bloodshed.
Pass On The Word.

The Boiling Frog Syndrom.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 19th 2013.
The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. Provided the heating is sufficiently gradual. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually.
The boiling frog story is generally told in a metaphorical context, with the upshot being that people should make themselves aware of gradual change lest they suffer eventual undesirable consequences.
And because all of us (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Laics, Liberals, Conservatives, Socialists, Communists, Intellectuals, Analphabets, Rich, Poor, Civilians, Militants or Militaries…etc)  are profoundly convinced of being absolutely right, and that we are standing in an undisputable side; I say: We are all that frog! For each of us allowed himself to live in the captivity inside one idea without even bothering to investigate the other’s.
Nevertheless, I have to underline that my opinion cannot be applied on the self-researched beliefs (political or spiritual).. So if you have decided by your own free will to be X or Y, then you’re casted out from the Frog pack.
Pass On The Word.

Don’t Worry.. Be Happy!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 2nd 2013.
Then it’s true.. We, the Egyptians, have been for very long educated and institutionalised, by adopting the State’s preset molds of behaviour, in a way to react according to few easily detectable patterns.. And the system worked (and still is) perfectly pending on the facts that: a) we were driven into a collective stage of dottiness, being brainwashed and badly educated over sixty years of shallow intellect exchange and cultural censorship, and b) we have a very short memory. That’s why:
·         We forgot that 60 years of Military and Police Dictatorship were the reason why we rose up to rebel in the first place!
·         We forgot the SCAF’s 16 months of injustice whereas hundreds were arrested, tortured and tried before Military Courts and by the Military Laws!
·         We forgot the tens of women who were forcefully submitted to the shame of the Virginity Test by the Military Inquisitors!
·         We forgot, and are passing over the brutal fact that we are merely demanding food, freedom and justice.. After 60 years of suppression, still we are not asking for what should’ve been the normality in the 21st century: healthy environment, better eco-system, modern public education, strategic Scientific Research, nation-wide health care coverage, elder age services, child rights, clear water, independent information, equal rights, better labour laws, eliminating tax evasion, fighting corruption, establishing laws for Conflict of Interest…Etc. 
And because we were fed up with the Fascist governance of the Brotherhood and fearing its allies common project for a Middle East Islamic Rule; we are celebrating  today the Military Ultimatum as the only ‘peaceful’ way out from the dead-end path in which the Brotherhood brought us all against its walls. (The question is: will it really be peaceful?).
As if Egypt is that sterile so it cannot produce anymore a single patriot figure, honest enough and fairly capable to lead it into safety and prosperity.
Well, in the best case scenario, the Military will have no alternative but to do the following:
1)      extend the Emergency Laws and declare curfews, in order to contain the expected Radical Muslim Extremists fanatic retaliatory actions,
2)      nominate a Moderate Military Figure (and not the Supreme Court Chair) to preside the country for a limited phase of transition,
3)      constitute an ‘ElGanzoury Type Cabinet’ to run the domestic day by day matters, (though defined as a National Salvation Government, it will include a majority of ex NDPs),
4)      maintain the custody of sovereign portfolios,
5)      re-negotiate Sinai Accords,
6)      freeze the Hamas/Fatah Egyptian mediation,
7)      open up for new bilateral intelligence agreements with western allies,
8)      set a date for Administrative and Legislative Elections (always according to the prevailing unjust laws),
9)      will not encourage any possibility to design a new constitution.      
Of course the immediate consequences may be a fair flow of investments, a return to almost normality in Tourism, a containment of prices, and eventually an end to the fuel and energy crisis; but the bottom line will not include in any way the term Democracy*.
*For more about the term I refer you to my article “Democratic Revelations” posted on June 11th 2013. Check it up on my blog  
I’m afraid that we have become so doubting to let no one gain our trust to lead; so the easiest thing to do is to sustain and welcome another era of Military Rule (closing both eyes on who’s really been orchestrating the play from day 1 when the Brotherhood won the presidential elections). Thus, in order to regain our previous virtual “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” daily life, we will hand everything back to the Military convinced of the intentionally dispatched lie on how civilised it is to support that ‘Peaceful White Revolution in the name of Democracy’; neglecting a small detail: that hundreds have already died, while thousands have been mutilated, tortured and incarcerated.
