The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My open Letter to the Supreme Council of the Magistrate.

Natural or Habitual Delinquent?
Without ‘HIS’ laws, he would’ve been in jail since quite a while.
By: Bruno TINTI.
 Introduced, Translated and Commented by : Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli October 28th 2012.
The court sentenced Silvio Berlusconi¹ to 4 years incarceration and 5 years ban from any public function along with a multi million euro in penalty fine to the Treasury Department, in relation to him being found guilty of committing the crimes of “Tax Evasion” and “Fraud” finalised to favour his firms in a blatant illegal competition for the TV broadcasting rights.
The most important part that is causing the feverish debates all over the Italian political arena, we find in the Sentence Motivations. A single phrase which defined the accused as “Habitual Delinquent”!! However, that’s not what really made the accused lose control and attack not only the Italian Juridical Authority altogether, but as well the whole of the Italian Institutions: the Government, The Presidency, the Media, the Supreme Court, the Opposition, the Political Parties, and the Magistrates National Assembly.. He even took for imbeciles the Italian citizens who don’t know how to vote and promised to re-candidate for office “…for something must be done, and I intend to change things”..
Also he spelled his wrath upon the European partners: the Commission, the European Central Bank, the German Chancellor Merkell and the French Ex President Sarckozy. But specially Merkell because she, as he puts it “..while presenting the forecasts for the ‘SPREAD’ as a standard measuring tool for comparing the real value of the Italian Bonds to those of Germany and relating them to the ‘Gross National Product’, did not include in her math the SUBMERGED ENTRIES, just to make the spread wider”!!!
As if he wanted that the Italian financial situation be liable for “Illegal Finances, Investments and Profits” which of course everyone, with the least common sense, knows that they are impossible to weigh or measure.. Just look at his case having hundreds of millions of illegally collected money stacked offshore in the Caiman Islands banking paradise.
The author, Mr. Tinti who’s an established Constitutional Magistrate and member of the Barr, is a regular legal analyst in collaboration mainly with the Italian daily independent² newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano”; in his article he is simply showing us that the Italians have chosen not once but three times a Convicted Criminal to hold the reigns of their destinies as their Prime Minster; and he’s showing that by explaining the subject’s record.. After which I will allow myself a relevant comment. So I’ll leave you now with Mr. Tinti wishing that you’d enjoy reading.
That Berlusconi is a tax evader (also a corruptor, an accounts falser, a false testimonial) isn’t a novelty; the novelty is that today, instead of deducing such his qualities out from a prescription sentence and having to explain to many friends of his that he was guilty but that too much time had passed before being able to send him to prison; today we can read it in tranquility into a sentence.
He evaded the treasury and he got 4 years, out of which 3 are pardoned (due a tailored law made by/for him and voted in parliament even by the opposition back in early 90s), 5 years to not practice any public office on top of a good number of millions of euro.
The novelty of this sentence, cited in the name of the Italian People, is that it says officially what millions of persons were convinced ever since 20 years: “Berlusconi is a Natural Delinquent”. It must be said that such a phrase bears a juridical significance different from what it might have been should the precedent trials were concluded otherwise; said as though means only that the guilt of Berlusconi while defined as such would recommend certain punishment rather than another.
But how could the verdict result if Berlusconi - the prescribed for life, amnestied, absolved via laws done by him in person and to his favour – should have been condemned as deserved??
First of all he would have been declared “Habitual Delinquent” according to Art.102 of the penal code: presumed regular by law, which reads: “Is declared Regular/Habitual Delinquent the one who, after having been condemned to serve all in all  a superior measure of five years for three non culpable offenses of same nature and committed within ten years; and contextually, gets another conviction for a crime non culpable and of same nature within the ten years following the last of the previous offenses).
The non culpable crimes to which Berlusconi have benefited the prescription are 7:
1.      Corruption: The Lodo Mondadori case.
2.      Illegal Financing to Political Parties: The All Iberian Case (aka the Bettino CRAXI bribes).
3.      False Accounting: The Consolidato Fininvest case.
4.      False Accounting: The Fininvest Balance Sheets 1988/92 case.
5.      Embezzlement: same case.
6.      False Accounting: The Lentini case.
7.      Corruption: The MILLS case.
Those concluded con Amnesty are 2:
1.      False Testimony: The Macherio terrains case.
2.      False Accounting: same case.
Those where he got absolved because the acts committed are no longer considered as crimes by the law (Berlusconi made a law depenalising the False Accounting act) are 2:
1.      False Accounting: The All Iberian 2 case
2.      False Accounting: The SME – Ariosto case.
