The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Paradox crowning an Evil Event.

Tomorrow marks a date which has been, is and will remain marked in history.. Conflicting paradox views and explanations will make sure of forging it in human memory.
Today, I can’t extract any adequate terms, from my personal memory’s vernacular, to describe how contradictory  my feelings were that day. That’s why I decided to seek help and support in an article I wrote that same day ten years ago.. After witnessing on my TV screen the randomly displayed and replayed professional and amateur film reels immortalising the inhuman event.
When, Why, Who, What and How?
“Studying our past, to understand our present, and better decide for our future”.
Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – The day the twin towers went down.
I’ve always wanted to tell my understanding of what is really going on around us in this world. Having witnessed twelve wars (*) in my region, and three authoritarian régimes suffocating liberty, expanding poverty, and preaching submission and obedience all over my country! But every time I sit down, draw out my papers, gather some of my thoughts and start roughing down the first few lines, something happens to stop me.. Here or there.. It always happens.. A new event occurs, maybe insignificant, yet distorts my thoughts and sends them away, far enough to hear the hissing of the sea waves resting one after the other on the golden sandy beaches of my hometown lying tired and shy on the southern banks of the Mediterranean; and feel the caresses of the cool breeze of that old and beautiful city, even though I’m thousands of miles away.
The spark that ignited my curiosity was a document which appeared in the late 19th century in France, enclosing 24 seminars’ discussions and lectures, explaining how the world should be governed, in a meticulously detailed “Plan of Actions”, or if you like a “Manual”, describing the  strategic and tactical measures to be strictly observed in order to achieve the ultimate target: “One World Government”.
Let me assure you that it is not my intention to discuss the document or its veracity, for that is not my aim in this book. I would rather negotiate the concepts and ideas it has carved into international politics, and their influence over the events of the past two centuries; and which, to the moderate observing minds, seem far from fading away or having achieved its final stop.. Yet.
But now I’m convinced that it’s neither a fantasy nor a hallucination that is snacking out from one of the biggest lies ever conceived by “human” mind.. In this book, I will not try to convince you of my findings, I shall rather lay down my documented discoveries in the hope of making you realize the genius cruelty and unscrupulous viciousness of some human minds, designing schemes only to enslave the “Many” under the grasp of the very “Few” and for the benefit of the “Much Fewer”.
Intentioned to identify Lies from Illusions and Reasons from Excuses, I shall walk with you a long and painful trail, long as man’s history and painful as impartiality; to extract from the darkness of uncertainty a credible image portraying a vision that is still so far shattered in an infinity of small unshaped pieces like a giant puzzle, in its turn part of a gigantic master plan which seems like a far away galaxy seen with bear eyes: hazy, blurred and out of focus.
However, I assure you that the further we go into this “quest”,  the more the blurred shadow, of  a scheme binding the entire pieces of the account, shall come forward on its’ own; clearer and stronger enough to focalise the entire image making us wonder why didn’t we see it before?.
So that one day you’ll be able to tell your children and grand children why “We” lost our humanity and destroyed our God’s granted resources, and how they should defend themselves, their dreams and hopes for a better existence.
Ahmed M. EL NAHAS – The day the twin towers went down.

(*) 12 wars (..and counting):
·         15 May 1948 - first Arab-Israeli War.
·         1956 - the Suez second Arab-Israeli War.
·         1967 – Third Arab-Israeli War.
·         1973 -  Fourth Arab-Israeli War.
·         1975 – Lebanon civil war. (triggered by Israel).
·         1980s the ten years first Gulf War between Iraq and Iran.
·         1982 – Israel invade Lebanon.
·         1990s – Desert Storm War.
·         2000/present – Palestinian Intifadas and Israeli Retaliatory full scale military actions.
·         2003 – Bush’s war in Iraq.
·         2006 – Israel/Lebanon war.
·         2008 – 2nd Israeli attack on Lebanon and the destruction of the south.
·         ONGOING – the daily bombing and raiding by IDF on Occupied Palestinian cities under siege behind the wall.

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