El Sissy, the soldier, have every reason to believe that “…the country’s Interests and its National Security are in clear and eminent danger”, due to the hesitance and reluctance of the Brotherhood.. From Sinai unidentifiable infiltrations to Ethiopia’s Nahda Dam; and from the boiling ‘domestic front’ through the uneasy ‘neighbouring’ borders till the rapidly changeable ‘foreign’ expectations, the Armed Forces must have its say.. But will it say the right words?
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 14th 2013.
Praying is something, governing is another.. Collecting the votes of believers is something, living as a believer is another.. Participating in the collective Friday Sermon Prayer is something, tolerating and including the other is another.. To love the next (your next: son, daughter, father, friend, mother, brother, Morsi, Shafick…) is something, to love your neighbour as you love yourself is another.. Being human (believer or not) is something, living and acting as human is another.
According to BankItalia (The Central Bank of Italy), and in relation to the Economic Crisis: Growth -10%, robberies +6%, extortions +10%, and tax evasions reached 552% (€.800billion due related to only 69Billion collected)!! Can somebody document and explain what could be the Egyptian situation today?
Media news explain the future bombarding us by numbers.. Words are no longer used because they stick, and consequently nail us, into details.. Better is referring to GNP, taxes, National Debt and Installments!
Ø  Morsi is the first leader for Egypt chosen directly by the people. We didn’t know that we had only one attempt.
Ø  Lots of Egyptian voted Morsi for not seeing any longer figures of the Old Régime. Anyone would’ve had more hope than those voters.
Ø  Morsi is a top figure of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic organisation refusing armed conflicts. The generic disapproval.
Ø  During his campaign, Morsi promised measures against Women Discrimination. Lesser rights for ALL.
Ø  During his mandate, he arrested TV and media journalists for having criticised him. In line with the rich Arabic heritage of Democracy.
Ø  In 2012 he auto-engaged to put together Palestinians and Israelis. What about Christians?
Ø  In the same time at home he attributes himself exceptional powers. “I know how make Democracy disappear”.  
Ø  During the protests against him calling for his resignation, women were repeatedly raped. Like in the big families.
Ø  Many sustain that the Brotherhood paid groups of street bullies and common delinquents to commits the rapes in order to keep women out of politics. However that will not clear them.. The women of course.
Ø  The Military establishment concede Morsi an ultimatum to find an understanding with the opposition forces. On how to hand back Egypt to the Military Establishment.
Ø  The Military grasp control and take power at Tahrir Square, fireworks explode. Someone stored them in the Tear Gas crates.
Ø  Is it legitimate throwing by force a president, elected by the people, who badly treat Democracy? Take the next 20 years time to reflect.
Important Note: All the above are quoted, and arranged, from today’s Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano.
Pass On The Word.


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Venice, July 8th 2013.
Some of my friends in Egypt and elsewhere got curious about why I chose Goethe’s quote as a banner for my Blog “The Oracle”*. The philosopher reached a conclusion that there is no worse cage than the one inside which we believe to be totally free. What does that mean? Let me try to explain.
That cage could be your apartment in the city centre, your close circle of intimate friends, or your new pair of Nike walking shoe.. Since we are equal, then we are alike.. Similar.. Think about a lion, a rat or a cow; you draw one and you have designed all.. We, mankind, are the same.
Remember the Stickman? The man we used to draw using five traits, sticks, and a circle? Is that what we are? A stooge with two legs, a head and a pair of arms?
It existed, or hopefully shall exist, a moment in which you’ll feel alone.. An occasion when your best friend, or dear one, would say or do something at which you’ll find yourself in complete disaccord; and when you’ll check for a confirmation in the views of other people, you’ll discover to be the only one seeing it that way. Well, when this moment arrives, try to make the right choice.. You were not born to be a mirror.
