The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 24 May 2013

A Story For All Seasons.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 23rd 2013.

Giuseppe ‘Peppino’ Impastato: an honest Italian citizen assassinated by hands of a jackal paid by the Mafia, back in the 70s of last century, just because he refused to be part of that “Conspiracy of Silence” largely diffused among the majority of his fellow-citizens all over the country.
Having for long, ever since the end of WWII, made it its mission to abuse terms like ‘development’, and using all its might to get hold of the largest share from the state funds as a pretext validating its systematic aggression and demolition of the Italian landscape; the Mafia did sacrifice hundreds of thousands of urban and rural terrains along with the historical landmarks over them.
Thus converting it all into cities, streets, schools, bars, theatres and residential areas producing unimaginable amounts of recycled profits, funneled from a well galvanised money laundering machine.
It was all done, consumed and sealed under the nose of a satisfied government(s), the generously bought blessings of the Church and the terrorised silence of the people.
Peppino was a journalist and a poet; whose devotion for his cultural roots, his much ahead-of-his-time sensibility to the environmental fragility before man’s greedy abuse and his refined sense of national pride; were the motivations for his death sentence.
He raised a massive campaign against the institutional blank cheque allowance offered to his time’s criminal organizations (at the time called families) granting them an undisputable control over the nation-wide construction and real estate businesses, to become the families’ monopoly exploited until this very day of this present 21st century, and for many years yet to come.
Here is a passage from one of his editorials:
“If people were taught ‘The Tasteful Sense for Beauty’, it would provide them with a weapon against surrender, fear and silence. We tend to get used so easily to the sudden rise and improvised existence of structures, buildings and palaces.. Curtains are mounted behind the windows and plants are placed on the windowsills, and soon we forget how did these places seem before.
That’s why it is necessary to educate ‘Beauty’: because never any more it could be insinuated to men and women ‘habit’ and ‘surrender’, but would remain forever alive ‘curiosity’ and ‘astonishment’.”
Pass On The Word.


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