The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Being Free.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, December 15th 2013.
I say it’s purely a demagogic seducer; same as ‘Democracy’ in modern philosophy. Let us hope of being so.. Free I mean.. Or, just to quote Sartre “we are condemned to being free”! Perhaps we can cross it and pass beside it in dreams; but talking about Freedom is too much a hazard.
In the course of getting the closer possible to understand this term: Freedom, one must first understand the meaning of Maturity.. What is the cutting edge separating ‘Adolescence’ from growing into ‘Maturity’?
In a movie of his production entitled “Lions For Lambs”, and throughout his outstanding interpretation in the role of a college professor fully committed to the Mission of EDUCATING, Robert Redford explained the difference in the most thin yet sharp way and using very simple explicit words:
“…as long as others make decisions and chose your food, studies, friends, sports and games; you are still a child or in the best case a spoiled adolescent; but once you make a choice or take a decision on your own, whatever that may be, then you are projecting the image of being a grown-up.. At this point you MUST take the full responsibility of your choices and decisions, and not slide them over the shoulders of anyone else but yourself.. Growing go hand in hand with responsibility, and both will determine your sense of Freedom”.  
In another occasion, Bono Vox, the U2 leader and main singer, while delivering a commencement speech before the graduates of the Belfast University, and in the course of stressing on the relation binding responsibility to freedom said:
“My question is what intentions you may foster by which you plan to spend your moral, intellectual and financial capital outside the walls of University?”.
When our intellectuals will upgrade the level of understanding their role in society, our hopes will be much more trustful for the future of our younger generations.. Our nation’s promise for tomorrow.

Pass On The Word.

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