Genetically we are unique.. Nevertheless we eat the same things, take the same medicines, make the same sports, wear the same cloths, venerate the same labels and who wants to be or feel different, ends up wandering and decked out like Christmas in August, we think the same things, listen to the same music, watch the same programmes, design in the same manner, buy the same mattresses, the same furniture …
Tens of thousands of years ago, we adapted ourselves to the laws of nature in order to survive.. Today we are adapted to the useless just to coexist.
What have we become then? A Stickman!
Pass On The Word.

Grand Imam, High Brass, and MBG.. I won’t buy this one.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 8th 2013.
The Grand Imam, the helm of Al Azhar and supreme reference for the Moderate Sunni World have pronounced the word, fixed an ultimatum and detailed ‘his’ 3 steps plan for National Reconciliation!
However it may seem awkward and contradictory, yet for him it is the most comprehensive and plausible thing to do, saying he will not participate as a member in the National Reconciliation Committee (that he suggested for the Interim Executive to constitute within his fixed dead line ultimatum); and why? Because he “cannot convince the Brotherhood and their allies (to actively participate and join efforts with the National Salvation Front and the Interim Executive to compromise a path for Pacification) after they have witnessed the poured blood of their companions”!
Well in my book, if Al Azhar seriously and sincerely want to be part or even better to lead the way for a National Pacification/Reconciliation, it must occupy the ‘head of the table’ to preside and mediate for as long as it would take and as hard it will be.. Because dear Grand Imam this is not a Friday Prayer Sermon.
I believe that if you really believed in what you’re now saying, you should have anticipated firsthand the Brotherhood’s mobilisations against the Liberal Coalition manifestations, against the Security and Armed Forces; or at least would have warned them publicly about the dangers of their marching close to the TV building and the Tahrir Square where the ‘others’ were; simply because having their marching ‘martyrs’ and the other liberal ex-opposition forces in such proximity, is inherently dangerous Dear Imam.. Civil Wars have begun that way.
Or perhaps you do know what we don’t?! Does the Brotherhood want a Civil War? Could that be the price that Egypt must pay for securing their rule? Is that what Morsi meant when he promised, or warned, the Brass upon his arrest saying that “’ll enter into a dark tunnel”?
Don’t play it safe (as it has become the tradition of Al Azhar institution in the past eight decades) Grand Imam.. Set the example, make your decision and take your stand by the side that you truly believe is the best to bring to safe waters the entire Nation. Because it is the multi-ethnic-multi-cultural Arab Nation that we’re talking about, not just the Muslim part of it.
On the other hand, let me ask the Brass and the National Salvation Front:
·         Why the hurry to orchestrate a Coup and sell it as a Revolution?
·         Was the fear of Islamising Egypt your only motive?
·         Or did you know about a wider Middle East project designed abroad and executed on board?
·         If so, is the Syrian model a pilot exercise of that project?
And to the Brotherhood and their allies I say: you’re not only losing credibility as an alternative, but as well you are feeding hatred and division knowing the exact harm but unaware of the unlimited damage of your miscalculated actions simply because:
·         You didn’t understand, or it was never included in your deeply rooted culture, that a fundamental of Democracy is ‘Free Opposition’. To you and your devoted disciples, whomever is not of your opinion is an enemy to fight and to forcefully silence.
·         You abandoned reason as the tact for convincing the ‘other’.. Even in your main mission “Al Da’wa”, you’ve adopted the easy techniques of seducing the recruits through mundane incentives, not anymore by inciting ideas to elaborate for spiritual explorations.
·         Everywhere throughout the Islamic world, you have used the social frustration as a perfect mass motivator for your own ends.
·         You couldn’t unite the Islamic world to fight the real enemy, Israel and the New Empire, so you’ve invented one of your own among your own.
·         Your calling on strength (and violence) as the ‘only’ mean for achievement, by the pretext that this is the only language that the ‘enemy’ understands, could be understandable; but as we were ordered to ‘prepare’ and ‘build’ our strength (not violence or aggression) to ‘intimidate’ (not to assault to kill) our enemy and that of Allah; I believe that the order was not absolutely open ended, it was conditioned that we successfully define ‘Strength’ and accurately identify the ‘Real Enemy’.    
I call on Al Azhar, the Brass, the NSF and the Brotherhood: tell us what you know and not what you think that we need to know, because “Only The Truth Shall Set You Free”.
