The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

How about our land, our Nile, and our lives ?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 2nd 2012.
On today’s edition (Friday November 2nd) of the Italian daily newspaper “La Repubblica” appeared an important investigative article bearing the signature of Francesco Viviano nd entitled: “Condemn the Generals of the killer Artillery Range Polygon – Sardegna, trial for tumors and malformations at Quirra.”!

Throughout the article we come across frightening facts and alarming documents of the consequences of having a NATO artillery training field near your children’s playgrounds; where, in that vast area of Quirra south east of Sardegna and since 1998 till 2010, over 1200 ‘Milan’ Thorium Missiles were launched and another 1000 Thorium bombs were dropped. (The Thorium is a radioactive mineral much more powerful than impoverished Uranium).
The author brings documented proofs of falsifications of reports relating hundreds of cancer caused death cases and repeated physical malformation births among humans and animals alike were “the fruit of consanguineous relations”!
He also provides official autopsy reports revealing the existence of excessive amounts of Thorium in the bones of the victims, hundreds of soldiers, shepherds, mushroom and asparagus collectors who had free access to the area where over 15 thousands  heads of sheep and cattle were peacefully grazing in a territory infected as well by the tens of thousands of radioactive toxic waste buried in the polygon grounds.
Covering the preliminary hearing of a censured trial destined to an almost total media black-out, the reporter disclosed the contents of the Republic’s Public Prosecutors five hours opening debate, where he listed the names of the deceased victims and those of the cancer cases confirmed and hospitalised, exhibiting the scientific thesis of expert scientists who had analysed the grounds of the polygon and surrounding areas, along with the veterinarian reports on sheep malformations born with one eye or having the ears where the eyes should normally be; all resulting from the radioactive pollution of that region.
As per the Public Prosecutor, the responsible are the Generals, other High Officials, Medical staff, and University Professors for whom he pronounced the charges of: “malicious omission, assistance, ideological falsification in public acts, and aggravated obstruction to the defence of environmental disaster in the area of the Polygon at Quirra”.
Having read that brief, and knowing the true nature of our ‘Public Servants’ in the various Ministries of Defence, Agriculture, Industry, Water Resources, Scientific Research and Health; wouldn’t it be logically legitimate to wonder about the real causes of the Egyptian cancer caused deaths and child birth malformations???
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