The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Écrasez l’infame.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 14th 2013.
Massimo Fini is an esteemed popular exponent of the Italian independent media and a reputed signature for many local and regional reviews and dailies; he is also a trusted analyst on International Affairs, other than a reliable source of information making of him the excellent invitee at local and regional think tanks.
In the course of stating his opinion regarding the Morsi trial, in a recent article on the Italian Il Fatto Quotidiano, he qualified that trial as “Absurd”.. To know better his reasons, allow me to bring some passages from that article.
>>Since when, in these parts, Democracy is measured by street manifestations rather than by the end count of the ballot papers? On June 24th, Morsi was elected democratically holding 51% of the preferences in the first free elections after 30years of Mubarak’s dictatorship; only after little over one year he got overthrown by the Commander General of the Armed Forces supported by some popular manifestations which were described by the western media as ‘large consensus binder’. Salafities to Laics and Communists.<<
>>Morsi is accused of having incited the Security forces to kill 8 protesters during one of those manifestations. An accusation that is very difficult to prove. Yet on the other hand and in 2 successive pro-Morsi manifestations, according to some estimations, the casualties were ranging between 600 and 2000 protesters.<<
>>He was overthrown, accused and incarcerated by order of the Military Institution, the long time Egyptian authority enjoying generous American financing.. The Institution that supported Mubarak (being one of its own) for over 30 years.<<
>>The true guilt of the Brotherhood is that they are Muslims (even if Morsi during his short term had never enacted any law that can be tagged Sharìa). And that’s the reason why (being Muslim) western countries, always ready to stick their noses in others houses whenever it suits their interests, but in the Egyptian case are adopting the attitude of the apologue chimpanzees: no see, no hear, no say.. Everything goes well for them, the Coup-d’État or the Military re-dictatorship.. (The only communiqué, in perfect liberal style, denouncing these anti-constitutional anti-democratic illegalities, was that of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan of the Mullah Omar).<<
>>Then it is a repetition of the 1981 situation of Algeria* when, after decades of bloody military dictatorship, the first free elections brought the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) to power. The Algerian Generals, having the full support of the entire WEST, cancelled the elections with the motivation that FIS would have established a Dictatorship! Meaning that in the name of an all in all presumed Dictatorship, the precedent one is reaffirmed.<<
>>But for Morsi who have governed only for a year and without violating the constitution, it cannot be the case to submit him to a trial on intentions; his only guilt is being inefficient for lack of ruling experience. But Morsi is not a friend to the Americans, he is a Muslim, perhaps a radical or a fundamentalist. So “Écrasez l’infame” (crush the infamous).. But the infamous, in Egypt and elsewhere, are others.<<      
That is an example of the Western Alliance perception of the Egyptian case..  Many others have handled the subject from different angles, though the clue is the very same.. Nevertheless, they are all alert, like the participants in a musical chair game where no one wants to stand without a chair when the music stops, to the slightest shift in the American tunes.
Whether we would agree or not, like it or not; we wouldn’t make a difference simply because, as Mr. Fini puts it: western countries, always ready to stick their noses in others houses whenever it suits their interests, but in the Egyptian case are adopting the attitude of the apologue chimpanzees: no see, no hear, no say”!
Yet a question remain strongly valid: Do we really want, or need, them to change their perception and attitude?
Pass On The Word.

*The surprising first round of success for the fundamentalist FIS (Front Islamic de Sauvetage) party in the December 1991 balloting caused the army to intervene, crack down on the FIS, and postpone subsequent elections. The fundamentalist response has resulted in a continuous low-grade civil conflict with the secular state apparatus, which nonetheless has allowed elections featuring pro-government and moderate religious-based parties.

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