The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Mother Of Idiots is always Pregnant!

 By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas - Firenze, June 21st 2017.

Certain people just aren’t capable of seeing further than the tip of their toes, or even learn from others’ previous mistakes.. Illiteracy is not the issue here; but arrogance and ignorance are!

I have always been firmly convinced that the river Nile was, or should have been, the solid ‘Spinal Cord’ unifying the economies and hopes for common reciprocal growth of ten African nations stuck onto its banks.. A life line tying them strongly together to help each other evolve and develop independently from foreign influences and interests.

Instead, for the last eighty five years since the rise of the first African Independence Movements, we are witnessing a systematic dismantling of each and every element of that unity, by the means of two destructive weapons:
  •       I.            Incompetent Governance; and
  •    II.            Corruption.

Other than the socio-economic (relocation and/or migratory waves of rural population and nomad tribes, industrialisation, high cost of domestic energy/water supply, health…etc.) and environmental (deforestation, climate, agriculture, land fertility, pastures/live stock, fishery, dependence on fertilisers…etc.) impact of the project; its’ initial estimated costs amount to almost 15% of Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product, meaning Debts & long term interests which will all fall directly on the main consumer: Ethiopian Population!

However, the real catch here is ‘Foreign Interests’.. We know that since 2005 Israel’s undying hunger for Hydraulic resources control led it to acquire a century long exclusive contract for the full control and maintenance over Lake Victoria Waters!! The Feasibility Study of the Millennium Dam (now Renaissance Dam) was initially presented and promoted by Israeli Intelligence shadow firms.. Two thirds of the finance are guaranteed by Chinese banks (China is buying massive surfaces of African fertile lands for its future long term strategic agricultural projects).. France is already awarded the installations of Turbines, Energy Plants and Technical Assistance contracts for Electric Power industrial and domestic supply for the coming 75 years.

Those foreign interests must guarantee first-hand the absolute security of their newly acquired revenue makers, henceforth the probable unity of the ten Nile Basin Nations is definitely unwelcome.. Thus Divide Et Impera has returned to be an imperative reclaim! (Just look at the actual map of The Nile Basin Nations and compare it with the same just 50 years ago)!

That’s the main reason why I favour the complete destruction of that ‘Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’.. Simply because it represents all what I’ve always disapproved: The Great Aswan Dam.. Ever since 1969 Egypt has been socially, culturally, and economically suffering in an uncontrollable chain reaction to, and mainly because of, that project.

Ethiopians didn’t learned the lesson and they are repeating exactly the very same errors as we did half a century ago.. So, to my fellow Africans in Ethiopia I say: Welcome to the club.

Pass On The Word.

The Avalanche.

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas - Pisa, June 21st 2017

Observing the recent sad event of the Finsbury Park mosque in London, and today’s Regent Park mosque incident together with Trump’s related unusual tweet silence; an array of ‘WHYs’ rushed on me seeking answers, and forcing me to think things over.

One thing is a certainty, in my opinion, and that is the Radical Islamists (even simply Muslims according to Trump, or Fundamentalists, Extremists, Fanatics, Terrorists, Jihadists…Etc.. Anyway by now they are all considered synonyms by almost all Media and scholars) whom were first represented by Bin Laden’s QAEDA, then by Al Zarqawy’s regiments, hence came the turn of Taliban and Shabab, and now it’s Al Baghdady’s ISIL or DAESH; would group in with the West’s Extreme Right, Xenophobe Movements, Neo Nazi and Neo Fascist clans by the same identical Ideology of Supremacy, and by the use of the same homicidal tactics.

“Not only because all those ‘Intolerant’ resemble;” as Mr. Michele Serra once wrote “but because the ‘WE HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU HATE US’ satisfies to the maximum the genocidal rush of ‘EITHER WE OR THEM’ thus preparing for the scheme long-awaited by the Jihadist Movements: the blood bath which the fanatic minority hope to inflict upon the good-mannered pacifist majority”!
But where/how did all that initiated? Why it has been so massively empowered? Whose motivating its escalation on both sides?

