The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

God Wish It!?!

By: Ahmed M. ElNahhas – Firenze, June 20th 2015.
When building a wall – of any type: cultural, social, racial or even physical made of bricks, barbed wire or steel – around yourself thinking it’ll protect you from the ‘Other’, in fact it isolates you from all and from everything; and you’ll end up discovering how vulnerable and defenceless you’ve become.
Last week Right Wing Hungarian authorities have informed the EU commission and parliament of its immediate suspension of the Political Asylum treaty, and of its intention to erect a 180km long and 5m high of double folds barbed wire closing its southern borders with Serbian territory!
Moreover, France has forced tens of desperate African refugees to remain on the rocky shores of Ventimiglia refusing to host them on French soil. The official claim is: “awaiting the new EU regulations in merit”!
Austria, Denmark, Germany and the UK are timidly watching and silently preparing similar procedures; while in Italy and since several years , official police records show frequent cases of aggression on “extra-community subjects” by activists belonging to extreme right movements; headed and driven by the xenophobe political party “Lega Nord”* – The North League –  which calls for the elimination of “Parasites that are infecting the society and the race”, and uplifting its tones declaring that “kicking them out is no longer a solution, the time has come to engage bulldozers to eradicate them and their camps from our cities”.
Lega Nord - same as European Skin-Heads, Neo Nazis, and Neo Fascists - has been dangerously embracing the very same tactics practiced in the US by Nationalist Groups of Supremacists and Secessionists, who follow the “Anglo-Celtic” ideology and preach independence and dominion over other ethnic a/o religious minorities.
Preaching ‘Hate’, to support an ideology of racial supremacy, would consequently imply ‘Violence’.. Which always commence first ‘Moral’ (verbal aggression, racial segregation, offensive critics, insults, songs…), then, and for socio-political motives more than cultural, the violence will rapidly shift from moral towards the ‘Material’ (cloths, cars, houses, shops, camps, churches, synagogues…Etc.).. However, it does not stop here; unfortunately it accelerates into ‘Physical’ attacks on the person with the intention of causing maximum harm, having death as a target.
The Charlestone Church massacre by Dylann Roof proves my point, that preaching hate implies consequently all sorts of violence; that are above all unpredictable as well as uncontrollable.. Roof was raised in an environment where the Confederate flag decorates many residential facades and is proudly waved on the top post of the City Hall; and where the notes of Dixie is the region’s official anthem.. In fact, for many southerners, both the flag and Dixie are the symbols of the Confederate Republic of the South.

What’s to be considered carefully here is that, on both sides of the Northern Atlantic, racial supremacy and its sisters nationalism and secessionism are Constitutionally protected: in the US by their worshiped  sacred ‘Totem’ known as the “2nd Amendment”; while in Europe the “Freedom of Expression” articles are the shield.
Also, despite the obvious similarity of the methodologies that are meticulously practiced here and there,  to mobilise the masses and ensure their loyalty, through: manifesting, creating of proper identification symbols (flags, logos, anthems, books, slogans, mottos, oaths, cloths, colours, hair-styles, songs…etc.), rallying, preaching, recruiting, training, educating, misinforming and assaulting; no one sees or admits the identical characteristics that join together all types of extreme ideological, political, racial or religious  Fanatic Behaviour!!
It’s clear that nothing is new under the sun..  Yet it is clearer that history repeats itself regularly in cycles of approximate precision.. So, I can safely conclude that it is much too much clear the ‘Imbecility’ exhibited by many of us.. Those who absolutely refuse to learn the lessons of History.. Or even worse: to categorically deny History itself.
Pass On The Word.

        I.            Allow me to suggest the vision of two films considered as part of Hollywood’s Cult features:
1)       “American History X” with Edward Norton, and
2)       “Mississippi Burning” with Gene Hackman and William Dafoe.
    II.            La storia:
a)       Offer us the possibility to examine all the choices of the past in relation to their economic, political and cultural pretexts of their times;
b)       allow us as well to analyse the consequences revealed from such choices, so that, if wit enough, we would learn how to face the challenges of the present without having to sort out for uncertain improvisations or be limited to only react or just follow the initiatives of others;

c)       give us for last the certainty of being able to reduce into its possible minimum any unseen risk, and to best organize efficient plans optimizing the future

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