In fact Berlusconi could have also been considered a Regular/Habitual Delinquent” as per Art.103 of the Penal Code whereby it reads: “The declaration of habituality in crime is also pronounced against who has been condemned for two non culpable crimes and have brought another condemning verdict for another non culpable crime, if the judge, considering the nature and gravity of the crimes, in the time by which they were committed, of the conduct and life style of the convicted become addicted to crime”.
Such would have been valid for the Mediaset sentences, but actually ‘Saint Prescription, Saint Amnesty and Saint Depenalisation’ have all come to grant him pardon.
However it doesn’t end here, because the crimes committed by Berlusconi are as much and as such that Art. 105 could have been well applied ‘Professionalism in Crime’, where it reads: “Who fits the requested conditions to be declared in a state of Habituality/Regularity in crime, and brings a conviction for another offence, is declared a Professional Delinquent or Offender, if having regarded the nature of the crime and the life style of the convicted, would suggest that the convicted regularly lives from the proceeds of crime”.
But why should we keep moaning and weeping that the Paradise Saints have come to absolve him? Only because it is unjust? Yes, certainly. But also because Art 109 (Effects of the declaration of Habituality, Professionalism or Tendency to crime) foresee the application of security measures towards the Regular or Professional type of criminals, Measures that among others include to assign the convict to an agriculture colony or a labour house.
Would you imagine Berlusconi with the chained ball in his foot and in the striped pyjamas trying to mow the grass? I confess that this vision of him in that state would repay me some of all the rage I gulped throughout the past 20 years.
After such amusing, and educating, reading; let me share a few thoughts with you.. Yesterday I came across a two line news while streaming the Egyptian Newspapers on the web:
“It has been reported that the Tora Prison guards always give the military salute to the convict Mohamed Hosni MUBARAK, and as well his cast already in custody..”!!!
I don’t have a problem with the guards or even the Prison officials (considering the mentality and culture).. But I have a problem with our intellectuals (artists, journalists, law university professors, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, religious references, painters, Egyptologists, bloggers, writers, poets, song writers, singers, and lawmakers). 
Because I expected that they should’ve been the ones to grab the illuminating torch and lead the way to guide their fellow Egyptians on the right path of knowledge, the path of the truthful free information.. Only through knowing things as they are, one can decide and chose.. RATIONALLY not Emotionally.
So, now I wish to know:
Ø  How deep the Egyptian Investigation Journalism, if it really exists, can penetrate into the news?
Ø  Where are the expert impartial analysts who could analyse and explain to the average Egyptian citizen the long chains of wrong doings of the ousted president, his family, his cabinets, his friends, his cast and courtesans, and all the breed of corruptive/corruptor officials and public servants?
Ø  Who will inform us, in simple words, the profound paradox of the conflicting laws that were tailored to create legal chaos in our courts, to slow the proceedings in order to burden the Magistrates, and to grant the acquittal for the guilty and bring the conviction upon the innocent?
Ø  Why is criticising, commenting, debating or arguing about a public servant of the people; can be considered by law and act of slander to be celebrated in our courts?
And my question to the SCM is:
Will your class take the initiative to clear the dust off your respectful institution, the only remaining defender and custodian of legal and civil rights, same as your elder brothers did in the past two centuries?
Find the answers for me please, and..
Pass On The Word.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Last Call Dr. MORSI!! My open letter to the President.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Pisa, October 26th 2012.
Dr. Morsi,
I am an Egyptian citizen who’s hardly enjoying his retirement, and I have to confess that I was always favouring a republican democracy status of a “Constitutional Parliamentary Republic”, whereby its Executive Authority is headed by a majority holder ‘Prime Minister’, nominated by a ‘President of the Republic’ chosen and elected by the people to perform the duties of the ‘Custodian and Protector of the Constitution’ and works as the ‘Supreme Guarantor’ for enforcing the consistent inter-independence between the institutional authorities: The Legislative, The Executive and the Juridical. A republic where all institutions are being constantly and closely observed by a vigilant and independent free press in every bit of its aspects (televised, aired, written, aerated, published or posted).
And I have always wished that Egypt would one day become the Republic I’ve been longing for..
·         A democratic republic founded upon labour.
·         A republic that recognises and guarantees the inviolable rights of the individual as a single person or as part of social formations.
·         A republic where all citizens enjoy equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without any distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, or economic and social conditions.
·         A republic that recognises for all citizens their right for work, and promotes all the conditions that are necessary to render effective that right.
·         A republic where all religious confessions are equally free before the law. Where the religious confessions have the right to self organisation as per their own statutes, as long as they do not come in contrast with the juridical order of Egypt.
