The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How difficult it is to understand Vandalism?

By: Ahmed ELNAHAS – Montopoli, December 8th 2013.
Vandalism and terrorising Bullish acts, in at least one of the major faculties of Alexandria University, has become the daily routine practiced by a large portion of that faculty’s so called students.. Eye witnesses confirm that an exaggerated violence is practiced every day on the assets and teaching equipments of the university.
In order to paralyse the scholar year bringing it to a complete halt, those individuals destroy laboratories’ equipment, benches, over-head-projectors and screens, public address systems, professors cars and offices’ furniture, obstruct other classes in other faculties… etc.
There are two factors allowing [a]those characters to serenely do what they’ve been doing since the beginning of the current scholar year, expressing no fear whatsoever or worry of an outside official intervention; and as well [b]making us know why most of the students as well as their professors are horrified other than terrorised:
        I.            The inexplicable huge amounts of cash in their possession that the average university student, other than his suffering family, cannot afford to brag of owing and actually spend every day.. We’re talking about hundreds of pounds and dollars per day per student (so to say ‘student’).
     II.            Since the Security forces cannot by law intervene unless officially and explicitly asked so by the University Dean; and as the Head-Master in reference actually in charge is a declared Muslim Brotherhood sympathiser. we know why most of the students as well as their professors are horrified other than terrorised.
If this is the case of one faculty of a major University in Egypt, what could be happening in other faculties and universities all over the country?
Who’s financing these activities?
And those so called students, what do they hope to achieve?
Who can communicate with them? When they have offered the indisputable proof of being bluntly stupid and totally blinded by  some vague understanding of how to express anger, if anger is really the issue in question and nothing else.
How come the Police Forces, with its historical mighty power and successful infiltrations, didn’t do anything about it?
Are they waiting for an escalation to generate the proper conditions and re-create the same collective retaliatory crack down same as Sharawy Gomaa did back in the sixties, converting Egypt into a HIGH SECURITY PRISON?
Are they still collecting evidences as a normal investigative practice for common criminal activities?
Or maybe they do not wish to make a wrong move judged by the already doubting Western Powers/Creditors as breaching Human and Civil Rights?
Or are they awaiting a come-back to the assassination season of the seventies as a tactical objective to prepare the stage for another cycle of Iron & Fire rule by more severe Emergency Measures?
If they didn’t understand yet that time isn’t favouring such political manoeuvres, especially when a Task Force Cabinet, a Crippled Parliament and a Temporary President are doing nothing to ease in any way the suffocating economic grievance; sooner than later someone will explain to them that it’s time for firm and swift action not occasional reactions.. But the action will be extremely painful.
Pass On The Word.

PS: Recent sources say that the Dean in question will be subject to disciplinary measures and be removed from office.. That may be a comfort but will it solve the problem?

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