I think that it all started few decades over 200 years ago, by the late 18th century, at the rise of the Wahhabi Movement in the Arabian Peninsula; when its founder Ibn Abdel Wahhab launched the Jihad against those Muslims whom he considered as enemies in and about by the peninsula, whereby the traditional tribal conquest traditions, he accumulated spoils and wealth to finance his 'mission' to spread his ideology.

To establish the Oneness (Tawheed) Nation and purify the Muslim State from ‘Idolatry’ or ‘Polytheism’; which made many Sunni scholars of the time consider the followers of that sect as outcasts (Khawarej), even outlaws, from the Ottoman Caliphate; since the Wahhabi doctrine has denied the 4 major Sunni schools, to rely only upon the Quran and confirmed Sunna texts; it also chose the verses and Hadiths related to the ‘Disbelievers’ and applied them on other Muslims; whom in their turn have reacted reciprocally, even violently.

That bloody conflict ended up by the formation of the First Saudi State, reaching Damascus in the north and Amman in the south; soon after, by 1818, the Egyptian forces under Ibrahim Pasha, son of Mohammad Alì Pasha, besieged the Saudi capital at the time Ad’Deraeya and destroyed it completely, in a war known as the Ottoman Saudi War.. Yet, by early 20th century, backed by the British Empire, Abdel Aziz Ibn Saoud founded the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia; making the Wahhabi Doctrine the main support of the throne.

Now let me concentrate on how the Saudi/Wahhabi teachings have indoctrinated many Egyptians, Syrians, Libyans, Sudanese, Yemeni and other Muslims from various orgins, as to influence their homecoming behaviour and daily disciplines.
Just consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, mainly from humble social scales, along with their families, have been living and working for decades in the Kingdom and/or its “Satellite Gulf States”; other than those tens of thousands whom are traveling more than once for religious purposes (Hadj or Omra). Such durable ‘Cultural Friction’ is so influential that it drove most of them away from the Moderate Sunni practices into the extremes of the Wahhabi doctrine, only by habit and almost completely unaware of the change.

Take the Niqab for instance, their wives were obliged, by the laws of the land, to wear it then it became a habit, whereby by their homecoming it became contagious.. Then the Beard and the gowns.. Then the thoughts, rituals and practices will automatically change or mutate.

The change and the mutation, as anything else, are relative to the individual characters and capabilities; some are following by conviction, other by fear.. And both are the result of the absence of the active and oriented role of preaching and teaching; meaning Al Azhar, the Mosques and the Public Schools.

None of them has been doing a good job as they both did in the past 8 centuries.. Al Azhar is almost completely isolated from the streets and the schools; the schools are uncontrolled; and both are politicised.

The void is abyssal, and the faith is suffering.. The very same faith that produced the likes of Ibn Al Haytham, Jaber Ibn Hayyan, Al Zahrawi, Al Kindi, Ibn AnNafis, Ibn Zuhr, Al Idrisi, Al Razi, Ibn Khaldoun, Ibn Rushd, Al Khawaresmy, Al Afghany, Al Ghazali, Metwally AsSharawy…etc.. The list is encyclopaedically long!

I believe that lest we revise and refine our thoughts from the extremes and the rough edges that have distorted too many cardinal values of Islam, like tolerance, dialogue, equality, coexistence, acceptance, honesty, solidarity and generosity; we shall that speedy regression towards the Jaheleyyah!

Pass On The Word.

PS: I have carefully considered the choice of this article’s title ‘The Avalanche’, because I see it as the perfect fit to the actual situation by all the meanings of the term:
Ø  As a noun it is: a sudden arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities; and

