The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

All against All.. The Motionless Chaos.

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, December 7th 2013.
Of dramatic moments, difficult times and dark horizons throughout its long history (especially through its young mediocre Republican experience) our country got its saturating overdose in many occasions; however and even in the episodes of utmost obscurity, one could perceive the existence of a collective political and moral compass orienting ‘ALL’ to feel as the responsible participative partners sharing the same ‘Community’ and not the multitude of various ‘Single’ hordes running wild disorderly in ‘Chaos’.
Today, in the newspapers and on TV, appear only stories and sceneries of battle symbolising this grotesque confusion! There is not a single angry category that won’t lay a siege or bloc an already agonising traffic. The original soundtrack of our population.. The rest is nothing else but the shouts raised from the squares or the screams popping out from TV screens or Radio speakers, where the share is measured by angry voices’ Decibel.
A Ruling Class and a Government worthy of the honour in the title, would have seriously set to work ever since day one to establish the new rules for Modern Democratic Governance; instead, and after shortly less than three years, all political parties, government institutions, professional syndicates, labour unions, artisans, students, professors, media, industrial lobbies, and social organs are still unable to provide or even just to distinguish a single scrap of an accord.
A constant conflict for private interests or temporary limited engagements, instead of the consensual agreement for the long term strategic common good, will remain for a while only a charade.. And this is the concrete definition and tangible sample for Motionless Chaos.

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