The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Stop talking.. ‘I’

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, November 19th 2012.
If a dog steels a piece of meat from you and you let it be, it will not only eat it calmly; it will mark its territory around the place where it first took the meat, then it will get acquainted with the zone and extend its grasp over larger areas every day.. At that point your options are limited:
1.      You either, from the very first moment, give it a painful blow to force it to let go your meat and leave your property and never come back, or
2.      You would accept it as your pet , in your house and by your rules.
And of course there is a third and more pragmatic option to follow.. But of that one I’ll elaborate further in my next article “Stop Talking..” ‘II’.
Now allow me a small turn out of the course and circle around the perimeter of my thoughts in order to control my anger from that bully dog.. I‘ll return to deal with it further ahead.
As they have already succeeded, through hundreds of thousands of true and invented documents and media material (films, documentaries, TV fiction series, songs, poems, seminars, conferences, museums, blogs, think tanks, organizations… etc); to educate and convince the international public opinion, yet most important almost all the Governments of the world, that:
·         Only they are the chosen people.
·         Only they have suffered a history long injustice.
·         Only they are the custodian of the knowledge.
·         Only they posses the key to world peace.
·         Only they are innocent and the rest of the world is guilty.. Of what? nobody knows for sure.
·         Only they are the SEMITES.
·         Only they can insult, critique, object, cancel and refuse other cultures and faiths.
·         Only they have the right to defend their lives, their homes, their beliefs and their possessions.
·         Only they were the victims of the two known World Wars (In the first we find the Dreyfus complex, and in the second the Six Million of a holocaust), as if no other tens of millions were the documented victims of those two events.. And,
·          Only they possess the truth, and so are the ones to talk it out.. Anyone else is a liar or simply an ignorant.. Specially if that one is an Arab and/or Muslim.
Now they have decided that the time is due to push the level of “education” further on, in a way to mark all what belongs to terms like ‘Arab’ or ‘Islam’ must be considered an element for “Terror Alarm”, and as such must be firmly and swiftly dealt with in a preventive way by pre-emptive means, so that the alarm doesn’t evolve into a threat, thus eliminating any chance that a ‘Virtual’ threat may turn into an eminent ‘attack’ .
The paradox comes from the fact that committing acts of “War Crimes” or “Crimes Against Humanity” and even “Ethnic Cleansing” are forgiven and gone unpunished! On the contrary, in many cases throughout the past 60 years, in our complete mute astonishment, we have witnessed such acts become rewarded.. In terms of Vetos, Arms, Contracts, Finances, Treaties, Intelligence exchange, and here we reached the phase where a military aggression founded on a lie becomes simply “the right for self defence” !
We know that Gaza is in majority a Muslim territory, where lots of mosques were built for the purpose of practicing religious rituals by individuals who follow that doctrine.. Same as how Churches receives Christians or Synagogues receiving Jews.. All are considered houses of cult.. So why a Mosques is a Terrorists reunion and recruiting centres that must be destroyed or controlled?
Going along by such logic (if there is any logic in all this), then what would be the next step? Mecca or  Medina?
 Moreover, under the pretext that borders and frontiers are changeable and constantly modified, then it is legitimate interfering at will and according to their best interests.. Destroying historical land marks, camps, cemeteries, old buildings, ancient families estates, crops, schools, water facilities small enterprises, artisan shops and so on; then overtaking the ruined area to build upon new colonies creating new realities on the ground defended by heavily equipped army.. Delocalising native populations through organised attacks causing terror, embargos, and wars; to void the land from its habitants.
They once were talking about a “Promised Land”, and they got Palestine out of the British Crown’s mouth by the Balfour Declaration. Now they speak no longer of the Star of David but of the Land of David.
Now, remember that dog bit I mentioned here above? After over a century we have discovered that we didn’t do any of those two simple options.. Because we were not coherent enough with our culture, or what we convinced ourselves that we are the sincere followers of that culture.. On the contrary, we kept allowing others to divide us into small insignificant pawns in the hands of our enemies.. And that is the result.
We have to find a way to remember and regain our identity and be proud of it. Just then we may be able to stand up together as one nation (Muslims, Christians or Atheists) to face the challenge and defend our rights.. Same as anyone else.
Pass On The Word.

PS: Put the following words into an essay of at least 1500 words, and at most in 2500 words then post your article on your page or blog or e-mail it to someone who would twit it.. Maybe some good could come out of it:
6 million.. Balfour.. Land.. War.. Zion.. Semite.. Refugees.. Ethnic cleansing.. Preventive/Pre-emptive.. Human rights.. Religion/Sect/Cult.. Mosque.. Crimes.. Treason.. 181.. 242.. Resistance.. Empire.

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