The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Resuscitating the CLASH.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, June 18th, 2014.
The repeated echoes of what ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria) is doing everyday in their newly declared Caliphate, have triggered all kinds of fears from a possible expanded Islamic Invasion. Fears resuscitating specters of exclusion and intolerance all over the western hemisphere. Republican Hawks and Pentagon Brass are severely criticising the White House softness; and Europe’s Extreme Right Wingers are exercising greater pressures on all governments, to change laws of immigration, citizenship, education, health care and social security.
Intellectuals, scientists and politicians are all racing to surf the swelling wave of Zero Tolerance. Even though it is all part of a politically oriented, economically targeted, plan; we should carefully evaluate its reasons before any possible outcome it may deliver.
In the name of Safety and Security, Western Right demagogic address has turned Xenophobe.. And is dragging the entire society along. Here follows a synthesis of the concise analysis made by Caterina Soffici in her essay entitled: “White, Christian and Cross-shaped.. The Anti-Islam Europe”.
Something is changing in the fortress of tolerance and the laboratory for an established Multi-Cultural society. In the United Kingdom where Democracy was the treasured tradition as the protective shield for Freedom of Expression; in the country hosting 183 Jewish Synagogues and 130 Islamic Mosques; where 307 different languages are spoken; and where everyone has the right to wear, do and speak as he pleases; everything is changing.
The conservator Prime Minister, who provoked a high wave of protest last Easter among intellectuals, writers, scientists and philosophers when he declared that “England is a Christian country”; is tightening the ranks of “Christianity” declaring that “being Christian helps him becoming a better politician”. Many, from every colour, are answering the call.
The twist has been noted clearly when the government officially decided to develop specially elaborated programmes to “fight Islamism in schools” and that from this coming September it will be mandatory teaching the not precisely defined “Britannic Values to ALL students from every order or grade”.
If the western progressive ideals, that preached for long the values of tolerance and multiculturalism, were convinced that all the migrant Muslims would adapt to the magnificent sorts of modernity, and embrace without second thoughts Western Values, or that tolerance would have prevailed over all, so that each individual, with his proper culture and values, become friend and brother to ALL; those ideals are now convinced that it cannot be that smooth.
Samuel Huntington, the well-known American philosopher, understood that 20 years ago, when he scandalised the world with his book about the “Clash of Civilisations”. He said then “the fundamental source of conflict in the New World will not be neither ideology nor economy, rather it will be Cultural. The Clash of Civilisation will dominate world politics”. These words dragged him then into the gutter of Catastrophism, and he became generally tagged as the prophet for the New Crusades.
Now, reading his very same words, after September 11th 2001, Al Qaeda, the Arab Spring and the rise of Islamic Radical Fanatic ideologies, the Civil War in Syria and the recent events in Iraq; all Western scholars and politicians are reviewing Huntington’s prophecies as for real, admitting their own many errors and lack of visionary valuations.
English ex-Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Tony Blair declared recently : “wherever Islamists are fighting, we must counter them firmly and strongly. Every Military option is far more better than immobility”.
Today, it is clear that something is changing. And it’s not only the Front Nationale of Marie Le Pen in France, or the aggressiveness of small nationalist nucleuses scattered about everywhere in Europe. Not only rage and fear from the ‘Other’ that brought UKIP successfully to the European Commission.
Let us also analyse whether OUR glass is half empty or half filled.
Pass On The Word.

Friday, 13 June 2014

A Caliphate uniting Damascus to Baghdad.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, June 12th 2014.
After 13 years of “War On Terrorism”; 3 trillion dollars and more than 7000 American deaths; Al Qaeda is marching on Baghdad! Who will pay the damage? G. W. BUSH Jr.??!!
What now remains from the USA intervention, initially intended to topple Saddam and obliterate ‘Terrorism’: is a Jihad (or terrorism if you like) that is uniting the Middle East.
Tickers of western media and all major news agencies were massively engaged to rush in the following dispatch:

The ‘New Al Qaeda’ has overpowered the borders between Syria and Iraq, claiming the revival of an Islamic Caliphate in what they call ‘ISIS’ the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 30000 Islamic fundamentalist militants are holding hostage the ‘Grand Middle East’ project and are seriously alarming the entire world”.
The Phantom State of ISIS

The big diplomacies are displaying their litanies fearing that a similar scenario is about to take place in Afghanistan. Since Tuesday, ISIS Jihadist fighters took control of Mosul, Tikrit and most of the Kirkuk province territory; they thrived further south and have occupied Ash Sharqat of the Salahuddin Province. Since the beginning of this year, ISIS Jihadist fighters control the city of Fallujah 60 km west of Baghdad.
While in Syria, they have already under control the Raqqa and are occupying vast areas of the eastern province Deir Az Zour close to the Iraqi borders. The gravity of the situation induced the armed forces loyal to Assad to join in coalition with the Syrian Free Army (ironically consisted of the laic and moderate Sunni forces joint together to overthrow Assad)In Iraq the Premier Al Maliki have decided to arm volunteers against the Jihadists of the New Al Qaeda.
Let us not forget that the “Islamic Caliphate Project”, or as the international media refers to it as JIHADISTAN; is an element recalling all Sunni Muslims of the world, tied to or inspired by Al Qaeda Radical matrix: to fight and refuse all what is Occidental, from elections to clothing. The Boko Harm phenomena, in Central and Sub-Sahara Africa, is a practical example of the threat.
Iran and Turkey are upgrading their “rapprochement”; while every throne and crown in the Arabian Peninsula is ready to ally with any ‘devil’ to see that threat evaporating. It may take more than a while though! However, the questions are still: “Who’s arming, financing, training, and providing intelligence information for these warriors? And who’s cashing most benefits of a constant instability and growing divisions in a territory once known as the Near East?”.
Pass On The Word.
From Mr. Giampiero Gramaglia’s article of June 12th 2014.