The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A matter of definition?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, August 24th 2013.
Following the latest events, and in the course of dusting my memory, I went through the Political Science dictionaries to remember the precise definitions of what has been going on since the elected President was sworn in until the Minister of Defence made his much disputed maneuver to pull the carpet(s) from beneath the unfit president’s feet and put him under arrest for whatever accusations, and suggest a new interim president candidate to nominate another interim prime minister to nominate an interim government of which he remains serenely filling his post as Minister of Defence.
Here I have to open a bracket.. Before going any further I have to remind you that my stand, being a laic liberal citizen, remains firm as it was since day one (see my article Last Call Dr. MORSI!! My open letter to the President, posted on October 26th 2012); unfavourable to a Presidential Republic (especially under the laws in force at the time and still unchanged by the way) yet very much in favour of a Constitutional Parliamentary Republic as defined in the aforementioned article.
Anyhow, I’ll close the brackets here and move back to where I left.. Let me just write the definitions of the terms used these days by everyone all the time, and on all TV channels, domestic and foreign.. So here are the cold abstract definitions:
        I.            Coup d’Étât:  A rapid and violent change of the established order, imposed by the few and endured by the majority.
     II.            White Coup: A coup d’étât, developed without violence, undergone by a government exercising its powers unconstitutionally.
Now I invite you to draw your own conclusions and opinions accordingly, even better to force yourself into your most possible abstract objectivity, and when you connect which to whom…
Pass On The Word.

NB: If you wish to know my conclusions,  overturn your screen to read them.

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