The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Play it again Sam!

(with all the due respect to Mr. Humphrey Bogart’s line in his immortal “Casablanca”)

In August 2009, Mr. Steven Cook  presented to the “Council on Foreign Relations’ Centre for Preventive Action” a document of the highest importance and significance. A document which came to be known as “CTM#4” (Contingency Planning Memo n°4) entitled:
“Political Instability in Egypt”
The aim of the document is defined in Mr. Cook’s own words: This contingency planning memo will assess the possibility of acute political instability in Egypt and consider the measures the United States might adopt to help prevent and, if necessary, mitigate the unwelcome effects of such a crisis”.
As the document went on, and under the heading “A Troubled Succession – The Military Steps In”, we can see the author pin-pointing the two possible scenarios leading to an Egyptian Military intervention:

“Egypt’s constitutionally mandated procedures may elevate Gamal Mubarak or someone else to the presidency, but the new president may fail to exercise power wisely. A relatively weak leader incapable of managing the regime’s competing constituencies corresponding to the challenges facing Egypt might push the country into a downward spiral. Faced with growing elite and mass opposition to the new president, the internal security services might seize control to prevent further instability.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry is not known for its deft or light touch and could conceivably overplay its hand and make matters worse or prove incapable of dealing with a coordinated challenge, forcing the military to step in”.

And this part has already materialised. While the second one is, in my personal belief and according to the ongoing events that we all are observing, is happening almost exactly as Mr. Cook’s described it:

“the Egyptian military might launch a palace coup if it decided that the selection of Gamal or any other civilian as president threatened the critical yet uncodified institutional link between the armed forces and the presidency. This outright rejection of Egypt’s constitutionally mandated succession process could spark widespread opposition. This threat to order would, in turn, provide additional justification for the military to remain engaged in the political arena”.

Nevertheless, what is crucial for us to understand is detailed black on white in Mr. Cook’s memo under the heading “U.S. Options to Prevent a Succession Crisis”, where it states:

“The options U.S. officials should consider in seeking to prevent a succession crisis in Egypt depend on broader American objectives. If U.S. officials believe that a policy based on ‘authoritarian stability’ is the best means to achieve U.S. interests in Egypt and the Middle East, then Washington’s approach to preventing a succession crisis should seek to perpetuate the current political order. Although Washington would publicly support a ‘legitimate’ transition, it would privately support a succession that ensured the best chances of continuity from the Hosni Mubarak era to his successor.

Toward that end, the United States should:

1) continue its aid program to Egypt, particularly the approximately $1.3 billion that is intended for the modernization of Egypt’s military;
2) provide additional financial assistance and training that would bolster the government’s physical capacity to resist and suppress internal challenges;
3) start free trade agreement negotiations with Cairo, which would not only improve Egypt’s economic prospects but also signal Washington’s political support for the present political
order; and
4) inform the leaders of Egypt’s military and international security services privately that Washington supports a version of the status quo”.

It is evident that the first three options are aiming mainly at creating more burden over an already agonising Egyptian economy, through new loans along with their devastating SAPs (Structural Adjustments Programmes) and interests; while the latter seem to have been adequately communicated in due time, which may explain the February 11th declaration broadcasted by Omar Soliman (please refer to his aired statement’s wording), the ex chief of Egyptian intelligence agency who is still roaming freely around the country and the world.

Anyhow,  keeping present that the document is dated August 2009, here comes the best part of that memo under the heading “RECOMMENDATIONS”:

First, Washington should reduce the likelihood of being blindsided by events in Egypt. More intelligence resources should be devoted to understanding the dynamics of Egypt’s political, social, and economic realities. Among other things, the size of the CIA’s station in Cairo should be increased, and the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, VA, should add more analysts fluent in Arabic who are tasked with developing a better understanding of Egyptian society. Analysts should be challenged in their intelligence products and contingency exercises to question the assumption that authoritarian stability will persist indefinitely in Egypt.

