The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 8 August 2014

A Bloody Awakening.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August the 3rd 2014.

We should know by now that Israel’s offensive over the Strip was nothing but smoke in the eyes of innocent curious observers, and that the real objectives were the underwater oil and gas reserves (see fig. A). Having almost settled its struggle with Cyprus over extraction rights and territorial waters, now came the turn to put its hands over the tiny little stretch of sea accorded to the Gaza Strip as territorial waters; in which British Gas took obtained from the Palestinian administration the licence to explore.
Figure A
Hence, the apparent ‘neutrality’ of Egypt exhibited in a slow cold approach regarding the question of Gaza; considering a possible “Entente over Marine I & II sharing deal(s) added to the American full endorsement (political, diplomatic, financial and logistic.. But not Economic) to the New Egyptian Administration (viewing the confessions of Hillary Rodham Clinton in her published mémoires, regarding the promises/accords with Morsi’s administration regarding Gaza/Sinai).
It is fair to mention that while completely engaged in a fierce internal struggle to secure a firm grip on power, Cairo’s new man engineered a massive PR campaign to mobilise the Egyptian public opinion for the full endorsement to the latest Pharaonic finding: “The New Suez Canal”! A gigantic project around which the hopes for social unification are knotted; same as what the Aswan High Dam did back in the sixties.
Now, let us use a wide angle lens, better a panoramic one, to see a broader view of a puzzle where Gaza and its aches are only a single piece. Have an attentive look at the “New Middle East” map to understand the horrifying shape of a new growing danger of various apparently radical Islamic groups self-proclaimed as “Caliphate” or “Islamic Emirate” (see fig. B).
Figure B
·         Malì’s Ansar Eddin and the Mujwa fighters declared the “Timbuktu Islamic Emirate”;
·         Nigeria’s Boko Haram plans to establish an Islamic Emirate;
·         Libya’s Ansar AsSharìaa fighters declared their “Benghazi Islamic Emirate”;
·         Somalia’s AsShabab radical group modified its label in “Islamic Emirate of Somalia”;
·         Yemen’s Aqap oretends south and east of the already shattered country;
·         Syria and Iraq are slowly burning in the new flames of the fire ignited by a fierce rivalry putting ISIS (the Islamic State in Syria & Iraq, intended to expand its influence over the entire Middle East and North Africa) face to face with Jabhat Al Nusra (already established its proper ‘Emirate’ over the northern parts of Syria);
·         Afghanistan’s Taliban have always preserved within their profile the definition of “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”;
·         The “Caucasian Islamic Emirate” is projected by the region’s Jihad fighters to include Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Karacaj-Circatia, Krasnodarskij Karaj, and Azerbaijan.
As you may have noticed, figure B components suggest a near to close circle of Radical Islamism over the Middle East territories, coming directly in collision with the “New Great Middle East Project” already declared and in phase of frenetic active execution.
Adding the Ukraine crisis and the crumbling of Europe’s political tradition surprised by the uprising of a strong and unscrupulous Extreme Right movements defying a helplessly feeble and unidentifiable Left; the full size of the danger will immediately materialise. The very clear and eminent danger that is promising to shape geo-politically the entire world.. Or what’s left of it..
Maybe when we’ll get tired of living the daily threat of this “Tribal Bloody Awakening”, we would realise that we were narcotised by sport shows, reality shows, talk shows and late night shows, all designed on purpose to convince and educate us that we’re living an endless and secure ‘PEACE’!
We may even know for sure that we have never lived in peace during the past seventy years.. Maybe we will understand then that it was always nothing else but an endless gigantic Charade.
Personally I fear the consequences of a dawning mysterious conflict involving Egypt directly: Libya!
Pass On The Word.
NB: Is there a relation of any kind between the sudden Ebola outbreak (all over the Boko Haram Areas) and the French and NATO forces intervention in these parts?

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