The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 2 September 2011

GMO: The Biggest Crime ever committed in “Human” history.

In Europe it is referred to as “GMO” while in the USA it is known as “Genfood”, meaning “Genetically Modified Organisms”.
Some will try to convince you to “…address the root problem: Overpopulation. The resources on this Earth are finite. To feed the ever growing world population we can't go looking for new farmland on other planets or rely solely on the farming methods of the past. We have to become more efficient with the land we already have, and this is a major goal of genfood”.
Well, here is my answer:
Ø  Did you know that there are now over 43 million  hectares (about 430000000000spm or 86 million feddans) worldwide already cultivated with Genetically Modified seeds?
Ø  Did you know that corn have 250.000 different genes, each with a different and well distinguished function?
Ø  Did you know that natural barriers between species render it impossible to cross divers organisms, and that genetic engineers demolish them to make way among them even if the effects are not recognizable or dangerous?
Ø  Did you know that to introduce a “Strange” DNA into a “Host” DNA strand they use at random a “Virus” as a transporting vehicle, given its characteristic capability for aggression into the hosting cell and sliding directly into the DNA?
Ø  Did you know that given the enormous complexity of such continuing divide and paste submicroscopic  procedure, the entire exercise becomes extremely difficult; so the genetic engineers mark their chosen vehicles with “Antibiotic-resistent Genes” to enable the adequate distinction between normal cells and engineered ones, and consequently the ones who incorporated the “Strange DNA” with its resistant genes grow, while the rest (the normal natural ones) die?
Mr. Martin Teitel, the Executive Director, Council for Responsible Genetics; co-authored Ms. Kimberly Ann Wilson to furnish humanity with an extraordinary piece of work titled: “Genetically Engineered Food: changing the nature of nature”. I chose the following lines from that book introduction, in an attempt to synthesise the authors message to the completely misinformed majority. Almost all of us.
While we continue eating genetically altered food and, at the same time, reading about new tests to verify its security, we should start realizing that we have become nothing more than “Unconscious laboratory guinea-pigs” and left-overs of the biggest experiment ever conducted in history.
We must know that there are three major characteristics distinguishing that new breed of food:
·         The first one, the more important, is that food is altered at a genetic level, something that will never occur in nature. Given that genes of plants, animals, viruses and bacteria are being mixed in new patterns, then of course the normal control and equilibrium exercised by nature become null, cancelled. That same control and equilibrium permitting nature to prevent the homicidal fury of biology to express itself. Also as how genes work is a matter of extreme complexity and controversy, it is therefore difficult if not impossible, to foresee what might happen upon presenting divers combinations of genes, in ways that never were seen before, and to liberate them afterwards into the environment.
·         The second novelty regarding our food, is that food has a “Master”, an “Owner”. Not anymore the wheat bags or the potato basket to be possessed, now entire variety of plants are exclusive property and product of few corporations. In some cases they possess entire species. The term “Monopoly” has therefore acquired new powers, when we see one firm owing the most relevant part of our entire food provisions. (Thanks to the GATT accords on “Intellectual Property”)!
·         And last, this new technology is “Globalized”. Meaning that if local agriculture, for hundreds and thousands of years, was attentively adapt to the various tastes and eco-systems in different parts of the planet, now we must submit to a planetary monoculture sustained and sponsored by tangled commercial accords and laws whereby local laws, to which we were seeking protection, should now leave space to decisions taken far away, who knows where,  by some anonymous officials in complete secrecy.
The requisition of biotechnology into our food is spreading everywhere, but it’s not inevitable. There is still existing tens of thousands of natural seeds to form the base of a diversified global food system, healthy, sound and controlled locally. Through particular attention from us, the common people, our food provisions and supply would return as before in the hands of farmers for the good of our health, of the environment and for the future we prepare for the children of our children. 
I would strongly recommend every person especially our dear ladies to buy, read and safeguard that precious testimony brought to light by two courageous scientists, because it is the book that takes an in depth comprehensive look at the threat genetic engineering pose onto our god granted food supply.

About the book:
• 15,000 copies sold in the first six months.
• Includes new studies about the dangers of genetically engineered food.
• Refutes the “feed the poor” propaganda spread by agribusinesses.
• Is both an expose and educational primer on this controversial technology that is already a part of every diet.
• Explains the dangers of these foods to ourselves and our environment in easily understood terms.

Picture a world?
• Where the french fries you eat are registered as a pesticide, not a food.
• Where vegetarians unwittingly consume fish genes in their tomatoes.
• Where corn plants kill monarch butterflies.
• Where soy plants thrive on doses of herbicide that kill every other plant in sight.
• Where multinational corporations own the life forms that farmers grow and legally control the farmers' actions.
That world exists
These things are all happening, and they are happening to you.
Genetically engineered foods, plants whose genetic structures are altered by scientists in ways that could never occur in nature, are already present in many of the products you buy in supermarkets, unlabeled, unwanted, and largely untested. The threat of these organisms to human and environmental health has caused them to be virtually banned in Europe, yet the U.S. government, working hand-in-hand with a few biotech corporations, has actively encouraged their use while discouraging labeling that might alert consumers to what they are eating. The authors show what the future holds and give you the information you need to preserve the independence and integrity of our food supply.

I am bringing you hereafter some related testimonials:

"This is by-far the most accessible and informative publication on genetic engineering in food production that I have read to date. Written so that the non-scientist can fully understand the scope of this technology with numerous footnotes and references that are a handy resource guide for those seeking more knowledge. An excellent publication."
Katherine DiMatteo, Executive Director, Organic Trade Association

"Cuts through all the hype and misconceptions surrounding genetically engineered food and provides the indispensable primer for every family in America. It is informed, intelligent, and chock-full of common sense. I urge every consumer to read this book before walking into the supermarket

Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Biotech Century

I will continue, in a series of future posts, to furnish you all the novelty in health care domain from the most credible sources I can find. But it's up to you to Pass On The Word. 

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