But.. There is no deaf worse than the one who does not want to hear!
Pass On The Word.

Less Dreams.. More Facts.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 7th 2013.
So.. The Military Establishment have readjusted the course.. Or perhaps re-inverted it? I can’t say for certain. Eventually the hurdling events could lead to such a conclusion, however I’d suggest not be hasty otherwise we may lose track or thrive ahead without noticing the trail indicators.
What was the real motivator that drove the Egyptian Brass to intervene firmly, swiftly, vigilantly and radically? What fears drove the CIA & Co to press Al Sissy into the decisions he took ever since November last? Where did the Brotherhood got it all wrong? How would this affect the Arab Spring as a whole? And why the world is so confused in defining Egypt’s change of régime (revolution or coup)?
Well to answer all of these interrogatives, and many more; I would settle here to bring you straight to the bottom line.. Where the conclusion is and whereas the motivators are Hamas and the Suez Canal; while the trail of indicators is completely another matter.
At first here are the motivators:
The frequent and repeated infiltrations of Hamas militants into Sinai (to pass on directives, instructions and finances to their peers who evaded captivity in the January 2011 chaotic events). Of course this could mean training Jihadist fresh recruits anywhere in the Sinai maze, flourishing arms trade and smuggling of strategic goods and commodities to a suffering population into the sanctioned Gaza Strip.
The river of petro-dollars in financial support to Egypt’s Brotherhood Presidency, mostly originating from the ex Prince of Qatar, having for target to establish a multitude of giant projects surrounding the Suez Canal strategic zone; and that is nourishing international fears about the sorts of the Canal and whom shall have the last word in running it.
Now for the trail of indicators, since the space is limited, let me just state the headings and hope that you will elaborate on each as you wish:
·         IMF loan;
·         US annual billion and a half in Military Aids;
·         the uninterrupted chain of communications between Egypt’s Brass and the Pentagon;
·         the US closed doors diplomatic contacts with the Brotherhood and with the opposition;
·         Kerry’s repeated visits to Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt;
·         the Supreme Court verdict to reinstate the Ex General Prosecutor ousted by the Brotherhood;
·         the US firm refusal to bring Mubarak & Co before a Court Marshall, only a Civil Tribunal so that the defence may engage in a long trial to gain the needed precious time for prescribing the vague accusations;
·         the Coptic pressure;
·         the Ethiopian Dam case;
·         the abdication of Al Thany of Qatar to his son Prince Tamim;
·         the formation of the National Salvation Front;
And on top of all that, there are the Brotherhood’s unrealistic vision and bad interpretation to the Egyptian consensus changing moods; because their fatal mistake was to interpret the 51% in favour as the votes of devoted Brotherhood’s followers, overlooking the fact that most of that electorate voted for fear of the return of the Military Brass on top of the Executive.
Moreover, by refusing to give an ear to the opposition and the street, the 2nd ex-President did not report to his employer (the Egyptian People) but gave all his devotion to execute the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide instructions, directives, indications…etc.
So by placing the supreme strategic targets of the Brotherhood (The Islamic Middle East) as an immediate national priority rather that providing any sign of consideration to the people’s urgent needs (Security, Labour, Prices, Wages, Pensions, Health Care, Education, Gas, Water, Fuel, Energy, Bread, Corruption, Justice, Nile Water, Agriculture, Industry, Tourism… Etc.); he and the Brotherhood opened the door wide open for all possible, imaginable and non, scenarios.
In the meantime Egyptians are dying, women are being raped, priests are killed, Copt houses are burned, violence is spreading, and all are awaiting the moves of the newly sworn-in President.
That’s why I continue to express my refusal to ‘this’ type of Presidential Monarchy as the model to preserve, because so far it proved so many times and everywhere its failure to protect its values, manage crisis or adjust its course except by overpowering FORCE or shrewd CHEAT.
The System has failed since 1952.. Shall we try something else?
Can the one who sat on the helm of the Constitutional Court, the man who does not dream his verdicts but examine facts and draw conclusions to judge by the spirit of the text not by the text itself, bring the answer?
Pass On The Word.