The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Another truth is always there!

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS from Marco Dolcetta’s article “Hiiden Reasons” – Montopoli, July 27th 2014.

Looking back into the 2007 accords regulating the use of the so-called “Marine I” and “Marine II” oil deposits, those accords mediated by Tony Blair (representing the famous quartet: UN, EU, Russia and the USA) when he started intense negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, with the scope of carving an agreement for a regulated use of those sea-bed deposits.
The Palestinian Authority Premier accorded Blair that British Gas would anticipate the payment for the rights acquired from the authority into an English account, so that capital could be used for the development of the Gaza Strip. General Moshe Ya’alon, then Israel’s Chief of Staff, reacted by accusing Hamas of being the end consignee of this “Western Financing”. Thus, the actual Israeli offensive may reflect various objectives.
The new Egyptian administration did engage Tony Blair as its ‘Consultant’. He is also engaged by the “Quartet” to seek ways into renegotiating the 2007 accords in order to remove every right from the Palestinians.. Obviously under Israeli pressures. And this new script incentivised the offensive to eliminate Hamas completely out from the strip.
The deportation of the entire Palestinian population out of the strip and into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has always been an Israeli declared objective. Such formula was repeatedly contrasted and obstructed by the Mubarak administration; contrary to his actual substitute’s administration which seem to have different views regarding the issue.
That explains the extreme rage exhibited by Israel as it invaded Gaza. An invasion that punctually respects Moshe Feiglin project (Knesset vice president and member of the Likoud). A project that has been articulated to proceed in phases beginning with: a) an ultimatum to the population, intimidating them to leave Gaza and transfer to Sinai; that once expired would give way to b) unleash the armed forces to attack all of the Gaza territories with the utmost possible force; leading to c) the conquest and possess of the entire Gaza Strip forcing its civil population into a massif exodus towards Sinai; thus ending by d) Israel sovereignty over Gaza Strip entirely, permanently and indisputably.
An eventual success of such an operation would ensure more security and peace among the Israeli population living along the Mediterranean coast up to Tel Aviv, hence TOURISTS, who will never have to suffer or fear any kind of menace.
But most important of all declared excuses vs. hidden objectives, the success of such a project would provide Israel with a lifetime guarantee for a total and free utilisation of the vast and huge gas/oil deposits, most of which are already called “Leviatano”; that are located amid the disputed waters half way between Cyprus and the Asian coast before Gaza, and are just waiting to be explored.
Precisely as stipulated by Blair in his recent contractual retouches over the 2007 accords.. While computing his double role as the multi-national forces ‘Mediator’, even though salaried by the Persian Gulf’s Emirates for being Cairo’s Consultant!
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