The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ecchoing Cycles!

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas - Siena, May 24th 2017.
All throughout their history, many Arab Kings (tribe and clan leaders) have seeked for, and depended upon, foreign help! The relations between Arabs and the Sasanian Empire in Persia is a brilliant, yet shameful, example.. Just have a closer look at the disastrous effects from the disintegration of the Ayyubid State right after the death of Salahuddin, and you’ll notice the many similarities of how and why Arabs are in their present state of division.
When the landlords hire mercenaries to protect their interests and, in that scope, do the fighting for them, it has almost always ended up that mercenaries took control and toppled the landlords.. The Memelouks (literally: slave soldiers) did precisely that, seizing power over North Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Hijaz and Yemen from the grasp of the Ayyoubids.

The Ayyoubid Empire

I’ve been thinking about that while watching Trump’s visits to KSA, Palestine and Italy; listening to related talk shows and the opinions of all pros and cons.. Allow me to say mine.
When he released his slogan “America First”, and when in many interviews and rallies has bluntly declared: “…Iraq and the Arabs must pay and they will pay trillions of dollars…” promising to acquire total control over Iraqi oil reserves; he wasn’t joking.. He was, and is convinced that the Arabs must settle the bill for the many “SACRIFICES” the US have gone through to calm the region’s troubled waters.. He did believe what he was saying, though forgetting that his America have always, since WWI, aimed and plotted just for that.
Well, if he truly believes that, it is his privilege; the problem is when the Arabs prove to follow such belief.. By donating 100million dollars to the Ivanka Trump Foundation, also by buying American weapons for billions of dollars. The tragedy is the Arabs themselves.. They asked the help of the US to liberate Kuwait from the grip of Saddam Hussein, overlooking the fact that it was an American scenario carefully written before hand, and executed to the letter by the then American ambassador to Baghdad, April Catherine Glaspie, and an egocentric arrogant Saddam fell in the CIA trap.
It was always the Arab oil (in KSA, Iraq, Libya).. Since the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1973; the Us and its’ allies were attentively planning and aiming at the full and total control of Arab and Middle Eastern resources.. They were just waiting to create the right moment.. The moment when the Arabs are in a state of total political chaos and social disorder.. What better moment than now as the oil prices are in their lowest levels since decades.. Very convenient for a deal.
Now Trump has found his chance and is loudly playing that tune.. His western allies are singing the chorus lines.. And the Arabs are the audience who’s paying an extremely expensive ticket to stand by idly, echoing the tune while watching the fireworks flaring all over their skies and burning their fields.
Same is happening again, only the modern versions of our time’s Al-No’man(s) are not kissing the hands of 'Khosrow II' or 'Yazdegerd III'; they have been systematically delivering their nation’s destiny to the New Empire's mercenary forces.

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