Second, the United States should continue to quietly promote positive political change in Egypt.

Third, the United States must use its aid to help support the standard of living for Egyptians.

Fourth, policymakers must be aware that the scenarios outlined above are qualitatively different. Military intervention in Egypt poses some short-terms risks to the United States. In contrast, a successful Islamist push for power in Egypt would result in a fundamental shift in the regional order that would pose a far greater threat—in magnitude and degree—to U.S. interests than the Iranian revolution”.

Now, with six “should” and two “must”, and if you know the real political power of the Conference on Foreign Relations, you would realise how important such a memo was in determining the overall American Strategy to deal with Egypt’s revolution. In a way or another we are witnessing its results on the ground right now!

But is not the “Military Supreme Council”, together with the “Interim Government”, who follow that plan to “serve and protect” the vital interests of the United States?

It seems as if they, too, agree with Mr. Cook’s conclusion that:

“Climate change, demographic shifts, global energy needs, and changes in the international system over a five-to-ten-year time frame pose novel and extraordinarily complex challenges that the Egyptian government is decidedly ill-equipped to manage”.

Celebrating a legend’s century.

On a far August 25th 1911 came out of a simple farmer’s daughter’s womb, announced to the world by that usual cry just like billions of new born children before him, and billions after him will perform the same loud cry that every parent awaits anxiously. But no one in the world, especially those surrounding that humble bed smiling and congratulating the poor couple for the arrival of the “Boy”, could tell that He will become the only man who defeated and humiliated the mighty war machine of the United States of America.
“Vo Nguyen GIAP” was born. In the years to come he will be known simply as “General Giap”. The little General who launched the “Tet” offensive that night in January 30th 1968, marking the lunar new year. The famous offensive by which the North Vietnamese army deployed 70 thousand soldiers in one of the most courageously daring simultaneous attack over tens of American and South Vietnamese positions.
The Viet-Cong guerrillas, acting in concert, attacked the American embassy in Saigon where they arrived by public busses and taxis. That day the entire world understood that America lost the war, even though it won that single battle. American youngsters started burning the call-up cards, TV reported the precipitating bad situation right from the front and things are really going bad, thousands of flagged coffins return home every week, Barry MacGuire sang “Eve Of Destruction”, and Jane Fonda saluted with the closed fist from Hanoi.
The little general became not only a legend, but as well a model for all revolutionaries. Ernesto “CHE” Guevara became infatuated and left Cuba to “create another Vietnam”, but he got killed in the Bolivian stone quarries. “Il Che” was fascinated by the Vietnamese idea of the “Armed Propaganda”, the creation of “Liberated Zones”, practicing the “Insurrection” and the complete “Fusion” binding the “People” together with the “Revolutionary Army”.
In 1966, Israeli General Moshe Dayan went to Vietnam to observe first hand the, by then famous, “People’s War” which he admired, and which served him next year in the “Six Days War”.
Then came the turn of the Argentinean, Brazilian and Uruguayan guerrillas to try and imitate the “Giap Model” but were all defeated. Instead “He” really won. On the morning of April 1975, his armed forces entered Saigon on tanks, while the American Embassy personnel were rushing to seize and grasp to the skates of a helicopter in a desperate trial to escape the inevitable out of the burning hell of that day.
In the second floor of the massive military hospital number 108 reigning over Tran Hung Dao street in Hanoi, where a machine blows oxygen into his lungs for six hours a day, lives now the “Legendary Small General”, hero of several victorious wars against France, Japan and the United States of America.
Based on Enrico Deaglio’s comment in the weekly Italian “Il Venerdì” #1231 of October 21st 2011.
P.S: The entire world celebrated him, and every respectable military academy is teaching his “Model”. The experts of “Nato Technical Assistance Programme”, in simple words the CIA operatives, armed and trained the Libyan insurgents on tactics inspired by the very same “Model”.
But generally in the Arab World especially in Egypt, how many pseudo-expert, shelling us every day from TV screens with nonsense, do know the man or even mentioned him to a starving generation hungry for concrete, not plastic nor wax or paper, “Models”?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Democracy: The Cultural Harassment.

