The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Western Media News.

By: Ahmed M. ELNAHAS – Montopoli, September 27th 2012.
Ø  2006: in Tel Aviv the US Republican Secretary of State RICE declares “.. the New Middle East starts in Lebanon…”. (in support, together with the UK, of the Israeli siege and invasion of southern Lebanon..*)
Ø  2007: The CRG (Center for Research on Globalisation*) published on its web-site Global Research, the report entitled “Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a ‘NEW MIDDLE EAST’”, by which the author demonstrates that such plan will use the Sectarian, Ethnic and Religious differences to produce conflicts and redesign the borders of the New Middle East map, within a broader scheme to contain the Russian and Chinese growth.
Ø  2007: “The Middle East has been conditioned by outside forces into a powder keg that is ready to explode with the right trigger, possibly the launching of Anglo- American and/or Israeli air raids against Iran and Syria. A wider war in the Middle East could result in redrawn borders that are strategically advantageous to Anglo-American- Israeli interests”. (Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – CRG)
Ø  2009: the US CFR’s Center for Preventive Action published his ‘Contingency Planning No.4’ entitled Political Instability in Egypt by which sets the plan of action to be carried out, when the revolt would burst, in order to protect Western and American strategic interests in the region.
Ø  2010: NATO forces start evacuating Iraq, and the US declares a timeframe to reduce its presence in Afghanistan to the level of ‘Experts’.
Ø  2011: A tidal wave of Rebellious Activities described as Revolutions is mopping the Arab World.
Ø  2011: Israel increases its raids on Gaza.
Ø  2011: The Knesset agrees to allocate the requested investment needed to increase the settlements in the West Bank.
Ø  2011: Israel threats a unilateral preventive attack against Iran.
Ø  2012: After the Parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood gets the Presidency seat in Egypt.
Ø  2012: What would be the limits of the Islamic Reign in the Middle East?
Ø  2012: Tensions increase between Muslims and Copts in Southern Egypt.
Ø  2012: The Film that enrages the Muslim World causes the death of the American Ambassador in Libya, hundreds of victims and wounded around the world.
Ø  2012: US Congress may cancel accorded aid to Egypt.
Ø  2012: Will the IMF back off from granting Egypt the requested loan?
Ø  September 10th 2012: Israel starts military maneuvers at the occupied heights of Golan.
Ø  September 24th 2012: The International Criminal Court allows the extradition of Abu Hamza El Masry, the Central London mosque ex Imam, to the United States where he is wanted for several terrorism accounts. (the case has been in that court since 2002!!!*).
Ø  September 25th 2012: Qatar agrees to invest several hundred million Dollars in the rural upgrading plan for Paris suburbs. (Palestinian Authority needs less than $70Mil to even its balance and escape bankruptcy.. Over 1 million Syrian refugees need few million dollars in food and medicines to survive their health/hygiene tragedy inside camps..*).
Ø  September 25th 2012: The siege of Gaza tightens as Israel insist that the Egyptian border wall must be concluded at all costs.
Could you figure out the connection and/or relation tying all these news together?
Our political élite(s), intellectuals, and religious leaders are they aware of the enormity of the danger?
Will there be another “Paris Peace Conference”, similar to the one held in 1919, to adopt a new revised “Sykes/Picot Map”?
Pass On The Word.

* Note From the Author

PS: I watched OBAMA’s address to the UN General Assembly.. My impression, after carefully following it all the way through, that it was attentively tailored to meet the expectations of the American electorate.. Especially the hesitant voters.. It was no surprise to find out that Obama cashed a bonus of ten percentage points immediately after his UNGA speech over Romney.. The USA will never compromise or jeopardise its main strategic objective: Total Hegemony!

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