The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Innocent Blood

In a previous post dated August the 3rd 2011 and entitled “Where Is Our Nüremberg?”, I predicted and warned literally saying, and I quote:
·         The Revolutionary Movements are being systematically weakened and sub-divided into powerless fractions ideologically and numerically through misleading mass control techniques. Just have a look at the various labels tagging their web-sites to realize the gravity of the damage.
·         The Political Parties are being slowly driven towards frontal collisions over political crumbs, sectarian differences and ideological banners, thus shifting their aims from the main demand as claimed from day one by the people’s revolution which is simply: “the complete ‘Purification’ of the entire system in order to establish a whole new one structured to lead the way towards ‘Real’ Freedom and ‘Real’ Democracy”.
·         The Reactionary Forces (The Counter Revolutionary Lobbies) quickly overcame the initial shockwave of February 11th and reorganized their ranks to open a multiple fronts for the counter attack by using their followers still working in media, in municipalities, in governorates, in security forces, in intelligence agencies, on private TV screens and sympathising networks like the Saudi AL ARABEYAH. We have to realize that they are using every mean they have to orchestrate the music according to their favourite tunes.
·         Foreign Intelligence Agencies operating in Egypt are not standing by watching the events, they are steering the wheel.
History’s teachings are the only lighthouse for those, like us, who are seeking salvation from the darkness of evil and the turbulent storms of life. Unless we would have our “Nüremberg”, the worse may yet be waiting round the corner on the next turn.
(End of quote).
All along the course of our region’s history, the hope to divide Egypt into conflicting fractions obsessed the imagination of all dominating powers. We have to admit that “they” never ceased trying to satisfy their obsession, by all possible and available means, and never stopped hoping. 
Having said that, it seem obvious that the well manned, equipped and financed Reactionary Forces are still sorting to the use of “hired thugs”, they recruit from the poorest districts of the Capital, same as they have been doing for decades, to disturb elections or to terrorise opponents and to silence the “other”; this time to ignite a bloody confrontation(s) that could initiate a chain reaction to which no one can predict the outcome. Especially  when “friendly advises” are suggested, in the most sincere tones, by the well trained and deeply infiltrated operatives and assets of Foreign Intelligence Agencies, with their long curriculum of experiences in overthrowing governments and destabilizing societies.
As such the dish is served, we will have to pay for it though. The sad thing is that always the innocents pay the price. The Egyptian blood poured last night in Cairo is the proof. The “developing” Egyptian society, and for decades, was constantly hammered by separatist ideas like “The Re-birth Of The Coptic Nation”  or “Assiut Is Our Capital” used repeatedly as the populist slogans to oppose “Islam Is The Solution” another sharp and provocative populist slogan.
And as our so called governors/leaders thought that by dividing the society into sectarian fractions each watching the other yet all must remain under the strict dominance of the “Master”, then everything will be under control. They were obviously dead wrong, being so appallingly incompetent in their functions, they couldn’t see or realize that by doing so they are fulfilling an objective dear to Foreign Interests, and that is to pave the Egyptian soil for eventual interventions (cultural and logistic) to plant separatist agents here and there, to proceed with the division agenda raising the secessionist demands.
It’s already starting by the repeated calls from international diplomacy and media upon Egypt to “better treat minorities”! Of course they tried first with the Nubians, then the Bedouins, but the Coptic card is a winner as it attracts all sympathising Christian governments around the world. When TV reporters capture on video bloody faces crying for justice and holding the cross, apart from a guaranteed share for the transmission, but as well the political support and diplomatic backing are secured.
It happened before, and will happen again for as long as the “Egyptian Élite” lacks “Political Competence”, “Strategic Vision”  and “National Loyalty”, all being the biological fertilizers necessary  to cultivate a clean, uncontaminated and plentiful crop of “Free Transparent Democratic System”; able to create and maintain a self dependant, modern and unified civil state founded upon the principles of “Justice, Liberty and Republican Traditions”.
Is this too much to ask? 
Pass On The Word.       

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Anonymous said...

The free man is the one who does not fear to go to the end of his thought

Excellent over view for the current situation in Egypt, what are the proposed solutions?

> Another Angry Friday recalling revolution soul (Dream)
> Revelators will not participate on coming election (stupid act)
> Christian's loud voices of being victims and escalating matters (calling world sympathy in useless act)
> Muslim brother hood will take over next government (might be)
> Egypt will shift into an Islamic state (not possible)
> Implementation of Political isolation law to clarify the atmosphere (verbal diarrhea)
> LIBRAL forces (extensive verbal diarrhea) (too scared) (not able to compete)

Am going crazy and do not know what will happen believing that we still have more bloodshed caused by the Reactionary Forces, our ignorance, not able to recognize simple facts, following rumors and the very most important working for own sack