·         A republic that promotes the development of culture and that of scientific and technological research.
·         A republic that enforces the protection and safeguarding of the nation’s natural, artistic and historic patrimonial heritage.
But as things have materialised otherwise, I consequently obey and yet reserve my citizen’s right to freely express my opinions, my critics and as well to offer my counselling. Therefore, please be patient and bear with me Sir. Because there are three major important topics missing, so far, from your political agenda:
a)      to guarantee a protective support for the fragile civil categories who are the majority of the Egyptian population,
b)      to present the long awaited “Anti-Corruption Bill” to the parliament for public discussing and passing it as an obliging Law, and
c)      to ensure equal citizenship rights to all Egyptians of every colour, faith, sect and ethnic group(s).
Since you are the chief of the ‘Executive Authority’, and as these headings were the fuel by which the January 25th revolution burst its flames; I expected that they would come ‘FIRST’ on top of your “What To Do” priorities planning list.
I don’t want to even think that you have forgotten, or worse that you are overlooking, that over 78% of your Egyptian fellow citizens are already poor and emarginated being categorised as: unprotected workers, individuals fired on the spot, precarious or temporaries and part-timers, even unemployed, ousted, and retired with pension; and that all of them are evenly moaning under the weight of a suffocating “Social Injustice” fathered to a mature system of “Corruption”, and mothered by the incapable “Over-Tax Mill”.. An image of a sick family descending from the spree of a lame and shaky ‘mendicant economy’.. An economy improvised and imposed to revolve around the agonising Day-By-Day survival, like the primitive tribes who were proudly dancing and closely circling around their village’s TOTAM.
It was never that “Strategic Economy Policies” I, same as many other fellow Egyptians, always dreamed about; an economy to target the future prosperity of the nation and secure the welfare of its entire population.. Us.. I mean all of us.
If you really have meant your very short electoral campaign promises, I ask you to tempestuously address:
A.     A complete review and overhaul of the Labour Law(s) to ensure the worker’s dignity and secure his career stability, growth and security; in order to protect a large portion of the nation’s manpower and the future of their families.
B.     An immediate package of scaled ‘Tax Grids’ oriented towards the ‘PAY LESS But PAY ALL’ objective, supported by a ‘firm and vigilant investigation/control organs’ and sever sentences for the “Tax Evasion” and the “False Accounting” (which must become a serious crimes not just simple misdemeanours) ; and to provide incentives for the contributors encouraging them to always require an invoice bill for every single consumption, from the coffee to the plumbing repairs and the paint works; so that everyone pays the “Value Added Tax” knowing that it will never be charged twice, and that those invoice bills and receipts will be accounted for out from the annual “Income Tax” dues.
C.     An “Anti-Corruption Bill”, or should I say ‘PACKAGE’, targeting ‘All Corrupt Attitudes and Behaviours’ in all their aspects; since corruption have become a ‘PHENOMENAL CULTURE’.. A culture that made us see and accept, as the most normal occurrence, the corruptive act produced and consumed every day and everywhere in all levels of the society.
D.     A comprehensive legislative revision for the “Citizenship Criterion Chart” to guarantee the Inclusion of all ‘Egyptian Fractions’ under the protecting and obliging umbrella of the “Civil Connivance Partnership”, where ‘ALL’ stand equal before the law, and ‘ALL’ enjoy the same equal rights and perform the same and equal duties.
E.      A strategic “Progressive Education and Scientific Research Plan” geared towards creating brains, fostering talents and producing technology in compliance with Egypt’s needs, not those of the IMF or any other creditor(s).
F.      A new legislation supporting and protecting the “Freedom of Expression” in all its aspects and by all its means; in order to guarantee the total and complete ‘Transparency’, and acknowledge that ‘OUR RIGHT TO KNOW’ the truthful and impartial news is ‘THE DUTY’ of every journalist in TV, newspapers, books, e-books, blogs…etc. 
You know better than anyone else, Sir, that the Egyptians, all of them and not only the Muslim Brotherhood, rose on January 25th 2011 calling for “Bread, Liberty, Social Justice and Integrity”.. They were longing for a civil governance to clean and clear, but they didn’t want to relive the experiences of any kind or shape of ‘Authoritarian Dictatorship’.
That’s why I call on you to review your priorities and make front to that ‘Clear and Eminent Danger’ which is threatening Egypt.. The danger of a “Sectarian, Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Struggle” which will dismember the nation into fragments through violent confrontations and uncontrollable growing hatred that only God knows for how long such a plague may last. A conflict that will entail not only chaos, but as well it will produce more unemployment, more poverty, more need, much more lack of services, and of course much more paralysing debts.
Address these six topics all the way through, Dr. Morsi,  and only then you will defeat the enemies of the Revolution, you will meet the expectations of the Egyptians, you will wave away the doubt of your administration’s secret deals and you will regain the respect expected for a PRESIDENT.. And of course you know, Sir, that all are to be earned.
Yours Truly,
Ahmed M. ELNAHAS (

