The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 14th 2014.
All along the past 22 months I have been following closely, and with utmost attention, the Egyptian Legislative and juridical show-down where everyone defies everybody for duel. The trials, the debates, the argumentations, the suggestions, and most of all the Constitutional issues.
I have to admit that the scenery was not pleasant at all. Apart from being superficial and bluntly driven by political concerns, in every single aspect of the term; it brought to the light before me the clearest of all conclusions: the divisions distancing us further away from identifying our urging common priorities, or agreeing on any decisive solution; are only the fruit of our ‘THINKING PATTERNS’. Let me try to explain.
The substantial difference between a Lawyer and a Judge rest in their ‘Thinking Pattern’. While a lawyer develops a ‘Linear’ thought following a plan: to display facts and argumentations in function of a precise pre-established thesis; his thinking pattern is oriented to make that thesis prevail. By contrast, a judge thinks according to a Spherical pattern: he follows the different directions suggested by facts and presented by argumentations; his thinking pattern is oriented to make him see where such material would lead.
Both, the linear and spherical thinking patterns, do not exclusively characterise the Juridical Sector; in fact, they are the two systems by which all persons face the world. Far from any ethical, ideological or religious classifications, it remains a fact that the Linear Pattern incites individuals to favour their own beliefs, while the Spherical Pattern induce others towards the doubt.
It is obvious that the linear pattern enjoys an interior force which the spherical one lacks: it is aggressive, simplifier, and categorises persons as allies and adversaries. It needs an enemy. Thus the spherical pattern becomes ontologically incompatible, because it is not necessary to share in agreement the ‘Object Thought’ as the linear pattern; it is sufficient to analyse it without any sort of preventive enthusiast approval. Today, the Linear Pattern dominates the worlds of Politics and Information.
Ø  “It is imperative to prevent Communists from seizing the country”! That explains why the votes went back to the Conservative Institution (The Military Institution’s candidate). Did anyone questioned whether communists do exist for real and – if so – how much an evil it is their participation in political life could turn into an evident demonstration of Communism?
Ø  “Ezz and Talaat, have both destroyed the Steel industry and the Construction Sector by their monopoly games, thus favouring private interests; their own and those of their companies’ share-holders”! Has anybody debated such an aspect as the primary concern of any Private business Enterprise, and that the country’s politics and policies, by guaranteeing similar conditions for its industrial and economic development, have laid down an evident demonstration of Wild Capitalism?
Both these examples highlight well enough the dominance of the Linear Pattern of thinking over the Information World, where no one cares to debate the merit(s) of an issue and instead settles for its presentation. It is a lot easier justifying, enforcing and cheering; rather than the exhaustive mental process to analyse, debate, argue, chose and decide.
Newspapers and TV do not falsify facts (almost never); they only present them in accordance with their chosen thesis: for political, economic, even for Ideological reasons. Articles, comments, interviews, photographs, all become functional to prove the validity of the thesis they decide to sustain.
No matter right or wrong it might be, the thesis should never be subject to debate, discussion or doubt. There shouldn’t be voices of ‘Critic’.. The maximum allowed would be some ‘Contrary’ noises.. Linear Thought vs. Linear Thought. That’s why whomever buys a given newspaper, would anticipate its contents and share them prioress.. Who watches a televised Talk-Show, can foresee – according to chosen channel or network – what to expect.
It is called “The Editorial Line”! The one dictating an audience share or a paper circulation and a book print run! And I don’t believe that to be a good thing.
Pass On The Word.

Thank you Bruni TINTI for your valuable study “I am right and that’s enough.”