The “Indignados” tribes, all over the world, have finally decided to revolt against “Social Injustices” and “Political Incompetence”. Both having been overrun and overruled by a new faith called “Economy” , doctrine of which has been written by the “Global Financial Institution”, its sacred daily rituals are regularly being celebrated in temples known as the “Stock Exchange Markets” and its messages are constantly preached all over the world by its assigned “Shamans” (priests, rabbis and imams) named “Local Retail Banks”.
The new belief’s strength and territorial gains are due, not only to its complete control over natural resources and consequently on human fate itself, but mainly to the complete absence of the conventional faith as a sound and convincing opposition, under the helpless eyes of an accomplice and out of date, though not out of resources, “Religious Institution”.
History taught us that all the “Monotheistic Doctrines” have gone through terrifying and even bloody battles against the dominance of economy: Noah, Akhenaton, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, they all took the stand and swore to defeat social injustice and make prevail the values of sharing, tolerance and human brotherhood.    
But we were also taught that the story of greed, conquest, power and dominion, all of whom are the main motivators towards possession and more possession, if not possible through equal honest trade barters then it will be through aggression, force and conquer; never seized to claim its rights over the entire earth’s God granted resources and population as the only acceptable sacrifices on its altar. Obviously it couldn’t reach that far without the blessings of the traditional “Religious Institution”, dragging behind it the “Mass” as well as the “System”.
The urging problem that the new faith, “Economy”, must demolish is “Democracy”! Simply because it requires “Equal Chances and Equal Opportunities”, it calls for undisputed and infinite “Obedience to the Law”, its main fundaments are “Truth” and “Transparency”, and it seeks “Peace” and “Prosperity” to All!
Now do you realise the enormity of a task to be accomplished by a social movement like the “Indignados”? and “Peacefully”?
Even if it is a global movement representing a massive 99% of the world’s “Have-Not” population, it will not be able to effectively claim its rightful share, confiscated by a slim 1%  of the ruthless “Have-All”; unless it would resuscitate “Real Human Values” back into life as a “Strong Global Culture” able to throw the merchants out from the temple and capable of liberating “Democracy” jailed by “Economy” in a too long captivity behind the bars of “Profit”.. Not necessarily peacefully.
So shall we, the world’s “Indignados”, unite together in sacred brotherhood as one single tribe and gather all the resources we can obtain to write this new chapter of human history? Or are we to just chat, chant and dance over a beer in a “Peaceful Sit-In” in a main square somewhere that we name “Al Tahrir”?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Where Is The Reason?

Early next month, come the sad memory of one of the most infamous political document ever produced in human history, a document that came to be known as the “Balfour Declaration”. I have already dedicated a book to the subject, and I will post for the occasion, next month, interesting parts of it. However, now I’d like to post a taste of it in the following lines quoted from my book.

>>> Quote <<<

There were critics of the Balfour Declaration, although among the cacophony of many events competing for attention, few but its beneficiaries concentrated on the significance of what was being offered. One was the Jewish leader and statesman Mr. Edwin Montagu, who had no desire that Jews should be regarded as a separate race and a distinct nationality. The other was Lord Curzon, who became Foreign Secretary at the end of October 1918. He prepared a memorandum dated 26 October 1917, on the penultimate and final drafts of the Balfour Declaration and related documents, and circulated it in the Cabinet. It was titled “The Future of Palestine”. Here are some extracts:

I am not concerned to discuss the question in dispute between the Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews . I am only concerned in the more immediately practical questions:

(a) What is the meaning of the phrase “a national home for the Jewish race in Palestine”, and what is the nature of the obligation that we shall assume if we accept this as a principle of British policy?

