The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Mother Of Idiots is always Pregnant!

 By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas - Firenze, June 21st 2017.

Certain people just aren’t capable of seeing further than the tip of their toes, or even learn from others’ previous mistakes.. Illiteracy is not the issue here; but arrogance and ignorance are!

I have always been firmly convinced that the river Nile was, or should have been, the solid ‘Spinal Cord’ unifying the economies and hopes for common reciprocal growth of ten African nations stuck onto its banks.. A life line tying them strongly together to help each other evolve and develop independently from foreign influences and interests.

Instead, for the last eighty five years since the rise of the first African Independence Movements, we are witnessing a systematic dismantling of each and every element of that unity, by the means of two destructive weapons:
  •       I.            Incompetent Governance; and
  •    II.            Corruption.

Other than the socio-economic (relocation and/or migratory waves of rural population and nomad tribes, industrialisation, high cost of domestic energy/water supply, health…etc.) and environmental (deforestation, climate, agriculture, land fertility, pastures/live stock, fishery, dependence on fertilisers…etc.) impact of the project; its’ initial estimated costs amount to almost 15% of Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product, meaning Debts & long term interests which will all fall directly on the main consumer: Ethiopian Population!

However, the real catch here is ‘Foreign Interests’.. We know that since 2005 Israel’s undying hunger for Hydraulic resources control led it to acquire a century long exclusive contract for the full control and maintenance over Lake Victoria Waters!! The Feasibility Study of the Millennium Dam (now Renaissance Dam) was initially presented and promoted by Israeli Intelligence shadow firms.. Two thirds of the finance are guaranteed by Chinese banks (China is buying massive surfaces of African fertile lands for its future long term strategic agricultural projects).. France is already awarded the installations of Turbines, Energy Plants and Technical Assistance contracts for Electric Power industrial and domestic supply for the coming 75 years.

Those foreign interests must guarantee first-hand the absolute security of their newly acquired revenue makers, henceforth the probable unity of the ten Nile Basin Nations is definitely unwelcome.. Thus Divide Et Impera has returned to be an imperative reclaim! (Just look at the actual map of The Nile Basin Nations and compare it with the same just 50 years ago)!

That’s the main reason why I favour the complete destruction of that ‘Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’.. Simply because it represents all what I’ve always disapproved: The Great Aswan Dam.. Ever since 1969 Egypt has been socially, culturally, and economically suffering in an uncontrollable chain reaction to, and mainly because of, that project.

Ethiopians didn’t learned the lesson and they are repeating exactly the very same errors as we did half a century ago.. So, to my fellow Africans in Ethiopia I say: Welcome to the club.

Pass On The Word.

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