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Resuscitating the CLASH.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, June 18th, 2014.
The repeated echoes of what ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria) is doing everyday in their newly declared Caliphate, have triggered all kinds of fears from a possible expanded Islamic Invasion. Fears resuscitating specters of exclusion and intolerance all over the western hemisphere. Republican Hawks and Pentagon Brass are severely criticising the White House softness; and Europe’s Extreme Right Wingers are exercising greater pressures on all governments, to change laws of immigration, citizenship, education, health care and social security.
Intellectuals, scientists and politicians are all racing to surf the swelling wave of Zero Tolerance. Even though it is all part of a politically oriented, economically targeted, plan; we should carefully evaluate its reasons before any possible outcome it may deliver.
In the name of Safety and Security, Western Right demagogic address has turned Xenophobe.. And is dragging the entire society along. Here follows a synthesis of the concise analysis made by Caterina Soffici in her essay entitled: “White, Christian and Cross-shaped.. The Anti-Islam Europe”.
Something is changing in the fortress of tolerance and the laboratory for an established Multi-Cultural society. In the United Kingdom where Democracy was the treasured tradition as the protective shield for Freedom of Expression; in the country hosting 183 Jewish Synagogues and 130 Islamic Mosques; where 307 different languages are spoken; and where everyone has the right to wear, do and speak as he pleases; everything is changing.
The conservator Prime Minister, who provoked a high wave of protest last Easter among intellectuals, writers, scientists and philosophers when he declared that “England is a Christian country”; is tightening the ranks of “Christianity” declaring that “being Christian helps him becoming a better politician”. Many, from every colour, are answering the call.
The twist has been noted clearly when the government officially decided to develop specially elaborated programmes to “fight Islamism in schools” and that from this coming September it will be mandatory teaching the not precisely defined “Britannic Values to ALL students from every order or grade”.
If the western progressive ideals, that preached for long the values of tolerance and multiculturalism, were convinced that all the migrant Muslims would adapt to the magnificent sorts of modernity, and embrace without second thoughts Western Values, or that tolerance would have prevailed over all, so that each individual, with his proper culture and values, become friend and brother to ALL; those ideals are now convinced that it cannot be that smooth.
Samuel Huntington, the well-known American philosopher, understood that 20 years ago, when he scandalised the world with his book about the “Clash of Civilisations”. He said then “the fundamental source of conflict in the New World will not be neither ideology nor economy, rather it will be Cultural. The Clash of Civilisation will dominate world politics”. These words dragged him then into the gutter of Catastrophism, and he became generally tagged as the prophet for the New Crusades.
Now, reading his very same words, after September 11th 2001, Al Qaeda, the Arab Spring and the rise of Islamic Radical Fanatic ideologies, the Civil War in Syria and the recent events in Iraq; all Western scholars and politicians are reviewing Huntington’s prophecies as for real, admitting their own many errors and lack of visionary valuations.
English ex-Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Tony Blair declared recently : “wherever Islamists are fighting, we must counter them firmly and strongly. Every Military option is far more better than immobility”.
Today, it is clear that something is changing. And it’s not only the Front Nationale of Marie Le Pen in France, or the aggressiveness of small nationalist nucleuses scattered about everywhere in Europe. Not only rage and fear from the ‘Other’ that brought UKIP successfully to the European Commission.
Let us also analyse whether OUR glass is half empty or half filled.
Pass On The Word.

Friday, 13 June 2014

A Caliphate uniting Damascus to Baghdad.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, June 12th 2014.
After 13 years of “War On Terrorism”; 3 trillion dollars and more than 7000 American deaths; Al Qaeda is marching on Baghdad! Who will pay the damage? G. W. BUSH Jr.??!!
What now remains from the USA intervention, initially intended to topple Saddam and obliterate ‘Terrorism’: is a Jihad (or terrorism if you like) that is uniting the Middle East.
Tickers of western media and all major news agencies were massively engaged to rush in the following dispatch:

The ‘New Al Qaeda’ has overpowered the borders between Syria and Iraq, claiming the revival of an Islamic Caliphate in what they call ‘ISIS’ the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 30000 Islamic fundamentalist militants are holding hostage the ‘Grand Middle East’ project and are seriously alarming the entire world”.
The Phantom State of ISIS