(b) If such a policy be pursued what are the chances of its successful realisation?

If I seek guidance from the latest collection of circulated papers (The Zionist Movement, G.-164) I find a fundamental disagreement among the authorities quoted there as to the scope and nature of their aim.

A “national home for the Jewish race or people” would seem, if the words are to bear their ordinary meaning, to imply a place where the Jews can be reassembled as a nation, and where they will enjoy the privileges of an independent national existence. Such is clearly the conception of those who, like Sir Alfred Mond, speak of the creation in Palestine of “an autonomous Jewish State”, words which appear to contemplate a State, i.e., a political entity, composed of Jews, governed by Jews, and administered mainly in the interests of Jews...

The same conception appears to underlie several other of the phrases employed in these papers, e.g., when we are told that Palestine is to become “a home for the Jewish nation”, “a national home for the Jewish race”, “a Jewish Palestine”, and when we read of “the resettlement of Palestine as a national centre”, and “the restoration of Palestine to the Jewish people”, all these phrases are variants of the same idea, viz., the re-creation of Palestine as it was before the days of the dispersion.

On the other hand, Lord Rothschild, when he speaks of Palestine as “a home where the Jews could speak their own language, have their own education, their own civilization, and religious institutions under the protection of Allied governments”, seems to postulate a much less definite form of political existence, one, indeed, which is quite compatible with the existence of an alien (so long as it is not Turkish) government...

Now what is the capacity as regards population of Palestine within any reasonable period of time? Under the Turks there is no such place or country as Palestine, because it is divided up between the ‘Sanjak’ of Jerusalem and the ‘Vilayets’ of Syria and Beirut. But let us assume that in speaking of Palestine in the present context we mean the old scriptural Palestine, extending from Dan to Beersheba, i.e., from Banias to Bir es-Sabi... . an area of less than 10,000 square miles. What is to become of the people of this country, assuming the Turk to be expelled, and the inhabitants not to have been exterminated by the war? There are over a half a million of these, Syrian Arabs -- a mixed community with Arab, Hebrew, Canaanite, Greek, Egyptian, and possibly Crusaders' blood. They and their forefathers have occupied the country for the best part of 1,500 years. They own the soil, which belongs either to individual landowners or to village communities. They profess the Mohammadan faith. They will not be content either to be expropriated for Jewish immigrants, or to act merely as hewers of wood and drawers of water to the latter.
>>> Unquote <<<

