The dawn must come.

The dawn must come.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cunning vs. Idiots.

By: A. M. ELNAHAS – Castelfiorentino, September 19th 2012.
Extreme right.. Extreme left.. Terrorism.. Patriotism.. Nationalism.. Freedom fighters.. Rebels.. Revolutionaries.. Fundamentalists.. Pre-Emptive War.. Preventive War.. Us.. Them.. We.. They.. You.. Me..
And so on goes forth the list of a new lexicon and communication terminologies which came to light following the wake of the entire world, from decades of hypnotic preaching for “GLOBALISATION”, discovering that the charade of a “Platonic Global Utopia” promised by hired shamans faking to be the prophets of a paramount universal religion bound to unify humanity in “Ever Lasting Peace and Prosperity”, is nothing but the biggest lie a human brain could ever conceive.
A lie that brought the employed to the ranks of the unemployed, the middle class to the poor, the artisan to the street, the house owner to the flock of homeless, and the knowledgeable intellect to an ignorant mercenary.. A lie devilishly designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.. A lie planed to slide the natural wealthy resources of a weak and poor ‘Third world’ into the “Ever Lasting Safe Custody” of the ‘virtually’ stronger and richer ‘Free World’.
As a response to such widely spread injustice at all levels, what was supposed to become a united “World Wide Village”, broke down into isolated islands seeking refuge in uniform groups.. Back to the very primitive idea of single small but identically uniform communities, each holding tight to its “National Culture” and defending fiercely its “National Identity”, just like Nomad tribes only stationary and static. And as time goes by, slowly they will discover another surprise that history kept teaching but obviously no one listens or perhaps wants to know: ‘a community closed on itself is bound to vanish and is destined to disappear and extinct. Same like languages, if not practiced, spread, heard, pronounced, taught and wrote they will definitely die.
We, all of us belonging to the human clan from every culture and religious confession whether monotheist or otherwise, have forgotten that the Creator deliberately made us different to get to know each other and understand the wisdom that such variety would bring to make Human Evolution not only in total harmony with nature, but as well develop steadier and grow stronger.. Can such a basic instinctive notion stand before selfish human greed for wealth and power? 
That’s why the world will witness violent and even bloody confrontations on large scales between ‘cultures’ and ‘identities’ that will enable the cunning rich, arms manufacturers and dealers along with their banks and multinational corporations, get richer at the cheap price of the blood of idiots like YOU and ME.
Pass On The Word.        

PS: After the film, a variety of cartoon drawings will appear shortly on French Media.

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