The big diplomacies are displaying their litanies fearing that a similar scenario is about to take place in Afghanistan. Since Tuesday, ISIS Jihadist fighters took control of Mosul, Tikrit and most of the Kirkuk province territory; they thrived further south and have occupied Ash Sharqat of the Salahuddin Province. Since the beginning of this year, ISIS Jihadist fighters control the city of Fallujah 60 km west of Baghdad.
While in Syria, they have already under control the Raqqa and are occupying vast areas of the eastern province Deir Az Zour close to the Iraqi borders. The gravity of the situation induced the armed forces loyal to Assad to join in coalition with the Syrian Free Army (ironically consisted of the laic and moderate Sunni forces joint together to overthrow Assad)In Iraq the Premier Al Maliki have decided to arm volunteers against the Jihadists of the New Al Qaeda.
Let us not forget that the “Islamic Caliphate Project”, or as the international media refers to it as JIHADISTAN; is an element recalling all Sunni Muslims of the world, tied to or inspired by Al Qaeda Radical matrix: to fight and refuse all what is Occidental, from elections to clothing. The Boko Harm phenomena, in Central and Sub-Sahara Africa, is a practical example of the threat.
Iran and Turkey are upgrading their “rapprochement”; while every throne and crown in the Arabian Peninsula is ready to ally with any ‘devil’ to see that threat evaporating. It may take more than a while though! However, the questions are still: “Who’s arming, financing, training, and providing intelligence information for these warriors? And who’s cashing most benefits of a constant instability and growing divisions in a territory once known as the Near East?”.
Pass On The Word.
From Mr. Giampiero Gramaglia’s article of June 12th 2014.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A man of providence.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, May 29th 2014.
The inevitable outcome, after 3 years of overwhelming chaos, fear and insecurity; would be to hold tight, as firm as possible, on whichever’ lifeline, thrown by anyone to avoid drowning. You’ll catch it, without questioning the reasons or doubting the intentions. Instead you’ll remain grateful and indebted for your ‘Saviour’.. It’s normal and it’s human.
The Egyptians did exactly that. They found themselves driven by an increasing fear from a deteriorating state of security, and by a dominating frustration from a decimated economy and lack of necessities; all obliging them to barter their initial demands (Bread, Liberty and Social Justice, along with their hopes for Democracy and Prosperity) against Security. The Broker who volunteered to cut the deal was no one less than the Field-Marshal Ex Chief of Military Intelligence and Ex Defence Minister; supreme master of 41% of the country’s GDP!
No one questioned his intentions ever since the beginning. Since the day he appeared on TV screens urging them to “Delegate” his armed forces and give him an open “Power Of Attorney” to topple the elected Executive, and restart all over from square 1.
No one ever doubted him as masterminding the plan to restore Egypt back to its “Legitimate Ruler” the Military Institution. On the contrary, every voice hailed him as the HERO, and every newspaper or TV channel raced to attribute to his person all imaginable and unimaginable adjectives. Shaping a nation wide PR campaign 5 months before any date for the elections is set; to galvanise an image of him exactly as described few hundred years ago in a tiny little book written by Niccolo MACCHIVELLI and entitled “Il Principe” (The Prince). An image of a man with 5 key characters: Clement, reliable, humane, honest and religious.
His opponent had nothing to offer; and, same as him, had no programme to formulate and present to the people; because the clever Media machine, thought everything out.. It made us realise that he’d close an eye on the conflict of interest, two eyes on tax evasion, and using the precariousness as a panacea against unemployment. All to make of him the guaranteed caretaker for the interests of an exhausted middle class.
They made certain that in the representation of an Inter-Classicism, anchored at loads of moderate interests, which grew over almost sixty years to form in Egypt the hegemonic social-electoral massive bloc; the figure of the Field Marshal would definitely be the evolution of the specie.
Thus, he automatically became the Leader, the Saviour, the Nasser Reincarnated or Resurrected… He turned into the new DIVINITY for whom songs must be composed and poems must be rhymed. He became the hope, the answer, the key to open every door towards prosperity.
Everyone with no exception would gladly kneel before the shrine, which they have willingly volunteered to build for him, praying that he would accept their offerings and bless their sacrifices.
I thought that the Coup brought the country back to 1952. I was wrong.. Egypt’s time machine swung back to the Pyramids Building era. And that is what frightens me.