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Innocent Blood

In a previous post dated August the 3rd 2011 and entitled “Where Is Our Nüremberg?”, I predicted and warned literally saying, and I quote:
·         The Revolutionary Movements are being systematically weakened and sub-divided into powerless fractions ideologically and numerically through misleading mass control techniques. Just have a look at the various labels tagging their web-sites to realize the gravity of the damage.
·         The Political Parties are being slowly driven towards frontal collisions over political crumbs, sectarian differences and ideological banners, thus shifting their aims from the main demand as claimed from day one by the people’s revolution which is simply: “the complete ‘Purification’ of the entire system in order to establish a whole new one structured to lead the way towards ‘Real’ Freedom and ‘Real’ Democracy”.
·         The Reactionary Forces (The Counter Revolutionary Lobbies) quickly overcame the initial shockwave of February 11th and reorganized their ranks to open a multiple fronts for the counter attack by using their followers still working in media, in municipalities, in governorates, in security forces, in intelligence agencies, on private TV screens and sympathising networks like the Saudi AL ARABEYAH. We have to realize that they are using every mean they have to orchestrate the music according to their favourite tunes.
·         Foreign Intelligence Agencies operating in Egypt are not standing by watching the events, they are steering the wheel.
History’s teachings are the only lighthouse for those, like us, who are seeking salvation from the darkness of evil and the turbulent storms of life. Unless we would have our “Nüremberg”, the worse may yet be waiting round the corner on the next turn.
(End of quote).
All along the course of our region’s history, the hope to divide Egypt into conflicting fractions obsessed the imagination of all dominating powers. We have to admit that “they” never ceased trying to satisfy their obsession, by all possible and available means, and never stopped hoping. 
Having said that, it seem obvious that the well manned, equipped and financed Reactionary Forces are still sorting to the use of “hired thugs”, they recruit from the poorest districts of the Capital, same as they have been doing for decades, to disturb elections or to terrorise opponents and to silence the “other”; this time to ignite a bloody confrontation(s) that could initiate a chain reaction to which no one can predict the outcome. Especially  when “friendly advises” are suggested, in the most sincere tones, by the well trained and deeply infiltrated operatives and assets of Foreign Intelligence Agencies, with their long curriculum of experiences in overthrowing governments and destabilizing societies.
As such the dish is served, we will have to pay for it though. The sad thing is that always the innocents pay the price. The Egyptian blood poured last night in Cairo is the proof. The “developing” Egyptian society, and for decades, was constantly hammered by separatist ideas like “The Re-birth Of The Coptic Nation”  or “Assiut Is Our Capital” used repeatedly as the populist slogans to oppose “Islam Is The Solution” another sharp and provocative populist slogan.
And as our so called governors/leaders thought that by dividing the society into sectarian fractions each watching the other yet all must remain under the strict dominance of the “Master”, then everything will be under control. They were obviously dead wrong, being so appallingly incompetent in their functions, they couldn’t see or realize that by doing so they are fulfilling an objective dear to Foreign Interests, and that is to pave the Egyptian soil for eventual interventions (cultural and logistic) to plant separatist agents here and there, to proceed with the division agenda raising the secessionist demands.
It’s already starting by the repeated calls from international diplomacy and media upon Egypt to “better treat minorities”! Of course they tried first with the Nubians, then the Bedouins, but the Coptic card is a winner as it attracts all sympathising Christian governments around the world. When TV reporters capture on video bloody faces crying for justice and holding the cross, apart from a guaranteed share for the transmission, but as well the political support and diplomatic backing are secured.
It happened before, and will happen again for as long as the “Egyptian Élite” lacks “Political Competence”, “Strategic Vision”  and “National Loyalty”, all being the biological fertilizers necessary  to cultivate a clean, uncontaminated and plentiful crop of “Free Transparent Democratic System”; able to create and maintain a self dependant, modern and unified civil state founded upon the principles of “Justice, Liberty and Republican Traditions”.
Is this too much to ask? 
Pass On The Word.       

Anger is not the term.

Two pieces of information, closely related to the Muslim and Arab spheres, passed unnoticed by the majority of their respective concerned public opinion. Either (mis)placed in the inner pages of newspapers or, worse, not published at all; they weren’t even granted any space on National TV networks which didn’t prove any interest for the matters in merit, and which I believe are of the highest relevance of all as you will see.
The first regards the shocking declaration pronounced by the Libyan leader Mr. Abdel Jalil, whilst in a joint press conference with Mr. Ignazio La Russa the Italian Defense Minister, by which he confirms that “the Italian Colonialism was better than Gheddafi, there were more justice”!

I had reserved admire and respect for Mr. Abdel Jalil till yesterday. Seeing him entertaining a hard-liner militant Fascist, who incarnates the cruel oppressive forces led at the time by “Graziano Il Mascellaio”: the Fascist General Graziano the Butcher, who captured and hanged an immortal icon of anti-colonialism heroic resistance commander like “Omar Al Mukhtar The Lion”, and leaving a long trail of blood rivers ploughing the Libyan deserts following the butcher’s massacres which harvested the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians; made admiration and respect fall off my shoulders and out of my mind just like the October cool winds would sweep away the falling dry autumn leaves.
Is this the “Justice” you were referring to Mr. Abdel Jalil? Or is it the Justice you have in mind for the future of Libya and the Libyan population? How can a man known to measure every word before pronouncing it make such a fall? Is it just a simple Lapsus”, or there is more to fear behind that public shame?
I know that politic is the “art of compromise”. But could it impose such lowering levels? You may explain, justify, or even ignore; but remain certain Mr. Abdel Jalil, that in the end you will have to ask forgiveness to the tens of thousands of Libyan families victims of the Fascist Colonial atrocities, and you will present your heartiest and most sincere excuses to all the Arab Nation and those asking for Freedom and Justice.
The second traumatic news, yet completely ignored or should I say censured, concerns “Makkah, the birth place of the last of God chosen Prophets and the last seal for God assigned Messengers “Muhammad Ibn Abd’Allah” (ppuh).