Saturday, 20 October 2012

2D better than HD3D!

By: Ahmed M. ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, October 20th 2012.
As I read and see the Egyptian media, I can't help but getting confused! When newspapers and TV talk shows, and news insist on reporting the confrontations in the squares and streets of Egypt as the pro-Morsi or the anti-Morsi conflicting fractions, in fact newspapers and TVs are:
a)      dividing the Egyptian public opinion into two unidentified categories,
b)      not specifying exactly which political colour they manifest or which social movement they represent, and
c)      narrowing the vision of Egypt’s political confrontation to relate it to persons not to ideas.
Same as the media have always did in the past under various “Ministers of Culture, Education and Information”.. They insist on flattening our perspectives into a continuous and distorted 2D stills never to be seen clear in HD3D.
Who are the pro- Morsi? And Who are sponsoring the anti-Morsi? The Brotherhood? The Salafists? Al Azhar? Urban citizens? Rural citizens? Businessmen? Industrial Unions? Workers? Farmers? Bedouins? Copts? Nubians? Students? Housewives? Al Foloul? CIA? MOSSAD? UE? KSA? UAE? IRI?
Our media is conveying the most unrealistic image of Egypt’s experience.. Forgetting, or maybe not, that it suits no one but our DEBITORS.
Pass On The Word.   

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Vaccines.. Is it the new Bio-Chemical WMD!

By: Ahmed M. ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, October 117th 2012.

In the past two years, I did my best to find some space to reflect and communicate some healthcare hazards and to denounce certain wrong nutritive habits that damage the future of our children.. I’ve always sustained that the shameful business plot studied and designed in conjunction between two of the most powerful lobbies in the scientific research and health care domains: The Medical Establishment and The Pharmaceutical Industries; together have made it their main business objective “To ensure that we enjoy a LONG SICK LIFE”.

Today, following the same stream and in occasion of the approaching winter when florish the vaccine business worldwide (72billion dollars), I’ve picked up the following articles from the web. As you will notice they were not written by street peddlers, they are the fruit of honest professional medical practitioners and health researchers manifesting their caring for public and child health, and are seriously abiding by the “Hippocrates Oath” they swore upon graduation. Here are their testimonies.