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Dormant and the Comatose.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, April 23rd 2014.
In a previous article dated March 25th 2014, entitled ‘Is the world paying today the bill for a Wrong Theory?’ I wrote:
“Next Wednesday, Barak Obama will be in Brussels trying to sell Ttip (Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investments Protocol) to the Western Old Economies. In an aggressive move, hoping to succeed in joining the two banks of the Atlantic into a strong economic bloc of Free Trade. He’s going armed with one ‘Ace’ and an ‘Atout’. His Ace id the TPP; or Trans-Pacific Partnership. A protocol, which opens a free trade zone for the USA and 11 states from both sides of the Pacific Ocean.”
Today, I will try to draw your attention on how such partnerships or protocols as they prefer, were planned and designed only to heal the ills of a declining economy of a super-power in obvious difficulty. Hence, the importance to reproduce, in Europe, the old Bi-Polar pattern left behind from the Cold War era.
Reading carefully the protocol, and once all tariffs and customs barriers would fall and vanish from the Trans-Atlantic free trade zone, we will realise its immediate consequences:
Ø  Many constitutional normative conquests risk being swept away. It is not by chance that the multinational corporations are secretly negotiating cross mergers and aggressive take-overs, away from any democratic tool of control (behind closed doors in economic forums); and publicly in the stock exchange markets (just take a closer look on last week’s Big Pharma bond and share acquisitions) to initiate new monopolising cartels.
Ø  Europe have fought for decades to establish laws and rights, that are now under attack. The health rights, the environment care, penalties for polluting firms risk total banishment. All health care systems, will be open for the free market, thus only profits shall prevail over social demands. The banner example is the current assault, of the multinational pharmaceutical producers, to control the market of Low Cost Generic Medicines.
Ø  Taxes are also at risk. Being the tool to sustain the slim community’s balance, and to use as a defensive measure against speculative operations and climatic degrade (as the tax on financial transitions or that on the emission of carbon dioxide).
In a fast changing world, moving in the shade of a mysterious New Order, should these be the worries of a dormant Europe; what should be ours, people and governments of a Comatose Third World? Those chronically addicted to financial aids, loans and technical assistances imposed by an IMF, a WB or even an EUB.
None at all!! As long as insignificant soap operas, football matches and cheap art forms performances are our daily cultural features; produced and aired intentionally to keep us hypnotically anchored to the screens. This Cultural Curfew (I coined this term, thus copyright is due), that is fogging our minds, becomes the real obstacle keeping our new generations vulnerably defenceless and helpless, in the claws of the web’s hazards and those of its social networks.
Our elders long ago once said: Who marries my mother, I’d call my Uncle. That is how we inherited the sarcasm by which to convert our misfortunes into happy events to live with and by. By which we accept foreign occupation, poverty or tyranny. Self-convinced that they are acceptable unchangeable destiny.. Meant to be! Forgetting that as such we are becoming separate islands, living afar from one another; not actually sharing together our problems and pains. Believing that few words of comfort will ease any ache.
Well.. We are wrong. Because those multinational pharmaceutical firms, will only finance researches producing quick and long lasting profits. They will not care to invest in finding cures for rare pathologies. They are more interested in containing the effects of such pathologies, by providing very expensive and exclusive drugs; rather than completely curing them. For they define the patient a CLIENT, that must be kept alive, but unhealed, the longest possible.
And the multinational industries, controlling banks, will never allow us the free access to modern technology. They would rather trade some short term consuming type knowledge for our natural resources: work force, fertile soil, lands, minerals, water, oil and gas.
Pass On The Word.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Diplomatic Escape is rocking Italy’s Institutions.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, April 12th 2014.
“Beirut Interpol Section operatives, in a joint operation with Lebanese Secret Service agents, apprehended an Italian fugitive at his suite of the Intercontinental Phoenicia. The captured individual, a known frequentation of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, escaped Rome to Beirut right before the Appeal court of Palermo would confirm the 7 years incarceration sentence being found guilty as charged for MAFIA Criminal Association”.