Being the highest regarded destination for Muslim pilgrims, as pilgrimage is the fifth fundamental of Islam, the royal house of Saud is providing additional 200 billion dollars for the new works needed to enlarge the capacity of “Masjid Al Haram AsSharif” to receive at once 1.2 million pilgrims. Till here the news are promising and encouraging.
The untold story is the collateral damage resulting from such repeated “good deeds” of the House of Saud: The building of various seven star hotels, managed by European and American companies, in sky scrapers suffocating “Al Beit Al Ateek”, making the pilgrimage a golden source for multi billion dollars profitable business for the royal family, and further indebting the Saudi people; all this would necessitate the removal of surrounding houses and the demolition of historic monuments and sacred relics dear to the hearts of every Muslim on the face of this planet, like the house of “Abu Taleb” where the prophet was raised, or the prophet’s house he shared with “Khadijah Om al Mo’menin”, and so many others that we shall never be ale to see anymore, as per the dictate of the Ultra-Orthodox “Wahabi” cult holding by the nose, if not by the balls, the throne and the realm under the sneering sardonic smiles of the “foreign powers”!
If Jesus “Issa Ibn Mariam” (puh) drew the “Merchants” out of the temple, when will our “Wise Elders” decide to clean “Makkah” and “Madinah” from that barbaric ignorant invasion launched in the name of protecting “Islam” from pagan practices! As if promoting and encouraging doubtful investments to finance such lucrative projects and their related auxiliary services, thus converting an already challenging and demanding religious ritual into an élite exclusivity.
The house of Khadijah
     The room where Khadijah and Muhammad lived

As such, they are deliberately draining “Spirituality” out from a practice that stands dearest, in the true meaning of the word, to the hearts and souls of all Muslims around the entire God’s Universe. Because whether they are practicing or not, you will find it carved in the hearts of all Muslims: the certainty that travelling in Pilgrimage to “Masjid Al Haram AsSharif  of Makkah” has only one prize, and that is God forgiveness of all prior sins. And a prayer inside “The Prophet’s Mosque at Madinah” offers the ever lasting spiritual serenity.  
But, by turning that fundamental religious ritual into a selective lucrative business, “They” are simply reintegrating the paganism that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (along with hundreds of wise men of good will and sound spirit chosen by God to convey his messages) fought all their lives, giving the ultimate sacrifices, to cast it out of the lands and minds.
That’s why anger can not be the term by which I would precisely describe the feelings that are dominating my emotions right now. If you’d find a better one let me know, and don’t forget to, please, Pass On The Word.

P.S: How interesting is it that two rich states like Libya and Saudi Arabia, both lay down stretching over oceans of petrol and natural gas, yet both are not sovereign.
One is still fighting its way out of the grasp of dictatorship and is looking for free democratic rule, yet here are their leaders offering gratuities and free lunches to foreign interventions forgetting the powerful negotiation edge they have in hand by which to establish total welfare for their people, if adequately and wisely used for that noble purpose: Sovereignty and Welfare.
And the other, being originally founded by British design and American money, is now almost completely held in “Mortgage” in the hands of “International Financial Institutions”. The terms of that sort of transaction were set when the house of Saud agreed to offer the Saudi People’s Natural Resources of petrol and gas in exchange for the United States  guarantee of unlimited support to the Saudi throne. You know what that means of course. It means that as long as oil and gas are regularly provided at “Reasonably Convenient Price”, the United States will invest in modernising the Realm and defending the throne (of course through loans guaranteed by more oil and gas), and will encourage its allies to do the same.
I want to know how much is the Saudi Sovereign Debt? How much of the foreign investments (in infra-structure, in tourism, in Hotel Management, in Armaments and Defence contracting) originate from Zionist Israeli Blood money?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