Your Child.. Your Future.. Your Choice.
Vaccination: The Basics…
June 2012
North American children are now the most vaccinated on earth. Since 1980, Canadian vaccine schedules have more than doubled the types of vaccines given; for the first 18 months of life alone, public health authorities across Canada now recommend 32-41 (average 36) doses of thirteen to sixteen different vaccines. New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut start by injecting the first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine at birth; the rest of the country starts multiple injections/drops at two months.
It’s been declared that today’s children are the first generation whose parents will outlive them. Today, 10% of Canadian children have life threatening afflictions. In the last 25 years, concurrent with vaccine increase, there’ve been huge declines in children’s health in many categories:
·         Autism – increased over 1000 times in less than one generation; at least 1/88 in USA
·         Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – 10%
·         Learning Disability – 1/6
·         Severe Mood Deregulation (egg bipolar disorder) – 1/30
·         Ear Infections – 50% of Canadian 2-3 yr olds since birth
·         All types of Allergies – increased six times since 1980
·         Anaphylactic Food Allergies – doubled in the last decade
·         Allergic Eczema – 1/5
·         Asthma – 1/8 or more; 10% of Canadians 2-7 yrs old
·         Obesity – tripled since 1980; 25% of Canadian children overweight or obese
·         Juvenile Diabetes – more than 100% increase since 1980
In contrast, Chicago-based Home-first Medical Clinic, run by a group of doctors including medical director Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH, have no known autism and super-scarce allergies in their children, most of whom have had no vaccinations. Two studies done in New Zealand in 1992 and 1995 show that the unvaccinated children clearly have less allergies, less otitis (ear infections), less tonsillitis, less running noses, less epilepsies and less ADHD.
For the first time in history…children are sicker than the generation before them. They’re not just a little worse off, they are precipitously worse off, physically, emotionally, educationally and developmentally.
Vaccinations may cause significantly more injuries and deaths than they prevent.
The medical establishment considers vaccines effective if they suppress a few targeted illnesses – but at what expense? An emerging body of evidence indicates that vaccines can damage a child’s developing immune system and brain, leading to life-threatening or debilitating disorders like autism, ADHD, asthma, peanut allergy, juvenile diabetes, etc or to SIDS, death itself. If this is true, the number of vaccine-related deaths per year outnumbers deaths from so-called “vaccine-preventable” illnesses.
Historical trends show that deaths caused by illnesses targeted by vaccines had already declined by as much as 98% before mass vaccination programs for them began. Statistical tampering and incomplete and selective reporting over the last sixty years has made vaccination appear more effective than it truly is. For instance, the seemingly dramatic decline in polio cases after introduction of polio vaccine coincided with a change in diagnostic criteria from paralysis lasting 24 hrs or more to paralysis lasting at least 60 days. Polio incidence actually increased after vaccine was introduced; the oral polio vaccine became the sole cause of paralytic polio in North America until it was discontinued here.
Infectious diseases can be made worse by fever-suppressing drugs and antibiotics. Fever is part of the immune process; if it is stifled, infections that would otherwise be merely inconvenient can become dangerous, even deadly. Routine use of fever suppressants during illness and after vaccination is inadvisable.
Antibiotics increase the number of bacterial toxins released into the body by killing other bacteria not targeted. Some also diminish Vitamin C, thereby inhibiting the immune system.
Vaccine injuries are drastically underreported. Although there is a government system in place for reporting vaccine reactions and injuries, most incidents go unreported. Doctors, who naturally do not want to admit to participating in a practice that injures a child, often choose to deny or disregard even the most obvious connection between a sudden health issue and vaccination. As a result, it is believed that fewer than 10% of vaccine injuries are actually reported; it’s impossible to know exactly how many children are injured each year.
