The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Truth Shall Make You Free.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, December 21st 2013,
No one really had fully understood the infinite nuances and shades of this verse. Here is one slim part from its vast universe. In Henrik Ibsen’s master piece “The Pillars of Society” telling the story, taking place in the late 19th century, of a small village in the rigid northern Norwegian lands that lives revolving around its Consol Bernick, who in his turn lives in and by the function that his people have gladly conceded; since all venerated him as the faithful husband, the exemplary father, the honest businessman, and the upright politician.
In fact that angel mask of moralist humanitarian that he constantly wore, had hidden beneath it the pervert who had a daughter from a third raw artist convincing another man to take the wrap and assume the fatherhood; the villain who ran a love affair with his sister in law yet he married her sister whom he never loves or cared for; the cruel father that mistreated his son by the whip; and the unscrupulous businessman running his firms to accumulate tons of golden profit money thanks to corruption and his political activity, both serving him fattening his power other than his bank account.
Yet, every time a piece of his non-confessed past comes afloat, he cleverly managed to justify and obscure it completely before the others and even in his own eyes.. Because he always did  everything for a good reason and the best interest of the collectivity.. Didn’t he? Isn’t he is the ‘Pillar Of The Society’?.. That to his good name are depending all the sorts of the entire community, of “hundreds of families that would end up flat down on the pavement”?!!
That is why the ‘TRUTH’ should never be known.. It would be Destabilising.. He’s ready to do anything, even to kill, just to strangle the truth.. In the course of self-absolving his person, he disburses statements like: “Politic is corrupt because the people are corrupt”; or even “behind the soul of every man there is a stain that is better to hide”, because “should all the truth be known, all my existence will go in pieces and with it the entire Country.
This person is only a man void of qualities, and deeply obsessed by perfectly mastering the role of the ‘Pillar’ that he has rigidly marbled the character so as to always thrive forward his own self-made monument. He’s convinced of being “the only living guarantee for the progress of his community”, and should it coincide with his own interests, then it’s nothing but a “fortunate combination”.
Nobody in his court, except the scapegoat to his initial sin, would dare tell him that the only way to liberate the society is nothing else but the Truth. Instead, the inept, pietistic, traffickers and ass-kissers of his entourage will confirm him, in the ever grandeur hypocrisy, as the Whited Sepulchre: so that in order to save the society his (sepulcher) whole structure must be defended.
In a country where Power is interlaced with Crime, truth is not only revolutionary.. It is subversive.
M. Travaglio.
Pass On The Word.

Ref. Il Fatto Quotidiano.

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