Ø  In physics it is: a cumulative process in which a fast-moving ion or electron generates further ions and electrons by collision.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Bloody Game of Democracy.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS - Montopoli, January 26th 2014.
In his article entitled “Kissinger Plan for Lebanon: Death by ‘Democracy’” published on EIR* May 27, 2005; Michele Steinberg wrote:
“...the Bush Administration’s major—and perhaps only—interest in Lebanon, is to use the country against Syria. For the neo-conservative fanatics run by Vice President Dick Cheney, Lebanon is seen as useful for either military strikes against Syria, or as a staging ground for a special operations regime-change in Syria. (See EIR, Feb. 25, 2005, “Lebanon’s Hariri Killed To Make a ‘Clean Break.’ ”)”.
And in the writer’s intent to explain the Kissinger plan for turning Lebanon into an advanced assault platform against Syria, being part of his strategy to control the Middle East’s resources (in accordance with the contents of his famous NSM200 of 1974); we can read this most significant passage:
“Another view, and perhaps the most dangerous, is to let the election proceed without destabilizations and ultimata from the United States about disarming the Shi’ite group Hezbollah. Then, after the election, as was done in Georgia, Ukraine, and even earlier in Peru, the U.S.-British imperial forces would use their covert and semi-open democracy funds to unleash Jacobin mobs in the streets of Lebanon to overturn the election. The stage would be set for another tragedy”.
Today, and after closely observing what has been going on the Egyptian territories, I can conclude that my doubts about a similar parallel pattern - perhaps even an identical twin copy - if not completely founded, however they are amazingly justifiable.
Pass On The Word.

*EIR: Executive Intelligence Review

The Insuperable Abyss.

Ahmed M. ElNahhas - Firenze, June 14th 2017.
Recently, several events have caused a growing conflict among a good part of the Egyptian population; between cheering supporters and shouting opponents. I have noticed that in most cases, each group has kept sustaining his stand emotionally, while very few have chosen to debate the merit of each issue rationally; thus both clans have been willingly creating that insuperable abyss of unreason which will be dividing them for God knows how long.
The events in question are:
       I.            The signature of an agreement by which Egypt’s government conceded the Red Sea Islands of Tiran and Sanafir to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    II.            The Maritime Boundary Delineation Treaty signed between Egypt, Israel and Cyprus.

The first has triggered an overwhelming political, juridical, demagogic and intellectual commotion, which hasn’t settled yet. Instead the second couldn’t cause the same effect; even though a Maritime Boundary Delineation by definition has substantial strategic, economic and environmental implications, as it also confronts its signatories’ disputable ‘Restrictive vs. Expansive’ aspects of their Territorial Waters, Contiguous Zones and Exclusive Economic Zones. As such, it bounds areas of exclusive national rights over mineral and biological resources.
From a strictly personal point of view, my problem is that both treaties are, or should have been, subordinate to constitutional rulings; which wasn’t the case in any; since none of them did pass first by the Parliament for reviewing and rectifying before denying or ratifying, as stipulated by the Constitution, simply because such treaties consist of a significant “strategic, economic and environmental implications”!
All Legal Dictionaries and studies have agreed to define the term ‘Constitution’ as:
“The fundamental law, written or unwritten, that establishes the character of a government by defining the basic principles to which a society must conform; by describing the organisation of the government regulation, distribution, and limitations on the functions of its’ different  departments; and by prescribing the extent and manner by which its sovereign powers will exercise their functions. As such, it is a legislative charter by which a government derives its authority to act.”
One of the cardinal principals of any constitution reads: “In a truly constitutional form of government, public officials are subject to constitutional rules and provisions; they may not violate them without punishment.”
Having said that, allow me to remind you of the following confirmed facts:
a)      Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court did issue a final ruling confirming Egypt’s sovereignty over the Red Sea Islands Tiran and Sanafir, motivating the sentence by “the lack of adequate evidence supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s claim to the islands, therefore the Executive branch of the Egyptian government does not have the administrative authority to cede the territory to Saudi Arabia”.
b)      The Court of Administrative Justice ruled that “Prime Minister Sherif Ismail violated the Constitution by signing the agreement” and nullified his signature.
So,  and in my personal opinion, Strategic National Security is no reason to breach the Constitution. I think that each of the treaties could have been addressed in Parliament before ratifying without jeopardising the secrecy of their true intents. Intents which I presume also vital for the welfare of the Egyptian people.
May Allah grant our people the wisdom and courage to cross that abyss.. May Allah save the Egyptians from drowning in that abyss of unreason.. May Allah bless Egypt.
Pass On The Word.

NB: Did any of the above mentioned treaties include similar clause?
“Each Party shall notify the other of the completion of its constitutional procedures necessary to bring this Agreement into force. This Agreement shall enter into force on the day of receipt of the later of those notifications.”