That is how the very few Arab news agencies announced the fact. The story is quit different than a simple every day arrest. Let me tell you the real thing.
The man, Marcello Dell’UTRI, is indeed a very close friend to Silvio Berlusconi. He engineered the foundation of what became known as Berlusconi’s personal political party: Forza Italia, back in 1994 for three major reasons:
1)      Create an escape route for Silvio out from Juridical troubles by entering the political arena and enjoy immunity,
2)      Allow various Mafia clans (Cosa Nostra, Ndrangheta, and Camorra) exchange “favours to provide secure voting consensus against guaranteeing Berlusconi’s support through his political connections, and
3)      Organise Berlusconi’s international Business Empire financial muscles in a way to conceal the largest money-laundering machine Europe have ever known.
The grey shadows veiling his escape, include few high ranking institutional apparatus and several business (criminal) connections. Since the preliminary inquisitor’s official request to prevent the by then accused Dell’Utri from travelling, and that the relevant authorities would cancel his travelling documents (private and diplomatic passports), was totally ignored.
The best part in the story, or should I say the funniest, is yet to come. It is about why and how the Interpol order was issued.
For several months, the Italian police has been secretly investigating the owner of a trendy fish restaurant in Rome, suspected of laundering money. Having the adequate authorizations, secret agents placed several audio-visual devices all over the place. As the restaurant serves the Capital’s Jet Set clientele: politicians, movie stars, musicians, businessmen, industrials, bankers, major sports figures…etc.
Recently, the twin brother of the accused asked for an “au privé” dinner in the VIP private lounge of that restaurant. He came accompanied by another individual, later identified as Vincenzo Mancuso, and during the meal they were talking about the last details to plan the evasion of his brother (the convicted).
The police officers in charge of monitoring the interceptions were astonished to find on hand the plot, and they reported them to their superiors, whom in their turn forwarded them to the Public Prosecutor’s office. The latter ordered a new investigation to be carried out, and didn’t overlook to officially inform the competent authorities of the eminent escape of Marcello Dell’Utri. However it was a bit too late; Dell’Utri has already been fleeing away from a certain confirmation of the sentence, using his Diplomatic Passport. A document issued while he was still a Senator! No one ever drew back that passport after the first grade sentence, as the law perceives.
The interceptions brought to the light some very important issues, which I will try to summarise as follows:
Ø  Silvio Berlusconi financed the escape after approving the plan.
Ø  Marcello Dell’Utri, his twin brother, Vincenzo Mancuso and Gennaro Mokbel (all convicted in similar financial crimes related to local criminal organisations) planned to set a refuge shelter in Guinea Bissao.
Ø  The small African state’s official were favourable to host the clan, provided that they would “grease their way in” as Mokbel himself say in one of the tapes; explaining that they would “use Silvio’s offshore charity associations front to build some sandy football fields for the youth and some clinics for children, of course authorities will have their cut and we shall be granted diplomatic passports to split our week-ends between  Beirut and Guinea”.
Dell’Utri earlier said that Guinea is important because “…we shall have exclusive concessions for mining Gold, Diamond and Uranium.. Guys the possibilities there are infinite”.
Earlier today, Silvio Berlusconi said to the press: “I agreed to sent Marcello in Lebanon because Putin asked me to support Mr. Gemayyel candidacy for the coming Lebanese presidential elections”!!
This is the nucleus of the story: unscrupulous Political and Business interests strongly weaved together to make few rich adventurers richer, rendering many poor Africans much poorer. So, how many such plots invaded our countries over the years draining out our resources, and leaving behind nothing but divisions, poverty, ignorance and corruption???
Pass On The Word.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Her Name is: Regina José Galindo!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, April 6th 2014.
In an extreme act of protest, against the candidacy for President of Efrain Rios Montt*, a Military Coup-Man and Genocide executioner, the young Guatemalan artist produced a spot in which she, in full mourning black, dumped her bear feet in human blood leaving a bloody trail behind her walking from the Constitutional Court to the Guatemala National Palace.

