The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, May 6th 2013.
“The tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956 involved an extraordinary reversal of Britain’s position in the Middle East.  The French were the matchmakers in bringing Britain and Israel into a military pact whose principal aim was the overthrow of Gamal Abdel Nasser.  The war plot against Egypt was hatched towards the end of October 1956 in a secret meeting in Sèvres, near Paris. The discussions lasted three days and culminated in the signature of the Protocol of Sèvres.  British, French and Israeli sources are used here to reconstruct the sequence of events that produced not only the most famous, but also the best-documented war plot in modern history.”

‘The Protocol of Sèvres,1956: Anatomy of a War Plot’ of Avi Shlaim.

Today marks the fifth of persistent, concentrated and yet surgical Israeli air raids over vital Syrian targets. Israeli officials stated that these raids were already discussed and agreed with the US administration quit sometime ago.

The concept of ‘War’ have been constantly subject to frequent evolutionary mutations, pending instantaneous needs. From the classical ‘aggressive/defensive’ conflicts over territorial possessions, triggered by the pressing economic necessities, and financial obligations, related to colonial ambitions ever since mankind found ways to form and settle in organised societies; until today’s much discussed and debated “Pre-Emptive/Preventive Wars”.

Israel have always proved to be the main strategic planner for the Western Alliance’s political and financial agenda in the Middle East and Africa. Now, once again it is executing a long time archived ‘Plan B’, in support of the initial ‘Plan A’ intended to trim the rough edges of Iran thus enabling the executive proceedings to “Redesign the New Middle East”*.

Bombarding Syrian targets means that Netanyahu’s extreme right coalition government will oblige the US Democratic administration to lean to its pressing bartering for a massive “preventive” attack on Iran, in exchange for the safekeeping of US strategic interests in the region.. An objective considered vital for Israel’s national security; and which Netanyahu in person have constantly demanded in several occasions to the Obama Cabinet ever since the fall of 2006.

How is that? Let’s see.. First of all the US should take all the measures to calm the boiling waters between Turkey and Israel, in order to contain the growing expansion of a Turkish influence in the region, and to ensure (buy) the silence of all concerned in the region (done: Obama/Kerry/Hagel/IMF); second to force the Iranians into a one way confrontation alley by neutralising Hezb’Allah and exhausting Syrian forces (done: Hagel/Kerry/Nato/EU/UN); and third by giving no alternative to the US but to endorse Israel’s ‘preventive campaign against terrorism’ in the fields of politics, logistics and combats.

The logic result would be, according to the simple law of Physics ‘Chain Reaction’; that such Pre-Emptive/Preventive war will expand its radius making the Iran Attack not only inevitable, but imperative.

If the 1956 “Tripartite Aggression” on Egypt was masterminded by Israel’s Ben Gurion, who twisted the arms of both Antony Eden and Guy Mollet into signing a pact to commit an aggressive war whose top objective, among many others, was to overthrow Gamal Abdel Nasser.. The escalation of today’s Middle East conflicts seem to be almost entirely engineered by Israel, to provide a “..suitable excuse to justify the aggression” (suitable but not necessarily legal), for the US and its European allies to use for their joint adventure to topple Syria’s Dictator, and to write a new chapter of, the by now acclaimed, “Preventive War”.. On terrorism?

Pass On The Word.

*In June 2006, Armed Forces Journal published this map from Ralph Peters, a prominent pro-war strategist. It shows the method to the madness -- creating ethnic tension and civil war in order to redraw the boundaries. Most of the existing borders were imposed by Britain and France after World War I - and conveniently (for the US and Europe) divide most of the Arabs from most of the oil. Note that their new "Arab Shia State" would contain much of the oil, separating governments in Riyadh, Baghdad and Tehran from what is currently the main source of their national wealth.
From my article “What’s The Plan?” dated September 21st 2012 and posted on my blog

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