The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

It’s happening..

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 24th 2013.
The international reluctance in finding ways to stop the Syrian bloodshed, and the limitation of its support for the population within the diplomatic brackets, are clearly the result of awaiting the outcome of the Big Guys (Usa and Russia) prolonged tactical game of twisting arms. Because the long time rivals stands, in this new phase of the resurrected Cold War, are not quit openly defined.
The United States options are:
1.      A full scale military intervention to occupy the entire Syrian territory and install a favourable administration, same as Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.. Obviously it would be too costly logistically and humanly.
2.      A limited indirect intervention (aka the Libyan scenario) to arm and train fractions of the self proclaimed Free Army in order to fortify its territorial positions and create buffer zones along the northern and southern borders to ease the flow of arms and other technical assistance efforts.
Obviously the US Congress favours the second option being very cost effective, and already run-in with optimal results in the Libyan theatre. Moreover, such option will buy the time needed to: a) ware-out the Iranian economy (since Iran is committed to sustain a continuous flow of finance and armaments, Russian and Chinese, for Syrian armed forces and Hezb’Allah militias to maintain Assad in power), and b) to allow the rebellion forces the best possible chances for seizing better territorial gains before going to Geneva II; thus to have a better negotiation edge.
On their side also Russia and Iran are aiming for the same objective: to allow Assad’s army the time necessary to make significant territorial gains as to strengthen his negotiating position when the time comes for the Geneva II conference.
But the undeclared US end goal, and most important target achievable through this tactical game, is to aggravate the Syrian and regional sectarian, cultural, ethnic and religious conflicts in order to provide the legal excuse for creating a kind of a Federation consisted of small territorial divisions.. Same as Iraq and Libya; and which they are still trying to implement in Afghanistan.
For such an objective the US Congress will never be avaricious; especially that in the meantime Israel will continue its expansive occupation all over the rest of the once called Palestine.
Yet a lot in the region still doubt the veracity of a United States plan to dismember the Arab, and Muslim, states in the making of the New Middle East*.
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*reference is made to my article “What’s the Plan?” of September 2012.. If interested check it out on my blog

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