The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, December 6th 2013.

Madeba is no more among us.. The tired heart of Nelson Mandela gave up after 95 years of fearsome struggle against Injustice and Racial Segregation; the main two foundations pillars of Apartheid. His firm stand, simple ideas and indisputable convictions made him the living personification of the legendary “Rainmaker” (he who brings the rain that make peace among all tribes and creatures).
After 27 years in prison, he came out to work for social pacification not for revenge.. Despite many temptations, he never gave in to compromise his ideas against private benefits: “There is no such thing as partial freedom” as he often taught us, we the simple citizens of the Black Continent.. Egyptians or South Africans, Senegalese or Somalis, Congolese or Tunisians, we’re all African Natives whom the search for a better tomorrow communes every single one of us regardless of origin, colour or belief.
Mandela, same as Ghandi, has modestly stood tall as the powerful lighthouse to guide humans towards Humanity.. By contrast, the many arrogant trivialities which may seem brightly shining over the political and moral horizons now-a-days are only spotlights with very limited energy and much shorter autonomy. And for those I bring the following quote of which I’m certain about their incapacity to grasp.
“Our most profound fear is not being inadequate..   Our most profound fear is being powerful beyond any limit”.
Nelson Mandela (giving his 1994 office acceptance speech)
Pass On The Word.

*his tag number while in prison.

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