The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Anger is not the term.

Two pieces of information, closely related to the Muslim and Arab spheres, passed unnoticed by the majority of their respective concerned public opinion. Either (mis)placed in the inner pages of newspapers or, worse, not published at all; they weren’t even granted any space on National TV networks which didn’t prove any interest for the matters in merit, and which I believe are of the highest relevance of all as you will see.
The first regards the shocking declaration pronounced by the Libyan leader Mr. Abdel Jalil, whilst in a joint press conference with Mr. Ignazio La Russa the Italian Defense Minister, by which he confirms that “the Italian Colonialism was better than Gheddafi, there were more justice”!

I had reserved admire and respect for Mr. Abdel Jalil till yesterday. Seeing him entertaining a hard-liner militant Fascist, who incarnates the cruel oppressive forces led at the time by “Graziano Il Mascellaio”: the Fascist General Graziano the Butcher, who captured and hanged an immortal icon of anti-colonialism heroic resistance commander like “Omar Al Mukhtar The Lion”, and leaving a long trail of blood rivers ploughing the Libyan deserts following the butcher’s massacres which harvested the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians; made admiration and respect fall off my shoulders and out of my mind just like the October cool winds would sweep away the falling dry autumn leaves.
Is this the “Justice” you were referring to Mr. Abdel Jalil? Or is it the Justice you have in mind for the future of Libya and the Libyan population? How can a man known to measure every word before pronouncing it make such a fall? Is it just a simple Lapsus”, or there is more to fear behind that public shame?
I know that politic is the “art of compromise”. But could it impose such lowering levels? You may explain, justify, or even ignore; but remain certain Mr. Abdel Jalil, that in the end you will have to ask forgiveness to the tens of thousands of Libyan families victims of the Fascist Colonial atrocities, and you will present your heartiest and most sincere excuses to all the Arab Nation and those asking for Freedom and Justice.
The second traumatic news, yet completely ignored or should I say censured, concerns “Makkah, the birth place of the last of God chosen Prophets and the last seal for God assigned Messengers “Muhammad Ibn Abd’Allah” (ppuh).

Being the highest regarded destination for Muslim pilgrims, as pilgrimage is the fifth fundamental of Islam, the royal house of Saud is providing additional 200 billion dollars for the new works needed to enlarge the capacity of “Masjid Al Haram AsSharif” to receive at once 1.2 million pilgrims. Till here the news are promising and encouraging.
The untold story is the collateral damage resulting from such repeated “good deeds” of the House of Saud: The building of various seven star hotels, managed by European and American companies, in sky scrapers suffocating “Al Beit Al Ateek”, making the pilgrimage a golden source for multi billion dollars profitable business for the royal family, and further indebting the Saudi people; all this would necessitate the removal of surrounding houses and the demolition of historic monuments and sacred relics dear to the hearts of every Muslim on the face of this planet, like the house of “Abu Taleb” where the prophet was raised, or the prophet’s house he shared with “Khadijah Om al Mo’menin”, and so many others that we shall never be ale to see anymore, as per the dictate of the Ultra-Orthodox “Wahabi” cult holding by the nose, if not by the balls, the throne and the realm under the sneering sardonic smiles of the “foreign powers”!
If Jesus “Issa Ibn Mariam” (puh) drew the “Merchants” out of the temple, when will our “Wise Elders” decide to clean “Makkah” and “Madinah” from that barbaric ignorant invasion launched in the name of protecting “Islam” from pagan practices! As if promoting and encouraging doubtful investments to finance such lucrative projects and their related auxiliary services, thus converting an already challenging and demanding religious ritual into an élite exclusivity.
The house of Khadijah
     The room where Khadijah and Muhammad lived

As such, they are deliberately draining “Spirituality” out from a practice that stands dearest, in the true meaning of the word, to the hearts and souls of all Muslims around the entire God’s Universe. Because whether they are practicing or not, you will find it carved in the hearts of all Muslims: the certainty that travelling in Pilgrimage to “Masjid Al Haram AsSharif  of Makkah” has only one prize, and that is God forgiveness of all prior sins. And a prayer inside “The Prophet’s Mosque at Madinah” offers the ever lasting spiritual serenity.  
But, by turning that fundamental religious ritual into a selective lucrative business, “They” are simply reintegrating the paganism that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (along with hundreds of wise men of good will and sound spirit chosen by God to convey his messages) fought all their lives, giving the ultimate sacrifices, to cast it out of the lands and minds.
That’s why anger can not be the term by which I would precisely describe the feelings that are dominating my emotions right now. If you’d find a better one let me know, and don’t forget to, please, Pass On The Word.

P.S: How interesting is it that two rich states like Libya and Saudi Arabia, both lay down stretching over oceans of petrol and natural gas, yet both are not sovereign.
One is still fighting its way out of the grasp of dictatorship and is looking for free democratic rule, yet here are their leaders offering gratuities and free lunches to foreign interventions forgetting the powerful negotiation edge they have in hand by which to establish total welfare for their people, if adequately and wisely used for that noble purpose: Sovereignty and Welfare.
And the other, being originally founded by British design and American money, is now almost completely held in “Mortgage” in the hands of “International Financial Institutions”. The terms of that sort of transaction were set when the house of Saud agreed to offer the Saudi People’s Natural Resources of petrol and gas in exchange for the United States  guarantee of unlimited support to the Saudi throne. You know what that means of course. It means that as long as oil and gas are regularly provided at “Reasonably Convenient Price”, the United States will invest in modernising the Realm and defending the throne (of course through loans guaranteed by more oil and gas), and will encourage its allies to do the same.
I want to know how much is the Saudi Sovereign Debt? How much of the foreign investments (in infra-structure, in tourism, in Hotel Management, in Armaments and Defence contracting) originate from Zionist Israeli Blood money?

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