She has also used her own body, in many other occasions, in political key to relive her country’s historical traumatic experiences extracted out from the 36 years horrifying Civil War from 1960 until 1996. A conflict that harvested the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children; indiscriminately tortured, raped, shot or left to rot in crowded humid cells.

In one of her most expressive representations, she exposes her nude fragile body to the pressure pump water jet, normally used to disperse demonstrations, also used to torture prisoners as an interrogation technique.

Addressing the Milano University under graduates last week, she said:
“My political principles are very clear. If I have the conscience and interest about what happens in my country, my work then becomes a reflex of my life, hence is political. All life is politics and in relation with power”.
Could Regina, the 23-year-old artist activist, being an example of discipline, commitment, devotion and persistence; inspire millions of idle indifferent youngsters of her generation worming about our Middle-Eastern schools and universities?
Pass On The Word.
*Accused of committing Crimes against Humanity (for torturing and liquidating protesters and opposition activists) and Mass Genocide (of the native Maya tribes) last year and after long trial, General Montt was found guilty and definitely sentenced to 80 years in solitary confinement; in what seemed a historic verdict issued from Guatemala Supreme Court. Nevertheless, two weeks later, with no explanation whatsoever, the process was cancelled.

Reference: Laura Cherubini – Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Horizontal Intellectuals for Vertical Democracy!*

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, April 10th 2014.
Ever since July 1952, the political trend for good governance was to promote Trust above Merit. As such, all of the administrative, bureaucratic and productive machineries fell directly into the hands of members, followers, supporters, relatives and sponsors of the newly seated ruling class: The Military Establishment.
Later on, in the sixties, the Security Forces (police, national security corps, and intelligence agencies officials) marked another trend when muscled in the political arena, acquiring most of the Governorates Mayor-ships, and almost monopolising cities and villages governing seats directly (by nominations) or indirectly (by manipulated consensus).
In no time, both trends turned into irrevocable traditions.. A forbidden TABOO, or a worshiped TOTEM. Accepted and respected, but mostly feared. That’s why they lasted about 60 years. Despite having demolished bit by bit the once well founded strong economy, unified social tissues and tolerant collective culture.
2 years ago, tens of Constitutionalists have voluntarily precipitated, in a compact horde, to form the ‘Wise-men Group’. Their assigned task was writing down a draft for a package of ‘Constitutional Reforms’ designed to convert the Rebellion’s demands into a binding National Projects.
The aim was to establish the methods and norms for “Liberty, Welfare and Social Justice” by means of a sound Participative Democracy.
However, the outcome re-enforced the foundations of Authoritarian Governance: emergency laws, tailored election norms for administrative and parliamentary elections, suppression of Juridical Authority, Media censorship, assigning followers and supporters in key institutional positions, receiving instructions and taking orders from foreign states.. All of which have aggravated the anger creating more conflicting divisions among the population, other than degenerating the economy and diffusing poverty on unprecedented large scales.
Hence, corrective measures should’ve been taken.. Hoping for better sorts, the people shouldered the NEW, unaware of hailing the resuscitation of the OLD! Once again, another ‘Wise-men Group’ (this time named the FIFTY COMMISSION) was re-assigned the drafting of an entirely New Constitution!
Nevertheless, the newborn Charter swung a fatal blow to all hopes for real Democratic Reforms. It concentrated power and authority in the hands of the President of the Republic, prolonged the use of Emergency Laws (by renaming them anti terrorism measures), centralised the administration in the nominations made by the Executive Authority, censored the Media, rendered the Legislative Authority (Parliament) a tool in the hands of the Executive Authority…Etc!!
After 3 years, our institutions have only succeeded to counterfeit Democracy. By rendering it VERTICAL, not participative, Democracy as such became not Democratic! For that, urged the necessity to engage flocks of servile HORIZONTAL intellectuals. To cheer the change, and discredit the few timid voices of opposition.
Rolling between Religious Fascism and Institutional Fascism (trafficked as Conservatives), or rocking over Vertical Democracy and Horizontal Intellectuals (galvanised as modern values); the end result is identical: we shall remain captives of the same TABOO and will worship another TOTEM.
Pass On The Word.
*I borrowed the term from Marco Travaglio’s article on yesterday issue of Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Missing Principles!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, April 3rd 2014.
“No one is above the law, for all citizens have equal social dignity, and stand equally the same before the LAW”.

In modern times, most Constitutional Charts strongly embrace this principle, to set the foundations and enforce the culture for “Free Participative Democracy”. When a collectivity is fundamentally convinced, ensured and ascertained, that: “legality suits society’s interests, because the respect for rules and regulations improves the quality of living”; then the collectivity will forcefully thrust into open and active participation in shaping politics and policies of Society. That’s what “Free Participative Democracy” is all about.

BUT.. Before speeding your mind into the illusion that such a statement is well established, or even judge it banal and generic; allow me the premise of an important given fact: unfortunately, in our system, Legality and Observance of rules are two categories of which governing parameters are defined and set in/by the Constitution!!

Just ponder, only for a little while, on the relations between Justice and Legality as terms that are seldom considered synonyms; while in fact they are two different concepts. Without Legality, there can be no Justice. Since Legality by itself, cannot guarantee full Justice. On the other hand, although the Observance of norms is indispensable and binding; yet alone it does not possess the force to cross over social inequalities.

Urge then the need for something more. This something more is that the Constitution and its applicative laws, would become indisputably the main source for “turning Justice into a daily practice, capable of delivering to each citizen precisely what belongs to him; what he’s entitled to and what serves him in order to live decently. A task that needs Legality; but as well, it must involve Personal Responsibility, effort, commitment and solidarity of each individual of the entire society”.

“…it is the job of the Republic to remove all obstacles that, in their eventual limitations of Liberty and Equality of all citizens, would prevent the complete development of the Human Person”.

Another fundamental constitutional ruling principle repeated in most modern Democracies’ Constitutional Charts. And, same as the first one stated earlier here above, seem to be overlooked in both our newly imposed Charts. Even worse, both have re-established an urging necessity to extend Emergency Laws, nuzzled the Media and tightened its rope around the Justice neck.