It is your call. No one will place the bet for you!

I will never get tired repeating my heartiest cry for you to rise and save the revolution. Save it from the jackals encircling it in a that particular sad moment of  weakness and division, and patiently awaiting in vicious eagerness the right instant to perform their final assault on its throat and celebrate its death, drunk with its blood.
I have been calling, since February 2011 through e-mails and on my blog, upon the Revolutionary and Social Movements to stand up and unite their forces and resources together forming the necessary solid front, desperately needed in such critical times, to actively oppose the well organized, well financed and well equipped reactionary forces. Not forgetting that the meaningful external powers will support who will remain standing straight in the end when the dust settles. They will never support the weak or the loser. This is rule number one.
Having united the scattered forces and imposed your non negotiable demands, don’t concede to barter, intimidation and blackmail like the professional political parties who repeatedly proven their failures over long decades. Create the alternative and impose it with all necessary means. Total cleaning, and cleansing, is a must to make a revolution worthy and successful. So you need to change entirely the regulations of the game before starting a whole new one. You can’t start a new game having the same old players and referees who were used to change the rules while the game is on. So, impose your Unified Revolutionary Committee assigned to call for a nation wide signatures collection campaign – from every street in every city to every pass in every village - to be presented to the Constitutional Supreme Court in order to call for a public referendum to assign a people’s nominated committee the task of elaborating new electoral laws, and write down a whole new republican constitution, before any elections could be carried out whether administrative or presidential. That is rule number two.
Caring only for their closest interests, the foreign powers will endorse the one with a practical and feasible  ready packed programme, well digested by international media and organisations, and elaborating balanced mutual interests. And this means they will not be talking with thirty delegates, each claiming to be the sole representative of the Egyptian People, each with his list of demands and ambitions. They will reason with who proves holding a firm control over the bulk of the revolutionary forces and effective social movements, and as well maintains strong ties with regional and international strategic allies, and I mean Turkey, Iran, South Africa, China, India and Russia. One head with one dialect. Otherwise they will empower and place their own candidate as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Latin America, Pakistan before that, and lots of other places. And this is rule number three.
Don’t ever forget that foreign intelligence agencies are not standing by watching the play, they are actually directing it. So don’t allow them that, and use the same means of mass communications to make your voice be heard out-loud pronouncing your proper lines as written in your own script. And that is rule number four.
Obviously further delays, exploited by concessions, negotiations, intimidations, sterile dialogues and futile public declarations of vague promises; will eventually lead to more frustration and more divisions dilating anger and igniting violence. And as violence entails more violence, an uncontrollable situation will burst opening the gates wide open for a blunt foreign intervention imposing sanctions and dictating agendas. And that is precisely what the Reactionary Forces, allied with the ex-régime’s icons along with their profiteering supporters, are aiming to achieve for reasons well known even to elementary schools pupils.
So, restore what’s left of dignity, courage and will to get the job done and regain the Nation’s sovereignty. You lived long enough, as lambs, following wrong orders given by inadequate persons in complete submission to injustices. Not knowing why or what for. Don’t you think its time to rise up roaring, as lions, and pay the dear price for your free choices and to establish real democracy? Or you will seek some false sense of security embracing your jail guardians, those jackals, and surrender to a devastating collective Syndrome of Stockholm?
I placed the bet I can afford.. What about you? It’s “Your Call”.