Vaccines damage the immune system. A healthy immune system has two main parts, Th1 and Th2. Th1 leads with the first and most important immune response, to sense and eliminate incoming disease-associated organisms and particles. Th2 then creates antibodies and a memory of the disease. Babies are born with immature immune systems in which Th2 dominates. As their immune systems mature, dominance switches permanently to Th1. Usually, infectious agents enter the body through the nose and mouth, triggering Th1 which normally combats them effectively. But vaccines injected into the body bypass Th1 and over-stimulate Th2. This confuses the normal maturation and skews the functioning of the immune system; Th2 becomes dominant and the crucial Th1, suppressed. The result can be autoimmune disease (eg juvenile diabetes), allergic disorders (eg eczema, asthma and life threatening anaphylactic allergies to everyday foods like peanuts) and frequent infections (eg colds and ear infections).
Vaccine ingredients are risky. They include dangerous preservatives and adjuvants (chemicals which increase immune response) and other potentially harmful substances: aluminum phosphate, phenol (carbolic acid), MSG, formaldehyde, gelatin, etc. The flu shot still contains mercury. This and other toxins can accumulate and eventually suppress the immune system, cause brain damage, and lead to a myriad of health issues and developmental disorders. Exposure to toxins during the critical stages of development before age two is especially dangerous to the brain.
Some vaccines are made using tissue cultures: monkey kidney, foetal calf blood, chick embryos, aborted human foetal lung, yeast, etc. It’s impossible to remove all contaminating viruses and proteins left from this process. Injected contaminants can create immune problems including anaphylaxis. Other vaccines have genetically engineered or artificially fragmented active ingredients. These could result in injuries as yet unrecognized.
Vaccine safety has never been proven. Studies to compare the overall long-term health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people have never been done, nor have studies to discover the combined and cumulative effects of so many vaccines. Safety studies prior to vaccine licensing are typically inadequate and limit follow-up to a few days or weeks.
Vaccinations are given indiscriminately. There are no tests to determine which children are likely to respond adversely to vaccinations. Little concern is given to innate health and family health history. Underweight babies are routinely given the same dosage using the same schedule as babies of normal weight. Unlike other drugs, vaccines are administered using a one-size-fits-all policy.
The holistic approach treats the body with care.
Immunity is and can be acquired naturally. A foetus receives antibodies acquired by its mother from infections she’s previously had. After birth, breastfeeding provides multiple immune factors and optimum nutrition to the baby’s body and brain. Breastfeeding is so exquisitely refined that it continually changes and adapts to the baby’s needs as they change.
Immunity derived from exposure to infections can last a lifetime. Any immunity provided by a vaccine wanes over time and puts the child at risk of a more dangerous infection later in life. Infections contracted in childhood encourage optimal balance of Th1 and Th2 and may actually accelerate development and learning.
A healthy lifestyle continues the immunity established by breastfeeding. Excellent nutrition, avoidance of toxins of all kinds, sufficient rest, and being part of a loving family all contribute to freedom from disease of any kind.
The very young (babies and small children) are at high risk because their brains are undergoing the most rapid development at the very time they receive the greatest number of vaccinations…they receive many inoculations (up to 9 inoculations) in one office visit. This is insane and in my estimation, criminal.
Vaccination is based on fear.
Vaccination ignores our evolutionary history. We have survived in co-habitation with multitudes of germs. There’s a balance between immune enhancement and immune depletion. We can encourage the former by acknowledging the power and competence of our bodies to heal themselves.
Those administering vaccines rarely, if ever, provide full information on the vaccines being injected; they exaggerate risks of infection and don’t explain that vaccines may be just as risky or worse.
Vaccinations are NOT mandatory in Canada. “Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution. Three provinces require proof of immunization for school entrance: Ontario and New Brunswick for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization; Manitoba for measles. But, exceptions are permitted on medical or religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization.”

Pass On The Word.
·         Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD; Why do pediatricians deny the obvious, 2006.
·         Russell Blaylock, MD, CCN; How vaccines can damage your brain, 2008.
·         Immunization in Canada, May 1997; Vol 23S4

PS: Bayer decided to withdraw tens of thousands of Vaccine doses out of the market after discovering its offensive health jeopardy and hazard. Hope these stocks will not reach our stores.. We’ve seen a lot of that throughout the years.