So, if contrary to our charts, all modern constitutions stress on these principles, to “realize an emancipated democracy, in which the accomplished recognition for the rights of liberty is well integrated by the thorough affirmation of the principle of equality and evenness substantially, undertaken not as a simple aspiration, but as the given fundamental norm”Can you tell who’s right and who’s not?

Pass On The Word. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Pentagon and Egypt’s Coup.

Synthesised by: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, March 25th 2014.
On July 5th 2013, Press TV has conducted an interview with Michel Chossudovsky, Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal about the coup d’état by the Egyptian military that has deposed the elected Morsi government after large anti-government protests arose. Here are some passages from the interview.
Ø  Asked to give his impression about the overall situation in Egypt, he said:
“It is a coup d’état in the sense that the military have intervened and they have demoted a duly elected government. I should underscore the fact that the reports confirm that the protest movement against the Muslim Brotherhood government was also directed against the United States.
In other words, the protest movement perceives the Morsi government as a proxy of the United States and in particular the Muslim Brotherhood government has accepted all the conditions, which were imposed by the International Monetary Fund upon the accession to the formation of a government – namely the application of strong economic medicine, which essentially is continuity in relation to the previous period.
It’s a structural adjustment program; it’s devastating economic reforms; and I think what’s motivated the protest movement, certainly the derogation of civil liberties, the implementation of Islamic law is an issue; but more fundamentally it is the process of impoverishment.
What we have is a continuity pertaining to these neoliberal economic reforms: massive austerity measures, rising food prices, rising unemployment and ultimately this discontent is motivated by the collapse in the standard of living and also by the hope that a new government would do something different to what the Mubarak government was doing.
The press reports suggest that the protest movement is directed against the United States and that the armed forces in a certain sense are supportive of the protest movement. I think this in many regards is a smokescreen because US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel as well as the US Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey were in permanent liaison with the architects of the coup in the two weeks preceding the military takeover.
We should be under no illusions, the Egyptian military may have differences within its ranks, but ultimately it tows the line, it takes its orders from Washington DC.
Egypt is the largest recipient of US military aid after Israel. It is a strong ally and if they have taken this position of intervening and demoting a duly elected government, they have done it with the green light from the Pentagon.
I think it is highly unlikely that General (now FeildMarshal.. nfa) Abdul Al Sisi who is the architect of the coup d’état would have acted without consulting his counterpart namely US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.
In fact the United States is supporting both sides and that is part of its underlying strategy. It supports the military and then it supported – it no longer supports – but it supported the Brotherhood.
And what this is leading to is a situation of internal conflict, which could lead to a process of destabilization on a much broader scale”.
Ø  To explain why the US supported Morsi, then discarded him, he stated:
“Ultimately what the United States action involved was essentially to ensure that this protest movement doesn’t get out of control and the coup d’état is ultimately intend to manipulate the protest movement and prevent the accession of a real people’s government.
Morsi was not a people’s government. It was a replacement of the Mubarak government, which in effect was following in the same path, adopting the same economic measures.
that economic model dates back to 1991. I happened to be – and this is of course beyond the scope of this interview – I happened to be in the minister of finance’s office in 1991 in Cairo at the very moment when this program was being implemented and imposed by the IMF talking to senior advisers of the government, everybody was against it, but their hands were bound”.
Ø  The most interesting part of the interview came when he tried to answer a question on whether the Egyptian Military, now in power, are willing to green-light new elections for a new civilian government. To that, he answered as follows:
“That’s a very difficult question at this stage. They may have a certain legitimacy. I don’t doubt that in Washington there is already a scenario of regime change and that scenario of regime change is there with a view to ensure continuity. But at the same time there is also a scenario of political and economic destabilization on an unprecedented scale.
But what is occurring now in the streets of Cairo is a clash between two competing political movements, both of which have been misled by the people who are pulling the strings behind the scenes. It’s worth noting that  the army, which is essentially the mouthpiece of the US military establishment stated and I quote: US Defense Secretary Hagel and US Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey were walking a fine line expressing concern while attempting to avoid the impression that the US was manipulating events behind the scene.
My understanding is that in effect this whole process has been manipulated; the protest movement is infiltrated; many sectors of the opposition to Morsi are in fact supported by US foundations and in turn the Brotherhood is supported covertly by the United States and US intelligence”.
I believe that Mr. Chossudovsky is right about an important issue, and I quote him:
“But bear in mind: the United States is supporting both sides and their objective and their strategy is to destabilize this country as a nation-state”.

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