The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

World @ War!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, July 27th 2014.

Figure I
Figure II

Even if you’re not an expert of the Italian language, and if you’re more curious than tired; it will cost you only an attentive look across the map shown in ‘figure I’ to obtain an accurate guidance to comprehend how those new border lines of ‘Figure II’ will be realised. And both will tell you what’s really going on in a world where:
1.      The United States seem to be tired and unable to handle or solve the global problems it has created in the first place.
2.      The Russian Federation seem weaker all the time having two major problems: a) its population, now 145 million, by mid century will be about 110 million maximum, and b) it has engaged a large chunk of its wealth on energy exports (54% petrol and 17% gas. Should the barrel tag price gets lower than $.80.-, the Federation will go in bankruptcy).
3.      China is concentrating all efforts in securing its Global Economic Superiority. Having almost half of its billion and three hundred million devoted citizens living in the 21st century, and launched into the national project of Economic Growth at all costs; while the rest of the population is sitting alongside the river watching the others brawling about.
4.      Europe and the Un are completely absent, not to say void of power, influence or authority; being completely drowning in its economic crisis and socio-political debacle.
That is why the specters of new global conflict are gathering around slowly, and we can barely distinguish their distorted silhouettes dancing far on our horizons. But they are steadily approaching. A war where all contenders will spare no possible mean to prevail.
The main players in the “Globalisation game have raced their ways to possess most of the world’s Natural Resources, so the game has almost come to an end. Now we can tell who are the winners. The next phase, steady on the way, is re-creating new economic and political alliances. Just watch how America, Russia and China have each invested enormous efforts and resources to weave economic bonds and tie political knots around the world: the first across the Pacific, the second with the ex-soviet satellite states, and the third bridged economically (also financially, industrially and belligerently) South East Asia into Africa.
The return of a western “New Colonial” era is remarkably visible in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Piloted by using the most silly and naïf excuses to cover its real objectives. The kind of excuses as “ we’re going there to free an oppressed population and destroy a satanic arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction”, or “ let us join our efforts in this sacred War On Terrorism, and together we shall defeat Evil”; even “It’s not an invasion, we’re engaged in a fierce fight against the Drug Cartels”. And so on!*
Now that we know, only one question will remain “So what?”!! And the only logic answer will always be “it’s always good to know. No?”!!!
Pass On The Word.

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